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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Branded Part 8 - The Garden


Branded Part 8 - The Garden

The garden was lush with a high canopy of green foliage concealing the vast tracks of throbbing tubular spore and fungi covering the broken stone. Hot humid air coursed through the environment fostering the plethora of wicked vegetation. At the heart of the garden there was a deep pool of pitch black ichor shining under the morning light. Tendrils of twisted plumes erupted from the very center twisting about in the soft wet whispering wind.

There came a sharp sound as the form of three armored figures shimmered beside the pool. One stood taller than the rest clad in pure black plate, two swords hung from his belted waist, each at either side. One was long and forged from steel while the other was a short gladius. His two companions carried large shields and were armed with swords as well. The former drew his long sword and slowly approached the dark pool. He thrust the tip into the poison and watched in silence as it began to consume the ichor. The steel blade grew dark then black until it had emptied the pool then he sheathed the blade and suddenly they vanished.

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Branded Part 7 - Azkellon vs Kharn


This story takes place in an alternate universe where maybe justice is more revered ...

Long ago in the past during the Gamma Beta Campaign just prior to the Heresy

Smoke poured from the craters as alien attack ships flew above the Space Marines. Vorias concentrated, maintaining a kine shield to protect his command squad. He watched in silence as the aliens quickly advanced pouring fire power down upon them. "Open fire." he commanded. Their bolters barked firing into the black tide. Suddenly reinforcements arrived cresting the swollen hills. The Librarian looked up to see Kharn charging down with a huge squad of Inductii. Their chain axes revved as they hit the line, the Aelderi began to fall back as the mad Berserkers carved into them. Limbs were shorn off and bones pulverized.

Vorias voxed to his squadrons to break away from the melee. As one his World Eaters left their trenches quickly moving over open ground to take a new position. "Open fire."  The Aeldari mesmerizied by the sudden emergence of Kharn and his Inductii were caught off guard, bolter fire tore threw their lines shredding them to a bloody pulp. "Hold." The World Eaters crouched beside Vorias waiting for his next command. They felt the ground heave beneath their armored boots as something enormous loomed over the dark hills. It’s crest rose up revealing a Wraith Knight striding towards the battle.

There came a wicked sound from above, a high pitched scream of burning jets as a golden figure descended from above. The lone Blood Angel wore a glinting death mask, an axe in one gauntlet and a long cutlass gripped tight in the other. Azkellon dove dropping like a burning meteor falling upon the alien revenant. The Librarian watched as the Angel attacked. The construct screamed in pain as the weapons fell to their task.


Azkellon walked away with a noticeable limp in his stride. The bodies of butchered xenos littered the bloody battle ground. "Kharn." said the Captain of the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard through his vox as he strode closer to the throng of close by World Eaters. The vox gave a mechanical tint to his voice, it sounded deep and menacing. "You are charged with war crimes."

Kharn laughed. "You are either brave or stupid. Who put you up to this Azkellon?"

"By decree of the Emperor you are found wanting. Lay down your arms and surrender now." replied the Blood Angel as he continued to limp forward towards Kharn. "My Liege is gifted with the prescience. Those who will turn to the fell forces must be put down to prevent the rift. You have been found wanting." His jump pack suddenly ignited as Azkellon leapt up covering the last of the open ground in a single leap. Kharn dropped back raising his axe in defense and snarled. The Berzerker felt the bite of the butcher’s nails clamping into his spine as he spasmed.

Azkellon was swift as a ghost driving his cutlass into the side of the Betrayer. His strong hand gripped the hilt turning the blade as he rammed the tip through Kharn’s back. The World Eater saw pitch black for a moment then struck back with his empty gauntlet delivering a crushing blow to the golden death mask. The foil peeled away revealing a pale stern face with glittering eyes burning like raw emeralds. The Blood Angel ran his tongue over his razor sharp fangs then spat black acid blood into Kharn’s eyes. The Berzerker yelled as he felt the orbs melt back info the sockets. He was blind.

Azkellon’s axe struck in a looping figure eight decapitating Kharn with the savage strike then the Betrayer tumbled sprawled across the sordid dirt. His body spasmed. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Branded Part 6


Vorias fought against the binding solely focusing his will.

"Some say my love cannot be true. Please believe me, my love, and I'll show you. I will give you those things you thought unreal... The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal." said Drect as she watched. "Follow me now and you will not regret leaving the life you led before we met. You are the first to have this love of mine, forever with me until the end of time."

Vorias felt the ectoplasmic limbs cover his face, digging into the hidden folds of his armored plates.

"Look into my eyes, you'll see who I am. Please take my hand." She reached out watching intently.

Etheric cerulean light began to glow splaying out from the Librarian’s eyes. The weapon cut through the air as he wildly swung it back and forth. "I am my own master." Slowly the ectoplasm began to evaporate until there was nothing left.

"Follow me now and you will not regret leaving the life you led before we met."

Vorias laughed. "What choice do I really have you wyche?"

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Branded Part 5

An endless sea of stars shone brightly above in the night sky. A huge fire pit crackled, the red hot coals blazing against the darkness. Drect sat beside the pit staring into the shimmering waves of heat. Vorias stood behind her as silent as the night. He watched as a pair of falling stars streaked across the abyss, their cosmic tails intertwined with each spirally in a series of random patterns.

“I have something for you.” she said in perfect Gothic. Slowly she stood. Follow me.” The Archon began to walk along the edge of the pit. Vorias followed behind her. She came to a halt at the terminus. “There.” she said pointing down. His eyes fell following her single pointing finger. A long scabbard lay upon the barren ground, the hilt protruding from the rim had been fashioned in the head of a Void Dragon, large multi faceted gems had been fit in the eyes, sparkling with a life their own.

Vorias bent down upon one knee reaching out to grip the hilt. Briefly it seemed to wrest in his gauntlet fighting his grip then it lay still. The Librarian felt a slow pulse stirring within the weapon, quickly it synced to his twin beating hearts. He rose again drawing the long blade free. Its edges were fractal shimmering like broken bits of a dark mirror. Gazing into the entropy he spied an image of himself looking back into his eyes. The sword felt light.

“Bind it.” Drect said.

Vorias pulled at a slim silver chain encircling his neck with his free gauntlet. A small black orb hung dangling at the end. It seemed to pulsate, writhing upon itself. Clasping it tightly the Librarian ran it along one edge of the blade. It shrieked like a wild banshee piercing the utter silence. Pitch black ectoplasmic tendrils erupted suddenly engulfing them.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Branded Part 4 - Trial by Combat


Branded Part 4


The twins awoke beside each next to the fresh grave. Immediately they looked at each other.

"Only one can pass." came the booming voice of the Space Marine who stood above looking down into the pit. Hard rock formed the walls weathered by time. Pieces of broken bone littered the stony ground. Together they looked up at the War Hound. He threw a pair of daggers down into the pit. "Very few come this far, you are as much the victors of these games as survivors. Know that whomever wins this final test shall serve a special place in our Legion."

Together as one the brothers spoke "No." Their young faces filthy with grime and sweat looked up, eyes blazing in defiance. Neither looked upon the weapons.

"Then you shall both die." decreed the War Hound. "There can be no pity amongst our ranks."

"Trial by combat." they shouted as one. Rising from the drug induced slumber the pair stood side by side. "Trial by combat."

"Fools." sneered the Space Marine looking down upon them then he drew his chainsword and leapt down amongst them. "You mar the very honor bestowed upon you." His weapon screamed to life as he activated the mechanism. Others above looked down in silence to watch. The War Hound towered above the youths immediately lashing out. Moving quickly they split apart, each going to opposite ends of the pit. "Cowards."

He turned towards one then felt a stinging pain behind his eyes momentarily clouding his vision. Laughing the War Hound vigorously shook his head to ward off the unseen attack. He felt his eyes begin to bulge and hot bile filled his mouth. A huge piece of stone canyoned the back of his helm cracking one of the eye lenses. Blindly he struck out swinging the chainsword vigorously, both gauntlets tightly gripping the hilt. The earth seemed to shake rising up knocking him to his knees.

"Halt!" yelled another War Hound from above. Warily the twins looked up for the briefest moment to spy the a lined face. They felt the world turning then spinning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Branded Part 3

Branded Part 3

"I am a World Eater, a member of the XII Legion." said the Space Marine. "To be more exact, I am a Librarian. My lot were looked down upon by our Primarch Angron. He tried many ways to kill me but here I lay intact having thwarted his every attempt. I was left to myself in this device, placing myself in stasis all this time. Angron and his warriors have an intense hatred of anything psychic as any manifestation however so slight, it triggers their Butchers’ Nails sending them into a state of uncontrollable bloody rage. In time I came to despise them as well - they lack any finesse and are ignoble creatures."

"My name is Vorias, I was Angron’s Chief Librarian. I’m certain he thinks me dead for no one should be able to survive the tortured confines of this hateful tomb... but he underestimated me. I thank you for freeing me from this devise of his." spoke the Librarian as he lifted himself up pulling himself free of the Iron Maiden. "You probably wonder to yourself how can I fathom your speech - it is the nature of some of my kind." He smiled again looking down upon the Archon now that he stood upright. "As I said I’m grateful to you for my release."

Forming a tight cordone around Drect her posse of Incubi clutched tightly at the long hilts of their glaives. Vorias watched their eyes glinting in the open sunlight as they stared at him intently. "We may have some use for you." replied the female Archon. "Do you feel so inclined to help us?"

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Branded Part 2

 Branded Part 2

The many slaves dragged at the ends of the chains pulling the Iron Maiden up from the pit into the direct sunlight. Some their bones broke at the task screaming in abject pain.

“Silence.” whispered the Archon Drect. “We have uncovered an incredible find here so close to our dark world. The etchings upon the lid of the tomb date back over 30,000 years. This is a vessel of intense pain... a thing of raw of beauty.” She ran her forked tongue over the tips of her sharp fangs letting the wet blood run back down her throat as she momentarily gasped. “Unbind the ancient chains!” commanded Drect.

Shambling forward a Grotesque towered above her, its slabs of inhuman muscle flexing in unison as the beast lifted the axe. “So mote it be.” The teeth of the weapon bit into the chain links shattering them into dust. The gigantic lid slid off revealing what was within.

The court looked down to see a vast multitude of poisoned spikes bent and broken. A solitary figure lay with the trap unstirred as if caught in a dream of unbroken sleep. A somber smile split the pale face then its pale blue eyes opened drinking in the dire surroundings.

Drect looked down upon the ash white suit of armor covering the tombed body. The pauldrons and hood a somber blue as deep as some forgotten sea. At first she frowned in disgust then immediately fought against the immediate reaction. The body was larger than they had ever encountered and a sense of immediate peace radiated out out from its mortal coil. Warily she stepped back shrouded by her Incubi. “What are you?" she demanded.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Order of Release for Ninth Edition Codices - Part 1

Here is the order in which eighth edition codices and supplements were released including the second release for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines:

Space Marines
Chaos Space Marines
Grey Knights
Death Guard
Adeptus Mechanicus
Astra Militarum
Craftworld Eldar
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Adeptus Custodes
Chaos Daemons
Thousand Sons
Imperial Knights
Space Wolves
Genestealer Cults
Chaos Space Marines (2nd release)
Chaos Knights
Space Marines (2nd release)
Adepta Sororitas
Ultramarines (supplement)
White Scars (supplement)
Iron Hands (supplement)
Raven Guard (supplement)
Salamanders (supplement)
Imperial Fists (supplement)

It’s interesting to scan the list noting when the stronger codices dropped, some of which were factions along with their accompanying supplements. Of course the overall of strength of certain factions waxed and waned over the course of eighth edition due to the effects of things such as errata, FAQs and re-adjusted point costs for units via Chapter Approved.

We know that Space Marines and Necrons will get their codices first for ninth edition which indicates that the following new releases will not follow the original cycle, plus there has been some rumors regarding new factions possibly coming. Also typically Space Marines is the first faction to receive a new codex for the start of each new edition.

It appears the rate of release for codices will be much slower for ninth edition due to the pandemic and this has an effect on the meta as opposed to the rapid fire release at the beginning of eighth edition. While eighth edition had its indices, ninth edition has the Psychic Awakening expansions for the various factions. Ideally all factions can start a new edition now at roughly the same strength, but of course this is really not the case.

Will GW release codices this edition in an order that will provide better external balance between factions? This is what most want but being honest we know this has never been the case. Which factions need the most help - for example it appears a good number of the xenos factions need the most help, such as Orks and Tyranids.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020




The slaves quickly scurried as the whips cut into their thin flesh slicing into bone. They cried collectively in abject terror as the pit masters goaded the hoard towards the open hole gapping like a fresh wound. "Dig!" they shouted lashing out again. Crying out in pain the mongrels gathered their picks descending into the darkness. Sparks flew as they struck something hard just beneath the gritty sand.

One of the pit masters rushed in pushing the slaves aside. Looking down the massive brute saw a huge Iron Maiden jutting up. Ancient rusted chains wrapped times around the lid bracing it tightly closed. The glyphs embossed upon the pitted iron seemed to move and made his brain felt like it burned. Wiping the fresh blood from his flaring nostrils the pit master looked back waving to his companions. "We’ve found it!"

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Ninth Edition IQ

So many of the rules for the new edition are out now and there’s lots of batreps to watch. If you think about it the start is a lot like the beginning of eighth edition - all the factions have codices along with their corresponding Psychic Awakening supplements -> it’s like the indices we had to start the previous edition. Ideally everyone is on equal footing since the real power creep will begin with the first new codices released for ninth edition.

While the new rules look quite balanced historically the developers just love to break their own rules when it comes to certain codices... for example just imagine if Tau’va get access to wargear that allows certain units like suits and Riptides to fall back and still shoot. So I think until at least the first four to five new codices drop the meta will be somewhat ambiguous.

If we compare ninth edition to eighth edition versus say fourth edition to third edition the former has many changes that are much more drastic. Back when Tom Kirby ran Geedub he looked down on wargaming in general so much to the point he didn’t play any of their games... so the developers didn’t really have much accountability back then in the good ole days. One of the big requirements for the new CEO is that they are a grognard themself so the whole focus has changed with a lot of emphasis on customer feedback. Obviously this interaction is a great thing and I think it’s the main reason why ninth edition has changed so much compared to fourth edition. In many ways fourth and fifth edition were simply maintenance editions tightening up the rules a bit here and there, such nuking rhino rush.

It will be interesting to see how much the competitive tournament players can break the new edition. Already the nebulous argument regarding a 2++ save for terminators has been squashed. I really hope that the developers will be able to maintain a high level of external balance between factions as the new codices for ninth edition are released.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Will Onslaught become the new Norm and Matched Play

I am wondering if Onslaught (3000 point games) will become the new standard for gaming. If we look at the increase in cost of the basic Intercessor as a rough metric for overall points increase it equates close to 120 percent. Surely monsters and tanks will increase even more in points. Going from 2k to 3k is 150 percent... so a difference of around 30 percent. This could easily be a stealth incentive enabling GeeDub to easily garner more sales.

I am liking the new mission format for matched play which is based upon NOVA and ITC. One Mission with a good number of variables (for example, which secondaries you select) makes it a lot easier for pickup games and removes the need for third party house rules. GeeDub should set the standard and dictate how we play.

Here are several secondaries you can choose from for the new matched played:

- Purge the Enemy - End game: 3 victory points for every character kill.
- No Mercy, No Respite - End Game: Tally of kill points.
- Shadow Operations - Investigate Sites: Progressive scoring: Score 3 points every time a unit from your army completes a task.
- Battlefield Supremacy - Progressive scoring: Score 2 points if you have presence in 3 table quarters.
- Warpcraft - Progressive scoring: Score 3 points every time you pass a "Warp Charge 4 psychic test.

Also the maximum points you can score for secondaries is capped.

It looks like the primary objective doesn't promote killing enemy units in like the ITC format. An army that plays well for "the four pillars" is an army that can take and hold 3 objective for most of the game. With 5 turns to score, that nets you 75 VP before scoring secondary. Assuming your opponent fully scores all of their 3 secondary objectives and has holds 1 objective all game, they will end up at 70 VP - a close loss.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Ninth Edition is Coming

Is it Saturday yet... no but seriously this is my first serious post regarding ninth edition. First I want to say I’m really looking forward to it - eighth edition is pretty played out with just a few Psychic Awakenings left to go now. The play testers only have good things to say and this includes those with a narrative point of view.

So far what we know is that modifiers to hit can never be more than +/-1 plus tanks and monsters are going to be much more powerful again. If you like to play Primaris Space Marines there are some strong new units coming and it just seems like melee is going to be a thing again.

I am looking forward to GeeDub taking the reins for mission rules - they should decide how we play the game in every aspect assuming they do a fantastic job which they have shown they can and do now. Sure there will be a lot of change but in a way it’s inevitable.

I imagine the new release with include errata and FAQs to cover each faction so it’s a smooth release for everyone and that’s a good thing too. I’m not worried or apprehensive and and am looking forward to ninth edition. Do you feel the same... do you have any concerns? This is my first serious post regarding ninth edition. First I want to say I’m really looking forward to it - eighth edition is pretty played out with just a few Psychic Awakenings left to go now. The play testers only have good things to say and this includes those with a narrative point of view.

So far what we know is that modifiers to hit can never be more than +/-1 plus tanks and monsters are going to be much more powerful again. If you like to play Primaris Space Marines there are some strong new units coming and it just seems like melee is going to be a thing again.

I am looking forward to GeeDub taking the reins for mission rules - they should decide how we play the game in every aspect assuming they do a fantastic job which they have shown they can and do now. Sure there will be a lot of change but in a way it’s inevitable.

I imagine the new release with include errata and FAQs to cover each faction so it’s a smooth release for everyone and that’s a good thing too. I’m not worried or apprehensive and and am looking forward to ninth edition. Do you feel the same... do you have any concerns?

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Scouring - Part 5 - Assault

Gigantic plumes of superheated steam boiled above the mountain top evaporating long frozen ice. Three figures loomed within the icy haze leaping down from one piece of solid rock to the next. Drawing the mirror blade from its dark leather scabbard the Champion hurled himself into a nearby long throng of startled Word Bearers. The blade sang like a steel rattle as Plato beheaded those closest then rended loose limbs, rupturing their wine red armor plates. Fresh blood poured from the sudden wounds flowing into the icy swirling water beneath them. A large wall of steaming water engulfed them all knocking them loose. As one they all tumbled down into the valley below. Plato quickly righted himself holding the mirror blade submerged under the the rushing water. A pair of Greater Possessed rose up on either side. Ancient runes cut deep into their armor shone bright emitting sickly green warp energy. The blade struck before either could react slicing through tendon and long hardened bone. They fell to either side as the Champion slipped past them to re-engage those whom had momentarily escaped his reach.

The traitors fumbled grasping at their weapons but they were too slow to react. Plato made short work of them all as his two Honor Guard reached him again. Back to back the trio continued to fight taking full advantage of their initiative. Ancient mauls and bent blades crashed harmlessly against the stormshields. Hissing with rage against gritted teeth the Champion set to work again decapitating each and everyone of the last of the living traitors. They emerged from the fray coated in blood marring their bright blue armor. Looking down a brief moment at the fresh pile of dead the Ultramarines stepped onto flat ground pulverizing the scattered bone and pieces of rent red armor.

"Bring forth your very best now." Plato spoke through the grille of his helmet.

Friday, February 07, 2020

You want ITC this is how you got ITC

Hi everyone it’s Black Blow Fly here to discuss the inherent problems with the ITC 40k mission Pack and why a lot of people want change now. This is a bit long so hang in there with me.

A common problem I see in many peoples' dissatisfaction with the ITC is that the ITC is designed to provide the most balanced game between two equally talented opponents as possible - Reece and Company have tried their best to eliminate any randomness. One inherent problem with this approach is 40k is a dice game... wink wink.

Reece and his crew do not understand that tournament missions can have some randomness and be very exciting. After watching the final day of LVO finals I can say that ITC plays just like Infinity, hiding entire armies behind big pieces of line of sight blocking terrain.

There is no narrative element either, every ITC mission is really just the same and they are always a grind. They you say can completely customize your missions with secondary choices but let’s stop and realize everyone that can always takes Engineers and Recon - these are two super easy achievable goals netting eight sweet points and both favor no interaction whatsoever.

It has been proven randomness helps to create a more healthy meta with more competitive factions since hyper competitive gamers cannot simply design for one trick ponies and must adopt a more overall tactical approach to list building. There’s a reason why the meta went straight from Imperial Knights to Imperial Space Marines and ITC takeS a lot of the blame for consistent stagnancy.

Reece does not really does he have any appreciation for lore. It should also be duly noted many elements of the ITC mission pack have been directly lifted from NOVA OPEN... more of the same thing if you know what I mean.

In closing I hope that GW will start to exert control over the tournament system. GW can and did have an excellent grand tournament system that embraced the entire hobby - I’m sure they can do it again. There is a whole cottage industry built around the ITC and unfortunately it currently exhibits lots of chest thumping and a win at all cost attitude.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

The Scouring - Part 4 - Presence

Plato lead his party up to the first peak of the mountain ridge. A dense cloud bank loomed ahead blocking off the view of the twisting path they followed. Thunder rumbled as lightning bolts struck down from above. The air was frigid and tiny specks of icy snow shimmered coating the broken rock with a thick coat of hoar frost. Carefully they stepped over the frozen debris as the top of the alien sun broke above the far horizon.

Suddenly a high pitched whistle cut the rarified air. "Look down now." Plato ordered over their encrypted vox link. Radiation runes began to chime inside their helmets. "An electromagnetic pulse has just been detonated at high altitude. The purpose is to disrupt enemy communications and their vox netscape. We are at a high enough altitude now not to be affected and our armor was perfectly tuned to a resonant frequency with the primary pulse. Our grounding straps shield us from the lower frequency content."

"How long will the interference last?" asked the Victrix Honor Guard named Sid.

"It could be more than seven Terran days before they can rein back in their networks. That should be all the time we need." Plato replied.

"Do you think we can find the child?" asked Sid.

"It’s why we are here brother." said Plato. "I pray to our Emperor every hour that she still lives and if she does then yes we will."

"Look." Sid replied. "There just ahead is a Chaos wishing well."

The search party crept up as the unholy noise from the burst filled the air. The well was so deep they could not see the bottom, loose brick littered the ground.

"It is said theses rare artefacts can grant any desire." said the first Victrix Honor Guard. "Anything."

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Psychic Tactics for Ultramarines

I come to you with solutions this morning providing you with some hot Psychic Tactics for Ultramarines. Currently I use Tigurius and a standard Librarian. While they are not Ahriman and company they can still be quite potent forming up to create an extremely effective Smitebomb.

I run Tigurius with the old school Librarius psychic powers typically - Might of Heroes, Null Zone and Psychic Scourge. The other Librarian typically has Empiric Channeling (EC) and Scryer’s Gaze. First cast EC on Tiggy for the psychic buffs... Tigurius now has +3 to cast and deny plus with his ability to reroll them he should be able to pull off super smites quite often. You can then follow up with a smite from the Librarian and then Psychic Scourge from Tigurius taking advantage of our native +1 leadership. Scryer’s Gaze (warp Charge 7) gets you that sweet sweet CP and is not all that difficult to cast. Seven being the average on 2d6. Your opponents won’t be denying them when you're slinging tonnes of filthy smites, melting them alive.

Pro Tip #1 - Null Zone is very reliable and quite scary for opponents... Never charge Tigurius into combat if he successfully manifests this psychic power - your opponent can interrupt combat and then destroy him since he doesn’t have an invulnerable save.

Pro Tip #2 - Psychic Fortress is a go to psychic power versus smitey factions such as Thousand Sons, granting you the ability to shrug off mortal wounds on a 4+. While we don’t have nice things like Doom or Guide I have found our psychic staples like Might of Heroes coupled with Tiggy’s Prescience ability can go a long way when you really that hard resilience for a critical unit such as Centurions.

So there you have it, Ultramarines have access to some excellent psychic prowess if you follow my advice given above. It will definitely catch some opponents off guard.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Scouring - Part 3 - Trek

"The third Legion was excised from the annals of Imperial history but right there stands the very image of their Primarch." said Plato as they lifted ammo belts and ranged weapons from the innards of their drop pod. He looked up at the square chin and wild eyes chiseled deep into the hard granite. Tantric tattooed runes were etched all over the facsimile of a bare face and a three pronged bolt of jagged lightning split the brooding eyes.

"It is whispered they were actually the very first to fall to the ruinous Powers. Our mission is to ensure he is truly dead. These lands crawl with filth... Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzneetch - their followers have flocked here in search as well."

The Champion had sheathed his swords and gripped the combi melta testing the rack as he chambered a fresh magazine. ‘We shall follow that ridge into the far valley. There lies the enemy camp. Be on guard for any of their outliers. Our insertion was perfect as planned. We must not fail now."

"Will there be any reinforcements?" asked one of the two Honor Guard as he hoisted up a heavy plasma rifle.

"Don’t count on it brother and the glory shall be ours alone should we succeed." Plato answered.

"You’ve always been the optimist." replied the Honor Guard.

Plato’s smile was hidden behind the golden grill of his helmet. "Let’s move out." The Champion set a boot upon the beginning of the rocky outcrop. The slope was quite steep. Raw jewels twinkled under the softening moonlight.