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Monday, February 29, 2016

Imperial Fist terminators circa M.31

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Army List [1500]

+++ Imperial Fists 1.5k (1500) +++
++ Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) ++

+ HQ (230) +

Sigismund (230) [Master of the Legion] [Warlord]

Adamantium Will
Death's Champion
Dolorous Fighter
Eternal Warrior, Fearless
Independent Character
Legiones Astartes
Master of the Legion

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Iron Halo
The Black Sword:
Range:-|Strength:+2|AP:2|Type: Melee - Two-handed|

+ Troops (600) +

Legion Reconnaissance Squad (175)
4x Legion Space Marines
4x Sniper Rifle - Cameleoline
Legion Sergeant -Sniper Rifle

Legion Sergeant:
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)

Legion Space Marine:
Unit Type:

Cameleoline: Confers Stealth

Templar Brethren (425)
8x Templar Brethren
8x Combat Shield - Legion Vexilla - Melta Bombs
Chapter Champion - Combat Shield - Master-crafted Solarite Power Gauntlet

Furious Charge
Legiones Astartes

Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour


Chapter Champion:
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Templar Brethren:
Unit Type: Infantry

Legion Rhino:
BS:4|Front:11|Side:11|Rear:10|HP:3|Type: Tank - Transport|

Legion Vexilla: A unit with a Legion Vexilla may re-roll failed Morale tests.

Solarite Power Gauntlet:
Range:-|Strength:x2|AP:1|Type: Melee - Master-crafted - Unwieldy|

+ Elites (280) +

Legion Terminator Squad (280)
Legion Terminator Sergeant - Chainfist - Vigil Pattern Storm Shield
4x Legion Terminators
Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon - Pair of Lightning Claws - Chainfist - 2x Power Fist - 2x Vigil Pattern Storm Shield

Implacable Advance
Legiones Astartes

Legion Terminator: Unit Type: Infantry

Legion Terminator Sergeant: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Vigil Pattern Storm Shield: Confers 3++ Invulnerable save.

Iliastus Assault Cannon:
Range:24"|Strength:6|AP:4| Type: Heavy 4 - Rending - Malfunction|

+ Heavy Support (390) +

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Talon (390)

Crushing Charge
Move Through Cover
Reinforced Atomantic Shielding

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought
Armoured Ceramite - Grav-Flux Bombard - hosphex Discharger

Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod


Assault Vehicle
Burning Retros
Drop Pod Assault
Inertial Guidance System

Graviton Collapse
Severing Cut
Torsion Crusher

Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod:
BS:4|Front:12|Side:12|Rear:12|HP:3|Type: Open-topped - Transport (Special)|

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought:
WS:5|BS:5|S:8|Front:13|Side:13|Rear:12|I:4|A:4|HP:4|Type:Vehicle (Walker)|

Armoured Ceramite:
A vehicle with this wargear is not subject to the additional D6 armour penetration caused by weapons with the Melta special rule.

Grav-Flux Bombard:
Range:18"|Strength:*|AP:2| Type: Heavy 1 - Large Blast - Ignores Cover - Pinning -Graviton Collapse - Torsion Crusher

Leviathan Siege Claw:
Range:-|Strength:X2|AP:2|Type: Melee - Wrecker - Severing Cut

Phosphex Discharger:
Range:6" - 18"|Strength:5|AP:2|Type: Heavy 3 - One Use - Barrage - Blast - Poison (3+) - Crawling Fire - Lingering Death

+ Legion +

Legion Astartes [VII: Imperial Fists]

++ Selection Rules ++

Acute Senses

Adamantium Will

Assault Vehicle

Burning Retros:
Legion Dreadnought Drop Pods have the Shrouded special rule on the game turn that they arrive (also applying to interceptor fire or similar effects). Upon landing, the doors open automatically, but the Dreadnought does not have to deploy. In this case, the Dreadnought benefits from the effects of Shrouded, as do any units whose line of sight passes through or over the Drop Pod on the game turn of its arrival.

Crushing Charge:
When charging, the model inflicts 2 Hammer of Wrath attacks and gains +1 Initiative in the Assault phase of any turn in which it has charged.

Death's Champion:
Sigismund and any unit he joins gain +1 initiative when they charge and may re-roll both charge distance and sweeping advance rolls. Additionally, allows Templar Brethren to be taken as troops.

Dolorous Fighter:
Must always issue/accept challenges when able - takes precedence over the usual rules for the Legion. When fighting in a challenge, Sigismund's attacks have the Instant Death special rule and successful invulnerable saves against his attacks must be re-rolled.

Drop Pod Assault

Eternal Warrior


Furious Charge

Graviton Collapse:
Instead of rolling To Wound normally with this weapon, any model caught in its blast must instead roll equal to or under their Strength on 2D6 or suffer a wound. Against targets with an Armour value, roll 3D6 for armour penetration instead. After the graviton pulse weapon has been fired, leave the Blast marker in place. This area now counts as both difficult terrain and dangerous terrain for the next turn thanks to the gravity flux.


Implacable Advance:
Unit is always counted as a scoring unit where Troops are also counted as scoring units.

Independent Character

Inertial Guidance System

Legiones Astartes:
Units with this special rules may always attempt to regroup regardless of casualties.
- Additional rules conferred by Legiones Astartes.

When rolling to hit, if three or more results of "1" are rolled, a malfunction has occured and the weapon may not be used for the rest of the game.

Master of the Legion

Move Through Cover


Reinforced Atomantic Shielding:
A Leviathan Dreadnought has a 4+ invulnerable save. In addition, if the Leviathan suffers a Vehicle Explodes damage result, add +D3 Str and +D3" to the radius of the blast.

In the Shooting phase instead of firing a weapon, the Rhino may attempt to repair an Immobilised result on a D6 roll of a 6.


Severing Cut:
Each time a non-vehicle model suffers an unsaved wound from this weapon, roll a D6. On a 4+, the model suffers an extra D3 wounds which must be saved separately using the weapon’s profile (note that these wounds do not themselves generate more additional wounds).

Support Squad:
May not fill the compulsory Troops slots on a Force Organization chart.

Torsion Crusher:
When a target with an Armour value is struck by this weapon, the amount of Hull Point damage caused by the weapon is doubled.

Taken Onboard teh Black Ships

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Imperial Fist terminator Captain

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm on the Hunt

I said baby mama, I don't know your name
But I said baby, sugar I can play your game
Every night when we leave the hall
I see you hanging around
You wanna ride in my big black car baby
Wanna go uptown

I know who you are baby
I know what they call you girl
Never put you down baby
I'm just like you baby, I'm on the hunt

I know lady
People gonna talk about you and me
Let me say one thing mama, sugar I do as I please
And if you wanna love me baby, I'm your man
And all those high-falutin' society people
I don't care if they don't undertand

My daddy told me a long time ago
Said there's two things son
Two things you should know
And in these two things you must take pride
That's a horse and woman, yeah
Well both of them you ride

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Chaplain

The Chaplain is often overlooked as an HQ choice but has a lot to offer - generally speaking:

- Re roll hits the first round of close combat

- Grants fearless to the squad to which he's attached

These are both very useful in the current meta. Re rolling hits is really good versus invisible enemy units and not having to worry about breaking off the table is very powerful for a beefed up command squad or whatever unit he joins. I think Chaplains are often overlooked in favor of Librarians. You can have both though and the addition of automatic abilities should not be under estimated.

There are a lot of flavors for this HQ besides Space Marines which grant some other similar abilities that are just as good if not better:

Space Wolves Wolf Priest
Each turn you can select which type of enemy unit he grants preferred enemy which overall can be more useful if properly applied. Join the Wolf Priest to a Space Marine command squad and you'll soon see how good is re rolling 1s to both hit and wound. This is a huge buff that'll quickly pay dividends. Honestly I think preferred enemy is one of the best of the universal special rules. Of course the Wolf Priest also confers fearless as well. The Wolf Priest also confers a 6++ feel no pain which while not great is still better than no feel no pain. If you've got some points left over you can arm him with a nice Space Wolf relic like Black Death.

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain
This Chaplain is initiative 5 and has three wounds which is a direct throw back to older editions. I typically field this HQ over Sammael for my Ravenwing army. He's a bit cheaper even with a power fist and the Unseen Eye (i.e., Dark Angels relic) which confers preferred enemy versus all enemy units which is obviously the best.

The Space Marine Chaplain is a good choice for White Scars since you can kit him the Hunter's Eye relic which grants ignore cover. Anything that's automatic is better than a randomly acquired psychic power you have to roll in hopes of getting.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Khorne Army List [1850]

Here is an 1850 point army list featuring Khorne Daemonkin and the Crimson Slaughter. It features lots of units that are common to my Khornate builds. There's no psychic but it would be easy to incorporate into the list. I'd take a level 3 Sorceror with no mark mounted on a bike and attach him to the Flesh Hounds along with the two Chaos Lords. If you want more psychic then an allied detachment of Chaos Daemons lead by Belakor and eleven Pink Horrors will do the trick... Of course if you go this route you'll have to obviously drop some of the other units to make room such as the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Lord.

+++ Khorne (1850) +++

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Combined Arms Detachment) (680) ++

+ HQ (200) +

Chaos Lord (200)
Goredrinker - Juggernaut of Khorne - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption

Unit Type: Cavalry

+ Troops (160) +

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletters

Unit Type: Infantry

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletters

Unit Type: Infantry

+ Fast Attack (320) +

Flesh Hounds (320)
20x Flesh Hounds

Unit Type: Beasts

++ Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter (Combined Arms Detachment) (1170) ++

+ HQ (225) +

Chaos Lord (225) /Warlord
Daemonheart - Juggernaut of Khorne - Lightning Claw - Mark of Khorne - Melta Bombs - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption - The Slaughterer’s Horns

Unit Type: Cavalry (Character)

+ Troops (395) +

Chaos Space Marines (173)
4x Chaos Space Marines - Flamer - Icon of Wrath
4x Bolt Pistol - 4x Boltgun - 4x Close Combat Weapon
Aspiring Champion - Power Axe
Chaos Rhino - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour

Aspiring Champion: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Chaos Space Marine: Unit Type: Infantry

Khorne Berzerkers (Troops) (222)
7x Khorne Berzerker - Icon of Wrath
Berzerker Champion - Lightning Claw - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Berserker Champion: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Khorne Berserker: Unit Type: Infantry

+ Fast Attack (100) +

Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (100)

BS:- |Front:12|Side:12|Rear:12|HP:3|

Type: Vehicle (Hover, Flyer)

+ Lord of War (450) +

Chaos Typhon (450)
Armoured Ceramite - Dirge Casters - Dreadhammer Siege Cannon - Lascannon Sponsons(40pts)

Legacy of Ruin: First War of Armageddon

BS:4 |Front:14|Side:14|Rear:14|HP:6|

Type: Super-Heavy Vehicle

Dreadhammer Siege Cannon:
Type: Primary Weapon 1 - Massive Blast (7") - Ignores Cover

Monday, February 22, 2016

Genestealers vs. 30k Space Marines

I posted my list in the last post if you're interested. The goal was to create a micro environment loosely based upon Space Hulk featuring a lot of terrain with tight corridors on a 4x4 area. The Tyranid table had spores and gigantic glowing crystals erupting from the flooring to set the mood.

My two games were versus World Eaters and Salamanders. This wasn't a tournament - just a day set aside to roll dice and have some fun. Both of my opponents were a heck of a lot to play too.

Both games were very close. The World Eater army had an excellent theme with lots of hard hitting melee units including the fierce Red Butchers which are very scary. The Salamanders had Fire Drakes and a Contemptor. Both armies had a Praetor which is one heck of an awesome HQ and packs a super punch.

I deployed the same both games - the two Genestealer broods with Broodlords infiltrated behind cover close to the Marines. The Tyranid Prime attached to the other Genestealer brood and outflanked, the Deathleaper deep striked. The Malenthrope deployed normally during setup in a position to provide its amazing buffs where needed most... On table with so much terrain it was very easy to have a 2+ cover save. The Malenthrope is just an amazing unit designed by Forge World !

The first game versus World Eaters my opponent deployed his squishy units in front of his harder hitting units which I was able to exploit using old school guerilla tactics taking out the squishy units and avoiding his Praetor and Red Butchers. The Red Butchers ended up controlling the central objective but I held three lesser objectives and scored First Blood for a narrow win.

The second game versus Salamanders my opponent shrewdly deployed the Fire Drakes and Contemptor up front to screen his tactical Marines so I couldn't avoid them. The Tyranid Prime took out the Contemptor on the charge with some support from the genestealers which was definitely an epic gaming moment. However the Praetor and Fire Drakes proved to be more resilient holding the central objective which I managed to contest the final turn and it ended in a draw.

My MVPs were the Tyranid Prime and Malenthrope.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tyranids go to Zone Mortalis Event [1000]

I ran a 30k Zone Mortalis event today and was the ringer. We had a total of six players including myself...

Adeptus Mechancium
Night Lords
Sons of Horus
World Eaters

I brought Tyranids for fun and setup a special table for them that fit the theme. In case you don't know Zone Mortalis missions take place inside of space ships and are considered as boarding actions which are perfect for Tyranids. Armies were restricted to only being able to field infantry and walkers.

Here is a link to the missions:


Here's my army list:

+++ Tyranids • Zone Mortalis (996) +++

++ Tyranids: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) ++

+ HQ (325) +

Deathleaper (130)
Flesh Hooks - Rending Claws - Scything Talons

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Tyranid Prime (195) - Warlord
Adrenal Glands - Flesh Hooks - Scything Talons - The Maw-claws of Thyrax - The Ymgarl Factor

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

+ Elites (85) +

Malanthrope Brood (85)

Unit Type: Infantry

+ Troops (586) +

Genestealer Brood (226)
Broodlord [Psyker (Mastery Level 1)
Rending Claws - Scything Talons

9x Genestealer
Rending Claws - Scything Talons

Broodlord: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Unit Type: Infantry

Genestealer Brood (226)
Broodlord [Psyker (Mastery Level 1)
Rending Claws - Scything Talons

9x Genestealer
Rending Claws - Scything Talons

Broodlord: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Unit Type: Infantry

Genestealer Brood (134)
9x Genestealer - 9xRending Claws 2x Scything Talons

Unit Type: Infantry

Two battle reports to follow versus World Eaters then Salamanders !

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Casual versus Competitve

As always these days I continually hear griping about the struggles between casual and competitive players to be able to have a game both enjoy together. I am a competitive gamer so obviously I have some bias. My experience has always been in one versus one games both players will play competitively irregardless of lists. I have played in 'casual' leagues and tournaments - it's always been the same and wow those casual players know how to bring the cheese. These games have often come down to luck and mistakes. I guess the casual players lacking more competitive experience are more prone to make more mistakes and competitive players tend to be unforgiving. They have solid lists that can counter mine but their mistakes tend to decide the outcome. I've also watched games where the casual opponent could have won but choked in the last couple turns.

I like an environment where you can simply play what you like to play and enjoy it. Campaigns and mega battles are good settings for casual play. Some of the nicest people I've met who play 40k are casual players... They helped me with the rules and pointed out mistakes letting me change a decision - these are things that would be hard for a competitive player to do. A competitive player wants the win more. I don't blame them but we can learn from the more casual players. My best memories from major events was playing campaigns.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Enter the Wulfen

So far the new Wulfen have received mixed reviews. Some say that the game is turning back towards the assault phase while others say they aren't worth their points and this basically an exercise in pulling in the reins on Space Wolves - note the Iron Priest is now selected from the HQ slot and gains an additional wound. Just look to the Wolves Unleashed detachment in the Space Wolf codex - you can field up to six HQ and elites are optional... Nothing has really changed in that regard. Let's remained focused on the role of the Wulfen and how they can play out.

I am a student of the assault phase and that's how I play my armies. I played the 13th Company which was the first appearance of the Wulfen. It was a great army and could beat Chaos back when Chaos Space Marines were a true contender. This was during a phase of the game when transports were not popular and Wulfen had a rule called Animal Rage which basically gave a d6 extra movement that could be used with charging so it was very powerful at the time. The original Wulfen had no options for melee wargear but were WS5, had a high number of attacks and were I5. Basically they could lay down enough wounds it would force enough failed saves versus any unit. You had to attach a Wolf Priest who could control their movement and arm him a thunderhammer so he could take out the big stuff like high armor.

The new Wulfen are only WS4 but are just as fast, have just as many attacks if not more and have access to some really awesome melee weapons such as Frost Claws. The new Wulfen can run and charge which means once they are in range they will devastate enemy lines. The key to their success will rely upon their delivery system. They are bulky too but who is going to attempt to assault out of a drop pod unless it has special rules ? Basically you can fit up to five in a Stormclaw which I think is a good starting point for using this unit. The Stormclaw has a transport capacity of 16 models so up to eight Wulfen can embsrk which is a solid number. Probably one unit of Wulfen is enough... Armed with the right wargear they can take down Stormsurges and Wraithknights on the charge. The new Wulen have two wounds apiece as well so they can weather even Tau Overwatch.

To me the game is changing at a rapid pace right before our very eyes and I think the new Wulfen will be a game winner. Harlequins didn't pan out well because they are so fragile and die to bolters. Wulfen on the other hand are hard as nails.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Can pure Khorne be competitive ?

So the question posed is can a pure Khorne be competitive ? This means they must be able to beat eldar shenanigans and Battle Company in missions using Maelstrom as one of the objectives. Yesterday I posted a 2000 point Khorne Daemonkin (KDK) list that I played today versus Tyranids. While Tyranids are not top tier they are not a slouch by any means either. The list I posted can easily be paired down to 1850 points... For example I brought a squad of Berzerkers mounted in a landraider just because I still like them. I also fielded a Greater Brass Scorpion (GBS) which is a super point sink but also very effective.

I really like the new codex - Khorne is one of my favorite Chaos powers and it's easy to generate enough Blood Tithe points each turn for Feel No Pain across the entire army which I think in general is the best boon on the table. All of the Warlord traits are really good... Today I got one that allows friendly units within 12" to re roll failed charges which was pivotal more than once. I'm not a fan of any of the formations and much prefer to simply run a combined arms detachment (CAD).

Khorne is all about assault not simply running around scoring Maelstrom points. Personally I abhor the MSU approach to KDK and to me it's not surprising they didn't fair well at the Los Vegas Open (LVO) last weekend. You should be destroying enemy units as opposed to losing your own units to generate Blood Tithe points.

My list features a hammer and anvil approach to designing the army. The two Chaos Lords attach to a large squad of Flesh Hounds for the hammer and the GBS is the anvil. Ideally you should have the two units on either side of the enemy force to catch them in between. This a good counter to eldar Warp Spiders as they will be caught by either one with no place to run as the game progresses. The two Chaos Lords are your heavy hitters along with the GBS and the Flesh Hounds provide a ton of ablative wounds.

If you want to take the army to the next level then a second CAD or allied detachment featuring Belakor and Horrors to shore up more warp charge plus a bike mounted Sorcerer is a fantastic addition since you buff the dogstar or GBS with Invisbility and possibly Endurance. The latter psychic power is great for Flesh Hounds since they become Eternal Warrior and have a 4+ Feel No Pain so the enemy can't one shot them with instant death attacks. There are other great buffs too like Curzed Earth for +1 to your invulnerable saves.

So the answer to the question is yes in my opinion - it's just that people have been doing it wrong.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin 2k army list

+++ Daemonkin 2k (2000) +++

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Combined Arms Detachment) (2000) ++

+ HQ (465) +

Chaos Lord (265)
Axe of Khorne - Collar of Khorne - Juggernaut of Khorne - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption - The Blood-forged Armour

Chaos Lord
Unit Type: Cavalry

Collar of Khorne:
A Unit containing 1 or more collar of Khorne adds +2 to all Deny the Witch rolls

Juggernaut of Khorne:
Changes unit type to Cavalry. Confers +1 Toughness, +1 Attacks and +1 Wounds

Sigil of Corruption:
Confers a 4+ Invunerable save

The Blood-forged Armour:
Confers a 3+ Armour save, Feel no Pain and Eternal Warrior

Axe of Khorne:
Range:-|Strength:User|AP:2|Type:Melee, Decapitating Blow, Specialist Weapon

Power Fist:
Range:-|Strength:x2|AP:2|Type:Meele, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

Chaos Lord (200)
Goredrinker - Juggernaut of Khorne - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption

Chaos Lord
Unit Type: Cavalry

Juggernaut of Khorne:
Changes unit type to Cavalry. Confers +1 Toughness, +1 Attacks and +1 Wounds

Sigil of Corruption:
Confers a 4+ Invunerable Save

Range:-|Strength:+1|AP:2|Type:Melee, Unwieldy, Blood Feast

Power Fist:
Range:-|Strength:x2|AP:2|Type:Meele, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

+ Troops (317) +

Berzerkers (237)
Icon of Wrath
Bezerker Champion - Axe of Khorne - Boltgun - Melta Bombs - Power Fist
7x Bezerkers

Bezerker Champion
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Unit Type: Infantry

Icon of Wrath:
A unit with this Icon adds 1 to their combat resolution result. Any units with Mark of Khorne carrying the Icon gain Furious Charge, and may re-roll charge distance.

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletters

Unit Type: Infantry


+ Fast Attack (288) +

Flesh Hounds (288)

18x Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds
Unit Type: Beasts

+ Heavy Support (230) +

Chaos Land Raider (230)
Searchlight - Smoke Launcher - Twin-linked Heavy Bolter - 2x Twin-linked Lascannons

Chaos Land Raider:
BS:4|Front:14|Side:14|Rear:14|HP:4|Type:Vehicle (Tank, Transport)

+ Lord of War (700) +

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne (700)
2x Hellmaw Cannon - Scorpion Cannon - Soulburner Cannon

Blood for the Blood God!
Daemon of Khorne
Doomsday Reactor
Frenzied Charge
It Will Not Die!
Multi-legged Terror
Runes of the Blood God

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne:
WS:3|BS:3|S:10|Front:14|Side:13|Rear:10|I:3|A:6|HP:9|Type:Super-heavy Walker

Hellmaw Cannon:
Range:Template|Strength:6|AP:3|Type:Assault 1|

Scorpion Cannon:
Range:36"|Strength:6|AP:3|Type:Heavy 10|

Soulburner Cannon:
Range:24"|Strength:10|AP:2|Type:Primary Weapon 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover|

Doomsday Reactor:
Adds +2 modifier when rolling on the Catastrophic damage table.

Frenzied Charge:
When charging, roll 3D6 and add together for total charge distance.

Multi-legged Terror:
When making stomp attacks, the scorpion makes D3+2 stomps

Runes of the Blood God:
Any psyker who targets the scorpion suffers perils of the warp irrespective of a pass or failure.

In Praise of LVO • Where do we go from here

Hi everybody ! It's your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly swinging through your area again to spread some mischief and malcontent !!! Today's timely subject is how to deal with some of the top 8 winning lists from the Los Vegas Open 2016 (LVO). I'll focus on the weaknesses of the selected armies for review and break down your basic counters.

The top 2 armies were both eldar with some other elements sprinkled in for good measure. While I wasn't able to attend the LVO this year I did watch many of the games streamed over Twitch played on the top tables throughout each day of the event.

Let's first look at the top 8 armies:

Alex Harrison 1st Overall - Eldar & Inquisitor (servo skulls)

Eldar CAD
Autarch Sky Runner - Jetbike - Haywire Grenades - Forceshield - The Path of Command
3x Windrider - 3x Scatter Laser
3x Windrider - 3x Scatter Laser
3x Windrider - 2x Scatter Laser

Warhost of the Pale Courts (Forge World Doom of Mymeara)
Farseer - Jetbike
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch

- Disciples of Vaul
Vaul’s Support Battery – Dcannon
Vaul’s Support Battery – DCannon

Wraith Construct
Skatach Wraithknight - Deathshroud Cannon

Aspect Host
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch

Aspect Host
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
5x Warp Spider - Exarch

Ordos Xenos Inquisitor (2x servo skulls)

Sean Nayden 2nd Overall - Eldar w. Dark Eldar Corpsethief Claw formation (5x Talos)

Eldar CAD
3x Windrider - 3x Scatter Laser
3x Windrider - 3x Scatter Laser
3x Windrider - 3x Scatter Laser
5x Warp Spider - Exarch
Void Shield Generator
Warp Hunter

Aspect Host
8x Swooping Hawk - Exarch
8x Swooping Hawk - Exarch
8x Swooping Hawk - Exarch

Corspethief Claw formation
5x Talos - 5x Splinter Cannon - Ichor Injector

Steve Sisk 3rd Overall - Gladius Strike Force (White Scars)

Alan Bajramovic 4th Overall - Daemons, Flying Circus w. ScreamerStar & Horrors

Alex Fennell 5th Overall - Necrons

Brad Chester 6th Overall - Eldar w. Dark Eldar

Jon Camacho 7th Overall - Necrons

Aaron Aleong 8th Overall (2015 NOVA Champion) - Dark Angels w. Space Wolves

You can find more of these army lists over on the BoK blog if you're really interested:

Interestingly enough the new Tau didn't make the cut but placed well overall and it's important to note they weren't in full force this year which could be due in part to the nerf bat treatment they received - but that's another story for a different day.

I attribute Necron high placement mainly due to their uber resiliency... They are extremely difficult to remove which in turn helps them grab and hold objectives.

Warp Spiders were prevalent throughout many of the Eldar armies listed above. I'm sure we will be seeing more Warp Spider spam in upcoming events due to their success last weekend. I also noticed squads of three Windrider jetbikes looks to be the optimal number.

When analyzing the results for the LVO we need to keep in mind that due to their format going second can be pivotal and a modified version of Maelstrom is always in play. Both Swooping Hawks and Warp Spiders are both great units for scoring Maelstrom points.

It just seems apparent that army list construction is one of the top aspects for being successful in a competitive environment. Of course tactics are important too but if you don't bring the right list it doesn't really matter. The army list must be constructed to excel in the mission format and also counter top opponents. The semi final match between Alex Harrison and Alan Bajramovic really brings this point home. Alex took the lead in the first three turns inflicting heavy damage then ride it out the final turns and still counter Alan's plays to overtake him. The daemon army is very strong and has won its share of events but fell a little short in the semi final match.

Another very interesting game was the quarter final match between Steve Sisk and Aaron Aleong. Aaron was the grand champion at NOVA last year winning both the Invitational and Open with his deathstar army which I noticed he had tweaked for the LVO. In the end he just couldn't counter all of Steve's objective secured units which again is so important for objective grabbing such as Maelstrom.

One of the things for which I give high praise to the LVO format is that two top armies from previous major events were successfully countered and eliminated - that tells me this format provides good balance and keeps things interesting ! That's so important too. It could just be me but my final impression was that the psychic phase did not dominate at LVO as it has in the past at other events and I think this is a good thing for the game in general.

So how do you counter these armies ? Partly the equation for success is to fight fire with fire - highly mobile armies that can lay down blistering levels of fire power each turn and progressively score is key. Of course some of us would like to counter these armies with an army that's not a mirror list. An important question is what do we do about eldar ? One approach would be to go back and implement more bans and nerfs but me being a tactician I'd rather address it on the table in terms of what I can bring as an effective counter.

Even though Tau did not place in the top 8 I still see lots of potential here and there's plenty of time to sort it all out. There are many new things being introduced to the game or revamped such as the new Wulfen. So keep it fresh - think outside the box - be willing to try new things. In the end it all comes down to the time invested and true dedication to the game - these will always serve you well. I'd much rather do well based upon my own creativity rather than copy someone else's army.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Space Hulk Mission - RETRIEVAL

Legion Astartes Recon Team:

The Legion Astartes player can field up to one HQ and two squads.


The Genestealer player can field a force equal to the total points of the Legion Astartes Recon Team. The Genestealer force consists of up to one Tyranid Prime, one Lictor and multiple Genestealer broods. Each Genestealer broods can field a Broodlord.


The Artefact is placed at the center of the playing area (4' x 4') and is then scattered 2d6". If the Artefact scatters into impassable terrain it stops short just before entering.

Legion Astartes Recon Team:

The entire Legion Astartes Recon Team must be deployed at least 18" from the Artefact (including any infiltrating units). No units can be held in reserve.


The Genestealer force can deploy up to 12" from the Artefact (including any infiltrating units). The Tyranid Prime can join an infiltrating brood of Genestealers.


Legion Astartes Recon Team

Moving the Artefact

—Once a Legion Astartes unit reaches base contact with the Artefact the next turn they can move and run up to a total of 9" with it. The Artefact must remain in base contact with the Marine who first made base contact with it.
—Once a Legion Astartes unit is in possession of the Artefact the following turns they can pass it off to another friendly within 3" of the Artefact at the end of the movement phase. The unit newly possessing the Artefact can then move with it starting the next turn. The Artefact must remain in base contact with the Marine who receives it from the original squad and must be within 3" of it when the Artefact is passed off.


—If the Legion Astartes unit in possession of the Artefact rolls a 1 for their run move they drop it and lose possession. Move the Artefact 3" towards the closest Tyranid unit.
—If the Legion unit in possession of the Artefact is pinned or goes to ground they cannot pass it off to another friendly unit.
—If a Legion Astartes unit possessing the Artefact breaks then they drop it at the point where they start to break.

The objective for the Legion Astartes Recon Team is to move the Artefact off any board edge which counts as moving it off the Space Hulk.


—Tyranid units cannot move the Artefact.

The objective for the Tyranids is to prevent the Legion Astartes Recon Team from removing the Artefact from the Space Hulk. If the entire Legion Astartes Recon Team is wiped out this objective is also achieved.

Number of Game Turns:

—The Legion Astartes player has up to four turns to reach base contact with the Artefact. The game ends if they fail to do so and the Tyranids win.
—Once a Legion Astartes unit has reached base contact with the Artefact the Legion Astartes player has five turns to move the Artefact off the Space Hulk starting their next turn. If they do so they win... Otherwise the Tyranids win.

Special Rules:

—A Legion Astartes unit in possession of the Artefact can snap fire at a fixed ballistic skill of 2 during either their movement or shooting phase when they run.

—The Artefact is a relic from the Dark Age of Technology and intermittently emits radioactive gas with various affects:

•Each player turn a Legion Astartes unit is in possession of the Artefact roll 2d6 at the start of the movement phase - on a roll of 4 or less then one randomly selected member of the unit succumbs to the radioactivity and is removed from play. On a roll of 2 then two randomly selected members of the unit are removed from play. Characters can Look Out Sir this effect. No saves of any kind are allowed but Feel No Pain is in play. If the Marine carrying the Artefact succumbs then the it is fumbled - refer to the first rule in the pertaining section above.

•Each player turn a Legion Astartes unit is in possession of the Artefact roll 2d6 at the start of the shooting phase - on a roll of 10 or higher they can run an additional 3" but cannot elect to shoot that turn.

•Tyranid units are Shrouded at the start of the game and then until they move. Their best cover save can never be better than a 4++.

•The first destroyed Tyranid unit is placed into Ongoing Reserves on a roll of 4+ on 1d6. This unit can re enter play from any board edge their next turn. After this no Tyranid unit can do so again.

•Tyranid units can run up to 3" on 1d3 and charge a Legion Astartes unit in possession of the Artefact - this counts as a disordered assault.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

New Rules for Heresy Legions

Emperor's Children

- All models with the LA rule gain +1 initiative on the charge
- Sonic shriekers are now -1WS to enemy models in base contact which aren't immune to fear. Effects the full length of the combat (not just first round), not just if you charge
- Phoenix terminators are WS5
- Cacophony weapons are heavy 2 now

Iron Warriors

- Iron Circle added
- Tyrant Seige terminator squads now heavy support choices

Imperial Fists

- Phalanx Warder squads 'shield wall' rule fixed, now confers +1WS instead of +1I
- Dorn's chainsaw has 'unwieldy' replaced with 'reaping blow' (see DG section)

Night Lords

- 'From the Shadows' confers 5+ cover save now
- 'Talent for Murder' confers +1 to hit and wound now
- Rerror squads gain 'precision strike
- Sevatar has his additional psyker rules from the FAQ added to his profile, also gains precision strike

Iron Hands

- no changes

World Eaters

- 'Blood Lust' is now on a 4+
- Previous version of 'Incarnate Violence' replaced with may re-roll 1's to wound on the turn they charge


- no changes

Death Guard

- May re-roll dangerous terrain tests, regardless of what the terrain is
- Instead of forcing successful rolls to wound with poison and fleshbane, DG get FNP(4+) instead
- Power scythes lose unwieldy and the ability to replace attack value with number of enemy models in base contact with the following -

'reaping blow': -1 initiative, if in base contact with more than one model at their initiative step, they gain +1 attack

- Grave Warden toxin rule replaced with 'poison (3+)' on death cloud and grenade launcher
- Deathshroud can be taken as a HQ or elites choice, plus as a command squad for a terminator praetor or Mortarion
- Mortarion's scythe is no longer unwieldy, replaced with 'reaping blow'
- Mortarion's witch spite only affects malediction powers affecting him or his squad

Sons of Horus

- Gain 'death dealer' to their legiones astartes rule -

+1BS if shooting at an enemy within 12" with a pistol, rapid fire or assault weapon, doesn't effect snap fire, overwatch or fury of the legion shots

- Justearin terminators start at 255 pts for 5 men, may still take upto 7 additional men. they now have 2 wounds
- Abaddon has precision strike

Word Bearers

- no changes


- Viredrakes are now 60 pts each and only 1 wound each

Raven Guard

- Mor deythan are 10pts more expensive at base cost (additional men are still same price)
- all Dark Furies have raven talons by default, no price increase
- Dark Firy sergeant gains 'precision strike
- kaedes nex gains precision shots

Alpha Legion

- Saboteur's sabotage attack now AP3 against things with a toughness value, and AP2 against vehicles
- Headhunters come with combi-bolters as standard, may upgrade them to combi-weapons for the same cost as terminators
- Headhunters replace 'preferred enemy' with 'precision shots'

Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Rites of War for Horus Heresy

Generic Rites of War

Armoured Breakthrough: Predator squads are compulsory troops, Sicarians as Elites, no fortifications / immobile units / units without transports

Primarchs Chosen: Primarch is HQ and not LoW, Veterans and Terminators as Compulsory Troops.

Brethren of Iron: Castellax as non-compulsory troops, Vorax as fast attack and Domitar as Elites but requires a Forge Lord / Iron Father / Warsmith

Fury of the Ancients: Dreadnought and Contemptor Dreadnought Talons as Compulsory Troops, but are no longer Elites. Need a Forge Lord and Primus Medicae, and can't seine the initiative

Outcast Sons: meant for small detachments of traitor loyalists, very circumstantial, not great bonuses.

Sky Hunter Phallanx: Jetbikes as Troops, and can voluntarily leave the table to be placed into ongoing reserves. Infantry can only be on Jetbikes or transports with the flyer rule.

Orphans of Betrayl: like Outcast sons but for loyalist traitors

Drop Assault Vanguard: compulsory troops can only be assault squads, half of which must be enter through deep strike. Only take units that can deploy through Deep strike or embarked on a Flyer transport.

Legion Recon Company: recon squads are compulsory troops, all models deployed using scout or infiltrate also gain shrouded during first turn. No termite armour or heavy support choices.

Zone Mortalis Assault Force: terminators as non compulsory troops, breacher squads with all models in base contact get bonuses to Invulnerable save

Sacrificial Offering: all models gain outflank and must begin in reserve from the primary detachment. An allied detachment must be taken, has stubborn whilst in own deployment zone, and have no VP if destroyed. Traitor only.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Why 13th Company is Hit or Miss

There's lots of fan boys for Space Marines but according to gospel every chapter has had traitor turncoats except for Grey Knights. You might ask what's so special about Grey Knights. Well at the time when the chapter was first created the Imperium had turncoats literally breathing down their necks and the Heresy easily could have gone either way. Both the Emperor and Horus made some really bad decisions down the line. Except for the extreme bravery and fierce loyalty displayed by Legions such as the Blood Angels and White Scars the bad decisions are what really decided the outcome. When push comes to shove no one in their right mind really wants a dictator calling the shots.

Grey Knights were created partially from loyal Marines taken from the traitor Legions such as Garro... So loyal and integral they would rather face an awful death before ever even thinking turning to Chaos... That in and of itself is tremendously powerful. Anything created in such an extreme condition is bound to either succeed or fail. Now like I said every other chapter has their share of traitors which fell for whatever reason. The fan boys loath this to the point of denial. If you look at the background behind the Space Wolves they have a total of 13 companies and the 13th company is explicitly noted for failing vows of fealty. This was an extremely smart move on the part of the Space Wolves as they were able to effectively lump together all their own traitors into one distinct group.

The Space Wolves are one of the few chapters that still operate very close to full the full strength of the original Legion. Their only successor chapter was the epic failure known as the Wolf Brothers whom succumbed to the inherent curse of their geneseed. Note that the Wulfen much like the Blood Angels Death Company arise from throughout their rank and file. While the fan boys don't want to admit it some of the Wulfen succumbed to their very feral nature taking them over to the dark side. Of course there are Wulfen too that are still true to the very core and stand in direct opposition to Chaos by the power of pure will even though they are both tainted and mutated. The fan boys hate on the new models because it reflects the true nature of these beasts. It is what it is and is very extreme. Wulfen have no rightful place to reside other than the warp. Their very form shows their true nature. It is the Wulfen that remain loyal that truly make the difference.

Cinnamon Girl

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Zone Mortalis Missions for CHG February Event

The Fight for the Furious Abyss –

Each player should make a 1,000 point army list using ZM Combatant Force Organization Chart. This army will serve for both Zone Mortalis and non-Zone Mortalis missions with some restrictions:

-No tank models
-No models larger than 60mm base
-Rites of War may not be taken
-No relics outside legion/SA/Mechanicum specific relics may be taken as they’re meant more for campaign games.
-Be familiar with some of the rule sets dealing with Zone Mortalis. Some will be noted.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Imperial Fists 30k Style !

I have just started my latest project - Imperial Fists lead by Captain Sigismund ! I'm building a 1000 point for Zone Mortalis. The army includes a full squad of terminators and Wardens. 30k is really starting to take off with the recent release of Betrayal at Calth.

+++ Imperial Fists (1000) +++

++ Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List ((Zone Mortalis) Combatant) (1000) ++

+ HQ (230) +

Sigismund (230) [Master of the Legion]

Adamantium Will
Death's Champion
Dolorous Fighter
Eternal Warrior
Independent Character
Legiones Astartes
Master of the Legion

Sigismund: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Iron Halo:
Confers 4++ Invulnerable Save

The Black Sword:
|Strength:+2|AP:2|Type:Melee, Two-handed|

+ Elites (45) +

Apothecarion Detachment (45) [Legion Apothecary]

Rules: Legiones

Legion Apothecary: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)


+ Troops (405) + [Pride of the Legion]

Legion Terminator Squad (405)
[Cataphractii Terminator Armour]
9x Legion Terminator
2x Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon
Pair of Lightning Claws
3x Power Fist
Legion Terminator Sergeant - Chainfist - Vigil Pattern Storm Shield

Implacable Advance
Legiones Astartes

Legion Terminator: Unit Type: Infantry

Legion Terminator Sergeant: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Vigil Pattern Storm Shield:
Confers 3++ Invulnerable save.

Iliastus Assault Cannon:
Range:24"|Strength:6|AP:4|Type:Heavy 4, Rending, Malfunction|

+ Fast Attack (320) +

Phalanx Warder Squad (320)
9x Phalanx Warder - 2x Plasma Gun - Legion Vexilla
Veteran Sergeant - Artificer Armour - Power Weapon

Hardened Armour
Legiones Astartes
Shield Wall

Phalanx Warder: Unit Type: Infantry

Veteran Sergeant: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Boarding Shield:
Description:Confers 6++ invulnverable save, increasing to a 5++ in close combat. User is treated as having defensive grenades.

Legion Vexilla:
A unit with a Legion Vexilla may re-roll failed Morale tests.

+ Legion +

Legion Astartes [VII: Imperial Fists]

++ Selection Rules ++

Adamantium Will

Death's Champion:
Sigismund and any unit he joins gain +1 initiative when they charge and may re-roll both charge distance and sweeping advance rolls. Additionally, allows Templar Brethren to be taken as troops.

Dolorous Fighter:
Must always issue/accept challenges when able - takes precedence over the usual rules for the Legion. When fighting in a challenge, Sigismund's attacks have the Instant Death special rule and successful invulnerable saves against his attacks must be re-rolled.

Eternal Warrior

Hardened Armour:
Hardened Armour counts as being Void Hardened. Failed armour saves against template and blast weapons may be re-rolled. Reduces distance rolled for charges, sweeping advances, and run moves by 1".

Implacable Advance:
Unit is always counted as a scoring unit where Troops are also counted as scoring units.

Independent Character

Legiones Astartes:
Units with this special rules may always attempt to regroup regardless of losses.

When rolling to hit, if three or more results of "1" are rolled, a malfunction has occured and the weapon may not be used for the rest of the game.

Master of the Legion

Shield Wall:
If unengaged and has at least 5 members remaining, gains +1 Initiative in any turn in which it has been charged by the enemy. Friendly models joining the squad gain this benefit as long as five models with the special rule survive.

New rules for Space Wolves !!!