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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gladiator results

So I brought my Deathwing army out to play again today after keeping them in stasis for a year.

Here is the list:

Belial/thunderhammer & stormshield
GK Grandmaster/psycannon w. 3x GK terminators/psycannon

3x Deathwing squads

Thunderhawk/6x bomb pylons

First game was against conventional IG with a Baneblade. Rolled this one for 41/43.

Second game was versus Space Marines with Titan. Rolled again with 27/43.

Third game was versus complete blob IG. Rolled again with another 27/43.

Last game was against foot eldar. Tried to go for early win with thunderhawk rush but made some really stupid mistakes and lost.

Got to meet a lot of really cool people like Jwolf and had a blast. I had the lowest model count army. All my opponents were great people and I really enjoyed playing them all. Definitely a much stronger showing than last year with basically the same exact army. Low model count prevented me from taking the secondary objective in games 2 & 3. No big deal.

40k Team tourney tomorrow!


MJ;-) said...

Awesome job, Steve.

BTW (ps), kudos on the recent post about being in the black. Me = jealous. ;-)


Green Blow Fly said...

I made quite a few beginner mistakes the last round. Instead of playing defensively with the thunderhawk like I did in the first three games I decided to go for the a big multi charge with three units out of the thunderhawk... Forgot to use the banner for +1A, forgot to swing with Belial versus Mag Ra (really stupid there), charged the Grey Knights into the Wraithguard and charged one squad of terminators into Fire Dragons - should have reversed those two charges. The multi charge bounced and then my termies were slowly attrited to death. I was really feeling good about going into the final round with 3 wins and got careless, over aggressive and left myself exposed. Probably would have been a lot better to have waited a couple more turns then multi charged... I was probably overly worried about a squad of war walkers shooting at my thunderhawk. Oh well, 3 wins out of 4 games is still pretty darn good and I only lost one game today so my overall record is not shabby at all. I really enjoyed all of my opponents yesterday and I think that is the most important aspect.


Green Blow Fly said...

So I decided to take my Deathwing army again:

Belial/stormshield & thunderhammer
GK Grandmaster/psycannon + 3x GK termies/psycannon

5x Deathwing termies/Standard, apothecary, paired lightning claws x2, cyclone missile launcher, chainfist
5x Deathwing terminators/paired lightning claws x2, cyclone missile launcher,chainfist
5x Deathwing terminators/assault cannon (deep striking unit)

Heavy Support
Thunderhawk/6x bomb pylons

Belial joins the Grey Knight squad and the two Deathwing squads with cyclone all ride in the thunderhawk. The Deathwing squad with the cannon deepstrike. That's how I played it all four games.

The first game was versus IG, a mix of walking units, some mech and a Baneblade. The thunderhawk was the ace in this game taking out most of the footsloggers with bombing runs and shooting up most of the mech. You scored points by having a scoring unit at the center of the table. My deep striking unit landed on the central objective by the third turn and racked up a lot of points during the remainder of the game while the thunderhawk did it's work. I know most people haven't seen a thunderhawk in action before so it usually comes as quite a surprise. The bomb pylons plus all the shooting the thunderhawk can crank out (2x TL lascannon, 4x TL heavy bolter + d weapon) is fierce. I won this one with a score of 41/43.

The second game was versus a SM army with a Titan. My opponent didn't have much that could touch the thunderhawk (2x lascannon) so I pretty much worked on taking out the Titan first with lots of bombs dropped on the Marines. Whoever had a unit closest to their own long table edge lost the primary so after I finished off the Titan my thunderhawk went into skimmer mode and dropped off the three squads on the opposite table for the primary. This time I scored 27/43, not as strong as the first game but it was still a solid win.

Third game was killpoints versus blob IG... a very interesting army fielded by a very good player. He only had 8 lascannons in his two HWS so my first turn I dropped all my bombs on one huge blob then pounded them with the heavy bolters and d weapon which wiped them out. My deepstiking unit came in early and finished off a small squad of IG with shooting. My opponent kept moving his super blob towards my table edge so towards the end of the game my thunderhawk went into skimmer mode so I could charge with the termies and take out the second HW team. The uber blob was too far away by then and I had racked up quite a few killpoints for the win. Again I scored 27/43 for another big win.

I will post up the 4th game later.