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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Post Heresy Death Company Marine (work-in-progress)

The advent of the Black Rage is associated with the end of the Horus Heresy, caused by the psychic shock felt by every Blood Angel when Sanguinius died at the hands of Horus. Prior to then, the Red Thirst was a rare but dreaded phenomenon, known only to Sanguinius and some members of his inner circle, including First Captain Raldoron, Sanguinary Guard Commander Azkaellon, and High Warden Dahka Berus. On the rare occasions when a Battle Brother was lost to the Thirst, his armour's company markings were blotted out by black paint, and his geneseed was removed for analysis, rather than being returned to the Legion's stores.[2]

Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Blood Angel (work in progress)

Black Vengeance - Part 16 - Crimson Incursion

The horde of Bloodletters coalescing into real space were met with well trained bolter fire from the Custodes mutilating the first to appear. Prometheus pressed an ivory inlaid rune on the hilt of his sword. Just across from the daemonic portal a brilliant golden shimmer erupted in unison. Ten more Custodes materialized then lowered their Guardian Spears adding weight of fire with their built-in bolters as well. More and more Bloodletters appeared outnumbering the golden warriors by many. Prometheus brought up his shield and raised his sword. As one the fourteen Custodes charged into the crimson horde hacking and slashing with their melee weapons. The daemons howled as they counter charged pressing back against the sudden attack. Hellblades rang out as they struck against the golden armor. The cold dark warp growled as it spat out more daemons to replace those struck down. Newly emerged Bloodletters appeared shiny wet with crimson visceral coughing up bloody phlegm. The battle grew pitched as the Custodes hacked their way through the daemonic incursion cutting off the line between the warp and real space. One by one they cut down each daemon until none were left, just sticky remnants of dissipating ectoplasmic energy evaporating into nothingness.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


I am very excited to play Magnus competively in 40k again. Death Guard are looking really good again.

The best thing for 40k could be 8th edition. The rules can be overhauled but not to the level of AoS.

This has been an absolutely stellar year for the Horus Heresy and I've started reading fiction again. 30k is growing fast... it is all about background and having a good time. If you're planning to attend a 30k tournament sorry but you're doing it wrong.

My predictions for the new year is eldar and Tau will be super nerfed... nobody that doesn't play them likes them. Competitive play at the cost of your opponent not having any fun is becoming more and more unpopular.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blood Angels Apothecary

Finally finished !!!

The theme was Blood... lots of blood. LOL... My vision of an Apothecary of this legion is a bit elevated above others. He carries many vials of fresh blood and vitae to aid his brothers that have fallen but might still be able to get back in the fight.

Now back to the assault Marines.   :  )


White Scars... when you know you're done

The Sigillite

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blood Angels Apothecary Part 2 (work in progress)

Black Vengeance - Part 15 - Crimson Incursion

The four remaining Custodes stepped back watching intently in silence as the huge body of the greater daemon slowly dissolved, disappearing from corporeal space. "I sense a discordance in the warp." said Prometheus.

"Vengeance for our betrayed brothers has been gained." replied the Custodes Aurexx.

"That is for certain but now we shall see what is the consequence." Prometheus said as he removed his conical helm. The Custodes had a long mane of silvery blonde hair pulled back into a long ponytail that spilled down his back. His weathered face was etched with a black tattoo of the double headed Aquila that criss crossed his brow.

Beyond the pentagram the fighting was still intense and the last wave of more drop pods burning fell from the sky. The magma had cooled turning to molten stone and seethed inside the deep archways. Bolter fire filled the air and they heard random war cries from both sides. There was a sudden shimmering and the atmosphere grew hazy as many tiny black points of light erupted from hidden space. Rents opened revealing the cold warp on the other side as daemonic bodies began to spill through the openings. The daemons quickly took solid shape brandishing long Hell blades and cried out as one hungry for death.

"It's an incursion." said Prometheus as replaced his helm hiding his scarred face.


White Scars

Monday, December 12, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 14 - Retribution

Each of the Custodes held their Guardian Spears at chest height locked tightly in place. Magma began to leech into the etching of the runes molten to the touch. The Bloodthirster groaned as it began to clear its mind like a hidden portal swept into the cold warp. Glowing brightly the runes exploded one by one then reformed again. Each explosion felt like a frozen dagger stabbing into the mind of the greater daemon. It attempted to move from the center of the pentagram but the intense pain blocked its primary action. The Bloodthirster groaned again wracking its mind to clear its thoughts. The Custodes were moving ever so slowly closer... Time seemed to have frozen. It sniffed at the cold air tasting yet more pain. Blasting the stifled air from its huge nostrils the greater daemon closed its mind and swung the whip. All the pain vanished immediately finally realizing the illusion. Its muscles bulged under the brass plates and it cried out a war cry to the Blood God.

The Tribune was the first to attack driving its spear up towards the Bloodthirster's clenched face. Coiling tightly around the golden warrior the whip cut through the plate like foil slicing deep down into the very core of the grizzled warrior. The whip then unfolded and the Tribune felt apart like sliced meat. Two spears from its backside punched through the daemon armor. The guardians pushed hard with all their strength driving the spear tips through the greater daemon's body punching through to the front then they withdrew. Daemonic material attempted to reform but was thwarted by the burning pentagram. It looked down at the bloody remains of the Tribune spilling into the burning magma. The one Custodes bearing a shield brought up his sword like a striking serpent lunging at the throat. Cutting into the exposed flesh the blade instantly parted muscle and bone. Its gigantic head involuntarily tilted to one side as its vision began to ever so slightly dim.

The Bloodthirster cast aside the whip grasping its huge axe with both hands. Screaming with ancient fury stored from the beginning of time the greater daemon brought down the axe chopping into one precise point of the five limbed star. An explosion rift through the air melding together time and space. The pentagram seemed to shiver for a moment as the magma began to cool off. Again the Bloodthirster brought down the head of the enormous axe striking at another limb. There was another explosion that boomed causing the light to vanish then as one the four Custodes all struck driving their weapons into the daemon's torso. It stumbled and dropped to one knee. Instantly the chief Custodes struck out with his sword severing the Bloodthirster's head from its neck. The axe tumbled from its huge hands crashing against the runes.

"It is done." said Prometheus.

Chasing the meta

From Blood of Kittens... overall major GT wins for 2016:

31 Eldar
18 Daemon
12 Space Marines
8 Chaos Space Marines (probably mostly White Scars battle company)
7 Tau
7 Dark Angels (probably mostly Ravenwing)
6 Ad-Mech
4 Imperial Knights
3 Space Wolves
2 Tyranids
2 Dark Eldar
2 Genestealer Cult
2 Astra Militarum
1 Harlequins
1 Grey Knights
1 Necrons
1 Blood Angels
1 Orks

Why I exclusively play 30k now.

Gal Vorbak

Saturday, December 10, 2016

30k vs 40k Batrep - Templars vs, Battle Sisters

Templars and Blood Angels vs. Sisters of Battle and Inquisition

Story Line

Inquisitor Coteaz of the Ordo Malleus learns of a secret rumor that during the long forgotten Heresy the Templars offered sanctuary to a Knight-Errant whom was formerly a Word Bearer. This is Heresy in the mind of Coteaz and he laments there's nothing in his power to right this wrong... word eventually gets out to Sigismund who has survived the Heresy intact and he is filled rage at this presumptuous attitude... plans are drawn forth and the long journey begins.

Time passes then one day Inquisitor Coteaz is informed by an unknown operative there's a place where the ever thin veil between space and time is rent there. If his forces arrive there at a fixed point in time it's quite possible they can travel back in time to engage the traitors - a righteous mission is then launched.

Blood for the Blood God !!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


I always love Corax the Primarch of the Raven Guard because he is a loner and one of the best at melee. He would have slain Lorgar at the Ivstann drop site massacre if not for the intervention of Curze. Of all the loyalist Primarchs at Ivstann Corax survived and slew many many traitors. I see him as a character of the silent rage and one who epitomized the tactic of See but don't be seen.

Iron Hands


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Templar - Blood Angels Strike Force vs Sisters of Battle

I've got a 2500 point game scheduled for early this afternoon. There should be a batrep following so keep an eye out here.