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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it just me?

I saw this posted on a local 40k forum... It's from an Avid Tau player:

"He doesnt care about the save. He wants woods to do what woods really does do which is effectively block line of sight so they cant be shot at. I am all in favor of this, the game has gotten too abstract.

"...what do you mean shooting is too OP? This is a sci-fi/futuristic game, shooting and manuever should be 95% of the game with hand to hand combat being a rarely occurring 5%. That picture of the tank and commissar is a sad reminder that hand to hand is what the game has turned into over more realistic ranged combat.

"As far as the tau go, raising BS on all suits by one is a good start. Gundrones should go up by one as well. They say the tau have a hard time seeing things at a distance in the first codex(fluff excuse for crappy stat) and why does this affect drones?

"I would love to see stand and shoot reaction for tau but it will never happen. Cant give them something that will kill their precious maweens that the maweens dont get, poor babies!"

Wow just wow...

* face palm *

I don't even know where to start when I see such drivel but it's out there and probably we should be aware of attitudes such as these. These are the same guys bringing their same old 4ed armies and crying because they can't win anymore. Don't get me wrong though PLEASE! I have nothing against the Tau in general and posts such as these tend to make me LOL uncontrollably for awhile but I also find such comments to be pathetic. Really. 40k as a ruleset is dynamic, it keep changing from year to year. I remember back in 3ed when GW would release a new set of rules (e.g., Chapter Approved) that would have drastic effects on gameplay. The rules now are much more static and it seems to a certain degree the developers are trying to build balanced codices. Now that is by no means completely true and I'll be the 1st to admit it. It's obvious that IG & SW got lots of love. In fact I'll go so far as to say SW seemed inherently designed to have several robust counters to the new Tyranids... Rune Priests & Long Fangs immediately come to mind and they are both cheap units for what you get and you don't need to up their cost with lots of pricy upgrades. It's just the way it is as I so often say.

If I hate the rules for an army I own then I put them away in my closest. In fact I have lots of armies packed away including my dearly beloved 13th Company that got squatted on. Who knows maybe one day I'll decide to pull them out again and play vanilla SW but to be honest I don't see that happening anytime soon. There are just too many new OP armies I am just dying to play! Hee.



TheKing Elessar said...

I also LOL'd.

MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

*sheds a tear*

I love my Tau, but they badly need an update. TBH I think it'll come sooner than most people believe, but maybe that's just me being over-optimistic.

I agree with you, sometimes you just have to shelve an army and wait for their update. I'm not bringing my Tau to any more tournaments until they get a new codex.

Laen said...

Agreed. I think one of the reasons that some people get to the point that that person was in is because they can't afford all the new armies that come out.

I know I have just recently found myself in a position to either build armies or pay of bills. Sadly, I choose the bills.. heh

But I also think that while Tau could use an update.. they are not nearly in the shape of some of the older codices. A great example is the Dark Eldar. While people can still win with it.. from what I have read.. they are just a nightmare to play. I would place it along the lines of trying to run a kroot army right now.

But I think Tau players are still ignoring the winning armies because they don't like mixing things up.

I build a pretty cool tau list a while back that ran 3 full stealth suit teams, tons of AV and three small troops for point control. It looked like a pretty solid build imho.. even though I've never played tau before.. But the ability of the suits to ignore fire and focus fire squads down should have left them to their game. I just think most opponents would focus on the 2 hammerheads and the sky ray raining fire from the back of the board on them. Supported by the three troops either outflanking or grabbing VPs. I built the list with a commander and one of the diplomat guys for sacrifice. Giving your entire army preferred enemy is always helpful. And the unit is pretty decent at ignoring fire and dicing people up in combat. I think that people tend not to shoot at them because they did not want to give the army preferred enemy.

Anyway, it was an old list and most likely wouldn't work.. but hey.. mix things up.. Think outside the box. And you can make almost any codex out there make people say "Wtf?" and then smash them with your hammer as they try to adjust their army to your surprise tactic. I can't wait!!