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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thelonius, Master of Sanctity

Interview with Reecius * New ITC Mission Pack (SoCal Open)

I held this interview with Reecius of Frontline Games yesterday at his shop here in San Diego while helping him and crew build terrain for the SoCal Open to be held next week. The questions all pertain to the new ITC mission pack which was specifically designed with 8th edition in mind and borrows from other great mission packs like the NOVA Open.

1. Does the mission pack favor certain types of army builds ?

It does favor armies with strong board control that also kill well, but then, all missions do I suppose.

2. How does the new mission pack help the player going 2nd ?

Hey brother, yeah, going second gives you the better position for scoring objectives since you can’t be countered.

3. What’s your advice in general on designing an army list that will excel using the new mission pack ?

This was actually already answered above in reply to the first question.

4. Does the new mission pack take into account of not yet released codices ?

I can't comment on what is yet to come. :’ (

Here’s some additional comments from Reecius over the FB group for SoCal Open. Note that some players here in California have already been playtesting them ...

On tabling an opponent or when an opponent concedes:

Tabling gives you the same points as when your opponent concedes, so that must have gotten lost in translation somehow. It's not max points but close to it for remaining rounds.

On slow play:

Slow play is, was and probably always will be an issue in competitive 40k. It's just tough to police that effectively, especially as events scale up in size. The responsibility for managing time must be the players at the table responsibility. You've got to keep an eye on the clock. For what it's worth, I've had a single tournament game in 8th not go the distance and I play a high model count army. However, I do understand that many players play slowly and our hope is that this forces people to choose to speed up if they want their full score. We don't want to go back to a system that simply allows slow playing to be acceptable from a scoreboard perspective as folks won't have to ever adapt. The game is absolutely capable of being finished on time, it just comes down to the players at the table making it a priority.

On the new secondary mission objectives:

Some of the secondary missions are indeed designed to be punishing. They're meant to be tough to get and we don't intend most players to max out. That is absolutely intentional. This gives a wide range of scores which helps to stratify the field for clear outcomes and reductions in tie games but leaving ties possible.

On scoring:

So it seems like there was some misunderstandings on the new ITC missions. You still get 1,000 tournament points for a win, 500 for a tie, and 0 for a loss + Battle Points, per usual. So, winning games is still primary, but your Battle Points ranks you within your W/L/D bracket thereafter.

Here is an update for everyone coming to the SoCal Open, there will be food, candy, soda, beer and snacks available at the event for sale. No outside food and beverages will be available.

Draft Mission Pack:


Signals from the Frontline Podcast:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Assassin - Part 29 - Memoria

Sanguinius sat upon his throne surrounded by the Templars. The Strike Cruiser Vain Glory delved deeper into the Eye of Terror with the remains of the Vengeful Spirit in gravic tow. Cyrene stood at the bridge ever silent. Memories from the distant past spilled into his mind. He stood up beckoning to Oathsbane. "We must go back onboard the traitor vessel."

"Yes my Lord I shall make it so."


The Primarch stood upon the broken prow absorbing psychic residue collected from over a millennium stretching back to the final battle and his death. A crystalline form of himself recreated from his remnant being filled the command chamber, wings outstretched with grim resolve etched upon the face. Horus was cast in the likeness of granite beside his form, their fists locked grimly around each others’ throats. Their armor was torn and rent hollow within the shaded images. Sanguinius removed a gauntlet placing his bare hand upon the left shoulder of his own likeness. Ever so slowly the crystalline structure began to decompose atom by very atom as he reabsorbed himself becoming even more complete. He looked into the hollow eyes of Horus then ran his fingertips over the open wound above the exposed throat.

The buried memory was so painful... rage followed by the ultimate betrayal. "Horus there is still a place for you with us." said the Emperor. The Primarch of the Sons of Horus bellowed in laughter, filled to the very brim with the dark power gifted from every Chaos God. His eyes were black mirrors looking down upon the immediate destruction at hand.

"He is the architect of our doom." Sanguinius said. "How could you even consider it?" Black Rage filled him with unbridled hate. "How many innocent have died at his hands? This is blasphemous Father." A dark cry emanated from the very core of the Angel wailing like a banshee. The Emperor lifted his hands to shield his ears. Sanguinius threw his sword aside leaping upon Horus. His fingertips burst into claws tearing through the hard black plate. Horus struck back immediately backhanding the Angel against a bunker wall. Again the Angel shrieked rising back up wholly lost to the Black Rage. His fists struck like stone hammering the Archfiend’s exposed temples cracking hidden bone.

"Stop." commanded the Emperor. Sanguinius was lost in the vast consuming deluge of dark emotion. He grunted in anger as he continued with the violence. Horus reeled momentarily confused. Sanguinius’ face had grown pale as an ancient ghost, his fangs jutting out bursting forth from his drawn lips. Horus struck back swinging the World Breaker down to crush his brother but the Angel leapt aside locking his arms around the torso. Lifting up he brought Horus down hard upon his armored knee shattering vertebrae then he cast him aside. His mouth clamped down upon the open neck, his fangs piercing through the throat. Chaos infused blood burst from the new wound spraying the wall. Horus wailed involuntarily from the hurt then Sanguinius felt the tip of the Emperor’s burning sword burst through his back. Casting the spent body of the traitor aside the Angel turned to look the Emperor eye to eye. "Why Father?"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BBF’s Review - Blade Runner 2049 (some spoilers)

If you haven’t seen the movie but plan to do so then STOP here. Also if you haven’t seen the original I highly recommend you watch it first. There is also the novel by the giant Philip K Dick that sheds even more insight into this dark tale if you want more background which I recommend as well. Dick wrote other epic sci-fi novels such as Man in the High Castle and Total Recall which both crossed over well into the film medium. I’ve read practically everything he wrote and consider him one of the greatest sci-fi writers ever.

The Good
I had read some reviews prior to watching the new movie this past weekend. It’s rated 98 on Rotten Tomatoes which is about as good as it gets over there and some critics proclaim it’s even better... I wouldn’t go that far though. It is roght on par with the original movie and greatly progresses the story line. While cinematography and CGI has a come a long way since the 1980s its the script and acting that carries the movie. The basic question posed by these films is "What is it to be human?".

The novel and films revolve around replicants whom are manufactured as super humans to serve mankind as slaves. You might want to ask yourself is this practice okay. On first glance of course the answer is no but it turns out replicants were originally devoid of any basic empathy which in turn means they are literally no better than serial killers and not to be trusted. Other replicants are eventually introduced such as Rachael from the first movie that appear to be empathic which in and of itself serves as a twist.

The LAPD has a number of specially trained tactical agents whom are tasked with hunting down rogue replicants and terminating them since they pose great risk to normal humans exposed to them. The main character in the first is Dekkard, portrayed by Harrison Ford, who is one of these agents whom are often referred to as Blade Runners. The main character in the second movie is K, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, and is also a replicant as well. There was much discussion following the first movie that asked the question is Dekkard also a replicant. Dekkard never demonstrated their super human strength but several times took a beating from known replicants such as the antagonist, Roy Batty portrayed by Rutger Hauer from the first movie, which would have surely snuffed a normal human... this query goes unanswered in my opinion. It should be noted that both Dekkard and K demonstrate empathy as well.

Dekkard eventually meets Rachael in the first movie whom is a very special replicant. The original replicants were designed with a fixed life span which served as a fail safe should any go rogue. Rachael however did not have a fixed life span and Dekkard fell in love with her which dramatically changed his life presumably for the better.

Towards the end of the first movie Dekkard finally succeeds in terminating four of the five rogue replicants returned to earth and has an epic showdown with Roy Batty. Batty gets the best of Dekkard but then ends up saving his life just prior to his own timed death which demonstrates he was actually capable of learning empathy, appreciating life for another.

The second movie revolves around K whom is tasked with terminating the child of Dekkard and Rachael... turns out the LAPD wants to cover it all up. There are other forces at play as well such as the neo corporation that now manufactures ’more stable’ replicants and a subversive group of existing replicants in hiding with their own secret agenda. Both of the latter groups want the child for their own means. K turns out to be one heck of a guy playing these forces against each other.

The Bad
To me the new movie is a HUGE success but didn’t do quite as well in terms of sales this opening weekend as originally projected which is a shame since this is what the nay sayers will continue to harp on as they are so wont to do (pennywise). I chalk that down to what current movie goers are looking for nowadays - giant robots, lots of explosions and sweaty boobies... heh. I didn’t think Hollywood could produce a sequel on this level and it’s sad to think it’ll go unappreciated by many. Well Thor and the Justice League are right around the proverbial corner so it’ll be back on track with the same ole same old soon enough so don’t sweat it if Blade Runner 2049 doesn’t quite float your boat. Blade Runner 2049 it turns out is a diamond in the rough so to speak.

The Ugly
There isn’t any really in my opinion. The new movie was everything I wanted plus even more. I don’t know if there’ll be a third movie, I’m just very thankful for this one.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Black Legion Tactica Part 2

Hi everyone ! It’s BBF here to share some tactical insight into playing Chaos Space Marines a new way for 40k. Black Legion is known for their terminators and their very best were referred to as Justearin during the Horus Heresy and prior to that period of strife. Every Legion had access to terminators but there was something very special about the Justearin - they were true monsters back in the day. Many members of the Lupercalia rose up from these very ranks such as Abbadon and Horus always wore terminator plate in battle. Now the Justearin are known as Bringers of Despair, infused with daemonic possession, and that they do so well !

Horde armies are the new black so what better way to counter them than bringing a low model count super elite army ? The army I present has very solid shooting versus infantry-monsters-vehicles, excels in melee and has lots of nasty tricks up its sleeve. It can be easily countered if your opponent tailors specifically against it but it does well versus most anything else. I have a lot of experience playing the same type of army for Horus Heresy (30k) which I feel has converted well to straight into eighth edition 40k.

Here’s the army list I’ve been using ...

++ Vanguard Detachment +1 CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [114 PL, 1999pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion - Black Legion

+ HQ [20 PL, 398 pts] +

Abaddon the Despoiler

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour:
Mark of Tzeentch
Eye of Tzeentch
Psychic Powers - Death Hex & Warp Time
Combi-Bolter & Force Axe

+ Elites [56 PL, 867 pts] +

Chaos Terminators:
Mark of Khorne
Chaos Terminator Champion: Chain Fist & Combi-Bolter
Terminator: Combi-Bolter & Power Axe
Terminator: Combi-Bolter & Power Axe
Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: Heavy Flamer & Power Fist

Chaos Terminators:
Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-Bolter & Power Fist
Terminator: Combi-Melta & Power Fist
Terminator: Combi-Bolter & Power Fist
Terminator: Combi-Melta & Power Axe
Terminator: Heavy Flamer & Power Axe ü

Chaos Terminators:
Mark of Tzeentch
Chaos Terminator Champion & 2x Lightning Claw
Terminator: Combi-Melta & Power Axe
Terminator: Combi-Bolter & Power Axe
Terminator: Combi-Bolter & Power Axe
Terminator: Heavy Flamer & Power Fist

+ Heavy Support [38 PL, 734 pts] +

Chaos Land Raider:
Mark of Slaanesh
Havoc Launcher
Twin Heavy Bolter
2x Twin Lascannon

Chaos Land Raider:
Mark of Tzeentch
Havoc Launcher
Twin Heavy Bolter
2x Twin Lascannon

++ Total: [114 PL, 1999 pts] ++

You’ve got 6 command points total since Abbadon automatically grants 2 command points and another two since this list is Battle Forged. The two five man Chaos terminator squads each ride in a Chaos Land Raider while Abbadon, the Sorcerer and the eight man terminator squad all teleport onto the battlefield.

Small armies are inherently easy to play as you have less mental book keeping - they do require more skill though than blob armies so there is definitely a trade off but it can work for you in a winning way if you’ve got the stones to roll with an elite army like this one.

A basic tactic is to rush your opponent with the land raiders ferrying Chaos terminators while the deep striking units come in close to their line to disrupt. Casting Warp Time on the eight man Chaos terminator ensures a first turn charge... you can multi assault to prevent as many enemy units as possible without the Fly keyword from shooting their next turn. Smart opponents will deploy in such a manner to prevent you from deploying your deep striking units deep into their backfield so come in front of them on one flank bringing in the land raiders for close by support. Smart opponents will also bubble wrap their best units with chaff like conscripts but a unit like this can easily gut one blob on the charge... remember you can pop the Khornate stratagem to assault twice plus if Abbadon is within range they reroll all missed hits. Removing one large blob first turn and scoring First Blood is a big deal.

The Sorcerer is a big part of what makes this army grind opponents to dust therefore it’s vital to properly screen him with the land raiders so your opponent can’t pick him off easily their next turn during the shooting phase. Death Hex is one of the best psychic powers in the Chaos Space Marine codex versus armies that rely upon invulnerable saves for key units... it will absolutely wreck units like the Swarmlord and Canoptek Wraiths. Eye of Tzneetch helps to ensure you successfully cast Smite and furthers your odds to blowing out a super Smite for d6 mortal wounds.

Abbadon is one of the best melee units in the game and my third article will delve into how to get the most bang for your buck with the Despoiler.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Assassin - Part 28 - When Monsters Collide, Part II

Sanguinius reached up grasping the hood and flicked it back upon his shoulders. Long shiny golden locks spilled onto his black armor, his skin pearly white and his eyes blazed like a pair of perfect sapphires. "We have come at a precise and exact moment when there is a total perigee in the warp here. You cannot summon any daemons to your aid nor would any of your children answer your call now. You are the worst of us all, corrupted by your very own insubordinates. I do not come to challenge you Lorgar, we are here but to cleanse your stain."

The Black Templars had found ingress into the tainted chapel from various breaches. Surrounding the Daemon Prince they all trained their bolters and began to fire simultaneously finding their mark collectively. "Stasis shells." said the Angel. "They are forged from the depleted core of Uranium and quenched in the blood of only the most innocents." Lorgar felt the sudden weight of the many bolters punching into his warp hardened armor. He rushed towards the front to charge but the Templars quickly shifted back precisely maintaining a closed perimeter on the very edge of rapid fire range. Sanguinius stood behind them directing the attack.

"This holy weapon is sanctioned by the Ordo Malleus and was specifically designed to return you to your previous mortal state just prior to ascension." The Blood Angel spoke calmly and without emotion carefully watching as the bolters began to puncture the warp forged armor of Lorgar, some of the more intricate outer components meticulously once so crafted started to buckle and break away. "You will die as a mortal and no dark God will intervene in your behalf."

"I thought you came to fight." shouted Lorgar over the crashing din of bolter fire.

"This is a fight indeed." Sanguinius replied. "So many died so horribly due to your weakness and treachery. You deserve no better." The sonic burst of a Thunderhawk passing overhead pierced through the crash of bolter fire. More teams of Black Templars entered the fray adding their weight of fire. Lorgar screamed in frustration charging blindly in a random direction then another. A pauldron finally cracked open. More Templars crashed forward all training their weapons on the weak point as they continued to squeeze the triggers. As the first shell finally pierced his hide Lorgar felt the very first of his daemonic essence began to bleed away back into the warp. "No!"

"This is your rich reward brother, this is what you truly deserve." Sanguinius smiled briefly then drew the Black Sword. The blade shone truer than ever before cutting into the very fabric of real space bleeding the warp. "I have taken back the bits of my sword stolen by that cur of the Black Legion and distributed to his truculent sycophants. They are all dead now, everyone one of them and they all suffered truly horrid deaths, but none as horrid as yours will be." Again the Angel smiled. "What you see before you is a relic unlike any other ever before. You have never known this level of power. Your Crozius will be cast into a black hole never to be used again in this universe."


Sanguinius stood over the wretched and broken form of Lorgar as the Black Templars watched in silence. The Angel stooped over grasping his skull, pulling the still defiant chin loose. Sanguinius then reached into a leather purse attached to his belt scooping out some sacred grey matter. "This is brain from Abbadon which you must now ingest." Sanguinius clutched Lorgar's throat hard as a vice and forcing Lorgar to choke then he shoved the grey matter down his throat. "You shall know the shame of Abbadon and then I will take your brain as well in turn collecting the death of every enemy at my hand."

Krætös complete

Primaris Captain - Brother Krætøs

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Aggressors finished !

The cables are a massive pain to assemble when building these Marines... ugggggh !

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1st 8th edition 40k Batrep * Black Legion vs. Bad Moons

This is my first 40k batrep for eighth edition. I'm playing in a local league to meet other gamers here in San Diego; this was a practice game played during the past weekend. I decided to go with a single faction - Black Legion - from the new Chaos Space Marine codex, depicting their first company, Justearin terminators lead by Abbadon the Despoiler. I like the concept of playing a single faction, designing an army that fits its background. The army is very elite using the Vanguard detachment so I can field Chaos terminators for my infantry. It might not be the most competitive army out there but its relatively easy to play with some decent fire power and is very good in melee (the assault phase is still my favorite). The Legion traits for Black Legion are okay but Abbadon is what really makes this army work... the Despoiler really buffs the entire army if you keep all your units close to each other.

The mission was the new Eternal War No Mercy with First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker for secondary objectives. Deployment was Spearhead Assault. My opponent was playing Bad Moons featuring a large squadron of Killa Kanz and a Morkanaught. He also had two large mobs of Boyz, some Gretchin, plenty of characters and some shooty ranged units such as zapp gunz and lobbaz.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More Death Guard Incoming !!!

Assassin - Part 27 - When Monsters Collide

Two squads of Black Templars dropped from the dark sky using their jump packs to slow their descent. The air was acrid and burning coals blazed around the high Temple. They landed beside a rocky outcrop then waited. The Castellan Oathsbane fitted a pair of magnifiers to his visor and slowly scanned the immediate area. There was no sign of any life outside the black chapel. Rows upon rows of skulls had been nailed to the outer walls and large pieces of flesh parchment inked with forbidden script flapped in the hot wind. The magnifiers automatically zoomed in showing an open doorway before them but the Castellan could not see past the darkened ingress. Shadows played upon the ground like wild ghosts. "Move in." he ordered over the encrypted vox channel. Slowly and carefully the Templars came out from behind the boulders spreading out to surround the front side.

Two more squads had dropped in from behind the Temple taking the rear side. They could all hear the treacherous wind blow, stirring black soot and burnt ash. "Both insertion teams are in place." said the other Castellan Stronum.

"Be wary. This world is seeping in the warp." came a reply. "You stand before the Templum Inficio."

"I smell taint, treachery and many unseen things defiled." said Oathsbane as he armed his combi melta and activated his thunder hammer. A quick burst lit their thrusters and then they stood before the open Temple doors. "Non enim veni ut daemonium interficere." said Sanguinius standing behind them. "Urizen I can smell your deceit within this desecrated Mission, it betrays your abysmal presence. The time for meditation is over now. You must pay for your many sins against our father and the Imperium."

Something stirred within... a gigantic form covered in blazing red armor appeared from deep within the Temple. It carried a huge Crozius held in one hand. "It is I my fallen brother, returned from the black void and newly arisen."

"You are nothing more than a crazed apparition." came a hoarse voice then a deep laugh of contempt reverberated within the inner walls. "What is dead shall remain dead, so mote it be."

"Death comes to all, and it is your time now." the Angel replied. "You were always the weakest, always vainly seeking to show prowess that simply never existed. What I see is but a malignant canker." Sanguinius spat acid bile upon the floor burning the cobblestones.

"Drop that hood and show your face. This will not be easy for you." said Lorgar.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Current State of the Meta

So the NOVA Open is over now. I predicted Astra Militarum would win and they did taking both the Invitational and the GT... Total domination. Not only did I call it but I predicted the general army list as well. What works for this army is conscripts, artillery, psykers (cheap Smites), commissars, snipers, deep striking plasma command squads and Creed. On top of all that there are points left over to sprinkle in some Saint Celestine goodness. What makes conscripts so good is special orders, objective secured and they are dirt cheap. Right now the meta is dominated by horde or as I say the blob.

If you look at the army list there are no broken Forge World units (Malefic Lords for example) ... it's actually a fluffy army too which is kind of like making out with your sister if you stop to think about it and here's the real kicker - Astra Militarum (AM) gets their new codex this month so expect to see some sweet stratagems and totally kick arse new war gear (relics) on top of everything else they get. So they can either get even better or GW can pull in the proverbial reins. It's a tough call to say what exactly is going to happen. If they are even better that's a real kick in the pants to everyone that doesn't want to jump on the band wagon.

Now let's take a step back and ask the question is AM really the best army ? I will tell you no it's not but I'm a rebel... always have been and always will be. When I say this I mean no disrespect to all the other players at NOVA that did not bring AM but let's be honest - they just couldn't make it happen. Now that tells me they must be overlooking something because surely there must exist an army list that can beat AM hands down and all the other try-hard army lists out there.

I am partial to elite armies but right now the blob has all the major advantages and the big +1 makes that even more of a sure thing. You can say I'm wrong but the player to face off against AM in the NOVA Invitational final for all the marbles immediately conceded when he lost the right to go first... shortest game in the history of any major final... it is what it is and there's no denying that either.

I like to analyze the game of Warhammer 40k and I like to develop anti meta lists... it's what I do. You can throw in your hat and just say F IT or you can go to work. Practice makes perfect (eventually) if you don't give up. So in conclusion I say again as a follow to my last article on this subject if you're really serious about the game don't give up. It can be done when the right person comes along and maybe that's you.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Reivers Sergeant

Assassin - Part 26 - Drachyen

Sanguinius watched as the daemon sword fell from the open gauntlet of the Archfiend. His long razor sharp fangs extended sinking deep into the exposed pulsing vein. The blood tasted bitter and tainted. Sanguinius drank deep exhuming Abaddon of every drop then he drove the Black Sword into the Archfiend's skull piercing the brain pan and obliterating the grey matter. Drachyen screamed as the daemon blade unfolded materializing back into real space unbound. It bristled with steely spikes taking form again after a millennium of servitude. The daemon screamed realizing its freedom. Sanguinius drew back striking the daemon vessel as it finished forming. Drachyen screamed with an ear splitting shrill shrugging off the initial attack. The Blood Angel reached out with his free gauntlet catching the daemon by a burly shoulder and hurled it back against the back wall.

Drachyen fleshed out extending its many limbs. The Templars unleashed their bolters and combi weapons firing at point blank range then Sanguinius attacked again leading the charge. Chainswords unlimbered then power axes struck into the daemon hide and finally power fists rained down. The daemon cried out as the Black Sword pierced it cutting through the the flesh metal. Again the Blood Angel attacked thrashing the gigantic daemon with a closed fist to its gaping maw. Limbs snapped away as the Black Sword struck repeatedly piercing deep into the daemon vessel.

Oathsbane charged in headlong striking with his Thunder Hammer. Daemonic ectoplasm reached out grasping at the Templar. Sanguinius intervened shearing away the reaching limbs as the Black Sword struck hard. "A millennium of service has wrecked you." he said as he drove the tip of Excalibur deep into the daemon flesh and ignited the blade. The Templars watched in silence as the great beast exploded into nothingness.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Editorial: 40k 8th Edition META RELOAD

So 8th edition has been out for awhile now and we've seen some of the new codices with plenty more on the way. So far I've liked everything I've seen and I like how the new stratagems work bringing back some of the really good old flavor.

I want to discuss competitive play that's in line with the spirit of the game and designing cool armies that follow their core background.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Assassin - Part 25 - Blood Oath, Conclusion

The Phalanx appeared beside the Vengeful Spirit materializing via a perfect jump from warp space. Batteries upon batteries of nova cannons let loose point blank salvoes tearing into the exposed side of the Chaos war vessel. The crescendo tore through exposing crew to the sudden death from the deadly cold vacuum of dead space. Again the nova cannons unleashed another barrage ripping through the last of the void shields. Tilting to apogee the Phalanx speared into the next section of the Vengeful Spirit, boarding torpedoes tore into the outer breaches vaporizing hardened void armor as their claws sluiced through securing breaches for ready teams of Templars to enter the barge.

Warning klaxons sounded within the command deck. "We have been penetrated." said the skipper. Abbadon shot forth from his throne grasping at the second cask holding the immortal Drachyen. "Justarein assemble." commanded the Warlord as he gripped the hilt of his daemon sword. Explosions ripped through the chamber exposing the occupants. A sea of black armored Marines began to climb through the burning wreckage firing ranged weapons into the tight confines. Servitors died in throes as the Templars came forward.

"I smell your taint." came a cold voice. Crashing through a rended wall a winged giant appeared clasping a burning sword. "For Sigismund!" The blade came to life blazing so bright all were blinded, even the Archfiend could not see. The sword swept through like a scythe of death and everything that stood in its way was laid to eternal rest as it consumed their warped souls. Sanguinius cut through the Justearin within the blink of an eye then again the Templars' bolters sang Death all trained on Abbadon. Turning to fight Abbadon lifted the Talon to ward off the frontal attack. "Cease fire." commanded the Angel. "Are you ready to test your mettle versus a true warrior of the Emperor's blood?" Abbadon charged spraying the Primarch with the combi bolter component of the Talon. Sanguinius dodged each shot as he advanced straight ahead.

There came an involuntary cry of pain as the Black Sword speared through the Archfiend's chest puncturing both hearts with one swift strike. Outside the immense gravity well generated by the Phalanx began to consume the remains of the Vengeful Spirit. One huge black gauntlet cradled Abbadon's skull as the Angel gazed into his blind eyes. "Bring your precious weapons to bare now." taunted Sanguinius. The crushing power of the Primarch pulled the skull free exposing the pale neck. The tip of a deep ugly scar ruptured as his fangs plunged into the pulsing vein. The blood and life energy stored within the tainted vessel tasted so bitter. Sanguinius drank deep. Abaddon ceased to struggle as the Angel released him letting the shrunken body collapse upon the deck. The Archfiend looked up to see only Sanguinius standing over him, the daemon sword had clattered to the floor, then the tip of the Black Sword burst through his brain pan butchering the grey matter stored within the ruined skull.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Return of the Death Star * Interview with Colin McCade

Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here again to hopefully ruin your weekend... you see the army you love to hate is back in spades... I'm talking about you know - DEATH STAR !!!

Wow I feel all squishy inside just saying those two beautiful words ... hurrrrrr !

Last weekend the biggest event in the state of Texas took place, Wargamescon and a fella by the name of Colin McCade was able to resurrect the Death Star using the ever wonderful Imperium. So let's dive right into the interview.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Assassin - Part 23 - Abbadon Rising

The Archfiend sat upon the command throne within the dark confines of the Vengeful Spirit. His face was a tightly drawn mask hiding his thoughts from those that surrounded him. His eyes were hooded and the golden irises shone from within his deep and shadowed sockets. The Alpha Legionnaire stood before him silent and waiting. "Well." said the Archfiend. "What information do you have to tell?"

Sigulus looked up avoiding direct eye contact. "As you know the enemy is well guarded of late and information privy to their coming actions and plans are hard to come by now."

Abbadon scowled. "Is that all?" he said gripping his gauntlets tight.

"Of course not. I only say that as a precursor so that you can truly appreciate what I have to tell you."

"You try my patience Sigulus. Speak and be done with it."

"I have come to learn that there is talk within the inner circles of the Lords of Terra that the Emperor is no longer bound to the Golden Throne now. There is also rumor of the return of another Primarch... the Angel." said the Legionnaire chosing his words carefully, cold sweat had broke out across his steep brow. "And there is more, it is possible there is some friction between the Emperor and his two Primarchs, Guilliman and Sanguinius."

"Hmmm." replied the Archfiend rising up from the throne. Slowly he strode about the command chamber coming to a sudden stop beside the cask that held the Talon. Abbadon stared at the Ancient weapon. "Can you possibly incite them against each other?" he asked.

"What you suggest is a dangerous path. They are not easily manipulated nor is it a simple task." said Sigulus.

"Of course not, you are of Hydra, it's what you do best." Abbadon released the cask freeing the Talon. The weapon unshielded by the static kine barrier distorted the immediate real space. Sigulus felt it's great power seeping into the chamber. His stomach tightened, hot bitter bile filling his mouth. "You ask for miracles my Lord."

"I do indeed." said the Archfiend as he fit the weapon to his arm. The Talon articulated curling out as he flexed the claws individually one at time then drawing the long tips together. "If they fight with each other it makes our task that much simpler, doesn't it?"

Sigulus could not break sight from the Talon and it filled him with cold uneasy dread. "You ask too much."

"What do you need to make it so?" growled the Archfiend. He had grown a long black mustach and twirled one spidery end with his free gauntlet. "Tell me."

"A shape shifter, one that cannot be broken and whose thoughts cannot be read." Sigulus swallowed the bile.

"So be it then." Abbadon motioned towards a female who stood towards the back hidden by the deep shadows. "Come forward Cyrene." he said softly now. "We have a task for you."

Friday, August 18, 2017

Assassin - Part 22 - The Hunger and Thirst

Sanguinius strapped the iron scabbard and lifted the Black Sword testing the weight of the blade. The hilt was hard as admantium but felt lighter than a feather. Channeling his essence into the very core of the weapon the Black Sword blazed bright enough to blind a man and the razor sharp edges of the blade cut into the very real space causing warp ether to spill forth. The Primarch cut off the power to the sword and it grew black again. "To test this weapon versus Drach'nyen... my blood burns at the thought."

"My Lord I have a question for you." said the large Templar named Oathsbane.

"Yes?" said the Primarch.

"Following your death at the hands of the Emperor do you have any memory up until your Legion eventually was able to revive you?"

"I do... the oblivion was long, hard and cold as ice. I was forever trapped by black pain and remorse but the feeling of the great hunger and raging thirst burned within me forever."

"Was that all?" asked Oathsbane.

"No." said Sanguinius.

"What else then my Lord?"

"The constant desire for revenge, having died at the hand of the Emperor filled my soul with utter shame. I saved our Sire from certain death at the hands of the Archfiend Horus having succumbed to a deep fit of the Black Rage then he turned on me at my weakest moment." Sanguinius' eyes burned like red coals and he could still remember the brutal hate that had filled his mind.

"Once we believed him to be divine but his treachery has undone our faith." said Oathsbane. "We are still forever loyal to the Imperium though and we shall all fight by your side." The Templar drew his power mace and held it out. "Our Chapter is at number rivaling even that of the original Legions and we are ready as ever now."

Sanguinius held up the Black Sword. "My gratitude to your Chapter for this great gift is ever eternal. Abbadon will pay for the death of your great champion Sigismund at my hands. You can rest assured he will suffer a slow painful and utterly humiliating death." Sanguinius felt the hilt of the Black Sword twisting in his steely grip like a dark vyper, it's very essence spilling coldly into his core. "He will die as his weakling father did at my very own hands. Soulless. Honorless. Weeping. Ashamed."

Oathsbane smiled. "Those are the very words of Sigismund and I will be there to witness this final act."