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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Warmaster, Horus Rising

From Games Day 2013, Forge World Seminar - Horus Rising!

Horus Lupercal will be Primarch number 5.

As shown earlier here is a picture of Lorgar, the next Primarch. The aim is that he will be available for Christmas.

Battle of Phall is boarding actions between Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists.
First Battle of Paramar.

Book 4 (Inferno):
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Sisters of Silence

Book 5 (Signus):

Blood Angels
Dark Angels - cant remember name of campaign...

Calth, Book 6:

Imperial Army

Their aim is to release 4-5 Primarches a year and 1-2 books a year.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Centurions - Yes or No, are they the big money

I have been thinking about this a lot. I compare them to Riptides and Wraithknights. I have formed the opinion WK are not worth the points in general while Riptides are big money in the bank. Each is quite unique. The major advantage to the Centurion is it can be spammed to a higher degree than either Riptides or WK - more shots is more big money. The grav cannon is an awesome weapon in the current meta as well plus by attaching Tigurius they become a true sixth edition Death Star unit. I would probably take the maximum number you can fit in a land raider Crusader with Tigurius attached. Most armies have real problems versus AV14 plus Tigurius can start on the table and cast blessings on turn 1. I'd run another Death Star (biker squad) running behind the Crusader. This will easily crush Tau Riptide armies plus if grav weapons are FAQd to ignore cover versus armor then eldar are going to have some problems as well.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

More pictures of Horus the Warmaster

First sorry no Worldbreaker... my Horus has the Galactic Annihilator and it is way more cool !!

(better hope it's not the nightmare)

I have added the skulls, some more armored plates and snazzed up the base.

Here you can see the Contemptor helmet better.

That is all for now. I will start painting this weekend...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Tyranid Rumors • Hive Tyrant & The Swarmlord

If these should come to pass I will definitely break out my Tyranids again.

Hive Tyrant
WS8 BS4 S7 T7 W5 I6 A5 Ld10 Sv 3+

Weapons and Biomorphs
- Bonded Exoskeleton
- Bone Sword (challenge weapon)
- Lash Whip (-4 to enemy initiative)
- Scything Talons

Special Rules
- Synapse Creature
- Psychic Mastery Level 3
- Overlord (+1 to movement & charge distance for army until death of unit)
- Shadow in the warp (changed: -4 to enemy physic tests within 12'')
leaderless (death of unit will cause strengh 4 AP - hits to all units within 12'')

Psychic Powers - Undisclosed

- Add an additional set of scything talons
- Replace scything talons with heavy venom cannon
- Twin-linked Death Spitters: (S5 AP4 Assault 4)

May take any of the following biomorphs:
- Adrenal Glands
- Toxin Sacs
- Acid Blood
- Implant Attack
- Toxic Miasma
- Regeneration (5+ to regain a wound at the end of the turn)
- Alpha Regeneration (4+ to regain a wound at the end of the turn)

May take up to two of the following upgrades:
- Armored Shell (2+ Sv)
- Wings
- Spore Field (-1 to enemy BS when firing at model)
- Psychic Shield (4+ invulnerable save)

WS10 BS0 S8 T7 W6 I7 A6 Ld10 Sv 2+|4++

Weapons and Biomorphs
- Bone Sabres
- Armored Shell
- Psychic Shield

Special Rules
- Synapse Creature (18'' range)
- Psychic Mastery Level 4
- Swarm Leader (give one unit rage, fear or feel no pain)
- Undying Beast: Eternal Warrior
- Blade Parry (gains +1 attack for every enemy model in base contact, striking at initative step 7)
- Shadow in the Warp
- Painful Loss (once the Swarmlord is destroyed ALL models must take a unmodified leadership test, including units under synapse; the amount you fail by on your leadership test is the amount of wounds each unit must take)

Psychic Powers - undisclosed

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Primarch Project • Horus the Warmaster (1st picture posted)

I am currently working on a conversion so I can field Horus. It has been a bit frustrating not with a release yet from Forge World especially as rocking are Angron, Fulgrim and the just released Ferrus Manus. Ferrus and Fulgrim were very close prior to the Heresy and even forge personally crafted melee weapons for each other. They were as close as brothers could be... Ferrus was quite head strong though . I loved the gloves for Fulgrim and Ferrus metal hands.

After much deliberation I decided to use the newly released Centurion model as the basis for this Primarch project. I'm hoping my conversions will pull it off and reduce the ape like look of the Centurion suit. I have some great bits lying around that are pefect.

Here is the first conversion picture...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plaguewing vs. Salamanders - 2000 point batrep (pictures added)

I had a game this afternoon and decided to finally break out my Plaguewing again. I made some slight changes to my existing list which I'll note following my army list.

I'll add the pictures tomorrow. I just uploaded a new operating system on my mobile device and the blog editor is acting up. : (

Death Guard - Primary Detachment

Chaos Lord:
Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Blight Grenades, Sigil of Corruption, The Black Mace, Power Axe

Warlord Trait - Black Crusader
Warlord and Chaos Space Marine units within 12" have Preferred Enemy - Space Marines.

This used to be useless only a month ago... Now all of a sudden it is the new hotness!

Bike, Sigil of Corruption, Force Axe, Level 3 Psyker, Spell Familiar

Psychic Powers (Biomancy):
- Enfeeble
- Endurance
- Smite

Chaos Space Marine Bikers (x4):
Mark of Nurgle, 2x Plasma Gun, Power Fist

Plague Marines (x5):
2x Meltagun
Rhino - Dozer Blades, Extra Armor

Plague Marines (x5):
Meltagun, Flamer
Rhino - Dozer Blades, Extra Armor

Plague Marines (x5):
Meltagun, Flamer
Rhino - Dozer Blades, Extra Armor

Bale Flamer

Chaos Daemons - Allied Detachment

Daemon Prince:
Nurgle, Wings, Hell Forged Armor, Level 3 Psyker, 2x Greater Reward

Psychic Powers (Biomancy):
- Iron Arm
- Haemorraghe
- Life Leech

Greater Gifts:
- 4++ Feel No Pain
- Armorbane & Fleshbane

Plaguebringers (x10)

Plague Drones (x5) incl. Plaguebringer
Rot Probicius, Death's Heads, Ether Blade

I got the psychic powers I most needed - Endurance for the bikes and Iron Arm for the Daemon Prince. Enfeeble is always handy as well. The greater gifts for the Daemon Prince are really good too!

My prior 2000 point list had a squad of Obliterators which I dropped to take the Heldrake. Except for the lesser daemons the army is very mobile and totally committed to melee. The Plaguebearers always have the option to deep strike whenever beneficial. I no longer take Mark of Nurgle for the Sorcerer so he can roll for three psychic powers from the Biomancy lore... He'll be T6 attached to the biker squad due to the majority toughness anyways - one more roll for Endurance!

Here is my opponent's list to the best of my memory featuring the brand new Space Marine codex.

Salamanders - Primary Detachment


Assault Terminator (x6) incl. Veteran Sergeant:
6x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant:
Multi-Melta & Meltagun

10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant:
Multi-Melta & Meltagun

10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant:
Missile Launcher (Flakk)

10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant:
Missile Launcher (Flakk)

5x Devastator incl. Veteran Sergeant:
4x Lascannon

5x Devastator incl. Veteran Sergeant:
4x Missile Launcher (Flakk)

Imperial Guard - Allied Detachment

Lord Commissar:
Power Weapon

10x Veteran

2x Leman Russ Punisher:
Punisher Cannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter


Aegis Defense Line:
Quad Gun

Mission - Purge the Alien

Deployment - Dawn of War

Night Fight

Initiative - Plaguewing

My opponent deployed his Aegis Defense Line deep in a far corner. Thank Father Nurgle the deployment wasn't Hammer & Anvil !

There was one big piece of line of sight blocking terrain in the middle of the table - thank Father Nurgle again - I'd have had no real chance to win without it there. I castled my army directly behind it, cutting off as much enemy line of sight as possible... Rhinos up front with bikers to my left and Plague Drones behind the transports. Heldrake and Plaguebearers were both held in reserve... Lesser daemons would walk onto the table behind some cover and sit this one out.

My opponent castled his entire army behind his fortification with no units held in reserve. Leman Russes to the fore with Vulkan and his terminators deployed between them. There was a multi level ruin along his table edge so he deployed his Devs up on top for excellent line of sight. Guardsmen deployed to the right of his castle to screen off his tactical Marines.

My opponent opted not to roll to seize the initiative... He couldn't really see anything and Night a Fight was in effect the first turn.

So this battle poses the classic sixth edition puzzle - Can a pure melee army beat a very shooty army? I will have to weather at least two turns of shooting before I hit the enemy line, probably three or even four due to my tactical approach. Then there is that brick of terminators with Vulkan that I'll have to deal with once I get stuck in.

A simple plan for me is to use jy2's (from Dakka Dakka Battle Reports) Maximum Threat Overdrive (MTO) principle... Bring forward all units together in two slightly staggered waves - present too many targets for the enemy to effectively shoot all of them and force bad decisions... Profit! Plague Marines are there to absorb shooting after my rhinos are popped, buying more time for the fast assault units. The three rhinos will advance together straight for the enemy line to screen the bikers and Plague Drones. The Daemon Prince will bid his time then flank over to my right and tackle one side of the Imperial castle... There are a lot of squishy Imperials all clustered together just ripe for the pickings.

The rhinos are the optimal target since they are up front but I've got the bikers, Plague Drones and Daemon Prince right behind them with solid cover from the rhinos, terrain and their special rules (Stealth and Shrouded). I'll need to move the rhinos as close as possible to the enemy line to create a shield from whence my fast melee units can launch their assaults unimpeded by terrain (i.e., bikes and beasts). The Daemon Prince can easily hop right over the Aegis Defense Line too.

I think most players don't respect what the rhino has to offer in sixth edition. It's very cheap for what it offers even with the mandatory upgrades. Being able to move an extra 6" flat out is a huge advantage now and makes it possible for my tactics to work. Sure I will most likely concede First Blood due to the rhinos but there's no way my opponent can score Line Breaker so that's a wash in this mission.

Plague Marines are an ultimate shock troop and can withstand an amazing amount of punishment - much more so than any other single wound Marine. I can make a solid case that being in cover with Feel No Pain (FNP) makes them more survivable than a terminator with a storm shield... At close range to the enemy you're looking at a 3++ to 4++ cover save with their blight grenades then they've got their 5++ FNP save. Taken in squads of five with Naked champions they are very reasonably costed too. In this game they are cannon fodder since there are no objectives to be held... They've got meltaguns to vaporize the Leman Russes so my opponent can't choose to simply ignore them.

Key Strategy
Hit the enemy line by turn three to four for a huge multi assault, charging headlong into the enemy from all open sides. My opponent has one good counter assault unit - Vulkan and his terminators... I will have to not worry about them as at most they can only tie up one unit. My Plague Drones are a great counter and are one of the ultimate tarpit units - they can easily tie down two enemy units for several turns and inflict some serious damage.

TURN 1 - Plaguewing
The rhinos pull up to the large central line of sight blocking terrain. I pop smoke on the rhino presented to the enemy due to a small hole in the wall. Bikes and Drones pull in behind them. Daemon Prince holds his ground.

TURN 1 - Salamanders
All shooting is focused on the one rhino he can see through the hole in the middle of the central ruin hiding my three transports. One of the Leman Russ uses its search light to flash it. After all the dust has settled the targeted rhino is still intact with one hull point and is mobile. That was huge for me as I'll need all three rhinos to form a good shield for my melee units.

Kill Point Tally: Death Guard - 0, Salamanders - 0

TURN 2 - Plaguewing
Only the Heldrake came in from reserve and firmly planted itself behind the large central ruin to avoid being intercepted by the enemy quad gun.

All three rhinos push forward breaking through the big center piece of terrain then flat out and turn sideways to present more cover for my second wave. I pass all of my difficult terrain checks. Bikers and Drones come in directly behind the transports for some excellent cover. The Daemon Prince still holds his ground for now hiding behind the big piece of central terrain. No shooting. The bikers turbo boost forward and Plague Drones run forward as well, both using the central ruin and rhinos for cover.

TURN 2 - Salamanders
Vulkan and his terminators move back behind their Aegis Defense Line then shooting commences. Two rhinos are wrecked and one is destroyed. Minimal losses to Death Guard (Plague Marines). It's very fortunate for me that the destroyed rhino is the one furthest away from the enemy... Therefore my shield is still largely intact.

Kill Point Tally: Death Guard - 0, Salamanders - 3
First Blood - Salamanders

TURN 3 - Plaguewing
The Plaguebearers arrive from reserve and walk on behind a wall along my long table edge to avoid being shot - they will not be a factor in this game as I wanted to avoid potentially giving up an easy kill point.

The Heldrake then makes a beeline for the enemy castle lining up a clustered squad of tactical Marines hiding behind one of the Leman Russes. The Daemon Prince swoops into a ruin just outside of the enemy castle. The bikers and Plague Drones push forward enough to still have solid cover and be pretty much assured they can charge the next turn. The Plague Marines all advance towards the castle keeping the majority of their number in cover - I am hoping one meltagun can get in range to pop a shot at one of the Leman Russes.

The Daemon Prince then casts Haemorraghe on the Guardsmen but they successfully deny the witch... Drat ! The Heldrake let's loose its bale flamer and toasts nine of the tactical Marines including the Veteran Sergeant - the lone Marine passes his morale check. The Plague Marine armed with a meltagun hits but fails to penetrate the enemy tank.

The bikers turbo boost a bit closer and the Plague Drones run up too.

TURN 3 - Salamanders
So one last final turn of shooting for the Imperials before the bloody melee commences. They are now surrounded on all open sides as planned. The guardsmen hop over the Aegis Defense Line to throw up a screen acting as the proverbial sacrificial lamb. Vulkan and his terminator retinue stride forward ready to deliver the killing blow to my forward most unit of Plague Marines. Everyone else holds still and adjusts their gun sights... They really need to make this turn of shooting count for all its worth... Heh !

The first shot fired is a Devastator manning the quad gun at BS5 due to his sergeant's signum. Two of the four shots score penetrating hits and I fail both of my invulnerable saves. The daemonic flyer explodes into a fiery ball of burning death... The ensuing explosion clips three of Vulkan's finest and the lone tactical Marine. The tactical Marine makes his armor save but two of the terminators bite the dust as sharp rocky shards penetrate the lenses of their helmets stabbing deep into their brain pans... Epic! Vulkan and the remainder of his mighty retinue then fail their break check (my opponent rolled an eleven)... Even more epic! Vulkan then decides its best to fight another day... My opponent rolls high enough for their fall back that they hit the table edge and are gone... Most epic !!!

With that my opponent then concedes the game as he has no muscle left to counter my invading forces.

Victory to the Plaguewing !!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Plaguewing vs Salamanders batrep tease

I had a very exciting game with my Nurgle Plaguewing army versus the new Salamanders. Lots of pix this time! It was a classic battle of melee versus shooting. I will be posting the batrep tomorrow. It was very interesting to see how the two armies matched up.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ultramarines Drop Pod White Scars Biker army ver. 2.0

This is my new list:

Ultramarines - Primary Detachment (1211)

Chief Librarian Tigurius (165)

Tech Marine (55)
Auspex - 55

Sternguard Veteran Squad (291)
8x Sternguard incl. Veteran Sergeant - 66
4x Combi-melta - 40
Combi-flamer - 10
Heavy Flamer - 10
Power Axe - 10
Drop Pod - 35

Tactical Squad (215)
10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant - 80
Meltagun - 10
Multi-Melta - 10
Drop Pod - 35
Locator Beacon - 10

Tactical Squad (205)
10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant - 80
Meltagun - 10
Multi-Melta - 10
Drop Pod - 35

Stormtalon Gunship (140)
Twin-linked lascannon - 30

Stormtalon Gunship (140)
Twin-linked lascannon - 30

White Scars - Allied Detachment (755)

Captain (220)
Artificer Armor - 20
The Shield Eternal - 50
Power Fist - 25
Bike - 20

Command Squad (240)
Apothecary - 15
Bikes - 35
4x Storm Shield - 40
4x Power Axe - 60

Bike Squad (150)
5x Biker incl. Sergeant - 42
2x Grav Gun - 30
Power Axe - 15

Bike Squad (150)
5x Biker incl. Sergeant - 42
Power Axe - 15
2x Grav Gun - 30


I have put all the bikes in the White Scars detachment and added a command squad in exchange for one biker squad. I think this list is a lot stronger and now all the biker units benefit from the White Scars combat tactics. I think the command squad is the better choice and combined with the Captain they can shred lots of units in melee... It's a better fit for the Captain. Sometimes little changes can make a huge difference!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ultramarine White Scars Drop Pod Biker army

I am going to be discussing the strength and synergies between these two delivery systems. It harkens back to my 3rd edition BA army which was all drop pods and jump infantry... It was a very strong army and I lost less than five games with racking up many best overall awards at RTTs and some larger events. I like this new list since it functions much the same... It's a strong one two punch versus just one.

Here is the sample list:

Ultramarines - Primary Detachment (1536)

Chief Librarian Tigurius (165)

Yesterday I posted a guest article by Reecius from Front Line Gaming that discussed in-depth the many buffs that Tigurius brings to any Space Marine army. If you opt to drop in the Sternguard with Tigurius and the Tech Marine then you might want to roll for psychic powers that can be cast after the beginning of the movement phase.

Tech Marine (55)
Auspex - 55

The Tech Marine bolsters a piece of terrain for the Sternguard to drop into first turn for the good cover save... This greatly mitigates enemy intercepting units. If you're up against Tau then one of the tactical squads drops down to take out Pathfinders or marker drones. The Tech Marine also drops the cover save by -1 to whichever enemy unit you want to assassinate with the Sternguard.

Sternguard Veteran Squad (291)
8x Sternguard incl. Veteran Sergeant - 66
4x Combi-melta - 40
Combi-flamer - 10
Heavy Flamer - 10
Power Axe - 10
Drop Pod - 35

It's really easy to score First Blood with this unit, more so if you go first. The two biker units force your opponents to think hard about targeting the Sternguard.

Tactical Squad (215)
10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant - 80
Meltagun - 10
Multi-Melta - 10
Drop Pod - 35
Locator Beacon - 10

Tactical Squad (205)
10x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant - 80
Meltagun - 10
Multi-Melta - 10
Drop Pod - 35

It's all or nothing the first turn - drop in and use the combat tactic that allows your tactical squads to reroll missed hits the first turn. You should target soft enemy units that are prone to bolters.

Captain (190)
Artificer Armor - 20
The Burning Blade - 55
Storm Shield - 15
Auspex - 5
Bike - 20

Bike Squad (150)
5x Biker incl. Sergeant - 42
2x Grav Gun - 30
Power Axe - 15

This is one of your two monster melee units... Very mobile and deadly in close combat. They can also lay down some withering fire power as well.

Stormtalon Gunship (140)
Twin-linked lascannon - 30

Stormtalon Gunship (140)
Twin-linked lascannon - 30

This is your anti flyer defense and I believe it's well costed for what you get. They should definitely be able to drop Heldrakes. Tigurius allowing you to reroll reserves mean they should both enter on turn two so you can overload the enemy air space.

White Scars Allied Detachment (455)

Chapter Master (250)
Artificer Armor - 20
The Shield Eternal - 50
Power Fist - 25
Auspex - 5
Bike - 20

Bike Squad (205)
5x Biker incl. Sergeant - 42
Power Axe - 15
Attack Bike w. Multi-Melta - 55
2x Grav Gun - 30


The army is totally dedicated to podding in and bikes plus some air support for anti-flyer defense. The bikes mitigate one of the classic cons to an all drop pod army - now you've got a couple of highly mobile units scooting for ground support. I chose to go heavy with melta weaponry so in case you do run up against a mechanized army it'll be easy to crack open.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest article by Reecius - Unit Analysis • Tigurius, Ultramarine Chief Librarian

This is a guest article by Reecius from Front Line Gaming. I think it's one of his best articles ever! Of course Reecius loves Tigurius as he is an avid eldar player and loves Eldrad. Tigurius is very much to the new Space Marines what Eldrad was to eldar back in fourth and fifth edition... That's saying a lot too. Will Tigurius be an auto-include unit in most every Space Marine army... No I think so since its obvious there will be many diverse builds that are both competitive and fun to play.


Another HQ review of the mighty Space Marines, this time around, Chief Librarian Tigurius! Chief librarian of the Ultramarines, psyker powerful enough to interact with the Hive Mind and remain sane, and all around awesome dOOd, Tigurius is an absolutely fantastic HQ.

Tigurius is a stellar force multiplier. His primary purpose is to make everything in your army do what it already does, better. In that roll, he is an all star. He is not, at all, a combat character. Don’t use him as such except when totally necessary as to do so is to risk one of your best assets for little gain. Used correctly, he can be game winning, thrown into a combat against dedicated assault units and he is points wasted.

3+ (no invulnerable save)
Bolt Pistol

Hood of Hellfire - Psychic Hood that lets Tigurius reroll failed psychic checks. Nice! This means the odds of failing a psychic check drops to 1/144! Almost a certainty. It also makes getting past things like Fiends much more doable. However, it also increases the odds of Perils on double 1′s. This is largely offset by his having 3 wounds.

Rod of Tigurius - Pleases the ladies, ahhhhhhh yeah! Just kidding, it is a Force Staff that is also Master-crafted and has both Concussive and Soul Blaze. Pretty dang solid, but typically you don’t want Tigurius in combat. However, if it is required, he is good against hordes of light troops where you will get the most mileage out of his weapon.

Special Rules
Level 3 Psyker
Independent Character

Gift of Prescience - Reroll reserves, even successful, but only from his detachment.

Master Psyker - Tigurius can reroll any or all of the dice when generating his powers. He also generates powers from all 5 of the book disciplines. Wowzers! That is incredible as it effectively gives you 6 tries at getting any single power. And, as with all of the Ultramarines characters, it makes him super flexible as he can adjust his tactics and powers to match the in-game circumstances he finds himself in. This is seriously an incredible special rule that makes Tigurius arguably one of the best psykers in the game.

Warlord Trait - Storm of Fire
Balling, this is, in my opinion, the hands down best all-around Warlord Trait in the SM book. He can twin link a unit in the shooting phase once per game, within 12″. So good.

Tigurius is a boss dipped in boss sauce and for my money, the point for point best HQ in this book. He is reasonably priced too for everything you get, 20pts less than Sicarius, or equivalent to 10 Tactical Marines + 25pts. If you only take a single HQ, I think he is a strong contender for that spot.

What makes him so good, is that he makes the rest of your army so much better at everything it does. His incredible flexibility in choosing powers means that he can adapt to the opponent you are facing on the fly. It is a theme with Ultramarines to have this flexibility and as with the other characters, it means a highly skilled player can get a lot of mileage out of Tigurius.

Obviously, Divination powers are very powerful and in most cases, will be the default choice. Prescience, Misfortune, Perfect Timing, Forewarning particularly are a tremendous boon to Marines. Sternguard especially love Tigurius as their already potent shooting can become devastating. Pair him with them, and Prescience increases their damage output considerably, but particularly Misfortune. Misfortune is so absurdly powerful, especially with a unit like Sternguard who put out a high volume of wounds. Forcing players to reroll successful saves when you put 15 on them, is brutal. Also, Perfect Timing to ignore cover on Sternugard means they can use their AP3 rounds (and remember Presiceince dramatically decreases Gets Hot! results) or Hellfire rounds and just punish enemy units. Forwarning is great for Sternguard but also REALLY helps Centurions. They need that invul save and Tigurius can provide that, although don’t assume you’ll get it. If you strategy hinges on a variable, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. One of my other favorite tricks is to cast Forewarning on a unit and then assault a nasty MC that would otherwise pulverize a unit, and keep it bogged down in assault. And of course, Foreboding can make some units almost un-assaultable (again, like prescienced Sternguard…noticing a pattern here?).

Telepathy is also a great school for him as powers such as Terrify can win you the game against the right opponent. Again, his ability to adapt to the current opponent is so useful, experience will really help to guide your choices, but definitely experiment with him in practice games to find which combo of powers to use in which situation.

Assault units benefit from his as well, with Biomany and some of the Telekinesis and Pyromany powers (not to mention Invisibility) but often, Divination just provides so much and 6/7 powers in that school are so good. Even Scrier’s Gaze, if you want to get a unit on or keep them off of the table, combined with Tigurius’ reroll, makes getting the result you want a near certainty. Considering that Tigurius himself doesn’t particularly want to be in combat, he is often best used with primarily shooty units. Keep a pwerful assault unit close if you need, such as Hammernators, and buff them or debuff their target before they go in, but with the unit may not be the best place for him.

The other nice synergy Tigurius has with Sternguard is that you can put them all in a pod, and drop down in the backfield, use his Warlord Trait to twin link that turn, and then subsequently he can buff them with blessings (you can’t cast blessings or maledictions the turn you come out of reserves). You can also toss them in a Rhino, as you can cast blessings on a unit you are with, even while in a transport.

Space Marines and Drop Pods will be even more common this edition, particularly with Ultramarines whose Tactical Doctrine is really strongly oriented towards close range firefights, which Drop Pods facilitate, as he dramatically increases the reliability of reserves. A 3+ reroll is slightly better than +1 to reserves. It results in 8/9 of your reserve units coming in turn 2. That is a huge help.

The downside to Tigurius though, over say Sicarius or Calgar, is that he doesn’t bolster army leadership. With ATSKNF though, it isn’t terrible, but still, breaking off of an objective turn 5 due to crummy Ld8 and then the game ending before you can rally will still lose you the game, ATSKNF or not. With Tigurius you may not want to go so intensely infantry heavy as you may go with the other characters or you may want to consider Sargent upgrades. The difference in failing a morale check from Ld8 to 9 is fairly dramatic, from 1/6 to 5/18. That means you need to plan for that when writing your list and envisioning what each unit will be doing.

That said, Tigurius is still an excellent choice, and I would use him in a more mixed arms style list. Storm Talons and Ravens love him for increasing reserves as do any units that always or frequently reserve. Offensive units, particularly those with lots of powerful shots (a la Sternguard) give you more mileage from any bonus to shooting. Focusing on putting the highest damage output units around Tigurius where he can get the most impact out of his buffing and debuffing abilities is the key to using him best. Then, fill the rest of your army with units that are largely autonomous as you don’t want too many units that depend on his buffs. Storm Talons, Predators, Thunderfire Cannons, Scouts, Bikers, etc. all do well as they can operate on their own while Tigurius runs around with a few hard hitting units to apply maximum pressure where you need it most.

With characters like this, I have had a lot of success in building in deployment flexibility into lists that revolve around them. For example, taking 9 Sternguard in a Rhino or Pod, and 9 Tacticals in the opposite and then deploying him with whichever squad you think will put him in the best position during deployment works extremely well. Having that flexibility allows you to adjust and play your best game without being shoe-horned into set tactics that may not be the best choice against a certain opponent.

Tigurius is a great HQ, definitely an A+ in my book, and one that provides a lot of depth as you can branch out and experiment with different unit/power combos.

See more at: .

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Traitor Guard

Dark Angels

I played in a team tournament yesterday and my team's final game was versus a pair of Dark Angels players. Lots of the more basic units also including a podding squad of Sternguard and Azreal plus the Chapter standard that gives a Feel No Pain bubble. They had amongst other things one squad of Deathwing, some biker squads, attack bikes with multi-meltas and land speeders with multi-melta|heavy flamer. I found out the Tech Marine can be equipped with night vision... there is a of good stuff in the codex and I've got to say I think Dark Angels have an awesome codex after that game. Our opponents conceded at the start of the bottom of the fourth turn, which was a bit of a surprise for me as the were doing really well and it was still a very close game - either team could have won. I was running Chaos Space Marines that included Abbadon with a retinue of Chosen plus two land raiders, cultists and a Heldrake... It was really scary with all those highly mobile multi-meltas flying around... They ended up popping the land raider full of cultists and most of them died in the explosion. Abbadon and his Chosen did not arrive until the fourth turn which was a bit of a bummer since he didn't get to see any action. I think Dark Angels are highly competitive indeed and got a really good new codex. Azreal does so much for the army making both Deathwing and Ravenwing count as scoring units. I hope people don't give up on it with the release of the new Space Marine codex - it's the real deal for sure !

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Optimizing Centurion Devastators

I think the following build is better than grav cannon spam:

4x Centurion incl. Sergeant (340)
3x twin linked lascannon - 60
Grav cannon w. grav-amp - 20
Omniscope - 10

If they are taken as Imperial Fists then they have the Tank Hunter USR.

The new Tyranids will release in November and then Orks first quarter next year - I think grav weapons are going to lose some of their overall effectiveness... Sure they are great now versus Riptides and Wraithknights if you can get them in range. Lascannons on the other hand are always good. I'd just take one grav cannon since you can always fire salvo.

At least magnetize the weapons.


I have snipped your wingspan,
My precious captive swan.
Here, all clipped of kickstand
Your spirit won't last long.

Don't you lift a finger.
Don't you snap and jaw.
Limber limbs akimbo,
Restful rubbing raw

Oh my own true love!
Oh my own true love!
Can you hear me love?
Can you hear me love?

Don't hold out for rescue.
None can hear your call,
Till I have wrest and wrecked you
Behind these fortress walls.

Oh my own true love!
Oh my own true love!
Can you hear me love?
Can you hear me love?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

King of the Hill • Sons of Horus vs. Tau Empire (Gundamwing)

+++ Sons of Horus army list +++

(9 kill points total)

Chaplain - Catap armor
Librarian - Catap armor, force axe
Apothecary - Catap armor, narcethium, power fist

My opponent agreed to let me run a third HQ. : )

Warlord trait makes the Warlord and his retinue cause Fear. Librarian chooses the Lore of Divination - Prescience, Precognition, Misfortune.

4x Justrearin Terminator
- Power axe, combi-melta
- Power axe
- Pair of lightning claws
- Power fist

Spartan assault tank:
Extra armor, dozer blade, auxiliary drive, ceramite plates, flare shield
Quad lascannon sponsons, twin-linked heavy bolter

5x Legion Terminator - Catap armor
Sergeant - grenade harness, power fist
- Heavy flamer, power axe
- Power axe, combi-melta
- Power axe
- Thunder hammer
- Pair of lightning claws

Land Raider Phobos (dedicated transport):
Extra armor, dozer blade, auxiliary drive, ceramite plates

5x Legion Terminator - Catap armor
Sergeant - grenade harness, power axe
- Heavy flamer, thunder hammer
- Power axe, combi-melta
- Power axe
- Thunder hammer

Land Raider Phobos (dedicated transport):
Extra armor, dozer blade, auxiliary drive, ceramite plates

1) Cataphractii armor confers both a 4++ invulnerable save and Slow & Purposeful
2) Auxiliary drive ignores immobilization on a roll of 4+
3) Ceramite plates prevent melta weaponry from rolling 2d6 for armor penetration
4) Flare shield reduces enemy shooting by -1S for ranged weapons and -2S for templates on the front arc

>>-))o> Gundamwing Tau Empire army list >>-))o>

Iridium battlesuit, drone controller, target lock, blacksun filter, neuroweb system jammer
2x Marker drone
Fusion blaster, missile pod

Warlord trait is roll 3d6 for jetpack assault move.

5x Marker drone (attached to Commander)


Riptide No. 1:
Nova reactor, blacksun filter, stimulant injector, multi-tracker, early warning override, riptide shield generator
Twin-linked smart missile system, ion accelerator

Riptide No. 2:
Nova reactor, blacksun filter, stimulant injector, multi-tracker, early warning override, riptide shield generator
Twin-linked smart missile system, ion accelerator

Riptide No. 3:
Nova reactor, blacksun filter, stimulant injector, multi-tracker, early warning override, riptide shield generator
Twin-linked smart missile system, ion accelerator

Riptide No. 4:
Nova reactor, blacksun filter, stimulant injector, multi-tracker, early warning override
Twin-linked smart missile system, heavy burst cannon

XV88 Broadside Team:
2x Twin-linked rail rifle, twin-linked smart missile system
Blacksun filter, multi-tracker, velocity tracker
1x Twin-linked high yield missile pod, twin-linked smart missile system
Blacksun filter, multi-tracker, velocity tracker

5x Pathfinder

15x Kroot - sniper rounds
Kroot hound

15x Kroot - sniper rounds
Kroot hound

11x Fire Warrior

11x Fire Warrior

Railgun, submunition rounds, disruption pod

Aegis Defense Line:
Quad gun

— Mission Rules —

Deployment - Hammer and Anvil

_Primary One_
King of the Hill - There are three objective markers placed along the mid line of the board (long way). One objective marker is in the center of the table. The other two are 18" on either side. If you control the objective marker in your opponent's deployment zone it's worth 4 battle points. If you control the objective marker in your own table quarter it's worth 2 battle points. The objective marker in the center is worth 3 battle points.

_Primary Two_
War Zones - Each table quarter you control in your half of the table is worth 1 battle point. Each table quarter you control in your opponent's half of the table is worth 2 battle points. You must have the most scoring units wholly within a table quarter to control it. Dedicated transports don't count and squads must be disembarked.

_1st Tie Breaker_
If at the end of the game there is a draw on total battle points then use kill points as the first tie breaker.

_2nd Tie Breaker_
Whoever destroys the most enemy scoring units wins.

Modified Night Fight is automatic the first turn. Units cannot shoot more than 24". Night vision does not work. Barrage automatically scatters 3d6 if the large blast template is placed beyond 24" range - if you roll a HIT then use the small arrow to determine the direction of the scatter.

No battle points for First Blood, Slay the Warlord, or Line Breaker.

There are six turns and then a seventh on a roll of 4+.

Sons of Horus go first.

I deploy as follows.

The rear land raider Phobos is deployed behind the battlement completely out of line of sight from the Tau.

Tau deploy aggressively with Gundamwing forward of the Aegis Defense Line on the other side of the stream.

Both squads of Kroot will outflank. Ethereal is joined to one squad of Fire Warriors and is manning the quad gun. Pathfinders infiltrate into a small thicket to my left of their battle formation.

Pre-Game Analysis

17 of Horus' finest versus the upstart Tau... My plan is to sit back the first half of the game, fire lascannons into Riptides (killing one at a time) and use Machine Spirit to pepper the Pathfinders then Fire Warriors. The rear land raider is dedicated to sweeping any Kroot that get too close and eliminate their scoring threat. The only two real threats to the Spartan are the Hammerhead or should a Riptide feel a bit frisky and attempt to assault it. I will use the Spartan to cut off enemy line of sight and give cover to the middle land raider Phobos since it is much more vulnerable. By turn 4 I will start pushing forward. My strategy is to end the game holding the middle objective while denying my opponent his objective (King of the Hill). The Spartan is big enough it can prevent enemy infantry from claiming the middle objective.

1st Turn - Sons of Horus

No movement. All lascannons in range target the forward most Riptide and drop three wounds. Heavy bolters vaporize the Pathfinders (remember no First Blood).

1st Turn - Tau

The Riptides shuffle a bit then the shooting commences. The middle land raider Phobos loses one hull point.

2nd Turn - Sons of Horus

The Spartan and middle land raider Phobos both push forward six inches entering the stream. Again lascannons target the wounded Riptide and bring it down. Heavy bolters kill two to three Fire Warriors. The three remaining Riptides are too far back to launch an assault on the Spartan this turn.

Note that the middle objective is on top of the rocky outcrop located in the middle of the table.

2nd Turn - Tau

Neither Kroot squad arrive from reserve. Riptides cautiously move forward a bit; one hops back behind the Aegis Defense Line. The two forward Riptides bring their shields on line. This turn the Tau are unable to inflict any damage to my armor.

3rd Turn - Sons of Horus

The Spartan holds it ground while the middle land raider Phobos moves six inches over to my left so it has line of sight to fire both its lascannons at the next Riptide. Shooting then recommences dropping three wounds on the toward most Riptide. Heavy bolters drop a couple more Fire Warriors.

3rd Turn - Tau

One squad of Kroot arrive and come in on my right side throwing caution to the wind, approaching the battlement located in my deployment zone. Tau shooting then manages to drop one hull point on the Spartan and another on the middle land raider Phobos (losing one of its lascannon sponsons).

4th Turn - Sons of Horus

The Legionnaires to the rear take the bait and go for the newly emerged Kroot. Their transport moves over six inches to my right behind the battlement and the terminators dismount such that they all have line of sight to the Kroot with the heavy flamer positioned up front. The Spartan and middle land raider Phobos make a train line with the Spartan pulling on top of the rocky outcrop.

Shooting then recommences again with the lascannons dropping the second Riptide and putting one wound on the third. Heavy bolters fail to kill anything. The rearguard then light up the Kroot followed by a successful charge, killing all but three who then break and fall back. The terminators consolidate back partially behind the battlement for some hard cover.

4th Turn - Tau

The second squad of Kroot automatically arrive from reserve also coming in on my right side entering the battlefield at the center of the table - they will attempt to make a play for the middle objective. The remainder of the first Kroot squad continues to fall back. The two remaining Riptides shuffle such that one is just in front of the Aegis Defense Line while the other is just behind it. One Riptide manages to kill one of the rearguard terminators dropping a pie plate on the one out in plain sight. The rest of the Tau shooting is ineffective.

5th Turn - Sons of Horus

There are possibly only two turns remaining so it's time to make a run at the enemy. The warp caster successfully casts both Precognition and Prescience, saving one warp charge to activate his force axe. The rearguard terminators re-embark in their transport which then moves the full 12" plus a flat out towards my objective. The Spartan moves up 6" - the Chaplain, Apothecary and Librarian detach from the Justrearin moving into position to assault the forward Riptide. The Justrearin dismount to my left towards the Commander with its marker drones. The middle land raider Phobos moves 6" to my right and its terminators dismount another 6" in position to assault both squads of Kroot.

All shooting target the marker drones and eliminate them all. w00t !!

The three characters take no wounds from Overwatch and manage to bring the Riptide down to its last wound - it does not break. The Justrearin lose one on the way in to Overwatch and just manage to kill the Commander... Note that another Justrearin is fell in melee. The terminators also lose one on the way in to Overwatch, break the big squad of Kroot but the small squad holds.

So very lucky for me that my that two of units are still locked in combat! The Justrearin will have to take it on the chin.

Turn Five - Tau

Tau shooting drops another hull point on the middle land raider Phobos then melee recommences. The two Justrearin lose another brother to a stray shot... Just one left now (note that while not a Troop the Justrearin do count as a scoring unit). The three characters are unable to finish off the Riptide and remained locked in combat. The terminators are unable to finish off the three remaining Kroot and also remain locked in combat.

If I could have won those two combats it would have game over. Oh well.

Turn Six - Sons of Horus

This could be the last turn... I won't be able to hold the middle objective so I'll have to make a play for my opponent's - there is no way he can reach mine.

The Warp Caster succesfully casts Misfortune on the Riptide, botches Precognition then gets off his Prescience. The rear land raider Phobos pulls up beside my objective and the four terminators dismount to claim it. The middle land raider Phobos pulls back and turns sideways to screen them. The lone Justrearin moves onto my opponent's objective using what cover is available... He is all alone now. Shooting is concentrated on the rear Riptide and brings it down to its last wound as well. Heavy bolters manage to clip one Fire Warrior from the squad closest to my solo Justrearin.

Yet again the three characters cannot manage to kill the engaged Riptide, even with the aid of Misfortune. The other squad of terminators finally kill off the last of the first Kroot squad but only consolidate 1"... Out in the open now.

Turn Six - Tau

The squad of Fire Warriors closest to the lone Justrearin move towards him... They will elect not to shoot so they can charge in an attempt to take back their objective. The Ethereal throws caution to wind and joins them. The Broadsides sit still so they can target my terminators out in the open. The Kroot make a move towards the Spartan to go for the middle objective.

The Broadsides polish off the terminators while the unengaged Riptide drops a pie plate on the terminators holding my objective but only manages to clip one and they pass their break test. The Kroot then run towards the middle objective.

The Fire Warriors launch their assault with the Ethereal versus the lone Justrearin - He rides high in the saddle cutting down three, the Tau are unable to bring him down then break along with the Ethereal! Yet again the engaged Riptide makes all its invulnerable saves and survives... Wow that's one heck of a tenacious Riptide.

We then roll to see if there will be a final seventh turn and the game ends. I lift the Spartan and the Kroot are less than an inch away from claiming the middle objective.


Post-Game Analysis

The Spartan is truly a beast with the right war gear... Even the mighty guns of the Tau could only just manage to scratch it's paint. If it had been me I would have dedicated one or even two Riptides to charge it and use the Smash attack.

The first four turns progressed quickly with mostly long range fire power traded back and forth across the battlefield then on the fifth turn things got interesting real quick. Some luck was definitely on my side but not everything went my way. My opponent rolled lots of 1s to hit throughout the game which is one thing markerlights cannot alleviate... Heh !

You never know how things are going to play out over the course of any game but I think overall my initial battle plan was solid. The lone Justaerin was my MVP dishing out the key killing blows and sucking up lots of punishment while my three characters had no impact on the game at all other than holding up the one Riptide.

Monday, September 09, 2013


Death is a beginning of a new life... Take my hand, I'll take your there .

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Born in the Saddle - White Scars Kernel

So you maybe you like biker armies... I know I do ! Here is a kernel for a White Scars biker army:

Grand Master (250)
Shield Eternal - 50
Artificer armor - 20
Bike - 20
Thunder hammer - 30

Captain (160)
Storm shield - 15
Artificer armor - 20
Power axe - 15
Bike - 20

Command Squad (280)
Apothecary - 15
Bikes - 35
3x Power axe - 45
Power fist - 25
4x Storm shield - 40
2x Combi-grav - 20

Bike squad (162)
5x Biker incl. Veteran Sergeant - 10
2x Grav-gun - 30
Power axe - 15

Scout squad (110)
Veteran Sergeant - 10
Land Speeder Storm - 45
Heavy flamer - 0

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Imperial Fists & Black Templar allies • 2000 point army list

Here is the first list I have created with the new Space Marine codex. I think it can handle a lot of the top meta lists I've seen such as those that were prevalent at NOVA. My one worry is the Heldrake but I think they can be mitigated with good deployment and superior tactics.

This list harkens back to the good old days of the fourth edition codex... Basically a min max gun line army with some twists to handle newer elements such as fliers. I also consider this army to have solid background since Black Templars are a successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists. It's exciting and I've wanted to build an Imperial Fists army for a long time. I'll probably go for a Heresy theme for appearance.

1995 points

Imperial Fists
Captain Darnath Lysander (230) (War Lord)

6x Sternguard incl. Veteran Sergeant (207)
Heavy flamer - 10
2x combi-grav - 20
Drop Pod - 35

Lysander and Sternguard is nothing new... Here they are a disruption unit to force the opponent to concentrate some of the firepower on them. They come in with no support and snipe an enemy unit... So use smart placement to keep them alive for a turn.

5x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant (105)
Missile launcher w. flakk missiles - 25

5x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant (105)
Missile launcher w. flakk missiles - 25

Here are the first two min scoring units. They've got some flakk to help handle enemy fliers. They setup behind the Aegis Defense Line (ADL) and squeeze their triggers... Simple but effective.

5x Legionnaire incl. Sergeant (155)
Flamer - 10
Heavy flamer - 10
Combi-flamer - 10

Here is another disruption unit... They drop down and torch enemy T3 units with crap armor saves.

Thunderfire cannon (100)

With barrage now this unit is going to cause all kinds of grief for those same T3 enemy units. Hide behind LoS blocking terrain and bombs away... Profit !

5x Devastator (160)
2x Lascannon (40)
2x Missile launcher w. flakk missiles (50)

More long range firepower with some more flakk for those enemy fliers... Take enough and it begins to add up. They have Tank Hunter which also helps due to their Chapter Tactic. This squad will typically man the quad gun to take advantage of the signum.

Black Templars
Emperor's Champion (140)

5x Assault Terminator (220)
5x Storm shield & thunder hammer - 20

Stormraven (205)
Twin-linked assault cannon - 0
Twin-linked multi-melta - 0
Extra armor - 5

The Champion joins the terminators and they ride in the Stormraven - dedicated melee plus more anti-flier.

6x Initiate incl. Sword Brethren (134)
Lascannon - 20
Grav-gun - 15

6x Initiate incl. Sword Brethren (134)
Lascannon - 20
Grav-gun - 15

Two more scoring units with big guns.

Fortification & Gun Emplacement
Aegis Defense Line (100)
Quad gun - 50

While I'm not a big proponent for the ADL it fits in perfectly with this army plus you get the quad gun for more anti-flier defense. Tech Marine uses Bolster Defense for 3++ cover save.

So not too much new things but some. The cost in points has dropped for lots of units so you can take a lot more boots on the ground now... That's the way it should be too. Tactical squads just got good again since they can take heavy and|or special weapons for min sized squads.

This is basically a Swiss Army knife type of list. It's a master of none and jack of all trades. There's also lots of options... Such as Lysander joining up with the Emperor's Champion and his Sword Brethren assault terminators.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

30k Sons of Horus terminator tactical analysis

I should first mention that some people mistakenly think that the traitor Legions in the Forge World Betrayal book are Chaos Space Marines but in fact they are all still technically 'Imperial'. In fact except for the Primarchs and units (Apocalypse) from the Lords of War section the book is very much like a Space Marine codex plus there are more units to choose from when designing an army. You have the option to play your army as loyalists or as traitors. In fact there are special characters for each Legion that are either loyalists or traitors (e.g., Loken versus Abbadon).

The period for the Betrayal book is around the time when the Primarchs from four of the original Legions (i.e., Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Sons of Horus and World Eaters) have decided to turn traitor on the Emperor. There are no daemons or other such things from the Warp. A purging of these Legions takes place on the planet Ivstaan III where they kill all the Marines within their rank and file whom are still loyal to the Emperor. The third novel in the Black Library Horus Heresy series covers these events in great detail. Galaxy in Flames describes the virus bombing of Istvaan III and the Warmaster Horus' fall, which resulted in a galactic civil war where brother fought brother. In the virus choked wasteland of death and destruction that was once Istvaan III's Choral City, loyalist elements of the Luna Wolves, World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Death Guard Legions fight against the traitors of those Legions in a final display of defiance as the first part of the Heresy played out.

I finally got to play a couple games this weekend with my new Sons of Horus (SoH) army. I decided to use the trait that allows you to field veteran squads as troops so I can run a pure terminator army much like the conventional 40k Deathwing or Loganwing armies. Here is one of my current builds for a five man Legion terminator squad:

Sergeant - grenade harness, power axe, combi bolter
1x pair of lightning claws
1x power axe, heavy flamer
1x power axe, combi bolter
1x power fist, combi melta

Land Raider Phobos (dedicated transport - 2x twin linked lascannon, twin linked heavy bolter) - dozer blade, auxiliary drive, extra armor, ceramite plates

1) grenade harness counts as assault grenades for the squad
2) auxiliary drive ignores immobilization on a roll of 4+ on 1d6
3) ceramite plates - enemy melta weapons only roll 1d6 on armor penetration

The land raider also has a Machine Spirit and clocks in at 285 points, so you're definitely paying for the goodies.

One of the special rules for a SoH army is that each surviving model in their units get an extra attack at the end of each assault phase, however this does not count for unwieldy weapons such as a power axe. The terminator unit I posted above does not benefit much from this special rule except for the terminator armed with a pair of lightning claws. I prefer to take the AP2 melee weapons. So for my army this special rule is not all that beneficial. Many 40k armies have lots of special rules so I don't see this as overpowering. Just look at all the fantastic special rules for the new eldar and Tau in comparison.

All of my terminators wear suits of Cataphractii armor which confers a 4++ invulnerable save plus the Slow and Purposeful special rule. While I do like the better save I chose this type of terminator suit since it strictly adheres to the Legion's background as opposed to say a suit of Indomitus terminator armor.

I chose the heavy flamer as their special weapon since the main role of this terminator squad is dedicated to melee. You're going to score more wounds with the S5 template charging out of the land raider as opposed to either a plasma blaster or autocannon. The combi meltas help bring down tough multi wound models such as monstrous creatures and provide backup if needed to crack open an enemy transport so they can charge the contents.

Versus a squad of Canoptek Wraiths and a Destroyer Lord during my second game a squad of Legion terminators held them up at least three turns of melee, killing some of the Wraiths and wounded the Destroyer Lord before finally being swept. The terminators inflicted enough damage that I could shoot down the remainder of the enemy unit following combat. I chose to ignore the challenge from the Destroyer Lord in hopes of inflicting some AP2 wounds on The Lord and managed to inflict one. It is important to note that none of the 30k MEQ/TEQ units from the Betrayal book have And They Shall Know No Fear and can be swept if they should lose combat, so it's best if possible to first soften up a tough enemy unit with some serious shooting prior to charging them. In this particular case I was not in a good position to shoot a lot first prior to the charge since the enemy unit was hiding behind a large ruin with high line of sight blocking walls. I needed to hold them up to prevent them from charging my land raiders which the Destroyer Lord could have easily shred with his Warscythe... Thus the reason why I chose to charge the enemy unit when I did. So far I have found this terminator squad able to get the job done but you must wisely pick your targets and shoot a lot first.

My next article in this series will cover Justearin terminators.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Unholy Alliance - Blood for the Blood God

So seeing how well the Farsight Enclave performed this weekend at the NOVA Open it got me to thinking about allying a Khornate themed Black Legion army with the red commander as an allied detachment. Those in the know are aware that Farsight is a follower of the Blood God so it just makes sense in a twisted Chaotic way. There is a piece of wargear for the Enclave that makes a unit highly resistant to psychic maledictions... Thank about it.

My first thoughts for the allied detachment is as follows:

Farsight with a heavy plasma build for his Crisis team with some drones

Crisis team (troop)

O'Vesa (special character Riptide)

Broadside missileside unit with missile drones