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Friday, November 15, 2019

New Rules from White Dwarf for =][=

New rules from White Dwarf for the Inquisition:

An inquisitor can join a force without taking up a slot and it does not prevent other units from benefiting from things like chapter tactics, combat doctrines, canticles of the omnissiah etc and it is ignored for the purposes of the battle brothers rule.*

4 stratagems:
Cyclonic Torpedo 4cp-
Select a point then roll 2d6" and on a 4+ -1 for a (character) unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Inquisitorial Mandate 1cp-
Inquisitor gains a warlord trait but is not your warlord and can then take a relic.

Seize for Interrogation 1cp-
Enemy character destroyed within 3" of any inquisition units gain d3 command points and enemy army must subtract 1 from leadership.

Requisition 1cp-
Friendly Imperium unit within 6" of an Inquisitor targets a unit that is the inquisitor’s quarry in shooting, overwatch or fighting it can re roll hit rolls of 1.

4 named Inquisitors (see below)

*Malleus is the only Ordo that can have Terminator armour for normal Inquisitors.

Deamonhost, Jokaero and Acolytes

Daemonhost: M 6" WS 4 BS S 4 T W 4 A Ld 7 Sv 5++
Unholy Gaze - 12" Assault 1 S 8 AP 1 D1 (on a wound roll of 6+ damage becomes D3)
Warp Grasp - S User AP 3 D1

Roll for demonic power at start of your movement phase roll a d6:
1-2 move 12" and can fly
3-4 regain all lost wounds
5-6 roll a d6 for each enemy unit with 3" on a 2+ it suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Jokaero M 6" WS 6 BS 4 S 2 T 3 W 3 A 2 Ld 7 Sv 5++
Focused Strike - 24" Heavy 1 S 8 AP 3 D3
Scatter Shot - 12" Assault 6 S 4 AP 1 D1

Inconceivable Customization start of shooting phase for an Ordo unit:
1-2 re roll the hit
3-4 re roll the wound
5-6 re roll hit and wound

Acolytes M 6" WS 4 BS 4 S 3 W 3 A Ld 7 Sv 5+

If the unit contains only one model it gains the character keyword.

Warlord Traits:
Once per battle re-roll 1 hit roll, wound, damage, saving, psychic test or deny the witch

Improve invulnerable save by 1 to a maximum of 3++

Formidable Resolve
+1 LD and increase range of Unquestionable Wisdom by 6"

Ordo Hereticus

No Escape
Heroic Intervention up to 6". Enemy units within 1" of the Warlord can't fall back on 4+.

Ordo Xenos

Esoteric Law
Whilst Warlord is on the battlefield roll one d6 each time opponent uses a strategem and on a 5+ you gain 1 cp.

Ordo Malleus

Psychic Mastery
Knows one additional psychic power from Telethesia. Can manifest an additional psychic power and an extra deny the witch.

Eisenhorn - Radical
Greyfax - No Escape
Karamazov - Formidable Resolve
Coteaz - Psychic Mastery

Blade of the Ordo
Power Sword S +1 AP 3 D3 (if attacking "quarry" then flat 3 damage)

Digital Weapons
One attack at S use,r if it hits then it inflicts one mortal wound

Black Shroud
Inquisitor is -1 to wound

Ignis Judicium
(Ordo Hereticus) Inferno Pistol 12" range

Biocorrosive Poison
(Ordos Xenos) melee weapon always wounds on a 2+ unless target is a vehicle or is Titanic

Tainted Blade
(Ordo Malleus) Power Sword S +3 AP 3 D1

Coteaz - 90
Eisenhorn - 80
Greyfax - 85
Karamazov - 115
Terminator Inquisitor - 91
Jokaero - 18
Inquisitor - 55
Daemonhost - 25
Acolytes - 8/model

Psychic Discipline Telethesia:
Terrify - WC 18" -1 Ld and can't overwatch

Psychic Fortitude - WC 4 12" Imperium unit auto passes morale test

Dominate - WC 6 12" and not a vehicle roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld make shoot one weapon or shooting attack

Mental Interrogation - WC 6 12" select one enemy character, that model is -1 to their hit rolls until the next psychic phase; also roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld gain one cp

Psychic Pursuit - WC 7 select a character with less than 10 wounds and within 18". Select one friendly Ordo unit within 6", can target that character even if it's not the closest

Castigation - WC 6 select enemy with 18", roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld that unit suffers D3 MW.

(Ordo Hereticus) Ascertainment - WC 6 select enemy within 12" and subtract 1 attack from it; also roll 2d6 and if you beat it's Ld then they are -1 to their hit rolls.

(Ordo Xenos) Psychic Veil - WC 5 friendly Ordo Xenos unit with 6" can only be targeted of they are the closest unit and can only be charged if they are within 6" of the charging unit

(Ordo Malleus) Power through Knowledge - WC 6 select one friendly Imperium infantry or biker unit within 12" until your next psychic phase they have a 5++ invulnerable save
Special Character Rules:
Greyfax M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S T 3 W 3 A 5 Ld 10 Sv 3+ 5++
MC Condemnor Boltgun - 24" Rapidfire 1 S 4 AP 1 D1 unless it hits a PSYKER then D3
Psyocculum - target psyker/daemon character even if no the closest MODEL
Coteaz M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+ 5++
Master Crafted Nemesis Daemon Hammer - S x2 User AP 3 3D no negative to hit
Spy Network - enemy unit sets up within 6" of an Ordo Malleus unit can shoot at the enemy as if it was the shooting phase; also once per battle when your opponent uses a stratagem they have to pay an extra cp
Eisenhorn M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 4+
Artificer Bolt Pistol 12" S 4 AP 1 2D
Barbarisater S User Ap 3 d3D, +1 to the hit roll
Runestaff S +3 AP 1 3D
Electrobane Grenades 6" S4 AP 1 1D - against a vehicle d6 - 4-5 1 MW + damage 6 d3 MW + damage

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

M’Shen - Part 7 - Confrontation

Kurze followed Talos as they stepped one after another into an empty room. "This is what I wanted to show you." said Talos. Rended pieces of dark blue power armor littered the floor and dried blood covered the walls sprayed in random grotesque patterns. Kurze saw broken shards of bone scattered amongst the grisly debris. "This is the answer you’ve been looking for... finally you shall be vindicated."

Conrad could not hide his shock as he frowned. He felt the madness stirring behind his eyes. "Who are you?" he asked whilst voluntarily ejecting his claws Mercy and Forgiveness.

Talos slowly removed his helmet revealing his face. He smiled then a shimmering began to stir as his form morphed... M’Shen stood before him face to face gripping the heirloom power sword in one hand and her own power blade in the other. Her eyes shown brightly with rage. At once the Primarch struck out lashing at the assassin with his extended claws. The dual blades quickly crossed in less than the blink of an eye blocking the first blows. "Why don’t you accept and welcome your death?" she smiled again.

"Because it was not meant to be this way." he snarled. Again Kurze struck ripping at the assassin’s blades. Deftly she parried and spun away unharmed. The fight continued on and on but the Primarch was unable to land the killing blow. Her weapons rained down as she leapt about the open room leading him on a mad chase, his mind clouded with the madness he fought hard to control and suppress.

Finally Kurze found an opening to her brilliant defense and struck with inhuman speed... Conrad felt the assassin’s twin blades punching into his torso puncturing the chest plate of the Nightmare Mantle. The pain was intense. M’Shen twisted her weapons severing internal organs. Laughing as she withdrew again he looked at her coated from head to toe with his own fresh dripping blood. Blocking out the hurt Kurze leapt across the room striking yet again. Throwing her phase sword straight at him like a dagger the pointed tip caught him square against the skull. Blood flowed into his eyes momentarily blinding him then a short wave from her neural shredder blasted him. Immediately seizures gripped him coursing through his wounded body. Confusion followed by more pain gripped the fallen Primarch as he stumbled crashing into a close by wall. His limbs thrashed about involuntarily as he fought to control them.

"You said the Emperor made you what you are and yet you cannot change even though you tried... the question is did you try hard enough?" M’Shen said curtly.

Laying upon the floor in a pool of his own blood he looked up at her, his eyes yet still human. "You are nothing more than a puppet pulled by strings from afar. You know nothing of the real truth." He smiled as his eyes turned into cold black orbs. "Your training to slay Conrad Kurze is meticulous but the actual question is can you beat the Night Haunter?" he laughed as his hand shot out catching her by the wrist.