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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A pair of Deathwatch Intercessors Work-in-Progress

Extermantius Part 4

Brother Arghus the Dark Angel clipped a fresh ammo drum underneath his storm bolter looking out into the clearing past the ruin where he and his remaining Battle Brothers laid in hiding. Acoltyes swarmed en masse covering the nearby open ground. The Black Shield lifted up the Frag Cannon sliding the arming rune to full auto. The rest of the Kill Team primed their frag grenades waiting. Suddenly a brute hybrid stepped into the cull. Its thick scarred skin was muted ochre and deeply pitted, in its tight fists the mutant carried a heavy rock drill. As it looked down upon the Deathwatch Arghus aimed his siting laser between its glowing eyes then pressed the trigger blasting apart its misshapen head like a piece of rotten fruit. Gore sprayed upon the walls as the Deathwatch emerged from the ruin in ambush.

In perfect synchronicity the frag grenades were flung into the seething brood vaporizing a whole host of the miscreants. "Open fire." said Arghus as the Black Shield pointed the frag cannon at the remains of a nearby wall firing round after round into the stone rubble. The miniature rockets ripped through tearing apart a clutch of aberrants huddled behind it. Storm bolters began to sing a song of death shredding more of the quickly approaching hybrids. There came the sound of tracks tearing through the strewn debris as a heavy Rockgrinder shambled into the open road.

Vaulting through the mutant horde the Black Shield thumbed the arming rune of the frag cannon to solid then fired point blank into the driving screen of the vehicle incinerating the immediate crew. He then jumped away from its path back towards his Kill Team. Heavily muscled aberrants spilled out from the back of the truck clambering forward towards the fight. Switching back to full auto the Black Shield opened fire again blasting the enemy into bloody visceral. Something huge came charging through the other side. The monster had many long barbed arms and towered above the Space Marines.

The Patriarch screamed in hateful anger as rolling waves of psychic energy poured off its exoskeleton hide. "Purestrains inbound." Arghus warned over the vox as a brood of Genestealers appeared behind the gargantuan mutant.