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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Karnac the Killer • Part VII

The air began to buzz with eerie blue energies. Lithe forms started to suddenly materialize filling the chamber. Karnac released his grip on the warrior and quickly motioned with a hand gesture to be still. Sickly sweet musk filled the chamber as the daemons took their final shape stepping onto the tile floor on their sharp hooved feet. They were part woman and part daemon with long clawed arms. Their skin was electric blue glittering with drops of musk. Again Karnac sealed off his olfactory auto senses while at the same time picking up up his plasma pistol. Abraxas looked at the skull champion for a moment then pulled a pair of long dueling daggers from his belt. "Daemonettes from the bowel of the warp." said the warrior.

Karnac lifted his pistol and pointed the muzzle into the exposed face of Abraxas. "Your allies no doubt." grimly said Karnac.

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