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Thursday, June 27, 2019

The History of Eighth Edition Warhammer 40k

Eighth Edition can be broken down into the following phases:

Pre Imperial Knights Codex

Imperial Knights Codex

Chapter Approved 2019

Prior to the release of the Imperial Knights codex Eighth Edition was in many ways the golden age of Warhammer 40k. Sure we saw some Lords of War such as Daemon Primarchs and Baneblades but they were manageable from across the table.

What set Imperial Knights apart from all other Lords of War is the whole host of over the top relics and stratagems that made them all but unbeatable. Sure some really love their Knights but many don’t and find them to be no fun to play against. There are no bad Households to choose from either.

This all came to a culmination with the Dominatus class Castellan rocking the Iron Bulwark relic for a 3++ invulnerable save via the stratagem Rotate Ion Shields fueled by cheap as chips Astra Militarum Battalion command point farm. The Castellan can easily delete two or more enemy units per turn which had a drastic effect on the meta... many units became basically unplayable due to being too much of a potential liability.

Finally following the big win at the Las Vegas Open earlier this year Games Workshop nerfed the Castellan. Sure Imperial Knights are still very good but not quite as good prior to Chapter Approved 2019.

If we look at what Games Workshop has released to preview the new Apocalypse its apparent that they still want to push over the top Lords of War on the market. To be honest I’m not excited in regards to what I’ve seen so far. For me one of the things I loved about playing an Apocalypse scale game was the stories that unfolded over the course of a game. If only Games Workshop could understand that the majority of hobbyists love the narrative aspect of the game.

So now looking forward we have Chaos Knights coming in the near future. Sure this is nice for Chaos players but I have to wonder how over the top these new Titans will be and how they will impact the meta.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ultramarines Tactica Part 2

Hi everyone my last article on Ultramarines tactics delved into specifics regarding my go to units and how I play them. I am really enjoying playing a mono faction army. Space Marines in general with the exception of Blood Angels excel at shooting and therein lie their major buffs. A couple of beat stick HQs to guard the gun line is all that is needed for melee. Ultramarines are blessed in many ways this edition such as arguably the best Chapter Tactic and the best suite of special characters to choose from for your army.

One important aspect of fielding a competitive Space Marine army is protecting your HQ and Ultramarines have access to one of the best means means of doing so in Vitrix Guard. Vitrix Guard work much like drones for Tau but are much more resilient and have the ability to completely shut down enemy snipers and foil filthy Genestealer Cult psykers casting the much hated psychic power Mental Onslaught. Crippling these enemy units completely takes them out of the game. Vitrix Guard are also an excellent defense versus other enemy sniping psychic powers such as those cast by Thousand Sons.

Tigirius is hands down one of the best psykers in the game and can reliably cast Null Zone which can be a real game changer. There are two mistakes I often see made when it comes to psykers. First most psykers are quite fragile in melee and can die quickly. Sure Daemon Princes and the Lord of Death are proverbial beat sticks but they are both the exception to the rule. Psychic buffs are clutch and once you lose them they are gone forever. Most psykers should never be in melee. Second don’t get greedy casting psychic powers - one Perils of the Warp can be quite the buzz kill. The three choice psychic powers from the Librarius lore are Might of Heroes, Null Zone and Psychic Scourge.

Now I would like to touch on troop choices. The two go to choices for Space Marines are Intercessors and Infiltrators. I like to always have four troop choices and these are your work horse units plus they can do some serious work. Vigilus grants access to Veteran Intercessors - Ultramarine Veteran Intercessors have leadership 10 and access to a Rapid Fire 2 stratagem - yes they can shred and the Sergeant has four base attacks, as such I always arm mine with a power fist. Most characters have four base attacks... think about it. If you cast Might of Heroes on a Veteran Intercessor Sergeant rocking a power fist he has five attacks at S10 - wind him and watch him go. Ultramarines don’t need a Lone Wolf.

Infiltrators shutdown any enemy units using reinforcements and can infiltrate just like Scouts... they are the new Scouts and totally worth every point they cost. They are great for board control and can act as meat shields to protect your vital characters from being targeted.

Next week I will have some more tactics for you. I hope you enjoy using these.