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Friday, December 22, 2017

8th edition Battle Report: Black Legion vs. Blood Angels

No Mercy (Eternal War)

Objectives -
Kill Points, First Blood, Slay the Warlord (StWL), Line Breaker

Dawn of War

This was a 1500 point game, my Black Legion lead by Abbadon versus the new Blood Angels lead by Commander Dante.

Here’s my army list:

++ Vanguard Detachment ++
(Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [1317 pts]

+ HQ +

Abaddon the Despoiler [240 pts]

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [132 pts]:
Combi-Bolter - Force Axe
Psy Powers: Death Hex - Warp Time - Prescience
Eye of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Land Raider [367 pts]:
Havoc Launcher - Twin Heavy Bolter - 2x Twin Lascannon

+ Elites +

Chaos Terminators [303 pts]:
Icon of Wrath - Mark of Khorne
Chaos Terminator Champion:
Chainfist - Combi-Bolter
3x Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: Combi-Melta - Power Axe
Terminator: Chainfist - Heavy Flamer

Chaos Terminators [275 pts]:
Icon of Excess - Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Terminator Champion:
Combi-Bolter - Power Axe
3x Terminator: Combi-Melta - Power Axe
Terminator: Chainfist - Heavy Flamer

Note I had permission to run only two elite choices.

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment ++ -(Chaos - FW Heretic Astartes) [164 pts]

+ Elites +

Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [164 pts]:
Havoc Launcher - 2x Kheres Assault Cannon

++ Total: [1481 pts] ++

My opponent had the following units:

Librarian Dreadnaught
10x Death Company - assorted melee weapons
5x Sanguinary Guard - assorted melee weapons
5x Tactical Marine - meltagun & combi-melta
10x Tactical Marine - Power Fist & Heavy Flamer

I finished deploying first but lost the roll off to go first which was fine and did not roll to seize. There was some really classic dice rolls this game !

The report is a simple summary covering gaming highlights. I held my Khorne terminators, Sorcerer and Abbadon in teleport reserve. Slaneesh terminators embark in the transport beside the dreadnaught, both behind line of sight blocking terrain.

My opponent held Dante and his Sanguinary Guard in deep strike reserve.

Turn 1 - Black Legion

Roll 3 hits for the landraider to hit the Stormraven with Prescience. I then roll two 1s to wound with the VotW strategem, spend command point to reroll one wound and roll another 1. My opponent then rolls a 6 to save the one wound.

Turn 2 - Black Legion

I drop the Khorne unit to assault the Death Company along with the Sorcerer. If I can wipe them out it’ll be First Blood and one kill point. The Sorcerer Warp Times them straight towards the waiting Death Company.

During the shooting phase I again roll only one hit with the landraider versus the Stormraven with Prescience... I manage to wound it and my opponent rolls a 6 again to save.

During the assault phase I reduce the Death Company to a single model. I pop the strategem to assault again and kill them for 1 KP and 1st Blood.

3rd Turn - Blood Angels

BA kill the Khorne terminator unit in return for 1 KP. The melta toting tactical squad hops out from the flyer to shoot my Sorcerer but he survives and kills two tactical Marines in the ensuing assault phase.

3rd Turn - Black Legion

Abbadon finally decides to join the party !!!

I kill the melta tactical squad during the shooting phase with the dreadnaught firing every weapon into them (Sorcerer had fallen back) for another KP. My landraider finally manages to drop 8 wounds on the Stormraven.

Turn 4 - Blood Angels

BA kill my Sorcerer in shooting phase for their first KP. The Librarian dreadnaught then kills my Contemptor in the assault phase for another KP.

Turn 4 - Black Legion

The Slaneesh terminator unit disembarks and kills the Stormraven with a well aimed shot coming from a combi-melta.

Abbadon slays both the Libby dread and Dante in melee for 2 more KP and StWL. The Slaanesh terminators slay the Sanguinary Guard in melee as well for another KP. Only the BA tactical squad is left along with their rhino and my opponent concedes.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Order

Arisen from the fallen ranks emerges Captain Antilles and his honor guard...

Friday, December 15, 2017

Smurfs Intercessor progress report

Got the blue down now ! Just hit the armor with a dark wash to add depth. Will go back with McCragge Blue to clean up the stains.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DoA Blood Angels Army List - 2000 pts

This list will kill anything it touches. All jump pack except for McFiston, no vehicles... lots and lots of warm bodies. Thank you GW !

DoA Blood Angels

~ All jump packs except McFiston teh Flylord

+ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [1596 pts] ++

+ Fast Attack [300 pts] +

Assault Squad [174 pts]
Space Marine Sergeant:
Bolt Pistol - Combat Shield - Melta Bombs - Power Axe
4x Space Marine - Bolt Pistols and Chainswords
Space Marine - Eviscerator
2x Space Marine - Meltagun

Assault Squad [126 pts]
Space Marine Sergeant:
Bolt Pistol - Combat Shield - Power Axe
3x Space Marine - Bolt Pistols and Chainswords
Space Marine - Eviscerator
Space Marine - Meltagun

+ HQ [272 pts] +

Chaplain [102 pts]
Jump Pack - Power Fist - Crozius Arcanum

The Sanguinor [170 pts]

+ Troops [237 pts] +

Intercessor Squad [91 pts]
4x Intercessor - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Intercessor Squad [91 pts]
4x Intercessor - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Scout Squad [6 PL, 55 pts]
4x Scout - Bolt Pistols and Combat Knives
Scout Sergeant Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

+ Elites [787 pts] +

Death Company [388 pts] (Jump Packs)
2x Death Company Marine - Inferno Pistol and Power Fist
2x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol and Power Fist
11x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Sanguinary Guard [290 pts] (Jump Packs)
2x Sanguinary Guard - Angelus Boltgun and Encarmine Sword
2x Sanguinary Guard - Inferno Pistol and Power Fist
Sanguinary Guard - Angelus Boltgun - Encarmine Axe

Sanguinary Guard Ancient [109 pts]
Jump Pack - Angelus Boltgun - Encarmine Axe

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [403 pts] ++

+ HQ [403 pts] +

Captain [129 pts] - Warlord (+1 damage)
Jump Pack - Storm Shield - Relic Thunderhammer

Chief Librarian Mephiston [145 pts]

Lemartes [129 pts]

+ No Force Org Slot +

Gametype: Matched

++ Total: [1999pts] ++

Monday, December 11, 2017

1st Intercessor Squad WIP

Here’s my first squad of Intercessors I am painting they are in various stages. One is complete but I don’t really like how he turned out. The white primer is very difficult for me. I have decided to go with a heavy deep blue wash over the primer which is better for me. Blue is fairly easy to paint because to the human eye it’s a wide spectrum as opposed to a color like purple.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Assassin - Part 32 - Rebirth

Sanguinius watched in silence looking down upon his dead brother. The Mark X armor stirred again as it began to reknit the fresh wounds, expunging the vile black poison. Lifting the burning blade from the ashen waste the Blood Angel cast it aside far from the reach of Gulilliman. Roboute gasped sucking in the cold air as his twin hearts began to beat again. The Ultramarine opened his eyes looking up into the pale face of Sanguinius pressing the tip of the Black Sword against his exposed throat. "Life is a gift."

Sanguinius’ wings unfurled as he rose up into the sky then receded. Guilliman climbed to his knees and spat out the last of the poison. He pulled the tip of the spearhead free and the Mark X armor closed the wound. Again the Stormbirds raced overhead screaming to a sudden halt as they stopped to hover. Their steely bellies opened and masses of Black Templars jumped to the ground surrounding the Primarch. Oathsbane came forward. "Your vision was blurred and twisted by the eldar. Our Liege has set you free now literally carving away their cancer."

Again the Primarch heard the beating of wings as the Blood Angel descended. "Will you join us?"

Guilliman looked up to meet his gaze "Yes I will."

Sanguinius smiled. "There is still plenty of work left to do."

Assassin - Part 31 - When Brothers Collide

Sanguinius caught a quick glimpse of himself in the dull mirrored shard laying against the broken stones littering the floor. His pitch black armor was covered in an intricate sworl of ancient runes carved deep into the thick layered sheets of adamantium enamel. The forgotten language of Baal Secundus telling the secreted litanies of past battles fought during the Great Crusade. His long locks of golden hair were tied back tight to his skull and his eyes burned with unspoken visions. The Primarch wore the polished skulls of Lorgar, Fulgrim and Mortarion fastened to his belt taken as grizzly trophies of the new war. Dark rubies encrusted his gauntlets cut in the shape of polished tear drops. A single black tear drop had been tattooed below his left eye dripping from the tear duct. Clutching the long hilt of the Black Sword with both fists he emerged from the burning remains of the shattered ruin looking ahead. Guilliman stood across the broken wake resolute in final meditation. Long tongues of molten flame burst from the silvered edges of his sword licking at the unknown ore from which the blade had been forged.

Broken bodies of dead Templars and Ultramarines littered the battlefield, piled high in some areas like offerings to the dark Gods. There were few survivors on either side. Only the two Primarchs stood holy uninjured. The Ultramarine lifted his ranged weapon firing indiscriminately from the hip as he slowly advanced ever so cautiously towards his brother. In a blinding quick flurry of skillful parries Sanguinius deflected the shots carving some of the micro rockets in twain. Drawing the Spear of Teleos from his back he launched it hard aiming for Guilliman’s torso. The Spear spiraled high then plunged down at the last moment piercing Guilliman’s thigh. The tip was barbed and coated in the blackest poison taken from the assassin’s cell. Grunting Roboute lopped off the long pole arm leaving the Spear tip buried deep in the knotted muscle. The poison began to disperse flowing into the blood stream but the pale blue armored Primarch shrugged off the pain as he continued to advance.

"For the innocent." whispered the Blood Angel. "And for all those that gave their lives most willingly for a just cause." Guilliman could only just grumble, the filthy poison had swollen his tongue. The Angel came straight at him in a blur as a pair of Stormbirds flew across the red skies on another bombing run. The Black Sword reined down striking hard against the blue armor scoring the azure enamel. He caught Roboute’s wrist gripping it hard as an iron vice. The flames of the burning licked at his black armor scorching it as the searing heat poured off the long blade. Sanguinius head butted Guilliman’s skull fracturing the exposed nose driving the broken cartilage up deep into the nasal cavity. Roboute grabbed at his bound wrist with his free gauntlet seeking to regain purchase. Skillfully the Blood Angel drove the sharp tip of the Black Sword punching through the enemy chest plate puncturing one of the two beating hearts. Guilliman toppled over but would not release his grip on the burning blade.

Sanguinius brought down hard one of his armored boots crushing Guilliman’s wrist. The blade pattered away then he drove the Black Sword through his brother’s skull piercing the brain pan.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

1st squad of Intercessors primed and based

Trying a white base coat this time... hopefully it will help to make the blue power armor pop more.

Monday, November 27, 2017

New rules for Blood Angels

Captain Antilles - Painting Tutorial - Part 3

Here is a picture I based this model upon wanting to use this color scheme for my Ultramarines... Except for white trim instead of the current traditional gold.

Just some detail work left and the base now.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Captain Antilles - Painting Tutorial Part 2

Used McCragge Blue to remove some of the shine on the power armor. White trim is built up from Grey shades while skulls are built up from brown shades for contrast - cold versus warmth. Need some flesh tones for his face.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Improve 40k Events - Eliminating Illegal Army Lists

Hi everyone ! BBF here again to discuss how to improve tournaments. These suggestions can be applied to any size event too. Currently one of the biggest issues is illegal army lists. Illegal army lists do not only affect players on the lower tables. If some top players are fast and loose it affects all of their opponents who lost up to the point at which they are caught and that’s collateral damage. The best solution is to check army lists prior to an event - the good news is there are events that already do this... taken from the London GT player pack:


Players accrue 20 points for army lists on the following basis:

• The list was submitted on time, 10 points
• The list was in the correct format, 5 points
• The list was free of errors, 5 points

If a player is caught with an illegal army list during the course of a tournament the penalty should be automatic disqualification - no prize support and no awards. Anything less only serves at worse as an example to other players that it’s okay and maybe you won’t get caught. This means don’t trust an army list building app... verify everything manually if you are going to an event. It’s also a really good idea to have other players check your list as well. The more you play the same army list to practice for an upcoming event you plan to attend the more familiar you become with it and it’s easier to find any possible errors over time.

Illegal armies also includes other things such as using a relic incorrectly (for example arming a Primaris Space Marine Captain with the Teeth of Terra), using a stratagem that doesn’t apply to one of your factions or selecting an incorrect Warlord Trait. There are ways to circumvent these types of errors such as including in your list which relics you intend to use for which models in your army. These kinds of mistakes don’t necessarily mean the offending player intentionally cheated but if they gain an advantage the end effect has the same potential result.

Hopefully one day GW will offer their own army list building app for Warhammer 40k but until then we are all ultimately responsible and working together we can reach this goal collectively.

1st Primaris Blood Angel

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Captain Antilles - Part 1 (Painting Tutorial)

This is my test scheme model for my Primaris Ultramarines army. None of the local hobby stores had primer in stock so I have to use black... hence the darker blue. I don’t want the army to look like knock off Crimson Fists.

Pro tip - start off with the darkest colors and gradually work up towards your lighter palette.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Assassin - Part 30 - Dark Reflection

Paragon sat upon a stool looking out through the veiled window from the small room atop the single tower. Silently he looked through the scope of his sniper rifle sighting just to the left of Roboute Guilliman. The Primarch stood upon a raised dias just outside the front of the palace. Marneus Calgar stood to his right speaking to the Honor Guard surrounding their Primarch. The assassin slowly squinted and the ethereal image of an eldar took form. The xenos wore a psychic helm marking it as a Farseer. His fingertip ever so slightly pressed upon the trigger rune. The X round ejected from the vented muzzle spiraling silently towards its mark cutting effortlessly through the refractor field shielding Guilliman and his retinue then the Wraithbone imploded taking the head from the Farseer. Immediately alarms sounded throughout the palace ground. Paragon hoisted his rifle back inside the room and closed the veil. Quickly the assassin dissembled his rifle placing the pieces back into the pouches sown outside his pack. He then lifted the small homing beacon and activated the single black rune.

The door burst open as an Ephoroi entered the small room followed by one of the squad of accompanying Sagittarum Guard Sodalities. "The shot came from here." said one of the Sagittarum pointing towards the veiled window. Carefully they examined the interior but could find no evidence left behind.

"Continue to search the remainder of the tower." said the Ephoroi. "We have failed our oath sworn duty. The shot only just missed."

"It could have been simply a warning." another Sagittarum replied. He lifted the stool but it was bare. "We must determine why this room was left unguarded."

The floor began to quake then an explosion blew out the top of the tower vaporizing the Custodes. A sea of shiny black nanobots swarmed from a top the burning ruins absorbing the last of the residual psychic trace erasing it completely then they vanished as well.

Ywain the Ancient

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ultramarines vs. Space Wolves (2000 pts) Batrep

I had my second league game last night and made a few tweaks to my army list:

Switched out Primaris Ancient for a Primaris Apothecary
Switched out Primaris Librarian for Tigurius

Guilliman is still the go to unit for Space Marines in general but Marneus Calgar is a Chapter Master and quite good in melee as well so I chose him instead to shore up some points for Aggressors. It’s fun to go against the meta a bit and see what you can do. I decided to take Tiggy because of his power to make a unit -1 to hit, casting Might of Heroes for +1T combined with -1 to hit makes a Redemptor or Repulsor very hard to destroy.

Here’s the new army list:

Bound +3CP

1st Detachment: Battalion +3CP
(Imperium - Space Marines) [106 PL, 1909pts]

+ No Force Org Slot +

Chapter Selection: Ultramarines

+ HQ +

Chief Librarian Tigurius [7 PL, 130pts]
Psychic Powers:
Smite, Might of Heroes, Null Zone, Veil of Time

Marneus Calgar [12 PL, 235pts]:
Artificer Armour

Primaris Chaplain [6 PL, 85pts]

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 105pts]:
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifles
4x Intercessor
Intercessor Sergeant - Power Sword

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 105pts]:
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifle
4x Intercessor
Intercessor Sergeant - Power Sword

Scout Squad [10 PL, 111pts]:
5x Camo Cloak
Scout Sergeant - Bolt pistol, Sniper Rifle
Scout - Heavy Bolter
4x Scout - 4x Sniper Rifle

+ Elites +

Aggressor Squad [6 PL, 129pts]:
2x Aggressor
Aggressor Sergeant
Flamestorm Gauntlets

Primaris Apothecary [4 PL, 68pts]

Redemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 201pts]:
2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
Icarus Rocket Pod
Macro Plasma Incinerator
Onslaught Gatling Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [16 PL, 205pts]:
Plasma incinerator
5x Hellblaster - Plasma Incinerator
Hellblaster Sergeant - Plasma Incinerator

Predator [9 PL, 189pts]:
Predator Autocannon - 2x Lascannon

+ Dedicated Transport +

Repulsor [16 PL, 346pts]:
Ironhail Heavy Stubber
4x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
Icarus Rocket Pod
2x Krakstrom Grenade Launcher
Onslaught Gatling Cannon
2x Lascannon

Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP
(Imperium - Officio Assassinorum) [5 PL, 90pts]

+ Elites +

Vindicare Assassin [5 PL, 90pts]

++ Total: [111 PL, 1999pts] ++

7CP total

I don’t have my opponent’s army list so going by memory he had Bjorn the Fellhanded as his Warlord, a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf mount with a Frost Axe and stormshield, Iron Priest on Thunderwolf mount, Venerable Dreadnaught with Frost weapon and stormshield, five razorbacks with assault cannons, several six man squads of Grey Hunters riding in the transports and a Stormwolf flyer.

We played mission 6 from the ITC Champions Mission Pack, What’s Yours is Mine. Here is a link to the mission pack:


These are some excellent missions, were used at the recent SoCal Open here in San Diego and are designed specifically for eighth edition. I highly recommend you check them out !

There are two objectives...

Each Player places 1 Take and Hold Objective wholly within their deployment zone, 9” from a table edge. Take and Hold Objectives are controlled by having the most units within 9” of the objective. Note that Objective Secured units gain no benefit in holding Take and Hold Objectives.

What’s Yours Is Mine Bonus Point - If a player controls both Take and Hold objectives at the end of their player turn, he/she gains 1 point.

This is a mission that can turn into a major slugfest over the course of the game going for those two objective markers!

Deployment was table quarters and I got to go first. Note I deployed mostly in a castle around my objective with the scouts and Vindicare far back from the puppies up on a high piece of cover. My opponent chose to spread out his forces.

Here were the secondaries I selected:

Big Game Hunter
King Slayer (Bjorn)

Here is a turn by turn breakdown of the game with some commentary:

Turn 1
Destroy Enemy Unit - Razorback, Grey Hunter Pack
1 Primary

Destroy Enemy Unit - Scouts
Secondary - Recon

Turn 2

My opponent’s Venerable dreadnaught was quickly closing the gap and would be able to probably assault either my Redemptor or Repulsor this turn if I didn’t bring it down so I opted to pour all of my firepower into the metallic behemoth. My lascannons all bounced so I had to chip away with everything else and managed to bring it down to just two wounds remaining. Dreadnaughts are not typically bracketed by wound reduction so there is was staring my gunline in the face.

Secondary - Recon

Wow I got really lucky after the piss poor shooting phase. My opponent rushed up with two razorbacks to charge my Repulsor along with his dreadnaught. Overwatch on the first transport managed to strip some wounds and it failed the charge. Overwatch on the second transport stripped some more wounds and it also failed the charge. I then overwatched the dreadnaught and only managed to strip one wound... Jebus. Luckily it also failed the charge as well by a single inch. Tiggy then it popped it next turn with a juicy Smite in the face. My opponent’s 3++ saves had been just incredible... I was very fortunate to keep my big grav tank intact. Those fragstorm grenade launchers are so deadly !

Turn 3
Destroy Enemy Unit - Dread, Flyer & RZB (3 secondary)

This turn the Primaris Apothecary, Aggressors and Primaris Chaplain launched an assault on the Wolf Lord (disembarking from the Repulsor) but couldn’t get through his stormshield... however they did later take him down but he killed my Primaris Apothecary and an Aggressor in return.

Destroy Enemy Unit (Apothecary, Assassin, Redemptor)
Secondary - Headhunter (Apothecary, Assassin)

Turn 4
Destroy Enemy Unit - Grey Hunter Pack, WOf Lord, Razorback
Headhunter (WL, RZB)

Destroy Enemy Unit - Intercessors

Turn 5
Destroy Enemy Unit - Grey Hunter Pack, Iron Priest, Razorback, Bjorn (+1)
Headhunter (Iron Priest)
Big Game Hunter (Razorback)
King Slayer (3)
Take and Hold Main Primary (1)

That ended the game since I had tabled my opponent. The final score was 18-7. My firepower faltered during the second turn, then I got lucky with the failed charge from the Venerable dreadnaught... I’m sure it would have destroyed my Repulsor in melee. As the game progressed the Chaplain and remaining Aggressors were able to reach my opponent’s objective and finally secure by the final turn. Melee is still my favorite phase but long range firepower is still the king of the game.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

40k Batrep 8th Edition - Ultramarines vs. Eldar (Samhain)

Here is my second battle report for eighth edition. I am playing in a local league and this was my first game. It is also my first game playing a tournament style list incorporating some of my current concepts for Primaris Space Marines. In my opinion the new Space Marine codex has plenty of great rules for various Chapters besides Ultramarines such as Ravenguard and Salamanders. One of the reasons I chose to play Ultramarines is because I think their Chapter tactics are quite versatile such that you can design an army that’s well balanced between melee and shooting. I still think Space Marines are top tier and have the tools to beat any other army. Sure they aren’t so shiny now but they are very well designed.

Here’s my current ~2000 point army list I used:

++ Battalion Detachment - (Imperium - Space Marines) [106 PL] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Chapter Selection:

+ HQ +

Marneus Calgar [12 PL, 235 pts]:
Artificer Armour

Primaris Chaplain [6 PL, 85 pts]

Primaris Librarian [7 PL, 105 pts]:
1) Psychic Fortress, 2) Might of Heroes, 3) Null Zone
Force Sword, Tome of Malcador

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 105 pts]:
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifles
4x Intercessor
Intercessor Sergeant - Power Sword

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 105 pts]:
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifles
4x Intercessor
Intercessor Sergeant - Power Sword

Scout Squad [10 PL, 111 pts]:
5x Camo Cloak
Scout Sergeant - Sniper Rifle, Chainsword
Scout w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy Bolter
4x Scout w/Sniper Rifle

+ Elites +

Aggressor Squad [6 PL, 129 pts]:
2x Aggressor
Aggressor Sergeant
Flamestorm Gauntlets

Primaris Ancient [4 PL, 69 pts]:
Standard of the Emperor Ascendant

Redemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 201 pts]:
2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Macro Plasma Incinerator, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [16 PL, 211 pts]:
Plasma Incinerator
5x Hellblaster
Hellblaster Sergeant: Plasma Pistol

Predator [9 PL, 189 pts]:
Predator Autocannon, Two Lascannons

+ Dedicated Transport +

Repulsor [16 PL, 352 pts]:
2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Ironhail Heavy Stubber, 2x Krakstrom Grenade Launcher, Las-Talon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Twin Lascannon

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment (Imperium - Officio Assassinorum) [5 PL] ++

+ Elites +

Vindicare Assassin [5 PL, 90 pts]

++ Total: [111 PL, 7 CP, 1981 pts] ++

Note I’m planning to soon drop the Ancient for an Apothecary - he will synergize well with the Primaris Chaplain and Agressors riding around in the Repulsor.

Here are a couple things I really like about Primaris Space Marines ...

Why Intercessors rock - The sergeant rocks a power sword with three base attacks, one Marine can pack an auxiliary grenade launcher firing krak -> S6 AP1 d3 damage 30” range; the bolt rifle is 30” range and AP1... that’s your special weapon right there This is currently one of the best troops in the game and highly underrated... versus a 10 man tactical squad they win out hands down with better overall range and higher overall damage output. Intercessors can sustain more damage (2 wounds apiece) - sure there are plenty of ranged weapons that spit out 2 damage or more per shot but there’s this thing called line-of-sight blocking terrain... use it !

Plasma all day 24/7 - Space Marines can proliferate an amazing amount of plasma weapons - supercharging equates to AP4 and 2 damage per shot cutting straight through any armor with a flat damage of 2. Fielding a Captain or Chapter Master to reroll 1s greatly negates the risk of overheating. The basic plasma incinerator for Hellblasters is 30" range (rapid fire S8 AP4 2 damage) which equates to a total range of 36" with movement... they are very hard to ignore if your units have to come out in the open. A Redemptor dreadnaught rocking a Macro Plasma Incinerator is heavy d6 S9 AP4 2 damage at 36" range (maximum effective range 44").

So onto the Battle Report... We played Scenario 3 - Nexus Control from the new ITC mission pack that was used at the recent SoCal Open last month right here in San Diego ...


I highly recommend you follow the link above if you’d like to know the specifics in regards to these particular mission rules.

Here’s my opponent John’s army list:

Eldar (Samhain)

1st Outrider Detachment

+ HQ +

Autarch Skyrunner:
Jetbike, Power Sword

+ Fast Attack +

3x Windrider:
2x Shuriken Catapult

4x Shining Spears:
2x Shuriken Catapult, Laser Lance
2x Shuriken Catapult, Star Lance

2x Vyper:
Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon

2nd Outrider Detachment

+ HQ +

Farseer Skyrunner:
2x Shuriken Catapult, Singing Spear

Warlock Skyrunner:
2x Shuriken Catapult, Singing Spear

+ Fast Attack +

5x Windrider:
2x Shuriken Catapult

4x Shining Spears:
2x Shuriken Catapult, Laser Lance
2x Shuriken Catapult, Star Lance

2x Vyper:
Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon

3rd Outrider Detachment

+ HQ +

Warlock Skyrunner:
2x Shuriken Catapult, Singing Spear

+ Fast Attack +

3x Windrider:
2x Shuriken Catapult

5x Windrider:
2x Shuriken Catapult

2x Vyper:
Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon

+ Flyer +

Crimson Hunter Exarch
2x Bright Lance, Pulse Laser

+ Elite +

5x Fire Dragon
Fusion Gun

+ Dedicated Transport +

Wave Serpent:
Serpent Shield, 2x Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines, Star Engines

I won the roll to go first and John failed to seize. I deployed in a castle with the Repulsor ready to move out and go hunt some pointy ear xenos.

Here were my secondary objectives:

- Kings Slayer
- Headhunter
- Big Game Hunter

John spread out his forces using a large ruin in the center of the table to hide the best he could... The Vindicare Assassin had an absolute field staging a fell handed shooting clinic throughout the course of the game.

+ Turn 1 - Ultramarines
Destroy Warlock (Headhunter) <- Vindicare

Primary - Hold an Objective and destroy an enemy unit (Warlock)
Secondary - Headhunter (Warlock)

+ Turn 1 - Eldar

Primary - Control an Objective

+ Turn 2 - Ultramarines

Destroy jet bike unit <- Scouts (Hellfire stratagem) plus sniper rifles & Vindicare support

Primary - Destroy Enemy Unit (Windriders)

+ Turn 2 - Eldar

Primary - Destroy Unit +1 (Repulsor, Predator, and Aggressors)
+ Hold an Objective
+ Destroy more enemy units this turn

+ Turn 3 - Ultramarines

Primary - Destroy Enemy Unit +1 (2xShining Spears and Vyper squadron) <- Scouts & Intercessors
+ Hold an Objective

+ Turn 3 - Eldar

Primary- Destroy Units (Marneus & Chaplain)

Hold 2 Objectives +1

+ Turn 4 - Ultramarines

Primary - Destroy More Enemy Unit +1 (Fire Dragons, Flyer and Farseer)
Hold an Objective

King Slayer - Farseer (secondary)
Big Game Hunter (secondary)

+ Turn 4 - Eldar

Primary - Destroy Enemy Units (Librarian and Intercessors)

Hold More Objectives (2) +1

+ Turn 5 - Ultramarines

Primary - Destroy Enemy Unit (Windriders)
Hold an Objective

+ Turn 5 - Eldar

Primary - Destroy Enemy Unit (Intercessors)

Hold 2 Objectives +1

That ended the game and the final score was a minor win for the Eldar, 20-15. So I lost but it was very close throughout the entire game. Obviously Samhain is much more mobile but I was still able to grab objectives while destroying the lion’s share of John’s army. I’m happy with how my army performed overall. I think if I could have gotten the Aggressors into a ruin following the demise of my Repulsor I could have won but at least they served as a very effective meat shield for my melee characters. Calgar was a true beast rampaging through enemy units until he was finally gunned down my mass Shuriken firepower... rending is still a big deal.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Captain Ventris

Kitbashed the Primaris Captain armed with a power fist and plasma pistol ...

Design by Chuck EU.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Chaos Conspiracy

I would like to add a short preamble to this 40k article. I was once a hard core tournament player and then came the end of 7th edition so I decided to switch over fully to playing 30k. 30k is a very balanced game and not playing tournaments any more I learned that gaming can be fun for just the experience and be totally immersed in the game. Sure I still like to win like everyone but the things I enjoy most changed. I’d also like to add that I have played Chaos Space Marines (CSM) since 3rd Edition... we once were so mighty then came the eventual fall but now we are finally strong again. What prompted me to write this diatribe was a game this past weekend versus CSM and it was my first game playing Space Marines in 8th edition. My opponent brought both daemon Primarchs and a Lord of Skulls with cultists and some sorcerers for Warp Time... his strategy was to cast Warp Time on the heavy hitters and go for broke. I brought Guilliman with a fluffy army not optimized. He constantly complained about my Primarch throughout the entire game which was very disappointing for me. I felt like he had a big chip on his shoulder to be honest.

This week we have seen the FAQ for Astra Militarum and the nerf to conscripts. It’s a big deal. I’m not going to say it was needed or not needed but as a formerly competitive player I am going to say to CSM players need to put on their big boy pants and STFU about Guilliman... LTP. I have never been into petitions to Games Workshop to nerf other people’s armies, that’s now how I roll. Having discussed this topic on some large FB groups built around competitive 40k my take on it is most of the hate towards Guilliman comes directly from CSM players.

Let’s take a look at both of the daemon Primarchs. Both have wings and psychic powers plus lots more win. Magnus is rocking a 3++ invulnerable save rerolling 1s since he is classed as a Daemon of Tzneetch. Roboute has 9 wounds, half as many as either deamon Primarch... Guilliman can get back up after being destroyed on the roll of a 4+ with d6 wounds which with a command point and a successful roll is the same number of wounds - it’s not a sure thing by any means.

I don’t see any Imperial players targeting either daemon Primarch with demands for the ban hammer nor has most any Guilliman list won any major tournament. If Guilliman is FAQd to have say 10 wounds he will be unplayable. I also think that some competitive players need to realize the game does not solely revolve around them and their desire to win. Nerfing Guilliman would adversely affect non competitive players who enjoy using him as he is now... their enjoyment is just as valid as anyone else’s.

To me the inclusion of Primarchs into 40k is really cool... I love it and that’s all I have to say on this sensitive subject.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Marneus Calgar


So I was playing against a super smelly douche this weekend in a video batrep... Game comes down to Guilliman and a Redemptor versus a heavily wounded Mortarion. Douche rolls a bunch of onez to hit then sez that a +1 modifier converts them all to hits. I’m like wow no one plays it that way but he is a super ass and sez the ones all hit. I protest again and tell him you wouldnt even need to roll to hit... but he has to roll the dice so some people watching the video don’t figure out what he is doing to cheat.

If there was a modifier that makes a natural one a two and unit hits on 2+ you don’t even need to roll the dice... well except so people watching don’t know he was cheating. Can you even believe it?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Black Legion Tactica Part 3 - Abbadon

Hello everyone it’s BBF here again with my third installment of Black Legion tactica. Terminators and Land Raiders - go big or just go home ! This past weekend I had a thrilling game versus the new Astra Militarum (Cadians). Lots of Russes, Baneblade and some boots on the ground. Expect to see more Leman Russes... they are the new hotness since GW has buffed them considerably now with some crazy stratagems and tasty special orders. A Baneblade rerolling all missed hits and failed wounds is a frightening thing to behold indeed.

I took a lot of heavy losses early on but some of my key units hung in their til the bitter end and made a game out of it. I made one silly mistake which cost me the win but it was still very close right down to the last dice roll. The new IG could very well be the top codex for now and it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the soon to release new eldar codex.

I’ve been playing Black Legion exclusively for some time while I assemble and paint my new Primaris Space Marine army. During this period I’ve tweaked my original army list such as using different Marks of Chaos for my terminator squads in order to buff them with the appropriate stratagems... it’s paying some dividends too.

I’m not going to lie, this can be a tough army to play so if you want an easy net list like Chaos or Imperial Soup this might be a good point to stop and think about why you play what you do. I have always been into anti meta armies. I do have to say after watching a VLOG by VisiCast that adding some blob to your army can be a really good thing and is well proven ... as pointed out by VisiCast the blob element can make the game more complex which is good but there should be natural counters just for overall balance. The thing is that the very best competitive players strive to break the meta rather than emulating it - change is constant.

This article focuses on how to get the most out of Abbadon, arguably the best current melee specialist in the game. First I take the Warlord trait that generate an extra wound to his base number and he can ignore any wound on the roll of a 6. Abbadon buffs your Chaos terminators making them unbreakable and reroll all missed hits... he does a lot of work if played correctly. Abbadon also has the new Eternal Warrior halving damage taken. He can still be quite fragile but if well played can decimate an opponent’s army.

Abbadon has the keywords for every Mark of Chaos granting him access to a number of very strong stratagems, such as attacking twice in a row (Khorne) and regenerating lost wounds (Nurgle). You must play smart to protect him and I take a Sorcerer for the sweet sweet psychic buffs such as improving his invulnerable save up to 3++ and Warp Time to ensure he will make the key game winning charges. It’s important to note he has the new Eternal Warrior rule with cuts wounds inflicted in half. You can also just use him to buff your shooty units rerolling all failed to hit rolls which is one of the things that makes Guilliman so good.

Abbadon is armed with not one but two very deadly melee weapons. The Talon doubles his strength plus he also has the daemon weapon Drachyen which grants d6 extra attacks... he has the ability to land a lot of punches, hitting on 2+ with rerolls. As such Abbadon can destroy any enemy unit including even super heavies. A great stratagem to pop versus super tough enemy units is the +1 to wound.

Deployment is critical for this army. Use line of sight blocking terrain when you can. You must survive long enough to ensure hit the enemy line. Make sure your Land Raiders use some cover when possible to improve their saves... it can make a huge difference. The Land Raiders provide long range powerful shooting that can shuttle your terminators into key positions. As good as Land Raiders are there are plenty of armies that destroy one first turn if your deployment is sloppy - they must be deployed for the +1 cover save against these types of armies even if you are going first to counter a first turn seize versus strong alpha strike armies such as the new Astra Militarum.

This type of army must literally be played reverse to the currently popular blob armies. Missions such as NOVA and the new ITC missions allow you to pick objectives that force your opponent to come to you ... this is pure gold versus blob and denies them their inherent strengths. You have super killing power but literally no bubble wrap. If you do go first which is to your advantage you can Alpha Strike using the tactics I’ve covered in these three articles. Elite armies have the advantage to go first using the new ITC missions but you must hedge your game which goes back to deployment, otherwise you’re betting the farm on a single dice roll wguch is literally too scary for me... I’d rather be able to weather the first turn storm then beta strike to maximum effect. Black Legion can do this extremely well if you have the necessary maturity.

My next article will cover the Forgeworld exploits which takes this army over the top.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thelonius, Master of Sanctity

Interview with Reecius * New ITC Mission Pack (SoCal Open)

I held this interview with Reecius of Frontline Games yesterday at his shop here in San Diego while helping him and crew build terrain for the SoCal Open to be held next week. The questions all pertain to the new ITC mission pack which was specifically designed with 8th edition in mind and borrows from other great mission packs like the NOVA Open.

1. Does the mission pack favor certain types of army builds ?

It does favor armies with strong board control that also kill well, but then, all missions do I suppose.

2. How does the new mission pack help the player going 2nd ?

Hey brother, yeah, going second gives you the better position for scoring objectives since you can’t be countered.

3. What’s your advice in general on designing an army list that will excel using the new mission pack ?

This was actually already answered above in reply to the first question.

4. Does the new mission pack take into account of not yet released codices ?

I can't comment on what is yet to come. :’ (

Here’s some additional comments from Reecius over the FB group for SoCal Open. Note that some players here in California have already been playtesting them ...

On tabling an opponent or when an opponent concedes:

Tabling gives you the same points as when your opponent concedes, so that must have gotten lost in translation somehow. It's not max points but close to it for remaining rounds.

On slow play:

Slow play is, was and probably always will be an issue in competitive 40k. It's just tough to police that effectively, especially as events scale up in size. The responsibility for managing time must be the players at the table responsibility. You've got to keep an eye on the clock. For what it's worth, I've had a single tournament game in 8th not go the distance and I play a high model count army. However, I do understand that many players play slowly and our hope is that this forces people to choose to speed up if they want their full score. We don't want to go back to a system that simply allows slow playing to be acceptable from a scoreboard perspective as folks won't have to ever adapt. The game is absolutely capable of being finished on time, it just comes down to the players at the table making it a priority.

On the new secondary mission objectives:

Some of the secondary missions are indeed designed to be punishing. They're meant to be tough to get and we don't intend most players to max out. That is absolutely intentional. This gives a wide range of scores which helps to stratify the field for clear outcomes and reductions in tie games but leaving ties possible.

On scoring:

So it seems like there was some misunderstandings on the new ITC missions. You still get 1,000 tournament points for a win, 500 for a tie, and 0 for a loss + Battle Points, per usual. So, winning games is still primary, but your Battle Points ranks you within your W/L/D bracket thereafter.

Here is an update for everyone coming to the SoCal Open, there will be food, candy, soda, beer and snacks available at the event for sale. No outside food and beverages will be available.

Draft Mission Pack:


Signals from the Frontline Podcast:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Assassin - Part 29 - Memoria

Sanguinius sat upon his throne surrounded by the Templars. The Strike Cruiser Vain Glory delved deeper into the Eye of Terror with the remains of the Vengeful Spirit in gravic tow. Cyrene stood at the bridge ever silent. Memories from the distant past spilled into his mind. He stood up beckoning to Oathsbane. "We must go back onboard the traitor vessel."

"Yes my Lord I shall make it so."


The Primarch stood upon the broken prow absorbing psychic residue collected from over a millennium stretching back to the final battle and his death. A crystalline form of himself recreated from his remnant being filled the command chamber, wings outstretched with grim resolve etched upon the face. Horus was cast in the likeness of granite beside his form, their fists locked grimly around each others’ throats. Their armor was torn and rent hollow within the shaded images. Sanguinius removed a gauntlet placing his bare hand upon the left shoulder of his own likeness. Ever so slowly the crystalline structure began to decompose atom by very atom as he reabsorbed himself becoming even more complete. He looked into the hollow eyes of Horus then ran his fingertips over the open wound above the exposed throat.

The buried memory was so painful... rage followed by the ultimate betrayal. "Horus there is still a place for you with us." said the Emperor. The Primarch of the Sons of Horus bellowed in laughter, filled to the very brim with the dark power gifted from every Chaos God. His eyes were black mirrors looking down upon the immediate destruction at hand.

"He is the architect of our doom." Sanguinius said. "How could you even consider it?" Black Rage filled him with unbridled hate. "How many innocent have died at his hands? This is blasphemous Father." A dark cry emanated from the very core of the Angel wailing like a banshee. The Emperor lifted his hands to shield his ears. Sanguinius threw his sword aside leaping upon Horus. His fingertips burst into claws tearing through the hard black plate. Horus struck back immediately backhanding the Angel against a bunker wall. Again the Angel shrieked rising back up wholly lost to the Black Rage. His fists struck like stone hammering the Archfiend’s exposed temples cracking hidden bone.

"Stop." commanded the Emperor. Sanguinius was lost in the vast consuming deluge of dark emotion. He grunted in anger as he continued with the violence. Horus reeled momentarily confused. Sanguinius’ face had grown pale as an ancient ghost, his fangs jutting out bursting forth from his drawn lips. Horus struck back swinging the World Breaker down to crush his brother but the Angel leapt aside locking his arms around the torso. Lifting up he brought Horus down hard upon his armored knee shattering vertebrae then he cast him aside. His mouth clamped down upon the open neck, his fangs piercing through the throat. Chaos infused blood burst from the new wound spraying the wall. Horus wailed involuntarily from the hurt then Sanguinius felt the tip of the Emperor’s burning sword burst through his back. Casting the spent body of the traitor aside the Angel turned to look the Emperor eye to eye. "Why Father?"