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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Brother Gabriel (Blood Angels)

Custodes vs Admech - 1000 point Batrep

I had a 1000 point game yesterday so it was a good time to test my new Telemon ! We were playing the Eternal War mission from CA2018 where there’s one objective in the center of the table - whoever has the most models with a shrinking distance (18" first turn, 15" second turn, 12" third turn etc.) scores a victory point. First Strike, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker are also in play as well. Also if you’re within 12" of the objective your units have no invulnerable save... 2+ armor saves and multiple wounds is still good though, right ?

Here’s my army list which was a Vanguard Detachment:

++ HQ ++

Trajann Valoris /Warlord

++ Elites ++

3x Aquilon Terminator - Solarite Power Gauntlets, Misericordia & Lastrum Bolters

Vexilla Praetor - Castellan Axe, Misericordia & +1 A banner

Vexilla Praetor - Guardian Spear, Misericordia & -1 to hit banner

++ Heavy Support ++

Telemon - Cannon, Fist & Bolt Launcher

Here was my opponent’s army list to the best of my memory:

++ Battalion Detachment ++

Forge World Choice: Forge World: Stygies VIII

+ HQ +

Tech-Priest Dominus - Macrostubber - Volkite Blaster /Warlord

Tech-Priest Enginseer

+ Troops +

Skitarii Rangers
Ranger Alpha - Galvanic Rifle
6x Skitarii Ranger
2x Skitarii Ranger - Plasma Caliver

Skitarii Rangers
Ranger Alpha - Galvanic Rifle
6x Skitarii Ranger
2x Skitarii Ranger - Plasma Caliver

Skitarii Rangers
Ranger Alpha - Galvanic Rifle
6x Skitarii Ranger
2x Skitarii Ranger - Plasma Caliver

+ Fast Attack +

Sydonian Dragoons
3x Sydonian Dragoon - Taser Lances

+ Heavy Support +

Onager Dunecrawler - Twin Heavy Phosphor Blaster - Cognis Heavy Stubbed



Vindicare Assassin (1 CP)

The deployment was Vanguard Strike and my opponent got to go first. I opted to pace my Terminators in deep strike reserve. I deployed the rest of my army just outside of the Null Zone close as possible to the objective with my characters hidden by a ruin and the Telemon in cover and obscured. My opponent deployed his units in a semi circle around the objective with the assassin tucked away safe high up with line of sight across the table top. I then failed to seize the initiative.

-1st Turn Admech
The Dragoons moved towards the objective but still too far away for a first turn charge. The Rangers move towards the objective as well while the Dune Crawler and Helverin hang back. His entire army fires into the Telemon taking it down to just six wounds... the assassin was hot this turn inflicting multiple wounds. My opponent ends the turn with many models in range to score the objective.

-1st Turn Custodes
Time to go to work... the Telemon holds its ground while my characters back up to make a second turn charge for the advancing Dragoons more difficult. The Telemon fires its cannon into the Dragoons inflicting some damage bringing one walker down to half wounds. The bolt launcher shreds one of the Ranger squads... only three remain. My characters fire into another squad of Rangers wasting a couple. Rangers pass their Battle Shock and my opponent scores a victory point.

-2nd Turn Admech
The Dragoons move forward again but will have to pass through a crater to reach any of my units to assault them. The Rangers all move forward again while the other walkers start to close in now. This time their shooting mostly bounces only inflicting a couple wounds on the Telemon. The Dragoons attempt to charge but fail and the Telemon brings one down to a single wound on overwatch with his plasma flamer.

-2nd Turn Custodes
Time to spring the trap now !!! The Telemon closes in right beside the Dragoons while my characters circle around to shoot and charge enemy Rangers. I then burn 3 CP to deep strike my Terminators right beside the Dragoons. Shooting is really good this turn wiping out the remnant squad of Rangers and deleting another... Lastrum bolters are fantastic for clearing chaff. All my units then charge the Dragoons and delete them... two explode bringing the Telemon down to just a couple wounds. I score the objective this turn so we are tied now.

-3rd Turn Admech
The pressure is on now... the remaining Rangers close in along with the remaining walkers. Again the shooting phase does not go well for the Admech as he fails to eliminate the Telemon and the Vindicare who shoots twice fails to destroy any of my characters - I burned a CP to reroll a failed save for one my Praetors which blocked the first shot.

-3rd Turn Custodes
I spread out to multi assault and gun down the last of the Rangers. The Telemon and Aquilon Team up to go after one of the Helverin. One of the Praetors splits off to shut down the dune crawler. Rangers are eradicated in the shooting phase plus one of the Helverin are brought down as well plus the Praetor is able to successfully charge the dune crawler stripping some wounds. I score the objective again and my opponent concedes.

Post Thoughts - The lack of an invulnerable save was not detrimental for me as the 2+ armor save versus mostly -1 AP was still better than the stock 4++. The Telemon surviving through turn 3 was huge as he prevented my opponent from being able to shoot my characters other than with his assassin... plus he dished out lots of damage. I’m really liking Caestus for melee too. The first turn hurt when the assassin really shined and I failed a couple 2+ saves versus the Helverin but then it all started to come together. I’m a big fan of the Aquilon, they really pulled their weight.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Anti Meta List

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Blood Angels) [449] ++

+ HQ [284] +

Captain [124] - Jump Pack - Stormshield - Thunderhammer
Warlord - Artisan of War
The Angel's Wing (replaces jump pack)

Chief Librarian Mephiston [8 PL, 160pts]

+ Troops [165] +

Scout Squad [55]
4x Scout - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol
Scout Sergeant - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol

Scout Squad [55]
4x Scout - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol
Scout Sergeant - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol

Scout Squad [55]
4x Scout - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol
Scout Sergeant - Combat Knife & Bolt Pistol

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Adeptus Custodes) [1550] ++

+ HQ [345] +

Captain-General Trajann Valoris [185]

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike [160] - Auric Aquilis - Hurricane Bolter
Auric Aquilis

+ Elites [568] +

Aquilon Custodians [322]
3x Aquilon Custodian - Lastrum Storm Bolter - Solarite Power Gauntlet
Aquilon Custodian - Infernus Firepike - Solarite Power Gauntlet

Vexillus Praetor [124] - Castellan Axe - Vexilla Magnifica

Vexillus Praetor [122] - Guardian Spear - Vexilla Magnifica

+ Fast Attack [360] +

Vertus Praetors [360]
4x Vertus Praetor - Hurricane Bolter

+ Heavy Support [277] +

Telemon Heavy Dreadnought [277] - Arachnus Storm Cannon - Spiculus Bolt Launcher - Telemon Caestus w. Twin Plasma Projector

++ Total: [1999] ++