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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Karnac the Killer • Part VIII

Abaraxas looked into Karnac's eyes and did not flinch. The skull champion's faceplate had been shapened exactly like a skull and row upon row of razor sharp fangs protruded from the mouthpiece. The lenses had been cut from bright red rubies and shown from within. Raw hate poured off Karnac immensely. "You and I are a lot more alike than you could ever imagine. I'd go so far as to even call you a brother. Now you can squeeze that trigger and if you do all youll succeed in doing is ensuring your death. I strongly recommend you stow your pistol. If we fight together back to back we might just manage to come out of this mess alive. If we live then you can go back to beating the living Hades out of me."

"Turn my back to a dark eldar..." said Karnac as he swivelled his huge pistol and blasted a daemonette charging towards Abraxas. "Never!" The daemonette disintegrated as the large flash of plasma enveloped it's warp body. "I will fight beside you though." Karnac could not help but grin from within his ghostly helm. "Skulls for the Skull God!" shouted the champion.

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