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Monday, August 29, 2022

Black Templars - A Tale of Secondaries

Black Templars - A Tale of Secondaries

Black Templars are an excellent melee army and the vow Uphold the Emperor’s Honor makes them highly resilient as well - every unit has a 5++ invulnerable save and mini Transhuman Physiology (can only be wounded on a 3+).  Yesterday I was playing a game versus Blood Angels and my 20 man Primaris Crusader squad took a full charge from a 10 man Death Company squad hitting on 2+ with full rerolls. Thankfully my squad had Litany of Divine Protection for the 5+++ after save. When the smoke cleared I still had 10 Marines left, including four power fists and they destroyed the Death Company… they simply shrugged off many many chainsword, power sword as well as thunderhammer attacks. I should add that the Death Company squad was in the assault doctrine as well. It was a game changing moment to say the least.

While Black Templars do well scoring primary objectives, scoring secondaries is not nearly as easy. Obviously we typically have no psykers so there’s no need the worry about the Warpcraft category… however, there is a good case to made for including a psychic Inquisitor in your army and they are fairly cheap points wise. The one exception is Abhor the Witch - you score points by killing psychic enemy characters and psychic units - this could work quite well versus armies like Eldar, Grey Knights, Thousand Sons and Tyranids.

No Prisoners is typically a good choice, if you’re playing the Templar game then you’re killing many enemy units (not including characters, monsters and vehicles) and it quickly adds up. This falls under the category No Mercy, No Respite.

Oaths of the Moment also falls under the category No Mercy, No Respite and you can’t take more than one secondary from each category. If you’re playing a large Primaris Crusader squad this is not as good of a choice - you’ll probably fail morale once or twice. You score points killing enemy characters, monsters and vehicles; if you don’t fall back or fail morale and if you have a core unit or character within 6" the center of the board. However, if you’re playing against an elite army with a low unit count it’s possible you could score more than No Prisoners.

If you’re up against an army with a lot of characters take Assassination - you score 3 points for each enemy character you destroy and 4 for their Warlord. If your playing against an army with lots of monsters and/or vehicles take Bring It Down - you score multiple points for each enemy unit with 9 or more wounds. You can’t take both though because they both fall under the category Purge the Enemy.

Engage on All Fronts falls under the category Battlefield Supremacy - you score 2 points each turn by having units in at least three table quarters and the unit must have at least 3 models. If you have units in each table quarter you score 2 points. It’s fairly easy to be in three table quarters but be careful if the mission requires you to start off deployed in only one table quarter… if you’re opponent goes first and has a fast army they can trap you in your table quarter.

Raise the Banners High falls under the Shadow Operations category and is a good choice if you have say ten or more units. You’ll need at least two units that are dedicated to scoring this secondary. The deployment zone is an important consideration when selecting this secondary - again if you have to deploy in one table quarter it could be hard to achieve.

These are the easiest secondaries to score generally in my opinion. We don’t have any really easy ones to choose from so it’s very important to dominate your opponent in the primary game.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Playing Black Templars Competitively


Are Black Templars Competitive

Black Templars have new rules and many new Primaris units:



Emperor’s Champion

Primaris Crusader Squad

Sword Brethren

++ Sword Brethren +

Sword Brethren are the fluff unit but make excellent conversions for Blade Guard Veterans. All other units listed above are competitive. The best way to play Black Templars competitively is Black Tide - all infantry swarming the table. All units listed above are Primaris and as such have access to THP. Black Templars play the primary objectives well. Scoring secondary objectives requires some degree of skill.

++ Emperor’s Champion ++

Our champion is often called out as non competitive by those who have not yet grasped our inner strengths - they cannot win at the competitive level with Black Templars and so look for scape goats  to blame. Often they will also decry secondaries as well. For 100 points you get a true monster with AP4 S8/9 3D melee attacks. AP4 prior to the assault phase I should add… even Sanguinary Guard truly fear him and rightly so. AP4 is the utter bane of Armor of Contempt and at S9 you are wounding Knights on 3+. Consider that you never need more than one Chaplain.

++ Primaris Crusader Squad ++

Even Chaos Space Marines can no longer field squads of Marines greater than 10. I have discussed this unit in great detail in two other articles. There’s absolutely no reason to ever take Assault Intercessors for Black Templars.

+++ VOWS +++

Our two best vows are Uphold and Accept Any Challenge. I find myself always taking the former… it is super powerful for Marines. The latter is excellent versus any faction that has Armor of Contempt. The less you have to think is powerful.


My next tactical article will cover scoring secondaries.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Black Templars Blob - The 20 man Primaris Crusader Squad


I played my first game this afternoon using a 20 man Primaris Crusader Squad versus Chaos Space Marines:

8x Neophyte - Bolt Pistol & Chainsword

4x Initiate - Heavy Bolt Pistol & Powerfist

7x Initiate - Heavy Bolt Pistol & Chainsword

Sword Brethren - Heavy Bolt Pistol & Power Axe

I selected Helbrecht and Grimaldus as my two HQ, mainly to buff the squad - +1S, 6s to wound in melee converted to mortal wounds, and 5+++ Feel No Pain. I selected the popular vow for 5++ invulnerable save, and mini Transhuman (cannot be wounded on a roll of 1 or 2).

The squad did well enough, quickly cutting through a large cultist squad and then tying up a Lord Discordant until my terminators could crush the metal beast. By the end of the game the squad was down to around eight Initiates, so they held up rather well. I will definitely use them again.

Positioning is very important. The first two turns I tended to pull models from the front when removing casualties, and then later pulled them from the back, keeping all four powerfists up front so they could punch. You’ll probably never get the entire squad in engagement range but obviously they are very good at holding and stealing primary objectives. Pro Tip - use the Devout Push stratagem once they have charged to get more models in engagement range !