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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Further thoughts on the viability of the new DC...

So as I stated in my previous post I am seriously wondering if the new DC are worth fielding. They always are affected by the USR Rage so a cagey opponent can lead them by the nose around the table with a trukk or landspeeder.

Here is what they've got this time around:

•Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Relentess, WS5
•You can also upgrade the squad with a Chaplain (more points)
•Options for power weapons, power fists & pistols (infernus & plasma), bolters
•Option for jump pack or transport

So basically their hitting power has been buffed back up to the former level of 3ed if you are willing to sink the points. There are other units now that can be similarly buffed though such as Honorguard (albiet smaller squad, 5) & Vanguard veterans. The DC always raging really rankles this unit for me and I will even go so far as to say it cripples them as well. Sure Rage is not necessarily a huge problem versus some armies but these types of matches will be your best case. You can get around Rage to a certain extent by putting them in a transport but that is not a fullproof plan either.

I see them best used as an uber shock unit delivered to the enemy doorstep via some transport. They pop out, shoot then assault their primary target. After that you hope for the best. I am currently thinking I'd rather spend these points on Vanguard veteran joined to a Sanguinary Priest & toss in a few stormshields. Assault terminators joined to a priest is also another solid choice as well and they would fit in very well with game plan.

I should also mention that the new DC are now a non scoring troop choice which theoritically frees up one elite slot. The thing is though the PDF version of DC counted as an elite choice that did count as a slot in your FOC and the 3ed DC also took up no slot... So being a troop choice now is rather meh to me overall in the grand scheme of all things BA.

I've already seen plenty of new army lists being used to playtest the new rules and to be honest most of them don't include the DC or are running a small unit. To me the Death Company was a big part of the reason why I started playing Blood Angels. I'm not keen on the new auto Rage with no way to control it BUT it does adhere to their background and like I said above their other units you can buff to be just as potent.



MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

They're 25 points per model right? To me they don't seem worth it. I agree that rage cripples the unit. One of the worst parts is that it means they can't get back into a transport once they've gotten out.

Green Blow Fly said...

Funny how one rule can be the death of a unit. They have many plusses but auto Rage is really bad news. I doubt we will see DC in most competitive lists.


The_King_Elessar said...

I imagine their Rhino will be hurled at the foe at top speed, and promptly blown to smithereens...getting back in won't be an issue.

Green Blow Fly said...

Best case analysis for DC... as you said they rush forward 18" in a transport and pop smoke. Enemy soaks transport and probably pop it. DC fall out hiding behind wreckage if transport is not destroyed. Next turn surviving DC Marines charge. If for some reason their transport is shot down prior to moving into assault range you are hosed. You can put them in a landraider and rush it forward or deepstrike it, but wow that is a lot of points tied up into one unit. I like the assault termies a lot better in this role. DC with jump packs... Potentially the worst case... I really don't want a unit I am forced to screen with the rest of my army to shield them from enemy LOS. Put them in a Storm Raven with jump packs... Now you have a small expensive squad that could be shot down as well but here at least if they survive they are definitely going to charge something for sure.


The_King_Elessar said...

I don't think I would ever spend over 150 points, on the 5 guys and a Rhino, as a psychological weapon.