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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Assassin - Part 23 - Abbadon Rising

The Archfiend sat upon the command throne within the dark confines of the Vengeful Spirit. His face was a tightly drawn mask hiding his thoughts from those that surrounded him. His eyes were hooded and the golden irises shone from within his deep and shadowed sockets. The Alpha Legionnaire stood before him silent and waiting. "Well." said the Archfiend. "What information do you have to tell?"

Sigulus looked up avoiding direct eye contact. "As you know the enemy is well guarded of late and information privy to their coming actions and plans are hard to come by now."

Abbadon scowled. "Is that all?" he said gripping his gauntlets tight.

"Of course not. I only say that as a precursor so that you can truly appreciate what I have to tell you."

"You try my patience Sigulus. Speak and be done with it."

"I have come to learn that there is talk within the inner circles of the Lords of Terra that the Emperor is no longer bound to the Golden Throne now. There is also rumor of the return of another Primarch... the Angel." said the Legionnaire chosing his words carefully, cold sweat had broke out across his steep brow. "And there is more, it is possible there is some friction between the Emperor and his two Primarchs, Guilliman and Sanguinius."

"Hmmm." replied the Archfiend rising up from the throne. Slowly he strode about the command chamber coming to a sudden stop beside the cask that held the Talon. Abbadon stared at the Ancient weapon. "Can you possibly incite them against each other?" he asked.

"What you suggest is a dangerous path. They are not easily manipulated nor is it a simple task." said Sigulus.

"Of course not, you are of Hydra, it's what you do best." Abbadon released the cask freeing the Talon. The weapon unshielded by the static kine barrier distorted the immediate real space. Sigulus felt it's great power seeping into the chamber. His stomach tightened, hot bitter bile filling his mouth. "You ask for miracles my Lord."

"I do indeed." said the Archfiend as he fit the weapon to his arm. The Talon articulated curling out as he flexed the claws individually one at time then drawing the long tips together. "If they fight with each other it makes our task that much simpler, doesn't it?"

Sigulus could not break sight from the Talon and it filled him with cold uneasy dread. "You ask too much."

"What do you need to make it so?" growled the Archfiend. He had grown a long black mustach and twirled one spidery end with his free gauntlet. "Tell me."

"A shape shifter, one that cannot be broken and whose thoughts cannot be read." Sigulus swallowed the bile.

"So be it then." Abbadon motioned towards a female who stood towards the back hidden by the deep shadows. "Come forward Cyrene." he said softly now. "We have a task for you."

Friday, August 18, 2017

Assassin - Part 22 - The Hunger and Thirst

Sanguinius strapped the iron scabbard and lifted the Black Sword testing the weight of the blade. The hilt was hard as admantium but felt lighter than a feather. Channeling his essence into the very core of the weapon the Black Sword blazed bright enough to blind a man and the razor sharp edges of the blade cut into the very real space causing warp ether to spill forth. The Primarch cut off the power to the sword and it grew black again. "To test this weapon versus Drach'nyen... my blood burns at the thought."

"My Lord I have a question for you." said the large Templar named Oathsbane.

"Yes?" said the Primarch.

"Following your death at the hands of the Emperor do you have any memory up until your Legion eventually was able to revive you?"

"I do... the oblivion was long, hard and cold as ice. I was forever trapped by black pain and remorse but the feeling of the great hunger and raging thirst burned within me forever."

"Was that all?" asked Oathsbane.

"No." said Sanguinius.

"What else then my Lord?"

"The constant desire for revenge, having died at the hand of the Emperor filled my soul with utter shame. I saved our Sire from certain death at the hands of the Archfiend Horus having succumbed to a deep fit of the Black Rage then he turned on me at my weakest moment." Sanguinius' eyes burned like red coals and he could still remember the brutal hate that had filled his mind.

"Once we believed him to be divine but his treachery has undone our faith." said Oathsbane. "We are still forever loyal to the Imperium though and we shall all fight by your side." The Templar drew his power mace and held it out. "Our Chapter is at number rivaling even that of the original Legions and we are ready as ever now."

Sanguinius held up the Black Sword. "My gratitude to your Chapter for this great gift is ever eternal. Abbadon will pay for the death of your great champion Sigismund at my hands. You can rest assured he will suffer a slow painful and utterly humiliating death." Sanguinius felt the hilt of the Black Sword twisting in his steely grip like a dark vyper, it's very essence spilling coldly into his core. "He will die as his weakling father did at my very own hands. Soulless. Honorless. Weeping. Ashamed."

Oathsbane smiled. "Those are the very words of Sigismund and I will be there to witness this final act."

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Assassin - Part 21 - Excalibur

Sanguinius fitted the last of the tight clasps into his suit of black armor as they clicked into place. The plate was pitch black devoid of any marks other than a fractal pattern minutia of filigree deeply etched into the interlocking plates. His wings were furled tightly back hidden from sight within the combat chamber. "I need a weapon."

The Tech Marine bent over unlocking a hidden war chest. The hinges worked seamlessly as the top slowly slid open revealing a long black sword stored in an iron scabbard. A pair of golden Chymera formed the guard of the hilt.

"The blade is said to date back to original advent of mankind, forged on an isle known as Avalon. Caledfwich, the magical sword first wielded by Fergus mac Róich. The black steel was forged from heavy ores plundered from the deepest depths of the darkest ocean on Terra. Much later it was reforged again during the Age of Dark Techology and reunited with the original scabbard. Both are arcane and possess their own set of other worldly power. It said when Fergus first drew the blade its light shone brighter than one hundred thousand burning torches, blinding all his enemies. Keep the scabbard with you at all times for no injury will you suffer. The blade's astral light is holy and stored directly from the Sun."

Sanguinius bent on knee clasping the long hilt. He felt a steady pleasant thrum purring as he withdrew the sword. "Truly a weapon befitting a Primarch." He looked down upon the Ancient word etched into the blade 'Excalibur'.

"The Black Sword was last wielded by our finest champion and he slew untold number of Chaos Champions. Only one pure of heart can master this blade." said the Templar.

"Sigismund." the Primarch replied.

"Yes." said the Tech Marine. "They will both serve you well."

There drew he forth the brand Excalibur,
And o’er him, drawing it, the winter moon,
Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth
And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt:
For all the haft twinkled with diamond sparks,
Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work
Of subtlest jewellery.

Monday, August 14, 2017

S4 the Universal Power

Strength 4 (S4) is the new universal power now. It used to be S3 prior to the release of the 8th edition Roll To Wound table.

This a great boon to Space Marines due to their ubiquitous bolter. It used to the case for the lowly lasgun but no more. As you can see from the first chart S4 wounds T6 on a roll of 5+ while the lasgun needs a 6+... twice as good ! If you have been playing a lot of 8th edition games you will come to realize the two most common rolls to wound are 3+ and 5+... therefore the lasgun is mostly wounding on 5+ at best now.

It is no secret now the assault phase is dead as a door nail now so take heed all you loyalist SM players... victory is through our bolters now !