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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My open apology to Danny

This is to Danny Internets...

I would like to sincerely apologize to you for how I have treated you on the Internet. I know you are tough so I don't mean to come across as condescending or patronizing. I have had some time to think about things and realize that we both actually want a lot of the same things and we are both quite zealous about it. You have the courage to post your views here and I really respect that. I hope you will forgive me and that we can start anew. I recently made a vow to be a better person and I can see I was starting already to slip a bit.


40k Wrecking Crew news

Kenny inducted two new members into the WC this past weekend at Adepticon:

Paul Murphy of Atlanta, past GT winner and long time fellow Blood Angels player
Paul Minglini from the northeast, placed in top three for gladiator and was chosen as the first alternate on the American team for the upcoming European championship.

On other news fronts Gareth Hunt was the first choice for the American team. Brandon Palmer won both players choice and best appearance in the blue side 40k championship RTT for his second year in a row.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adepticon 40k Championship RTT

I got up with 4 hours of sleep (again) and threw together a lash spam 1850 point list. You probably know the drill:

2x lash prince/wings
3x 6x Plague Marine/power fist, 2x meltagun - rhino/Havoc missile launcher
5x Berzerker/power fist
landraider/Havoc missile launcher
2x 3x Obliterators

I have not played lash spam before today. I was a bit rusty with the mech tactics the first game. My opponent played really slow and got several rules wrong with his nid army which I didn't catch until after the game. Anyways I just wrote that one off, not worth getting upset about the game. Second game was against a really cool guy with mech IG, we tied but I think if it had gone one more turn I could have massacred. That one ended in a draw, really a great game. Last game was versus swarm Nidz. Lash plus Oblits came together. Very strong finish.

Some good news for my club 40k Wrecking Crew tomorrow.


Adepticon 40k Team Tourney

So today we ran with with the strong Chaos theme:

3x Chaos Space Marines & 1x Chaos Daemons

Overall results were 4W - 2L - 2D

Not bad.

First round was versus Tyranids & IG (2 wins)
Second round was versus Witch Hunters & Space Marines (2 draws)
Third round was versus dark eldar & CSM (1 win & 1 loss)
Fourth round was versus IG & Black Templars (1 win & 1 loss)

Our opponents in the second round had very good tactics making good use of their troops. In the third round my Chaos Talon took out all but one enemy transport the first turn with a very strong bombing run (I really enjoy being able to use fliers at Adepticon). The fourth round my partner and I got crushed my the IG/BT team... Had to go second and they pulled off a great alpha strike.

Tomorrow is the 40k championship RTT. I'll be playing something fun.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Gladiator results

So I brought my Deathwing army out to play again today after keeping them in stasis for a year.

Here is the list:

Belial/thunderhammer & stormshield
GK Grandmaster/psycannon w. 3x GK terminators/psycannon

3x Deathwing squads

Thunderhawk/6x bomb pylons

First game was against conventional IG with a Baneblade. Rolled this one for 41/43.

Second game was versus Space Marines with Titan. Rolled again with 27/43.

Third game was versus complete blob IG. Rolled again with another 27/43.

Last game was against foot eldar. Tried to go for early win with thunderhawk rush but made some really stupid mistakes and lost.

Got to meet a lot of really cool people like Jwolf and had a blast. I had the lowest model count army. All my opponents were great people and I really enjoyed playing them all. Definitely a much stronger showing than last year with basically the same exact army. Low model count prevented me from taking the secondary objective in games 2 & 3. No big deal.

40k Team tourney tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it just me?

I saw this posted on a local 40k forum... It's from an Avid Tau player:

"He doesnt care about the save. He wants woods to do what woods really does do which is effectively block line of sight so they cant be shot at. I am all in favor of this, the game has gotten too abstract.

"...what do you mean shooting is too OP? This is a sci-fi/futuristic game, shooting and manuever should be 95% of the game with hand to hand combat being a rarely occurring 5%. That picture of the tank and commissar is a sad reminder that hand to hand is what the game has turned into over more realistic ranged combat.

"As far as the tau go, raising BS on all suits by one is a good start. Gundrones should go up by one as well. They say the tau have a hard time seeing things at a distance in the first codex(fluff excuse for crappy stat) and why does this affect drones?

"I would love to see stand and shoot reaction for tau but it will never happen. Cant give them something that will kill their precious maweens that the maweens dont get, poor babies!"

Wow just wow...

* face palm *

I don't even know where to start when I see such drivel but it's out there and probably we should be aware of attitudes such as these. These are the same guys bringing their same old 4ed armies and crying because they can't win anymore. Don't get me wrong though PLEASE! I have nothing against the Tau in general and posts such as these tend to make me LOL uncontrollably for awhile but I also find such comments to be pathetic. Really. 40k as a ruleset is dynamic, it keep changing from year to year. I remember back in 3ed when GW would release a new set of rules (e.g., Chapter Approved) that would have drastic effects on gameplay. The rules now are much more static and it seems to a certain degree the developers are trying to build balanced codices. Now that is by no means completely true and I'll be the 1st to admit it. It's obvious that IG & SW got lots of love. In fact I'll go so far as to say SW seemed inherently designed to have several robust counters to the new Tyranids... Rune Priests & Long Fangs immediately come to mind and they are both cheap units for what you get and you don't need to up their cost with lots of pricy upgrades. It's just the way it is as I so often say.

If I hate the rules for an army I own then I put them away in my closest. In fact I have lots of armies packed away including my dearly beloved 13th Company that got squatted on. Who knows maybe one day I'll decide to pull them out again and play vanilla SW but to be honest I don't see that happening anytime soon. There are just too many new OP armies I am just dying to play! Hee.


Karnac the Killer • Part VIII

Abaraxas looked into Karnac's eyes and did not flinch. The skull champion's faceplate had been shapened exactly like a skull and row upon row of razor sharp fangs protruded from the mouthpiece. The lenses had been cut from bright red rubies and shown from within. Raw hate poured off Karnac immensely. "You and I are a lot more alike than you could ever imagine. I'd go so far as to even call you a brother. Now you can squeeze that trigger and if you do all youll succeed in doing is ensuring your death. I strongly recommend you stow your pistol. If we fight together back to back we might just manage to come out of this mess alive. If we live then you can go back to beating the living Hades out of me."

"Turn my back to a dark eldar..." said Karnac as he swivelled his huge pistol and blasted a daemonette charging towards Abraxas. "Never!" The daemonette disintegrated as the large flash of plasma enveloped it's warp body. "I will fight beside you though." Karnac could not help but grin from within his ghostly helm. "Skulls for the Skull God!" shouted the champion.

Tomorrow is the first day of Adepticon!

I have really been looking forward to this event for a long time! I think this will be my favorite Adepticon ever. I have put together my own team for the 40k team tournament and we have some really nice looking armies. I'll be playing in the Gladiator on Friday as well and I'm really looking forward to that as well. I'll try to post some reports here each day through Sunday.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Couple of ideas for new BA army lists

1) The first concept list is the non IC HQ list. You run both Sanguinor & Mephiston.

2) The second concept list is as follows:

2x asault terminator squad/4x paired lightning claws & thunder hammer-stormshield

Attach a sanguinary priest in terminator armor & a stormshield to each squad (Feel No Pain & Furious Charge bonuses). Next attach a Librarian in terminator armor & a stormshield to each squad (Preferred Enemy psychic power).

Put each combined squad in a landraider Crusader. This is one army where deepstriking the two landraiders could be viable.


More fun with Cosplay!!!

Newest follower approves!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Karnac the Killer • Part VII

The air began to buzz with eerie blue energies. Lithe forms started to suddenly materialize filling the chamber. Karnac released his grip on the warrior and quickly motioned with a hand gesture to be still. Sickly sweet musk filled the chamber as the daemons took their final shape stepping onto the tile floor on their sharp hooved feet. They were part woman and part daemon with long clawed arms. Their skin was electric blue glittering with drops of musk. Again Karnac sealed off his olfactory auto senses while at the same time picking up up his plasma pistol. Abraxas looked at the skull champion for a moment then pulled a pair of long dueling daggers from his belt. "Daemonettes from the bowel of the warp." said the warrior.

Karnac lifted his pistol and pointed the muzzle into the exposed face of Abraxas. "Your allies no doubt." grimly said Karnac.

Further thoughts on the viability of the new DC...

So as I stated in my previous post I am seriously wondering if the new DC are worth fielding. They always are affected by the USR Rage so a cagey opponent can lead them by the nose around the table with a trukk or landspeeder.

Here is what they've got this time around:

•Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Relentess, WS5
•You can also upgrade the squad with a Chaplain (more points)
•Options for power weapons, power fists & pistols (infernus & plasma), bolters
•Option for jump pack or transport

So basically their hitting power has been buffed back up to the former level of 3ed if you are willing to sink the points. There are other units now that can be similarly buffed though such as Honorguard (albiet smaller squad, 5) & Vanguard veterans. The DC always raging really rankles this unit for me and I will even go so far as to say it cripples them as well. Sure Rage is not necessarily a huge problem versus some armies but these types of matches will be your best case. You can get around Rage to a certain extent by putting them in a transport but that is not a fullproof plan either.

I see them best used as an uber shock unit delivered to the enemy doorstep via some transport. They pop out, shoot then assault their primary target. After that you hope for the best. I am currently thinking I'd rather spend these points on Vanguard veteran joined to a Sanguinary Priest & toss in a few stormshields. Assault terminators joined to a priest is also another solid choice as well and they would fit in very well with game plan.

I should also mention that the new DC are now a non scoring troop choice which theoritically frees up one elite slot. The thing is though the PDF version of DC counted as an elite choice that did count as a slot in your FOC and the 3ed DC also took up no slot... So being a troop choice now is rather meh to me overall in the grand scheme of all things BA.

I've already seen plenty of new army lists being used to playtest the new rules and to be honest most of them don't include the DC or are running a small unit. To me the Death Company was a big part of the reason why I started playing Blood Angels. I'm not keen on the new auto Rage with no way to control it BUT it does adhere to their background and like I said above their other units you can buff to be just as potent.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Death Company blues

I think the new DC are a potentially a huge points sink. They are also a liability. I'm not planning to run any but I will use the kit for other units. If only their movement could be controlled. 0h well.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Anti mech versus mech

It seems like most everyone will tell you mech is king. If you want to get ahead of the curve then I challenge you to not to play mech. Mech is easy. Not mech is hard. You can take the easy route and go mech. I think you can play without mech and win. Here are some anti mech lists that are very strong:

•Daemons - There is no options for any mech in this codex. Soul Grinders are armor clad walkers but they are not mechanized. Mechanized is running units in transport. The rules for armor are incredibly good in 5th edition. There will be a big swing when 6th edition is released. It's the way of the world. The pendulum swings both ways.

•Foot eldar - Blackmoor has proven this list. Eldar are inherently mobile without mech. You save points in your army when you forgo mech. It's a challenge not to play mech but it can work. Eventually the pendulum will swing back away from mech. If you opt not to run mech now you are giving yourself a big head start.

•Battle Sisters with inducted IG - one my best friends who plays 40k created this list. In the right hands it is very powerful. Marc has demonstrated the ability to take just about any codex that is deemed weak and turn it into a monster. You often hear people say how awesome are dark eldar. Marc was the first person to win a GW GT with dark eldar. Everything that people do now with dark eldar is simply a throwback to what Marc has already done. Raider rush is definitely mech but not necessary to win. Dark eldar is a very old codex. Nothing has changed except for the rulebook and all the other armies that have received one to two new codices since the release of dark eldar.

This article is a direct tie in to my articles about strategies & tactics.


Green to Black

Some people have asked why did I change my handle from green to black. Today I paid off all my financial debt. It was like the weight of the world off my shoulders. All I will say is if you are wise always put some money aside when you can and cut up as many credit cards as you can. Don't become a slave to debt. I could tell you more in that vein but I think I have said enough. All the $$$ in hte world cannot buy happiness. It's really true.

I have always loved the color black. Black and white are actually not colors. Black is the absorption of all colors and white is the reflection of all colors. Everything else is in between. Black is often associated with evil. Perception rules. The truth is still water is very deep. Seek the truth always. Black is not necessarily evil and white is not always good. Perception is not always the truth.

So that is all I have to say about why I chose to turn from green to black.


Black Lantern Superman...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Karnac the Killer Part VI

Karnac grabbed Abraxas by his collar. The dark eldar reached up clasping the skull champion's gauntlet and ripped it free. Karnac felt a sting through his armor and winced. The combatants threw down their weapons and grappled each other like a pair of wrestlers. Karnac dropped to his knees and threw Abraxas over his shoulder but the warrior landed on his feet maintaining his grip counterpoised against the Berzerker. They both strained with all their might focused upon the battle. Karnac bellowed in utter rage punching Abraxas in the jaw with his free hand. The blow knocked back the warrior's head and blood flowed freely soaking his teeth. Abraxas smiled then frowned looking much older than his age.

"I can take whatever you throw at me!" shouted Abraxas.

"I will crush you!" roar Karnac. "Khorne is my God!"

Rise of hte Black Lantern Corp

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Karnac the Killer Part V (short fiction)

"Kneel??" said the dark eldar as he began to laugh. "Seriously now that is not going to happen." His laughter abruptly stopped and again the lithe warrior resumed his grim demeanor. "I am far too fast for you to hit me with that crude weapon. Your base technology has to build up a charge first. Now step aside or prepare for battle."

"This pistol has a fast charge filter built in." growled Karnac as he reignited the laser sight aiming the spectral red beam right between the eyes of the young warrior. "Make your move."

"My name is Abraxas by the way." said the dark eldar. "I'll carve my signature across your skull!" With that the warrior bounded off to the side just as Karnac squeezed the trigger. A burning beam of hot searing plasma curled out from the clipped muzzle striking the warrior square across his broad chest. Abraxas stumbled as the tendrils of killing energies coiled tightly around his armor. Pitch black smoke began to pour off from the warrior's armor as the red hot plasma began to consume him. Flipping about through the air the nimble warrior landed beside Karnac raising his long pointed chainsabre to slash at the skull champion. Karnac could not help but feel amazement that the dead on shot had not destroyed the warrior. Quickly Karnac parried with his sword blocking aside the quick blow. Karnac rammed the hilt of his sword into the bare face of the dark eldar smashing his nose. Blood began to spurt in gouts pouring out from Abraxas' nostrils. Flicking the chainsabre in a reversed stabbing motion Abraxas cleared out some distance between himself and the Berzerker. The plasma had already started to fade away as the smoke cleared. His polished laquered armor was deeply etched with long strafing scars from the plasma fire. Pockets of skorched mail peeked put from the open rends.

"That hurt." said Abraxas as he grimaced. His long black mane of hair had been burnt at the ends and the sickly sweet small of skorched hair filled the air. Karnac kicked out with his left armored boot knocking aside the chainsabre and hitting his foe dead straight in one shin. Abraxas crumpled up for a brief moment then relaunched his attack much more savagely. The warrior now fought like a daemon just released from the cold warp. The skull champion continued to parry each blow one after another with a flourish of simple grace. As hard as Abraxas fought back, Karnac avoided each and every blow weaving in and out just missing each cruel cut from the flying chainsabre. Abraxas was confounded pooring in all the last of his animal like strengthh. A quicky series of lightning fast blows fron the chainsabre finally managed to get past the skull chsmpion's defense gouging out long tracks of shredded armor. Karnac howled in utter rage

Monday, March 15, 2010

Karnac the Killer IV (short fiction)

Karnac paused and listened. He could now here the footsteps of someone approaching from the far end of the room. The skull champion lifted his plasma pistol killing the laser sight with the press of a button. Focusing his night vision aided by the auto senses from his helmet he could just make out the lithe form a tall humanoid shape stepping in through the back portal. His sight sharpened as he saw that the stranger was clad in pointed black carapace armor with a tight suit of dark chainmail underneath. The warrior carried a long chainsabre held low and a pistol was strapped across his slim waist. The stranger wore a tall helmet of black ore with two narrow slits as the eyepieces. A strong concoction of oily phermones came off it's body in waves. The smell was putrid and stank, even moreso than that of the banished daemon. Karnac shut off his olfactory system to further avoid the rich stank.

"Dark eldar." thought Karnac as the xenos warrior entered the room.

"I see you there hiding in the shadows." said the Dark Eldar. The warrior lowered his chainsabre and stepped underneath the pale light from a glowglobe attached to the ceiling. The creature lifted his free hand removing his ornate helm. It was a young male with fair skin, bright green eyes and a long mane of lustrious black hair braided with many miniature silver skulls. He smiled then frowned. "Youve got the drop on me. I can't possibly reach you from here but I think there is a good chance I can dodge your shot." The dark eldar's voice was deep and unlike any he heard before from this tainted race. "I'm just passing through now. If you'll be so kind as to step aside I won't becany bother at all." The warrior spoke perfect high Gothic pronouncing each word with precise articulation.

Karnac kept his plasma pistol trained on the warrior and slowly drew his sword from the sheath. "Throw down your weapons and kneel before me black druchii."

On the subject of sportsmanship at tournaments

This subject has been a sore spot for many lately. If you go over to Dakka Dakka and visit their Tournament Discussions forum there is an interesting thread about this subject that was started by Blackmoor. Here is a quote from a good friend of mine, Al Gleason:

"Those that don't like it fuss about it, those that do like it fuss about it. No one's going to agree.

"There's a really vocal group here that doesn't care for them - as far as I know either haven't played in a lot of tourneys or haven't done very well in them - or had a bad experience. Whatever - sorry if you had a bad time.

"Personally, I've played in GT's since '99 and a boatload of other tourneys (Adepticon, Big Waagh, RTT's, etc). I think the most fun tourneys were the early one's in 99 and 2000. They had Comp, Sportsmanship, painting, etc. But - they were fun. Not the drama around cheating that is today, not the win at all costs mentality - and they were FUN! It's not hard to get a good sports score. Be decent to people, give them what you would expect, be nice. Out of 100+ tourney opponents I had a handful that weren't fun to play and maybe 2 that were even close to being jerks.

"This whole thing about all the drama about bad players, cheating, win at all costs, TFG, etc - it's REALLY getting blown all out of proportion. A bunch of internet drama queens have really made it into some huge conspiracy thing. I suggest that we has a hobby group collective STOP it - enjoy the d@mn games - play and have fun, thank the tourney organizers for the effort they put on for US to have fun - and stop the crap. I'm guilty of feeding this as well by even replying to these threads."

I don't think I could have put it any better!

So what is the definition of sportsmanship? Here is a quote from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

"conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport"

It's simple really and what is so bad about expecting your opponents to demonstrate good sportsmanship? There is absolutely nothing wrong at all. We all want to win but it's just not possible to win every single game. Sure there will always be a few bad apples and there is no getting around that but by being a good sport yourself you can greatly help to mitigate bad situations in a game. I think we should all be stewards of good sportsmanship. It's not always possible for we are only human but if you come to the table in the right frame of mind and maintain it through discipline then you have already won more than half the battle. I'll be the first to admit I have had my share of games where I blew up and lost my cool. That is exactly what the TFGs are banking on too. If you can keep a cool head and stick to your game plan then their little games within the game can be brought to a halt. So really when you get down to it being a good sport will help you win more games in the long run. These are just a few reasons why sportsmanship is important and I believe it is a very important part of our hobby.

Now on the other hand if you are a TFG then you know that soft scores such as sportsmanship are only going to hurt you overall in the long run. Maybe you can get over on some opponents and convince them to give you a score you didn't really deserve but there will always be those who will mark you down. The TFGs want to systematically remove all soft scores so they can deconstruct the game down to a level where they suffer no penalty for cheating and being a bad sport. The TFGs want to remove each and every category for soft scores and they will do it one at a time. Pretty much now you can bring a pro painted army to a tournament and receive full scores; it used to not be that way though only a few years ago. So you can sit back and let the TFGs lobby for what they want or don't want and if you remain silent they will eventually take it away.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Karnac the Killer III (short fiction)

Karnac bent down pulling his combat knife free from the skull of the dead Noise Marine. The bony plate cracked as the sharp tines along the edge of the blade snapped back through the rended skull. A long and thick purple tongue hung out from the open mouthh of the dead enemy. It was covered in a myriad of prickly flesh tips. The pair of blackened bulging eyes sagged from the ends of their eye stalks laying upon the burnished golden chestplate. Karnac carefully rubbed off the sticky grey bits of brain matter and reholstered the short broad blade. The fallen Noise Marine looked absolutely repungnant. Lifting it purple silk tabard the skull champion tossed it over the face of his dead enemy.

Next Karnac moved from body to dead body of his dead battle brothers looting their packs for grenades and fresh ammunition. He was able to find a few more fresh plasma cells and reloaded his pistol then slung it back in it hip holster. Unlike most World Eaters Karnac also carried a boltgun which he had tightly strapped to his backpack. He carried High X chambered rounds that could penetrate light armor at close range. He had only one magazine left and it was fitted inside the underslung chamber.

It was silent inside the room except for an occassional gust of cold wind blowing through the open ground. Karnac lifted his custom helmet fitted with psychic dampers and slid it back over his head. Again the skull champion ran his rough tongue over his pointed fangs feeling the scarred holes where he had bitten through the dark red flesh. His face was amply crisscrossed with row upon row of deep twisted scars. His eyes were deep blood red and shone from within. Khorne had marked Karnac early in his long career as one of his Chosen.

There had been no reply to his request for backup and some time had passed. Karnac returned to the open doorway leading back up to the surface and stared into the darkness using his daemonic visage to pierce the black gloom. He could return to the surface and attempt to rejoin his warmaster or continue on with the search for the stolen artefact. Probably the rest of his warband had found another hidden entrance to these buried vaults and had moved on leaving him and his team for dead. World Eaters did not accept failure lightly!and Kharn was no acception to this bloody tradition. Karnac made up his mind. He would continue the search on his lonesome. Hopefully he would later be able to rendevous with the rest of his warband. They could not blame him for not trying and thus that was the beter choice for now.

Up ahead Karnac heard the sound of something stirring, as if some great beast had awoken.

Karnac the Killer II (short fiction)

Karnac hit the ground hard rolling off of the broken tile. He lifted his helmet staring down the Emperor's Children. The Noise Marines spoke back and forth shouting out high pitched screams. Karnac watched the amazement on their bare faces as he lifted himself up and began to charge. The closest Noise Marine leveled it's blaster and fired. Throbbing waves of sonic power poured out from the clipped muzzle striking the skull champion square against his deep bronzed chestplate. Pulling a combat knife from a sheath attached to his utility belt Karnac flicked the blade through the air stabbing the foe right between it's bulging eyes. The Noise Marine gurgled bright red blood pouring out from it's fanged mouth then slumped against the wall dead. Leaping over a fresh pile of dead Berzerkers Karnac landed on his boots thudding hard against the tiled floor. He reversed his sword grip driving the fractaled point deep into the sternum of the next Noise Marine cleanly severing the spinal column in twain. Karnac dropped his sword and reached out grabbing the last two of the Emperor's Children by their exposed throats and squeezed hard snapping their necks. Their heads rolled towards each other as the skull champion released his grip and let them slide down against the barren wall. Each left a hard signature of blood and gore flowing down to the ground.

"Alpha sector secured." whispered Karnac into his comm bead as he reached down to pick up the sword. He could feel the daemon slaved to the blade twisting about trapped within the iron core. Fresh blood flowed up from the newly killed soaking into the sharp edges. Karnac resisted the urge to howl and sheathed his weapon. "Bring down the reserves."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Karnac the Killer (short fiction)

Karnac laid still behind the body of his dead fellow World Eater listening to the eerie siren song of the Slaaneshi master. His brothers had fallen to the influence of the sensous lyric plunging headlong into death. Only Karnac had resisted the urge, wearing the psychically shielded helm gifted to him from his warmaster Kharn the Betrayer. Karnac could sense the Slaaneshi daemon floating above the blood soaked ground passing over the dead bodies one by one. The daemon was intent, counting each fallen Berzerker to ensure that every member of the warband had died a brutal death. Karnac could hear the footfall of the Emperor's Children walking behind the greater daemon. The Berzerker could imagine their sonic blasters raised and cocked, ready to lay waste to any possible survivors. It was only a small matter of time before the Slaanesh master reached his still warm body, then it would be the end.

Karnac pushed his last energy clip deep into the dark chasm of his plasma pistol feeling the burning heat within pulsing through the razored tips of his gauntlet. The Berzerker bit down on his tongue and let the blood trickle down his throat. Karnac harversted his rage focusing his will. He slipped the guard from his sorceror sword gripping the bone hilt tight. The daemon was intangible but his blade cut through it's warped fiber with ease. Deep rich smell of ripe lust suddenly filled Karnac's helmet and brought a tear to his eye. The odor was pugnent and made the skull champion want to gag but he fought down the urge laying utterly still.

Etheric tendrils began to ghost over his armor sizzling with raw warp power. The greater daemon now towered above him and flipped him over. His lenses were darkened as the master stared into his eyes. Karnac lifted his pistol firing point blank into the daemon. Screaming with love for the pain the master reared up lifting Karnac from the floor. Karnac continued to squeeze the trigger of his pistol until the plasma cell was spent then the Khorne champion gripped his sword sticking the double edged fractal blade deep into the warp beast. It's tendrils clawed at his armor squeezing the life from him. Karnac pulled back his sword and chopped at the daemon's head. The daemon began to shimmer fading in and out as the sword cut deeper. It's tendrils then opened releasing their tight grip. Karnac hit the bloody floor bouncing off a piece of broken tile. And then the master vanished.

Karnac the Killer (short fiction)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Part V. Cavalcade • Welcome Back to hte Land

So this is the 5th installment of teh series. If you are following this then maybe you can guess where I am going with this multi part series of strategic articles.

I think at this point it's important to define the terms STRATEGY & TACTICS.

When you build your army list you want to craft it such that you can implement your strategies. Some armies have multiple strategies such as eldar & Space Marines. Chaos daemons can also be built such that they have various strategies. Other armies are best at a single strategy and often these are the strongest. You should choose your strategies such that they are easy to acheive if you want to win a lot.

Your tactics evolve and are played out based upon your strategies....

Strategy > Tactics

Here is a simple example that illustrates strategy versus tactics and how they are coupled. Suppose you have a basic Space Marine army and you are playing a mission that features holding multiple objectives. Your strategy is to start off shooting with some movement towards the objectives. You don't want to over commit your army early so that you can see how your opponent reacts and then make adjustments if necesary. So you start off playing conservatively. By midgame you want to have put youself in a position to be able to hold the majority of the objectives for the win while also being able to contest the other objectives. You must decide by midgame which objectives will be the easiest to hold and which objectives you can contest. Obviously the more objectives you can hold the better your chances of winning. By the endgame you should be either holding the objectives you have chosen or be in a position to take & hold. Random game adds an element of surprise and against a good opponent you may have to take some chances.

A mechanized Space Marine army will rely upon tactical squads in rhinos or razorbacks to move forward and grab objectives. Assault terminators riding in Landraider Crusaders or Redeemers will clear the objectives so the tactical squads can then hold them. These are your tactics. It's all simple on the surface but by playing conservatively and not over committing during the early game you will have several means of acheiving your goals. Landspeeders are an excellent choice for contesting objectives but they are also quite fragile. If you protect them in the early game there are better odds they will still be around by the endgame to contest.

Armies such as eldar and Space Marines are inherently shooty. Eldar are also highly mobile while Space Marines are mobile. The tradeoff is that Space Marines are tougher and can sustain more damage. Both armies tend to be limited in numbers but have many specialist units that excel in specific roles. Tactical Marines are a Jack of all Trades but by splitting these units into combat squads they become more specialized. A top tier army can crank out massacres while a mid tiered army can just win. I was talking to a friend this evening and he said the basic value in playing meta list is it will perform well based upon it's track record as proven by the many people who win with it. The meta list will perform well against most any army so it is more forgiving if you make some mistakes early in the game.

I am not a proponent of meta lists but I do respect them. To me the main problem with any meta list is that other good players also know what to expect and can counter them. I prefer armies that are seldom seen by the specific build. Your opponents may mistakenly identify them as a meta list and expose themselves at some point in the game by making the wrong decisions based upon their incorrect evaluation. Of course some meta lists such as mechanized IG are so strong they can force a win due to their inherent strengths regardless of early mistakes. If you do decide not to run a meta list this can make you a better gamer since you have to think outside the box. If you can lull your opponent into a false sense of security into the midgame then you will have the opportunity to grab the initiative during the endgame and deny them the win.


ALERT: Facist 40k Gaming Mafia

This is not a Conspiracy Theory Rant. This is a Heads Up. I have noticed there are some major dickheads running around the Internet belligerently and fanatically spouting how the game should be played according to their own dictates. They have never won any major tournaments and never post any batreps. They contend that the game is not competitive anymore. Here are a few known members from the Facist 40k Gaming Mafia:

*Danny Internets

I have caught all of these e-thugs lying more than one time on the Internet.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Part IV. Cavalcade • A Fresh Look at Tactics & Strategies for 40k 5th Edition

I was really sleepy last night while writing the 3rd part of this series and had to stop before I could finish. This part is a continuation of Part III.

Mech armies are very popular now and have many advantages. Many believe mech IG is currently the best army and I concur. If you are playing mech IG then you are in the driver's seat. If you aren't then you need to design your army to have all the right tools to beat mech IG. Mech SM is also another strong army and SM players seem to have their niche to win consistently. Both mech IG & SM armies have excellent psychic defense in the psychic hood. While the Librarian is no longer a potent assault unit the Librarian has access to several powerful psychic abilities such as Null Zone which makes their army more of an offensive threat. The Librarian with Null Zone is now a staple choice in many SM armies. The Inquisitor with Mystics is also a staple choice for many IG armies. The Mystics can be countered through deployment though.

So I am not going to delve into tactics & strategies for mechanized armies, rather I am going to focus on how to beat these armies. Mech armies are often composed of MSU (many small units). Therefore, missions that use killpoints are an inherent weakness to these types of armies. It's important that you support the use of unmodified killpoints in tournaments where you play so you can take advantage of this weakness in mech armies. Deployment is also another excellent tool to win against mech armies. If you have enough of the right units that can either infiltrate or outflank then you can deploy in such a manner that mech armies cannot keep away from your army. Basically you want to deny mech armies from lots of prolonged rounds of shooting. To acheive this goal you must force them to move as they cannot shoot as much when they move.

I have posted some Tyranid armies here on the blog that were explicitly designed to beat mech armies. Let's first take a look at Tyranids. Personally I feel that Tyranids have all the right units to consistently beat mech:

Yrmygal genestealers - Deploy them in the center of the table so they act as the hammer to your anvil. They come in and can fleet into an assault the same turn. These elite genestealers should multi charge several enemy units BUT don't make the mistake of assaulting so many enemy units that you spread them too thin.

Genestealers - These units should generally outflank and they are your anvil. You want to hit the opponent on both flanks and charge them up the middle with the Yrmygal genestealers. The enemy is surrounded and has no place to run away. Keep the enemy moving such that you corral them and pack them in tight. This tactic will help you to pull off more multi charges in the latter phases of the game.

Hiveguard - These units are there to shoot transports and absorb some enemy shooting. Even though Hiveguard are T6 and multi wound units concentrated fire from the enemy can quickly blow them off the table. I would drop them in mycetic spores so they can come in close to the enemy line and be in range to shoot. It's critical that they wreck/destroy some transports early in the game so you can slow down the enemy mech and overrun the squads that fallout. Don't waste shots targeting landraiders and other tanks with AV14 facing them, this is very low odds and the best you can do is glance versus AV14 with S8.

Zoanthropes - This is my favorite unit for shooting enemy armor and these units should be deployed via mycetic spores to take full advantage of their S10 AP1 lance. The major drawback to Zoanthropes is enemy psychic defense in the form of psychic hoods. I still prefer Zoanthropes over Hiveguard due to their lance shooting attack. You will need to run at least two Zoanthropes per unit but three is definitely a lot better. Multiple Zoanthropes per unit means you have much better odds of being able to get past the enemy psychic hoods and penetrate their vehicles.

Trygon Prime - These units can deepstrike and have 12 S5 shots. You want to deploy them such that you can shoot against side armor versus chimeras. Versus rhinos it doesn't really matter if you shoot at front or side armor, as it's all the same (AV11). Trygons are very fast since they can fleet so they are also excellent at assaulting vehicles if you can keep them alive long enough after they arrive via deepstrike. What you want to do is saturate the table with your units so that the opponent has to make tough decisions as to what to shoot, thus taking some heat off of your Trygons. Personally I think both adrenal glands and regeneration are must have options for Trygons. They have six wounds so there is a good chance you can regenerate some of their lost wounds. Adrenal glands (furious charge) gives your Trygons the edge versus strong enemy assault units. Obviously you don't want to charge a squad of assault terminators with thunderhammers and stormshields! Upgrading to Prime doubles your number of shooting attacks plus it also let's you spread out your own psychic defense - Shadows in hte Warp (SitW).

Flyrants - While the Hive Tyrant is very expensive this unit brings a lot to the table. If you build him right the Flyrant is going to cost up to 300 points. Here are the options I take - wings, 2x twin linked devourers with Brainleech ammo, Hive Commander & adrenal glands. The pair of twin linked devourers with Brainleech ammo combined with wings (deepstrking) is a huge advantage - basically you have 12 S6 shots that can all be rerolled to hit. The Flyrant equipped as such is excellent at popping transports and again with the ability to deepstrike you should be able to shoot at the side armor of chimeras. Hive Commander gives you +1 for your reserves which is a huge benefit if you build an army such as I have described that starts off the table, everything starts coming in from reserves on turn 2. This ties in directly with my strategy to saturate the table as quickly as possible, forcing your opponent to make tough decisions in regards to what he targets with his shooting attacks. Again you are spreading out your psychic defense SitW. To me there is no reason for the Flyrant to engage in assault as quickly as possible. The Flyrant has more than twice as many shooting attacks as compared to close combat attacks. Take full advantage of the shooting during the beginning through midgame. Note however the Flyrant is excellent for throwing into a quick assault early in the game to help another unit finish off an enemy unit, you destroy the unit on the charge then are free again to continue shooting.

Broodlords - To me adding a couple of Broodlords to your army is a wise choice. They can absorb some wounds to keep a unit of genestealers alive plus they also help spread out your psychic defense SitW. They also add to your offense during assaults and are good for focusing on enemy HQ. I don't take any options for my Broodlords, they are fine as is. Genestealers in general don't really need any upgrades and if you run large units those options quickly add up.

DoM - We will have to wait and see if GW FAQs this unit's Spirit Leech power affects embarked units. If it turns out that it does then this unit will be very effective against mech and will become a staple choice in Tyranid armies. I have seen the DoM take down Wraithlords the turn it arrives... the DoM is very scary.

So these are the main units I run to counter mech, in particular mech IG. Its still going to be a tough battle versus a solid opponent. They can drop ordnance that ignores cover and destroys a huge squad of genestealers with one shot. Remember to keep all your models in a unit all spread out 2" apart, this is the best defense versus ordnance in general. You will have to work your way through the blobs of guardsmen and chimeras to reach their ordnance. So be it. Keeping the enemy constantly moving to decrease their shooting and corral them into a tight cluster so you can multi charge them during mid to endgame. You are both playing a game of constant attrition trying to remove more blocks of enemy units faster than your opponent. All mech armies suffer from what I refer to as the inevitable collaspe if you can keep pressing them hard enough. Mech armies want to sit back through the first two stages of the game then move their transports onto objectives during the endgame. If you can quickly destroy enough of their transports early on they will lose their mobility, that's a big part of what it's really about!

Next I will focus on how to beat other mech armies such as Space Marines. Keep in mind that many of the tactics and strategies I have discussed above apply to beating any mech army. The goal is to design one army that is balanced and can beat any other army. If you focus solely upon beating mech armies then you can run into huge problems versus hordes and other infantry based units. The type of Tyranid army I have described above is very fast (infiltrate, outflank, deepstrike, wings & fleet). The army also inherently excels in close combat but has a limited amount of shooting so it's quite prudent that you carefully decide how you go about selecting which enemy units you will target with your shooting. A little bit of shooting can go a long way if you are wise. It's very important to apply focused fire and go with high odds in your favor. While the Zoanthrope's lance shooing attack is the best attack versus high armor such as landraiders you obviously don't want to waste these shots versus blobs of infantry. Focus on destroying the opponent's transports first, it's one of the big keys to beating mech.


Why TOs are Skewing the Tournaments in Favor of Mech Armies

I just saw this on Dakka Dakka (posted by Warmaster in the Tournament Discussions forum) this afternoon and thought I would post it here:

I don't play in as many tournaments as I used to. However, I'm going to one this weekend and looking over their scenario's I realized that it's been a long time since I've seen a straight up kill point mission at a tournament. Recently I've seen the following different modifications to kill points.

Pick 5 of your units, each of them is worth a kill point.
Pick 5 of your opponents units, each of them is worth a kill point.
Percentage based (ie if I have 10 units you kill 5 you get a 50%).
Total what you have left and add what you kill.
And probably a few more that I can't think of.

All of the above make the kp given up by a mech list a lot more palatable. I'm starting to wonder if putting a straight up kp mission back in would alter the meta and reduce the high kp mech lists currently in use?

Have you been seeing the same lately or have my results just been skewed by the region I play in.


Here is a quote from a local TO where I play:

I have stated many times that I believe Kill Points to be a stupid illogical scoring system. Although I understand some of the points KP supports have made, none of them have convinced me that Kill Points is superior to Victory Points as a scoring system.

I am still unconvinced that a modified Kill Points works better than Victory Points as well.

With all that said, there will always be missions that benefit some armies more than others, for example, Duel (Both players must move their Generals towards each other for a climactic battle). IG will always get boned in this type of scenario because they do not have options to deal with a Terminator HQ for example.

And there will be army builds that exploit Victory Point conditions over other type victory conditions. That is why Victory Points will not be a victory condition in all missions during a RTT I run.

Anyway, I have gone way off topic here but I feel strongly about this since 5th edition was released.


This kind of attitude really helps mech armies like IG and SM. Killpoints are their one weakness. Let's discuss.


Part III. Cavalcade • A Fresh Look on Tactics & Strategies for 40k 5th Edition

So now onto new tactics & strategies! The first two parts of this series of articles I wanted to focus on the following:

• Elements of the game that are often disputed as making the game not competitive.

• Typical players we run across and how they can adversely affect your game.

We need to be aware of these issues so we can deal with them in a positive light, otherwise these issues can take us out of a winning mindset. If you are aware of these issues then you can properly deal with them and win. This series of articles is about how to improve your game, not focusing negatively on certain aspects and falling into the trap of believing the game where it stands now is not competitive. The game is in fact very competitive now and possibly moreso than ever before. I honestly don't believe there was ever a golden age of competitive play. You can't travel back in time and play the game as it was one year ago, two years ago or any further back. I'll just leave it at that for now.

Let's take a look at the new 5th edition codices and missions from the rulebook. Here is a list of pure 5th armies:

Chaos Daemons (CD)
Chaos Space Marines (CSM)
Imperial Guard (IG)
Orks (Boyz)
Space Marines (SM)
Space Wolves (SW)
Tyranids (Nidz)

Blood Angels are soon to be rereleased and from the rumors I have read they sound like they will be top tier again. In my mind mech IG is the most powerful army presently in the game. Mech IG can field lots of transports and tanks plus they have lots of great units to choose from when designing an army. It's scary how much dakka (shooting) IG can muster. The chimera is possibly the best transport for the points plus veterans (BS4) can pack a lot of heat (melta & plasma).

Part II. Cavalcade • A Fresh Look on Tactics & Strategy for 40k 5th Edition

Okay so in the first part of htis article I discussed elements of the game that I have seen others claim are a detriment to competitive play. This included composition, sportsmanship, & FAQs. These deal primarily with tournaments but can also apply to leagues as well. If you play at often at the same shop you will be affected by the atmosphere projected by others who play there. Often you will find discussion on the Internet that deals with certain types of gamers you will often encounter. The TFG (that f*cking guy) is always a subject of much discussion. The term TFG could apply to WAAC (win at all cost) gamers, cheaters and other types that people generally do not enjoy playing. TFG is somewhat of an archetype. We have all run across them. Often they are also referred to as cheesy or beardy. Rules lawyers also fall under the heading of TFG. Personally I think most of us progress through various players and at some point we will decide what direction we focus upon... Some players like the background of their armies and focus upon building armies that they believe represent this aspect. Others will decide to focus upon competitive play to the exclusion of other aspects. Of course background and competitive are just two poles, most gamers fall somewhere in between and there are also the hobbyists that focus upon modeling, conversions and painting. I am a competitive tournament gamer plus I am into building nice looking armies. I also like to build unique armies.

To me and my way of thinking if you want to be a competitive gamer that wins a lot then it's important not to get hung up on the issues I discussed in the first part of this series of articles. If you decide to play in a tournament then you have in effect agreed to abide by the terms and rules set forth by the TO (tournament organizer). If you don't like comp for instance then why waste your time participating in a tournament or league that uses comp? Good players can make due with these various aspects and do well. I prefer to play in tournaments because they are competitive. Anyone who plays in a tournament that does not like competitive play is bound to not have fun and will most likely not be fun to play against. Let's face it, this is a game so there will always be winners and losers. Losing is a great opportunity to learn and improve your game.

I tend to avoid tournaments that favor the local players. I play at a lot of different stores so I run across all kinds of gamers and tournament formats. The more you can play different people the more you can improve your game.

So one little rant then I will focus on the main emphasis of this series of articles. Sometimes you will run across a gamer who plays armies that are built around some subtle rule. I often find these gamers to be rules lawyers and they will bend some rule in order to win. While I don't enjoy this type of gamer playing against them can help you to improve your grasp of the rules. If you want to be a competitive gamer then you must learn all the rules of the game and know them inside and out, otherwise you will be in for some unpleasant surprises. That is why players who build entire armies around some subtle interpretation of a certain rule are people I don't enjoy playing. They are hoping to exploit the rule in such a manner to help them win. Seriously I think this type of gamer is in actuality not a true good general since they rely upon tricks to win.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Part I. Cavalcade • A New Look and Fresh Look at 40k Tactics & Strategy

Well I have been following discussions revolving around tournies the past few weeks and it seems like there is a growing consensus amongst a certain element that 40k is no longer a competitive game. I ponderded on this reflecting back over the past two years of tourney play to see if this might actually be the case based upon my own experience. Those who are saying 40k is no longer a competitive game cite the following reasons for this general decline:

•Prevalance of soft score versus pure battlepoints;
Let's look at the results from the last three Ard Boyz finals. The first year Kirby won with Necrons versus mech eldar. Kirby had to pass a lot of leadership tests the last two turns to fend off tank shocking eldar skimmers (4th edition). The second year Gareth Hunt won with Daemons taking down a dark eldar army in the last round for a massacre. Finally Nick Rose won with mech IG versus orks. The second year victory was very controversial but GW stood behind the champion with public support. Still today you will occassionally see tournament missions that spell out how daemonic assault works as fallout from the Ard Boyz finals. It's interesting to note that the majority of people that wanted the daemon player stripped of his title were working under the false premise that he started the game with some of his units deployed when in fact what actually happened was that an unequal split was made between the preferred wave and secondary wave. So in fact all daemons came in from reserve via deepstrike but you rarely if ever hear about that.

Now fast forward ahead to the present. We are all playing 5th edition and most anyone will tell you that mech is king. In fact I would go so far as to day most people will tell you that mech IG is currently the top army. What does this have to do with soft scores? Ard Boyz is solely decided by battlepoints but in the wake of the 2nd Ard Boyz finals the same people saying that the game should be all about battlepoints publicly requested that Gareth be stripped of his title because of cheating. A judge was produced who made the ruling in favor of the daemon player but that was glossed over for the most part. This tells me explicitly that pure battlepoints is not a solution. In fact there are very few national tournaments that eschew the use of soft scores here in the US. Only the gladiator and Ard Boyz come to mind. So why are soft scores so popular and why do events that only use use battlepoints fall short in the eyes of those who claim 40k is no longer competitive?

•Missions and FAQs
If the tournaments that use only battlepoints still fail to produce a truly competitive envirnoment then we need to look even deeper to find the source of the problem. Some are saying it's due to the missions themselves. Some are saying it's due to non GW sanctioned FAQs. If you decide to play in a tournament then you have agreed to abide by the rules as set forth by the tournament organizers (TOs). That's the way it is. Let's take a look at the NW Conquest that was held earlier this year. The overall winner was later stripped of his title after the event due to public outcry. Basically the TOs caved in reversing the results afterwards. It's important to note that the ex champion had earned high marks for sportsmanship and not once was a judge called to his tables. I personally watched all of the video footage released to the public and did not observe any cheating. The missions for this event were never called into question. Why were no actions taken during the event by the TOs? A lot of people that did not play got involved via the Internet just like the second Ard Boyz finals. A lot of speculation was bantered back and forth over the Internet.

Now lets consider the impact of non sanctioned FAQs created by bodies independent from GW. I'm talking specifically about the INAT FAQ. Adepticon is just one event of many and if you take a good look around youll discover that most other events don't use the INAT FAQ. Last year the Ard Boyz finals was held in Chicago and the GW Battle Bunker there decided to use the INAT FAQ. I don't remember anyone stating that the INAT FAQ decided the outcome based upon a rule that had been changed. I've played at Adepticon the past three years and not once over the course of 20+ games did I ever have to crack open their FAQ and that includes playing on a top table at least twice. Adepticon has stated they created their FAQ so that people coming from all over the country and outside the US will have one set of rule clarifications to address every conceivable question that might arise. It's a lot of work on their part, I'm not saying it's perfect but you do hear people on the Internet claim that Adepticon is not truly 40k as intended by GW. They also say the same thing about soft scores and some go even further stating that GW FAQs are not official either. It just seems like wherever you go there's plenty of perceived problems ruining the game we all love.

There are three groups - the winners, the losers and those who have decided not to participate. Those who don't participate seem to be the most vocal element.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ard Boyz style Nidz list

Okay so I needed to challenge myself and come up with a solid list to use in Ard Boyz this year. I decided I don't want to field any of the following popular Nid units you see proliferated across the Internet:


So here is what I came up with based upon lots of playtesting:

Flyrant/2x TL Dev, Hive Commander, adrenal glands
Prime/2x bone sword, deathspitter, adrenal glands, regen

15x genestealer w. Broodlord
15x genestealer w. Broodlord
10x genestealer
3x Warrior/all w. 2x bone sword & deathspitter, adrenal glands - Mycetic Spore/Cluster Spines
(Prime runs w. Warriors)

10x Yrmygal genestealer
10x Yrmygal genestealer
3x Zoanthrope - Mycetic Spore/Cluster Spines

_Heavy Support_
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen

- Why This Army Can Win Big...

•In your Grill!
The entire army can outflank/deepstrike/inflitrate. Genestealers outflank & Yrmygal genestealers come in from the middle of the table; this combination amazing things. It really puts a hurt to mech armies that castle up. Basically there is nowhere to hide. The other units come behind the genestealer wave and destroy. Flyrant & Zoies pop transports. Trygons can also pop side armor and then charge into melée. Regen works very well with the Trygons & is definitely worth the points at 2500 points. No other army can beat this in close combat.

•All Synapse & No Instinctive Behaviour Tests
Basically you have Shadow in the Warp running from one end of the table to the other so you are shutting down enemy psykers. Who cares about psychic hoods?? This list gets around Instinctive Behaviour Tests (IBT). This is a huge advantage in the end game for the Tyranids.

•Speed Kills!
This is an extremely fast army and can shutdown mech eldar. I've done it consistently too. You can start wherever you want on the table and take it from there. This army can do what daemonic assault does but even better.

•Anti Tyranid Factor
Take this list and play any other Tyranid list. Stealers own gaunts & Tervies! You quickly cut through the gaunt wall and destroy the Tervigons; that's huge. The only issue is the Swarmlord but you still have a huge edge since you have so many more assault units. Hit the Swarmlord & his Tyrant Guard with two blocks of genestealers and watch them go poof! The Swarmlord & his Tyrant Guard can't put out enough attacks to counter the dual charge plus this army outmatches them with speed.

I think there will be lots of Tyranid armies at the Ard Boyz this year so being able to trounce them is a huge advantage. This is a Win Big/Win Big army for sure.


Playa Haters & Playaz

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