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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Battle Report - Black Templars vs. Emperor’s Children (Incursion 1000 points)


I had a 1000 point game versus Emperor’s Children yesterday. We used Open War to generate the mission. The size of the table was roughly half the size recommended by geedub for 2000 point games. My apology for the unpainted army, I’m just starting to build my force and want to play some games.

Here’s my army list which was a combat patrol:

Marshall - Chapter Master; WLT: Frontline Commander; Plasma Pistol & Perdition’s Edge

Emperor’s Champion - WLT: Master of Arms

Primaris Crusader Squad: Sword Brethren (Power Axe), 2x Initiate (Power Fist), 3x Initiate (Heavy Bolt Pistol & Astartes Chainsword), 4x Neophyte (Bolt Pistol & Astartes Chainsword)

Bladeguard Veterans (BGV): Sergeant/Champion of the Feast (Volkite Pistol & Sword of Judgement), 4x BGV (Heavy Bolt Pistol & Master-Crafted Power Sword)

Ironclad Dreadnaught: Hurricane Bolter, 2x Hunter Killer Missile, Heavy Flamer & Chainfist

3x Eliminator: Lasfusils

3x Eliminator: Lasfusils

Here’s my opponent’s army list to the best of my knowledge (Combat Patrol & Auxiliary Detachment)

Chaos Lord - WLT: Exalted Champion; Rapacious Talons

Sorcerer - Diabolic Strength, Delightful Agonies; Bolt Pistol & Force Sword

Dark Apostle

19x Noise Marine: Bolt Pistol & Astartes Chainsword, Champion: Bolt Pistol & Astartes Chainsword; Icon of Excess

Chaos Contemptor Dreadnaught: Hellforged Cyclone Missile Launcher, Hellforged Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon & Chainfist (built-in Plasma Blaster)

4x Havoc: Reaper Chain Cannon, Champion: Plasmagun

Looking at my opponent’s army list I was mostly worried about the large brick of Noise Marines generating extra melee attacks on rolls of 5+ due to the icon.


Deployment was Hammer and Anvil. Each player places three objective markers in their deployment. You score a victory point for each of your objective markers you hold and two victory points for each of your opponent’s objective markers you hold at the end of your turn. The twist was on turn 1 the player who wins the roll off selects a table edge and players shooting towards that edge subtract 1 from their hit rolls during the shooting phase; on turn 3 the opposing player selects an adjacent table edge.

Due to the size of the table we both had to string our objectives across our deployment zone.

Black Templars’ Vow: 5++ Save and only wounded on rolls of 3+


I placed my Warlord, the Crusader squad and Ironclad along one flank, both Eliminator squads on top of hills holding objectives, and my BGV and Emperor’s Champion on the other flank hidden behind obscuring terrain. My opponent deployed his brick of Noise Marines across the table facing my BGV with his three HQ behind them in support and the Havocs and his dreadnaught on his other flank.

I won the roll for the twist so my opponent had the -1 to hit penalty the first two turns. I also won the roll to go first.

1st Turn - Black Templars

My Warlord gave rerolls to the Crusader squad during the command phase then I advanced everything up towards the opponent except my Eliminators and Ironclad then forgot my shooting phase (BIG MISTAKE). Note I measured to make sure the big brick of Noise Marines could not counter charge my BGV or Emperor’s Champion the first turn.

1st Turn- Emperor’s Children

My opponent moved his brick of Noise Marines forward with his HQ behind in support holding one objective while the Havocs moved in range of my Primaris Crusader squad holding another objective along with his dreadnaught. He forgot his psychic phase - Delightful Agonies probably could have helped his Noise Marines so it kind of evened out me forgetting my shooting phase. His shooting phase saw my entire Crusader squad shot off the table except for the Sword Brother… note my opponent popped Endless Cacophony for his Havocs. His dreadnaught then made a long bomb charge into the lone Sword Brother mulching him and consolidated into my Ironclad whom then punched him back stripping 5 wounds. That was quite painful losing the entire Primaris Crusader squad… if I had remembered to shoot I’d have probably greatly reduced his Havoc squad if not killed it outright between my Eliminators and Ironclad.

Score is tied 2-2.

2nd Turn - Black Templars

My Warlord granted rerolls to himself during the command phase then moved up to charge the Chaos Contemptor dreadnaught. BGV and the Emperor’s Champion moved up to assault the brick. My Ironclad remained in combat. Eliminators combined to kill three of the Havocs and I forgot to shoot my Ironclad into the Chaos Contemptor - lol ! The Marshall charged the enemy dreadnaught while my BGV and Emperor’s Champion both charged the brick. I chose to fight first with my Marshall which destroyed the Chaos Contemptor outright rolling two 6s to wound (four mortal wounds due to the relic axe). My opponent then interrupted with his Noise Marine brick - due to the area confinement he could only get around half his squad into engagement range… I lost two BGV plus one on his last wound and the Emperor’s Champion lost three wounds. I then struck back and killed over half the squad - the remainder of the Noise Marines were decimated by morale with only a couple left standing. This was obviously a great turn for me.

2nd Turn - Emperor’s Children

The Chaos Lord and Sorcerer moved forward to engage my BGV and Emperor’s Champion while the Dark Apostle held still to hold an objective. During his psychic phase the Sorcerer periled while casting Delightful Agonies then failed to cast it with a reroll; Diabolic Strength was successfully cast on his Chaos Lord and I failed to deny it using Abhor the Witch (4+ stratagem). Shooting was inconsequential. The Chaos Lord charged my Emperor’s Champion while the Sorcerer charged my BGV. The Chaos Lord slew the Emperor’s Champion and I used Honor the Chapter so he could fight back and slew him in return. The Sorcerer whiffed against my BGV then they mopped him up along with the last of the Noise Marines; they consolidated towards the Priest.

Scored is tied 4-4.

 3rd Turn - Black Templars

This was a quick turn… BGV moved up to charge the Dark Apostle and take that objective while my Marshall advanced back to hold the third objective in my deployment zone. Shooting killed one more Havoc (last one was out of line of sight). BGV charted the Priest and murdered him. My opponent then conceded.


It was a fun game. Forgetting to shoot the first turn was a very silly blunder. I was impressed with the Emperor’s Children - that huge mass of Noise Marines is quite scary and double shooting Havocs with chain cannons absolutely shred - lack of cover due to the vow really hurt. I’m really liking the Ironclad in this list.