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Monday, April 30, 2018

1st Destroyer (Hellblaster)

Assassin - Part 41 - Final Genesis

Orpheus felt the clubbed fists of the daemon gripping his black armor. His empty hand reaching for the hammer struck a blow against its exposed temple. The daemon smiled showing row upon row of exposed fangs filed into razor sharp serrated points. Locking his arms around its waist he threw it aside with an unstoppable energy. "The darkness is your ally but I was molded by it."

The daemon exposed his fists, long jagged claws extruded from its knuckles menacingly. Grasping a frost grenade from his belt Orpheus pushed in the pin activating it, so cold it burned to touch through the glove of grommeted mail. With dead precision the Templar released the firing pin and chucked the grenade across the chamber catching the daemon square in the chest. It exploded directly upon impact. Freezing ice spilled out soaking into the thick daemon hide. "Know what it feels like to be mortal." said Orpheus as he drew the hammer from the clutch. The daemon growled in anger as his corporeal form froze, it could no longer move staring straight ahead in silent rage.

Grasping the long hilt of the hammer with both fists Orpheus carefully lifted the head up above him. Taking a step forward he swung down catching the behemoth square across its icy coated head. The heavily radiated quicksilver flowed through the inner chamber filling the cavity in the head of the hammer. There was a blinding flash upon impact and the denizen of the warp was completely obliterated. Taking a slow cautious step back Orpheus now held the hilt straight across his chest plate looking down upon the ruin. He felt tired as his shoulders. The hammer was immensely heavy and he felt weak as his grip strained. Carefully he placed the weapon back in the catch and the locks automatically sealed it in place. Freed of its gravity Orpheus sat down upon his bunk to catch his breath. The frozen bits of the monster left upon the floor began to melt and dissipate until fnally there was no trace left.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Batrep (500 pts) Ultramarines vs. Thousand Sons

I played my first game in an escalation league yesterday fielding a 500 point Ultramarine battalion detachment:

Primaris Captain (Warlord) /forgot to choose a Warlord trait
+Power Fist - Plasma Pistol
+Santic Halo (relic)

+Force Stave - Bolt Pistol
+Tome of Malcador (relic)
+Might of Heroes - Psychic Fortress - Smite - Veil of Time

Primaris Lieutenant
+Master-Crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle

4x Scout
+Bolt Pistol - Combat Blade
+Bolt Pistol - Chainsword

4x Intercessor
+Bolt Rifles - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
+Bolt Rifle - Power Sword

4x Intercessor
+Bolt Rifles - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
+Bolt Rifle - Power Sword

Primarch Roboute Guilliman has tasked Captain Tieko with leading a newly formed cadre of veteran Ultramarines to take to the field in order to gain more battle experience and develop into a tightly knit team. A Librarian (Ancient Escobar) has been assigned to Tieko to act as an adviser and report back to Ultramar on their progress. Also Lieutenant Cato asked permission to join them which was duly granted by Guilliman. Depending upon their initial success more squads will be deployed to strengthen the battalion. Their Primarch dispatches them to a krone world on the very edge of the Eye to eliminate an ancient threat for their very first mission !

My opponent was fielding a Thousand Sons patrol detachment.

Daemon Prince (Warlord)
+Wings - etc.
+Smite - etc.

Smite - etc.

15x Tranzagor (sp?)

Vortex Beast

Mission and Deployment
The mission is a special one from Games Workshop. I was the attacker and scored victory points for each unit I killed plus Slay the Warlord. My opponent was the defender and scored victory points for each of his units that ended the game in his deployment zone plus Slay the Warlord. Deployment was adjacent table quarters on a 4’ x 4’ table.

I deployed everything in a forest outside of range from any first turn Smites except for my scouts which I deployed beside a building towards the center of the table to act as a distraction.

My opponent deploys his Tranzagors far back with the Prince, Beast and Shaman towards the front.

I got to go first and there was no Seize.

Ultramarines - Marines hold their ground while the scouts shuffle to the far side of the building to hide.

kSon - The Daemon Prince, Shaman and Vortex Beast move forward but are outside range to Smite any visible enemy units.

Ultramarines - The Marines all target the Vortex Beast and strip off six wounds.

kSons - Combined Smites take down all of the scouts.

Ultramarines - The Marines again all target the Vortex Beast and strip off another two wounds leaving it with only six remaining.

KSons - The daemon prince heals One wound on the Vortex Beast and it regenerates another bringing it back up to eight wounds. All attempts to Smite are denied.

Ultramarines - All units hold their ground forcing the issue. A Smite from the Librarian gets through and drops the Vortex Beast to five wounds remaining. Combined shooting strips another wound from the Vortex Beast - its bleeding.

kSons - Combined Smites only manage to bring down one Intercessor.

Ultramarines - All units move so that the Prince is the closest unit. The Librarian inflicts heavy wounds into Daemon Prince with Smite then the Marines follow up with Bolt Rifles and Krak !

kSons - Smites are denied again then the Daemon Prince attempts a desperate charge but the Intercessors destroy it during overwatch for two Victory points (Kill a unit and StWL).

Game ends.

My opponent scores three victory points for having three units within his deployment zone (Shaman, Vortex Beast and Tranzagors). I score another two points for having a fully painted army and lore. I should mention Psychic Fortress worked very well versus enemy Smites and other enemy abilities to inflict mortal wounds.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Destroyer Sergeant (Hellblaster)

The origins of the Destroyer Squads lay in the conduct of the Unification Wars on Terra in the late 30th Millennium, but surprisingly not with the forces of the Emperor but with the armies of His enemies. Considered dishonourable by some Space Marine Legions who refused to make use of them altogether, the Destroyers were equipped with and expert in the use of otherwise proscribed and forbidden weaponry, including certain weapons of mass destruction like chemical and tactical nuclear weapons.

Alongside certain factions of the Mechanicum, only Astartes Destroyer Squads were sanctioned to use such forbidden weapons within the forces of the Imperium by the Emperor's command. Radiation-based weapons, bio-alchemical munitions and the burning horror of Phospex were amongst the components that comprised the Destroyers' dark arsenal -- weapons which irrevocably tainted the ground on which they were used. During the long nightmare of the Age of Strife, such weapons of mass destruction rendered many once life-sustaining human colonies uninhabitable charnel houses.

Destroyers were marked by their fire-blackened and chem-scalded Power Armour. These Space Marines were often shunned and deemed somehow tainted by their fellow Battle-Brothers in many Legions. This was because Destroyers were considered only a necessary evil of the Great Crusade, although the effectiveness of their relic-weapons in wiping out particularly difficult foes could not be denied.

The drawbacks of using such deadly weaponry was the inevitable physical toll it took on a Legionary's body. Despite their genetically-enhanced Astartes physiology, Destroyer Squad Space Marines often displayed the physical affects of long-term use and proximity to such toxic weaponry, including: radiation-induced cellular degeneration, abnormally pale skin that displayed unhealthy lightning-storms of veins and blood-bruises staining the flesh, yellowed-jaundiced eyes, and aggressive and rare forms of cancer which often resulted in the replacement of the affected organs with augmetic replacements.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Destroyer Cult (Ultramarines) (work-in-progress)

Working on painting my Hellblasters now ! My background for them is as follows:

These squads date all the way back to the Heresy when Cawl first started to create Primaris Space Marines. They were known as Destroyers back during that millennium - their armor pitch black to denote their use of hated weapons dating to the Age of Dark Technology. Rumors kept secret tell they might have been created from the gene seed of the Thunder Warriors. Revived at last from long deep stasis and finally reanimated they still follow their ancient deadly Destroyer protocol to the nth degree... only the original tempering by Guilliman maintains their shallow grip on reality.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018


The Big FAQ - WTF

I am going to come on say I rate the FAQ at an F for ultimate fail and here is why.

1. Why did deep striking melee armies need a nerf? They have not won any major events. Not one.

2. The Rule of Three... well except if you can run squadrons. I have played against nine Earthshakers and it sucks a Big Root. This is not fair at all. Why does Guard get to break this rule ? I thought the BIG FAQ was supposed to be about parity but apparently not.

These are the two reasons why I rate the FAQ as a total fail. A lot of people in their pocket gave it a thumbs up but these are beta rules and if you are a TO I encourage you to seriously consider not using these half baked rules.

Don’t mindlessly accept this FAQ or it could get even worse.

Captain Tieko (Work-in-Progress)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Battle Brother Darius of the Néw Órdęr (Ultramarines)

Darius was awoken from the long cold slumber to serve Guilliman at Terra during the final Black Crusade. Seeing his extraordinary combat prowess the Primarch armed the initiate with the Legion’s best suit of icy blue artificied armor and a relic weapon from the dark age of technology. The risen champion Darius slew many champions of Chaos and fought his final duel versus the cloned Abbadon.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Nû Órdęr color schema (Work-In-Progress)

Working on my last squad of Intercessors... this is true to original scheme I intended to use for this army.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Space Marines - Hope and Tragedy

Black Blow Fly here to discuss Space Marines. Ultramarines were a dominant force when their codex first dropped lead by the return of their beloved Primarch Rouboute Guilliman but as more and more codices have been released their overall performance has continued to falter. While points were reduced for Primaris Space Marine units via Chapter Approved last year there’s some that feel it wasn’t enough and there should be a point reduction as well for the standard Marine. Personally I’d rather see the focus on the new Primaris Space Marine units and conducted an informal survey to see what players want, I’ll present the results here.

The biggest desire by far is a fairly costed transport so that Primaris Space Marines can be properly mechanized... currently the only option is the Repulsor, which while it is truly a powerful grav tank with an amazing array of deadly firepower, its a big chunk of points clocking in at well over 300 points. I feel like GW missed a golden opportunity with the release of 40k rules for the Termite earlier this week.

The next most popular request is for more individual options such as power fists for sergeants and special weapons or chainswords for certain units such Intercessors. A lot of players would also like to see a buff for Reivers such as an armor piercing (AP) value for their combat blades. I would like to see GW get rid of the Unwieldy rule which makes no sense to me - a sniper scout can pick off an enemy character across the battlefield but a hardened veteran can’t hit the broadside of a barn when he’s standing right beside it.

I do like the current strategems, relics and psychic powers for Space Marines in general, however that said I do feel that Primaris Space Marine characters should have full access to the various relics such the Teeth of Terra. Truly the old Marines covet their holy artifacts... heh.

Finally a new codex for Deathwatch is on the way and one rumor is the ability to mix various types of Primaris Space Marines in one unit - for example the combination of outflanking wieldy Aggressors and some Hellblasters would be quite tasty. It’s only a rumor so liberally apply salt.

So what’s your opinion of this matter? Do Space Marines already deserve a boost or are they fine as is?