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Friday, December 22, 2017

8th edition Battle Report: Black Legion vs. Blood Angels

No Mercy (Eternal War)

Objectives -
Kill Points, First Blood, Slay the Warlord (StWL), Line Breaker

Dawn of War

This was a 1500 point game, my Black Legion lead by Abbadon versus the new Blood Angels lead by Commander Dante.

Here’s my army list:

++ Vanguard Detachment ++
(Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [1317 pts]

+ HQ +

Abaddon the Despoiler [240 pts]

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [132 pts]:
Combi-Bolter - Force Axe
Psy Powers: Death Hex - Warp Time - Prescience
Eye of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Land Raider [367 pts]:
Havoc Launcher - Twin Heavy Bolter - 2x Twin Lascannon

+ Elites +

Chaos Terminators [303 pts]:
Icon of Wrath - Mark of Khorne
Chaos Terminator Champion:
Chainfist - Combi-Bolter
3x Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: Combi-Melta - Power Axe
Terminator: Chainfist - Heavy Flamer

Chaos Terminators [275 pts]:
Icon of Excess - Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Terminator Champion:
Combi-Bolter - Power Axe
3x Terminator: Combi-Melta - Power Axe
Terminator: Chainfist - Heavy Flamer

Note I had permission to run only two elite choices.

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment ++ -(Chaos - FW Heretic Astartes) [164 pts]

+ Elites +

Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [164 pts]:
Havoc Launcher - 2x Kheres Assault Cannon

++ Total: [1481 pts] ++

My opponent had the following units:

Librarian Dreadnaught
10x Death Company - assorted melee weapons
5x Sanguinary Guard - assorted melee weapons
5x Tactical Marine - meltagun & combi-melta
10x Tactical Marine - Power Fist & Heavy Flamer

I finished deploying first but lost the roll off to go first which was fine and did not roll to seize. There was some really classic dice rolls this game !

The report is a simple summary covering gaming highlights. I held my Khorne terminators, Sorcerer and Abbadon in teleport reserve. Slaneesh terminators embark in the transport beside the dreadnaught, both behind line of sight blocking terrain.

My opponent held Dante and his Sanguinary Guard in deep strike reserve.

Turn 1 - Black Legion

Roll 3 hits for the landraider to hit the Stormraven with Prescience. I then roll two 1s to wound with the VotW strategem, spend command point to reroll one wound and roll another 1. My opponent then rolls a 6 to save the one wound.

Turn 2 - Black Legion

I drop the Khorne unit to assault the Death Company along with the Sorcerer. If I can wipe them out it’ll be First Blood and one kill point. The Sorcerer Warp Times them straight towards the waiting Death Company.

During the shooting phase I again roll only one hit with the landraider versus the Stormraven with Prescience... I manage to wound it and my opponent rolls a 6 again to save.

During the assault phase I reduce the Death Company to a single model. I pop the strategem to assault again and kill them for 1 KP and 1st Blood.

3rd Turn - Blood Angels

BA kill the Khorne terminator unit in return for 1 KP. The melta toting tactical squad hops out from the flyer to shoot my Sorcerer but he survives and kills two tactical Marines in the ensuing assault phase.

3rd Turn - Black Legion

Abbadon finally decides to join the party !!!

I kill the melta tactical squad during the shooting phase with the dreadnaught firing every weapon into them (Sorcerer had fallen back) for another KP. My landraider finally manages to drop 8 wounds on the Stormraven.

Turn 4 - Blood Angels

BA kill my Sorcerer in shooting phase for their first KP. The Librarian dreadnaught then kills my Contemptor in the assault phase for another KP.

Turn 4 - Black Legion

The Slaneesh terminator unit disembarks and kills the Stormraven with a well aimed shot coming from a combi-melta.

Abbadon slays both the Libby dread and Dante in melee for 2 more KP and StWL. The Slaanesh terminators slay the Sanguinary Guard in melee as well for another KP. Only the BA tactical squad is left along with their rhino and my opponent concedes.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Order

Arisen from the fallen ranks emerges Captain Antilles and his honor guard...

Friday, December 15, 2017

Smurfs Intercessor progress report

Got the blue down now ! Just hit the armor with a dark wash to add depth. Will go back with McCragge Blue to clean up the stains.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DoA Blood Angels Army List - 2000 pts

This list will kill anything it touches. All jump pack except for McFiston, no vehicles... lots and lots of warm bodies. Thank you GW !

DoA Blood Angels

~ All jump packs except McFiston teh Flylord

+ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [1596 pts] ++

+ Fast Attack [300 pts] +

Assault Squad [174 pts]
Space Marine Sergeant:
Bolt Pistol - Combat Shield - Melta Bombs - Power Axe
4x Space Marine - Bolt Pistols and Chainswords
Space Marine - Eviscerator
2x Space Marine - Meltagun

Assault Squad [126 pts]
Space Marine Sergeant:
Bolt Pistol - Combat Shield - Power Axe
3x Space Marine - Bolt Pistols and Chainswords
Space Marine - Eviscerator
Space Marine - Meltagun

+ HQ [272 pts] +

Chaplain [102 pts]
Jump Pack - Power Fist - Crozius Arcanum

The Sanguinor [170 pts]

+ Troops [237 pts] +

Intercessor Squad [91 pts]
4x Intercessor - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Intercessor Squad [91 pts]
4x Intercessor - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Scout Squad [6 PL, 55 pts]
4x Scout - Bolt Pistols and Combat Knives
Scout Sergeant Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

+ Elites [787 pts] +

Death Company [388 pts] (Jump Packs)
2x Death Company Marine - Inferno Pistol and Power Fist
2x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol and Power Fist
11x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Sanguinary Guard [290 pts] (Jump Packs)
2x Sanguinary Guard - Angelus Boltgun and Encarmine Sword
2x Sanguinary Guard - Inferno Pistol and Power Fist
Sanguinary Guard - Angelus Boltgun - Encarmine Axe

Sanguinary Guard Ancient [109 pts]
Jump Pack - Angelus Boltgun - Encarmine Axe

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [403 pts] ++

+ HQ [403 pts] +

Captain [129 pts] - Warlord (+1 damage)
Jump Pack - Storm Shield - Relic Thunderhammer

Chief Librarian Mephiston [145 pts]

Lemartes [129 pts]

+ No Force Org Slot +

Gametype: Matched

++ Total: [1999pts] ++

Monday, December 11, 2017

1st Intercessor Squad WIP

Here’s my first squad of Intercessors I am painting they are in various stages. One is complete but I don’t really like how he turned out. The white primer is very difficult for me. I have decided to go with a heavy deep blue wash over the primer which is better for me. Blue is fairly easy to paint because to the human eye it’s a wide spectrum as opposed to a color like purple.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Assassin - Part 32 - Rebirth

Sanguinius watched in silence looking down upon his dead brother. The Mark X armor stirred again as it began to reknit the fresh wounds, expunging the vile black poison. Lifting the burning blade from the ashen waste the Blood Angel cast it aside far from the reach of Gulilliman. Roboute gasped sucking in the cold air as his twin hearts began to beat again. The Ultramarine opened his eyes looking up into the pale face of Sanguinius pressing the tip of the Black Sword against his exposed throat. "Life is a gift."

Sanguinius’ wings unfurled as he rose up into the sky then receded. Guilliman climbed to his knees and spat out the last of the poison. He pulled the tip of the spearhead free and the Mark X armor closed the wound. Again the Stormbirds raced overhead screaming to a sudden halt as they stopped to hover. Their steely bellies opened and masses of Black Templars jumped to the ground surrounding the Primarch. Oathsbane came forward. "Your vision was blurred and twisted by the eldar. Our Liege has set you free now literally carving away their cancer."

Again the Primarch heard the beating of wings as the Blood Angel descended. "Will you join us?"

Guilliman looked up to meet his gaze "Yes I will."

Sanguinius smiled. "There is still plenty of work left to do."

Assassin - Part 31 - When Brothers Collide

Sanguinius caught a quick glimpse of himself in the dull mirrored shard laying against the broken stones littering the floor. His pitch black armor was covered in an intricate sworl of ancient runes carved deep into the thick layered sheets of adamantium enamel. The forgotten language of Baal Secundus telling the secreted litanies of past battles fought during the Great Crusade. His long locks of golden hair were tied back tight to his skull and his eyes burned with unspoken visions. The Primarch wore the polished skulls of Lorgar, Fulgrim and Mortarion fastened to his belt taken as grizzly trophies of the new war. Dark rubies encrusted his gauntlets cut in the shape of polished tear drops. A single black tear drop had been tattooed below his left eye dripping from the tear duct. Clutching the long hilt of the Black Sword with both fists he emerged from the burning remains of the shattered ruin looking ahead. Guilliman stood across the broken wake resolute in final meditation. Long tongues of molten flame burst from the silvered edges of his sword licking at the unknown ore from which the blade had been forged.

Broken bodies of dead Templars and Ultramarines littered the battlefield, piled high in some areas like offerings to the dark Gods. There were few survivors on either side. Only the two Primarchs stood holy uninjured. The Ultramarine lifted his ranged weapon firing indiscriminately from the hip as he slowly advanced ever so cautiously towards his brother. In a blinding quick flurry of skillful parries Sanguinius deflected the shots carving some of the micro rockets in twain. Drawing the Spear of Teleos from his back he launched it hard aiming for Guilliman’s torso. The Spear spiraled high then plunged down at the last moment piercing Guilliman’s thigh. The tip was barbed and coated in the blackest poison taken from the assassin’s cell. Grunting Roboute lopped off the long pole arm leaving the Spear tip buried deep in the knotted muscle. The poison began to disperse flowing into the blood stream but the pale blue armored Primarch shrugged off the pain as he continued to advance.

"For the innocent." whispered the Blood Angel. "And for all those that gave their lives most willingly for a just cause." Guilliman could only just grumble, the filthy poison had swollen his tongue. The Angel came straight at him in a blur as a pair of Stormbirds flew across the red skies on another bombing run. The Black Sword reined down striking hard against the blue armor scoring the azure enamel. He caught Roboute’s wrist gripping it hard as an iron vice. The flames of the burning licked at his black armor scorching it as the searing heat poured off the long blade. Sanguinius head butted Guilliman’s skull fracturing the exposed nose driving the broken cartilage up deep into the nasal cavity. Roboute grabbed at his bound wrist with his free gauntlet seeking to regain purchase. Skillfully the Blood Angel drove the sharp tip of the Black Sword punching through the enemy chest plate puncturing one of the two beating hearts. Guilliman toppled over but would not release his grip on the burning blade.

Sanguinius brought down hard one of his armored boots crushing Guilliman’s wrist. The blade pattered away then he drove the Black Sword through his brother’s skull piercing the brain pan.