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Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Scouring - Part 2 - Execution and Discovery

Sisyphus slashed at the trio of Ultramarines with his long sharp talons floating above them as his wings unfurled beating against the umber night sky. Twisting right then left Plato parried the deadly strikes with his blades catching the extended tips of the claws. "You should not have come here." hissed the Daemon Prince.

"It is but your destiny." The Champion speared the Word Bearer through its throat with the Mirror Blade. Black ichor poured from the sudden wound spilling upon the volcanic sand below. Sisyphus disengaged falling back from the fight. Its warp infused blood smoked as it scorched the earth below. Plato leapt up driving his other blade into the daemon’s torso and savagely twisted. The fractal edge severed internal organs and split the vertebrae.

Falling to the hard ground Sisyphus righted himself but it was too late. The enemy fell upon him hacking through the daemon armor. Pure hate flowed through their veins as they finished him. The trio stood back catching their breath. They felt something alien and ancient towering above them. In perfect unison they turned to see a gigantic statue of a Space Marine carved into the mountainside.

"The third Primarch." whispered Plato.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Scouring - Part 1

All along the Slaaneshi line the Noise Marines boisterously posed brandishing their deadly ranged weapons. Sisyphus, their exalted Daemon Prince, postured pointing up towards the red dawn. His wings unfurled as leapt into the crimson sky. "Fire upon my mark. We are the Bearers of the Truthful Word." They all saluted the unholy beast in their deeply saturated red armor.

A crescendo of sound split the sky as a lone blue drop pod crashed down imploding into the barren earth. Before they could react the doors exploded outwards showering molten shrapnel upon the filth. Stepping down from the forward most ramp descended a Champion with a Victrix Honour Guardian on either side. He stood taller than Primaris drawing a pair of long paired blades. Upon his chest hexagrammic wards deeply etched into the hardened armor blazed in the forgotten language of Colchis screamed in their minds as they all looked upon the glyph "Kneel".

Sisyphus snarled drawing his long forked tongue over the fangs jutting from his twisted malformed mouth. Charging into the masses blaster fire the trio of Ultramarines crashed into the Word Bearers. The Champion struck right and left striking them down, limbs were sundered and foul visceral split from the rent crimson plates. Sensors built into his armor guided each stroke.

Swooping down into the trio the Prince tore at the Victrix with its steely talons. Their shields held repelling the Fallen’s attack as the Chapter Champion continued his rampant killing. Time seemed to stop as the last of the Word Bearers fell, cleaved apart in the clinical rampage. Turning to face Sisyphus Plato pointed his bloodied swords toward the Daemon Prince taunting him. "Kneel".

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

M’Shen - Part 8 - Conclusion

M’Shen - Part 8 - Conclusion

Slowly M’Shen began to ripple in form not fighting his tight grip. The Night Haunter blinked once to see Talos caught in his steely grasp. "My Lord the assassin disemboweled me." he said as he coughed up blood. "It was a slow and painful death. She cut me apart one piece at a time. Where were you? I cried out your name then she cut out my tongue." His eyes were blood shot orbs sunken inside the hollow sockets. The Night Haunter looked down upon the broken Chaos Marine. "End my pain, end it now. Please I beg you." The dark blue armor was cracked open in many places revealing broken bone and torn entrails split from the wounds. His bare hand slipped into his Primarch’s squeezing with the last of his strength.

"My son it pains me to see you so. It was I whom should have died not you." He gripped Talos’ hand tightly in return.

"Beware she has a Druchii artifact that shields her." Talos’ torn body spasmed as he convulsed. Black tears of blood dripped down from his eyes. His teeth were broken, some missing ... "She said we are like a fish in a bowl of water and can’t see beyond it." Slowly Talos began to ripple in form before the Night Haunter then he saw her again. "Truly you are mad." she said as her hand slipped free from his loose grip. "The Emperor tried to love you, he did but you have not even one redeeming value." The Sword struck straight and true punching through the bottom of his jaw shredding the Night Haunter’s brain. His eyes rolled back. Next M’Shen slipped a steel garrote around his neck and pulled hard severing the head from the shoulders.

Grasping the head by the hair she held it up high. There was no one to witness her victory but herself.

Friday, November 15, 2019

New Rules from White Dwarf for =][=

New rules from White Dwarf for the Inquisition:

An inquisitor can join a force without taking up a slot and it does not prevent other units from benefiting from things like chapter tactics, combat doctrines, canticles of the omnissiah etc and it is ignored for the purposes of the battle brothers rule.*

4 stratagems:
Cyclonic Torpedo 4cp-
Select a point then roll 2d6" and on a 4+ -1 for a (character) unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Inquisitorial Mandate 1cp-
Inquisitor gains a warlord trait but is not your warlord and can then take a relic.

Seize for Interrogation 1cp-
Enemy character destroyed within 3" of any inquisition units gain d3 command points and enemy army must subtract 1 from leadership.

Requisition 1cp-
Friendly Imperium unit within 6" of an Inquisitor targets a unit that is the inquisitor’s quarry in shooting, overwatch or fighting it can re roll hit rolls of 1.

4 named Inquisitors (see below)

*Malleus is the only Ordo that can have Terminator armour for normal Inquisitors.

Deamonhost, Jokaero and Acolytes

Daemonhost: M 6" WS 4 BS S 4 T W 4 A Ld 7 Sv 5++
Unholy Gaze - 12" Assault 1 S 8 AP 1 D1 (on a wound roll of 6+ damage becomes D3)
Warp Grasp - S User AP 3 D1

Roll for demonic power at start of your movement phase roll a d6:
1-2 move 12" and can fly
3-4 regain all lost wounds
5-6 roll a d6 for each enemy unit with 3" on a 2+ it suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Jokaero M 6" WS 6 BS 4 S 2 T 3 W 3 A 2 Ld 7 Sv 5++
Focused Strike - 24" Heavy 1 S 8 AP 3 D3
Scatter Shot - 12" Assault 6 S 4 AP 1 D1

Inconceivable Customization start of shooting phase for an Ordo unit:
1-2 re roll the hit
3-4 re roll the wound
5-6 re roll hit and wound

Acolytes M 6" WS 4 BS 4 S 3 W 3 A Ld 7 Sv 5+

If the unit contains only one model it gains the character keyword.

Warlord Traits:
Once per battle re-roll 1 hit roll, wound, damage, saving, psychic test or deny the witch

Improve invulnerable save by 1 to a maximum of 3++

Formidable Resolve
+1 LD and increase range of Unquestionable Wisdom by 6"

Ordo Hereticus

No Escape
Heroic Intervention up to 6". Enemy units within 1" of the Warlord can't fall back on 4+.

Ordo Xenos

Esoteric Law
Whilst Warlord is on the battlefield roll one d6 each time opponent uses a strategem and on a 5+ you gain 1 cp.

Ordo Malleus

Psychic Mastery
Knows one additional psychic power from Telethesia. Can manifest an additional psychic power and an extra deny the witch.

Eisenhorn - Radical
Greyfax - No Escape
Karamazov - Formidable Resolve
Coteaz - Psychic Mastery

Blade of the Ordo
Power Sword S +1 AP 3 D3 (if attacking "quarry" then flat 3 damage)

Digital Weapons
One attack at S use,r if it hits then it inflicts one mortal wound

Black Shroud
Inquisitor is -1 to wound

Ignis Judicium
(Ordo Hereticus) Inferno Pistol 12" range

Biocorrosive Poison
(Ordos Xenos) melee weapon always wounds on a 2+ unless target is a vehicle or is Titanic

Tainted Blade
(Ordo Malleus) Power Sword S +3 AP 3 D1

Coteaz - 90
Eisenhorn - 80
Greyfax - 85
Karamazov - 115
Terminator Inquisitor - 91
Jokaero - 18
Inquisitor - 55
Daemonhost - 25
Acolytes - 8/model

Psychic Discipline Telethesia:
Terrify - WC 18" -1 Ld and can't overwatch

Psychic Fortitude - WC 4 12" Imperium unit auto passes morale test

Dominate - WC 6 12" and not a vehicle roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld make shoot one weapon or shooting attack

Mental Interrogation - WC 6 12" select one enemy character, that model is -1 to their hit rolls until the next psychic phase; also roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld gain one cp

Psychic Pursuit - WC 7 select a character with less than 10 wounds and within 18". Select one friendly Ordo unit within 6", can target that character even if it's not the closest

Castigation - WC 6 select enemy with 18", roll 3d6 and if you beat their Ld that unit suffers D3 MW.

(Ordo Hereticus) Ascertainment - WC 6 select enemy within 12" and subtract 1 attack from it; also roll 2d6 and if you beat it's Ld then they are -1 to their hit rolls.

(Ordo Xenos) Psychic Veil - WC 5 friendly Ordo Xenos unit with 6" can only be targeted of they are the closest unit and can only be charged if they are within 6" of the charging unit

(Ordo Malleus) Power through Knowledge - WC 6 select one friendly Imperium infantry or biker unit within 12" until your next psychic phase they have a 5++ invulnerable save
Special Character Rules:
Greyfax M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S T 3 W 3 A 5 Ld 10 Sv 3+ 5++
MC Condemnor Boltgun - 24" Rapidfire 1 S 4 AP 1 D1 unless it hits a PSYKER then D3
Psyocculum - target psyker/daemon character even if no the closest MODEL
Coteaz M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+ 5++
Master Crafted Nemesis Daemon Hammer - S x2 User AP 3 3D no negative to hit
Spy Network - enemy unit sets up within 6" of an Ordo Malleus unit can shoot at the enemy as if it was the shooting phase; also once per battle when your opponent uses a stratagem they have to pay an extra cp
Eisenhorn M 6" WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 4+
Artificer Bolt Pistol 12" S 4 AP 1 2D
Barbarisater S User Ap 3 d3D, +1 to the hit roll
Runestaff S +3 AP 1 3D
Electrobane Grenades 6" S4 AP 1 1D - against a vehicle d6 - 4-5 1 MW + damage 6 d3 MW + damage

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

M’Shen - Part 7 - Confrontation

Kurze followed Talos as they stepped one after another into an empty room. "This is what I wanted to show you." said Talos. Rended pieces of dark blue power armor littered the floor and dried blood covered the walls sprayed in random grotesque patterns. Kurze saw broken shards of bone scattered amongst the grisly debris. "This is the answer you’ve been looking for... finally you shall be vindicated."

Conrad could not hide his shock as he frowned. He felt the madness stirring behind his eyes. "Who are you?" he asked whilst voluntarily ejecting his claws Mercy and Forgiveness.

Talos slowly removed his helmet revealing his face. He smiled then a shimmering began to stir as his form morphed... M’Shen stood before him face to face gripping the heirloom power sword in one hand and her own power blade in the other. Her eyes shown brightly with rage. At once the Primarch struck out lashing at the assassin with his extended claws. The dual blades quickly crossed in less than the blink of an eye blocking the first blows. "Why don’t you accept and welcome your death?" she smiled again.

"Because it was not meant to be this way." he snarled. Again Kurze struck ripping at the assassin’s blades. Deftly she parried and spun away unharmed. The fight continued on and on but the Primarch was unable to land the killing blow. Her weapons rained down as she leapt about the open room leading him on a mad chase, his mind clouded with the madness he fought hard to control and suppress.

Finally Kurze found an opening to her brilliant defense and struck with inhuman speed... Conrad felt the assassin’s twin blades punching into his torso puncturing the chest plate of the Nightmare Mantle. The pain was intense. M’Shen twisted her weapons severing internal organs. Laughing as she withdrew again he looked at her coated from head to toe with his own fresh dripping blood. Blocking out the hurt Kurze leapt across the room striking yet again. Throwing her phase sword straight at him like a dagger the pointed tip caught him square against the skull. Blood flowed into his eyes momentarily blinding him then a short wave from her neural shredder blasted him. Immediately seizures gripped him coursing through his wounded body. Confusion followed by more pain gripped the fallen Primarch as he stumbled crashing into a close by wall. His limbs thrashed about involuntarily as he fought to control them.

"You said the Emperor made you what you are and yet you cannot change even though you tried... the question is did you try hard enough?" M’Shen said curtly.

Laying upon the floor in a pool of his own blood he looked up at her, his eyes yet still human. "You are nothing more than a puppet pulled by strings from afar. You know nothing of the real truth." He smiled as his eyes turned into cold black orbs. "Your training to slay Conrad Kurze is meticulous but the actual question is can you beat the Night Haunter?" he laughed as his hand shot out catching her by the wrist.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

M’Shen - Part 6 - The Death of a Traitor

Talos stepped into the chamber alone. He had been summoned by the Night Haunter. His gauntlet gripped hard at the haft of the heirloom power sword he had robbed from a dead Blood Angels Captain. He felt the spirit of the stolen weapon buck his grip rejecting him.

"You are a thief and that is dishonorable." Talos turned to see a young girl standing behind him. Her eyes were blind but they looked deep into his exposed soul. "I smell your cowardice."

"Who are you?" asked the first Captain. He watched her face intently.

"Your executioner." she spat. Melisa drew her sword as she came about. The shift vanished revealing a tight black body glove. Her muscles rippled. Melisa leapt at him raining down a series of well orchestrated blows that caught him off guard. The razor sharp blade struck at his face severing an ear and the tip of his nose. Spinning about the assassin drove the sword deep into his abdomen severing his spinal cord. His fingers spasmed as the stolen weapon fell from his grip clattering against the floor.

"You will come to know true pain like never before and beg for a quick death." The sharp nails of her bare fingers clawed at his face disfiguring the white flesh. He screamed involuntarily as her fingers skewered his exposed eyes pressing deep into the tissue of the exposed sockets. His lips trembled as spittle drooled from the corners of his mouth. Melisa rammed the hilt into his teeth. They splintered from the sheer force of the blow.

She stood over his body watching him twitch. "Tell me why you exist."

Sunday, July 21, 2019

M’Shen - Part 5 - Training Day

Melisa’s Sensei handed her the wooden sword. "In truth their is no Chaos. At the microscopic level things seem to be random but on the macroscopic level everything happens for a reason."

The assassin took the sword testing its weight. It felt light as a feather as she watched the light absorbed by the stained wood.

"We are training you to slay a Primarch. You are more than human and created to succeed. To slay a Primarch you must train against a Primarch." said the Sensei.

An enormous figure entered the fighting cell. He was clad in a suit of black armor wielding a pair of immense lighting claws. "I am Dorn." he said in a deep voice. "While I am not as adept with these weapons as your target I have trained long and hard to properly simulate his melee skills as closely as possible."

Melisa bowed slightly at the waist.

The Sensei pointed to a pot of red paint. "Dip your sword in the paint so we can then see every strike you score." The paint looked like fresh blood. She could smell the pungent ether. "Take care." said the Sensei. "The lightning claws are real and very lethal."

The assassin smiled behind her mask. "It is an honor." Then she struck.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The History of Eighth Edition Warhammer 40k

Eighth Edition can be broken down into the following phases:

Pre Imperial Knights Codex

Imperial Knights Codex

Chapter Approved 2019

Prior to the release of the Imperial Knights codex Eighth Edition was in many ways the golden age of Warhammer 40k. Sure we saw some Lords of War such as Daemon Primarchs and Baneblades but they were manageable from across the table.

What set Imperial Knights apart from all other Lords of War is the whole host of over the top relics and stratagems that made them all but unbeatable. Sure some really love their Knights but many don’t and find them to be no fun to play against. There are no bad Households to choose from either.

This all came to a culmination with the Dominatus class Castellan rocking the Iron Bulwark relic for a 3++ invulnerable save via the stratagem Rotate Ion Shields fueled by cheap as chips Astra Militarum Battalion command point farm. The Castellan can easily delete two or more enemy units per turn which had a drastic effect on the meta... many units became basically unplayable due to being too much of a potential liability.

Finally following the big win at the Las Vegas Open earlier this year Games Workshop nerfed the Castellan. Sure Imperial Knights are still very good but not quite as good prior to Chapter Approved 2019.

If we look at what Games Workshop has released to preview the new Apocalypse its apparent that they still want to push over the top Lords of War on the market. To be honest I’m not excited in regards to what I’ve seen so far. For me one of the things I loved about playing an Apocalypse scale game was the stories that unfolded over the course of a game. If only Games Workshop could understand that the majority of hobbyists love the narrative aspect of the game.

So now looking forward we have Chaos Knights coming in the near future. Sure this is nice for Chaos players but I have to wonder how over the top these new Titans will be and how they will impact the meta.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ultramarines Tactica Part 2

Hi everyone my last article on Ultramarines tactics delved into specifics regarding my go to units and how I play them. I am really enjoying playing a mono faction army. Space Marines in general with the exception of Blood Angels excel at shooting and therein lie their major buffs. A couple of beat stick HQs to guard the gun line is all that is needed for melee. Ultramarines are blessed in many ways this edition such as arguably the best Chapter Tactic and the best suite of special characters to choose from for your army.

One important aspect of fielding a competitive Space Marine army is protecting your HQ and Ultramarines have access to one of the best means means of doing so in Vitrix Guard. Vitrix Guard work much like drones for Tau but are much more resilient and have the ability to completely shut down enemy snipers and foil filthy Genestealer Cult psykers casting the much hated psychic power Mental Onslaught. Crippling these enemy units completely takes them out of the game. Vitrix Guard are also an excellent defense versus other enemy sniping psychic powers such as those cast by Thousand Sons.

Tigirius is hands down one of the best psykers in the game and can reliably cast Null Zone which can be a real game changer. There are two mistakes I often see made when it comes to psykers. First most psykers are quite fragile in melee and can die quickly. Sure Daemon Princes and the Lord of Death are proverbial beat sticks but they are both the exception to the rule. Psychic buffs are clutch and once you lose them they are gone forever. Most psykers should never be in melee. Second don’t get greedy casting psychic powers - one Perils of the Warp can be quite the buzz kill. The three choice psychic powers from the Librarius lore are Might of Heroes, Null Zone and Psychic Scourge.

Now I would like to touch on troop choices. The two go to choices for Space Marines are Intercessors and Infiltrators. I like to always have four troop choices and these are your work horse units plus they can do some serious work. Vigilus grants access to Veteran Intercessors - Ultramarine Veteran Intercessors have leadership 10 and access to a Rapid Fire 2 stratagem - yes they can shred and the Sergeant has four base attacks, as such I always arm mine with a power fist. Most characters have four base attacks... think about it. If you cast Might of Heroes on a Veteran Intercessor Sergeant rocking a power fist he has five attacks at S10 - wind him and watch him go. Ultramarines don’t need a Lone Wolf.

Infiltrators shutdown any enemy units using reinforcements and can infiltrate just like Scouts... they are the new Scouts and totally worth every point they cost. They are great for board control and can act as meat shields to protect your vital characters from being targeted.

Next week I will have some more tactics for you. I hope you enjoy using these.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Ultramarines Tactica

Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here to discuss some list building tips for Ultramarines which I have been playing in-between seasons for the city league where I live. No ITC Missions, just playing Eternal War Missions from Chapter Approved 2018 so far.

Devastator Centurions
My current build is a squad of three Centurion Devastators (DevCents) armed with lascannons and Hurricane Bolters... it’s been great so far supporting them with Calgar and the Phobos Lieutenant for casual games and Guilliman for more competitive games. I also just started fielding a Primaris Ancient with the relic standard... wow they do some work. I’d like to work in an Apothecary but would rather use those points for typically a Vindicare Assassin which synergizes well with Guilliman (i.e. , 12" re-roll 1s to hit buff aura). I also am bringing Tiggy and his Prescience buff really helps to keep the DevCents around for another turn.

I recently saw a battle report using Grav Cannons for the DevCents along with Guilliman versus Necrons - lots and lots of damage inflicted over the course of the game including taking down the Necron heavy construct by turn 2. I know heavy bolters and Hurricane Bolters is a popular configuration now with the new Bolter Discipline rule and for good reason but I prefer the long range anti armor configurations. There is also the option for the Missile Launcher but then the squad becomes a crazy amount of points. I’m not claiming there is one best build for DevCents but this one has been doing some real work for me.

Hellblasters and Inceptors
My other two go to ranged anti armor units are Hellblasters with the standard Exterminators and five plasma Inceptors. Hellblasters are self explanatory and a very popular choice for Space Marine armies. Rarely do you see the assault or heavy versions used for good reason.

I love the plasma variant for Inceptors as each Primaris Marine basically has two short range plasma cannons. They can deep strike which really helps get them into the optimal position for priority target selection and since they have the Infantry keyword they can land pretty much anywhere they want. An excellent stratagem for Inceptors is Scions of Guilliman which lets them reroll 1s to hit and really helps keep them alive longer when they supercharge plus they don’t need a Captain to escort them. You need five to ensure they do some serious damage plus it’s still a fairly small footprint as well. I know lots of players love the assault Bolter variant for Inceptors and they are great versus cheap chaff but plasma is king.

So that’s all for now. If there’s enough interest in the comments I’ll write some more Tactica articles for Ultramarines.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019


Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here to discuss 8th Edition Warhammer 40k (WH40k). I recently wrote another article comparing Age of Sigmar (AoS) to WH40k. One conclusion drawn is that in many ways the rules for AoS are the foundation for 8th Edition WH40k. If you play both games then you’re probably aware that there are many horde armies in AoS such as Flesh Eaters Courts.

Much like in AoS the WH40k horde units tend to benefit from some amazing buffs, such as advancing and still being able to charge (Orks, Genestealers, etc.), however this is typically not the case for elite units in WH40k. In general horde armies are enjoying a golden age in both systems - for example former detriments like morale can be easily circumvented or simply ignored. Elite armies in AoS such as Stormcast Eternals on the other hand can hold their own and are truly strong but typically this is not the case for WH40k armies like Space Marines... for whatever reason GW missed the boat this time around.

The Vigilus campaign was released a few months ago which could have been an excellent opportunity to help address some of these issues but in reality all it did was just hand out moarwin rules for factions that really don’t need any help - for example when was the last time you saw an Ork army that doesn’t feature the super-duper Shock Attack Gun or a Genestealer Cult army that doesn’t include the Anointed Throng? Devotion Til Death is just ridiculous. Space Marines on the other hand have to invest a metric ton of command points for mediocre at best stratagems... if you’re playing competitively it’s just not worth it. So all Vigilus did was just make a lot of the top tier armies even more top tier - thanks for that GW.

Another issue is that tabling an opponent often no longer results in automatic victory which can be quite the crutch for horde armies. They have a large foot print and quickly rack up lots and lots of victory points and objectives the first half of the game gaining a huge lead that can be insurmountable for elite armies.

I don’t have any solutions to offer, this is the responsibility of GW’s development team. Currently it doesn’t seem like they really care and I think this all goes right back to AoS. Ideally there should be at least one developer who is dedicated to the underdogs and has a strong desire to address these issues.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ultramarines 2000 points Army List

++ Battalion Detachment + (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

Battle-forged CP [3 CP]

Detachment CP [5 CP]

Gametype: Matched

Use Beta Rules

+ HQ +

Chief Librarian Tigurius

Techmarine: Chainsword, Combi-Plasma, Servo-Arm, Teeth of Terra

+ Troops +

Infiltrator Squad: 4x Infiltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant

Infiltrator Squad: 5x Infiltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant

Intercessor Squad: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power Fist

Intercessor Squad: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power Sword

+ Elites +


Victrix Honour Guard
. Victrix Honour Guard: Power Sword, Storm Shield
. Victrix Honour Guard: Power Sword, Storm Shield

+ Fast Attack +

Inceptor Squad: 4x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant
Plasma Exterminator x2

+ Heavy Support +

Centurion Devastator Squad
. Centurion: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion Sergeant: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons

Hellblaster Squad: Plasma incinerator
. 5x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Plasma Pistol

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ Lord of War +

Roboute Guilliman (+3 CP)

Vindicare Assassin (-2 CP)

1st Vitrix Guard complete

Saturday, May 25, 2019


++ Battalion Detachment + (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

Battle-forged CP [3 CP]

Detachment CP [5 CP]

Gametype: Matched

Use Beta Rules

+ HQ +

Chief Librarian Tigurius

Techmarine: Chainsword, Combi-Plasma, Servo-Arm, Teeth of Terra

+ Troops +

Infiltrator Squad: 4x Infiltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant

Infiltrator Squad: 5x Infiltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant

Intercessor Squad: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power Fist

Intercessor Squad: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt Rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power Sword

+ Elites +


Victrix Honour Guard
. Victrix Honour Guard: Power Sword, Storm Shield
. Victrix Honour Guard: Power Sword, Storm Shield

+ Fast Attack +

Inceptor Squad: 4x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant
Plasma Exterminator x2

+ Heavy Support +

Centurion Devastator Squad
. Centurion: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion Sergeant: Hurricane Bolter, Two Lascannons

Hellblaster Squad: Plasma incinerator
. 5x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Plasma Pistol

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ Lord of War +

Roboute Guilliman (+3 CP)

Vindicare Assassin (-2 CP)

Saturday, May 18, 2019

M’Shen - Part 4 - Training

The overseer looked at the small child with a vexed look. "You are less than dirt."

"No I’m not." she looked him straight in the eyes coldly and spat. "No I am not, my mum told me I’m special."

He laughed at her reply. "You don’t even know your mother."

"I do indeed." Melisa raised a small fist. "Don’t make me hurt you."

Again the overseer laughed. "Rubbish. You must be retrained."

Melisa leapt up launching herself at him catching him off guard. She bit the tip of his nose off and spat it out. Her fingernails raked at his eyes digging deep into the sockets. "You are wrong." she said, her voice strong.

Another overseer entered the training room. "Melisa stop now." Her voice was urgent with care.

"I hate him." said the child as she dropped back to the floor.

The first overseer clutched at the mess of his face stumbling away. The second overseer knelt down and held out her hand. "You are special indeed, very special."

Melisa stopped and looked at her with bright blue eyes. She smiled then grasped her hand.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

M’Shen - Part 3 - The Beginning

This is a fan fiction rendition presenting an alternate version of the Imperial assassin M’Shen whom slayed the traitor Primarch Conrad Curze. I feel she was not given her due respect.


"Let it be said I am not a slayer of Gods but you are not even a Demi-God, nothing more than a debased and depraved killer of innocent. You fought to preserve your life but have failed."

= Officio Assassinorum Project Paragon-Parabellum=

Assassins are able to change the fate of worlds with the pull of a single trigger. Where the length of the Emperor's reach needs to be made abundantly clear, a Vindicare sniper will put a bullet in the target's head whilst the errant individual is surrounded by his followers. If the traitorous creed has spread to an entire organisation or military force, an Eversor will instead be set loose; a bio-enhanced berserker that will slaughter dozens if not hundreds of rebels alongside the key individual he has been sent to slay. Should the deed require more subtlety, an operative from the Callidus Temple will instead be despatched; in such cases it is all but impossible to detect the presence of these shape-shifting Assassins until the deed is done. If the target is a psyker, one of the rare and fearsome Culexus will be sent to hunt them down, beings with a strange void in place of a soul that makes them the bane of all who treat with the Warp.

Twin children, one a boy (Paragon) and one a girl (Parabellum), were both genecrafted for a special purpose. Split apart at birth never to know each other one was seeded with psychic essence, the other with the Pariah gene. They were both special even for the strict specifications required by the Imperial assassin creed. Both were trained learning skills from various temples Callidus, Venenum, Culexus, Vindicare, Eversor and Vanus rather than just one as was usual. Noted with a talent for brutal destruction eventually the twins were sent upon their first training missions. Rumors exist that one slew a Primarch from one of the expunged Legions.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

2000 point army list - Blood Angels and Custodes

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [26 PL, 449pts, 8CP] ++

+ No Force Org Slot [8CP] +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [5CP]

Gametype: Matched

Use Beta Rules

+ HQ [14 PL, 284pts] +

Captain [6 PL, 124pts]: 2. Artisan of War, Jump Pack [1 PL, 19pts], Storm shield [10pts], The Angel's Wing (replaces jump pack), Thunder hammer [21pts], Warlord

Chief Librarian Mephiston [8 PL, 160pts]

+ Troops [12 PL, 165pts] +

Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Combat knife

Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Combat knife

Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout [11pts]: Combat knife
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Combat knife

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Adeptus Custodes) [81 PL, 1550pts, -1CP] ++

+ No Force Org Slot [-1CP] +

Open the Vaults (1 Relic) [-1CP]

+ HQ [19 PL, 345pts] +

Captain-General Trajann Valoris [10 PL, 185pts]

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike [9 PL, 160pts]: Auric Aquilis, Hurricane Bolter [10pts]

+ Elites [29 PL, 568pts] +

Aquilon Custodians (Beta) [17 PL, 322pts]
. Aquilon Custodian [4 PL, 78pts]: Lastrum Storm Bolter [5pts], Solarite power Gauntlet [13pts]
. Aquilon Custodian [4 PL, 78pts]: Lastrum Storm Bolter [5pts], Solarite power Gauntlet [13pts]
. Aquilon Custodian [4 PL, 78pts]: Lastrum Storm Bolter [5pts], Solarite power Gauntlet [13pts]
. Aquilon Custodian [4 PL, 88pts]: Infernus Firepike [15pts], Solarite power Gauntlet [13pts]

Vexillus Praetor [6 PL, 124pts]: Castellan Axe [14pts], Vexilla Magnifica [30pts]

Vexillus Praetor [6 PL, 122pts]: Guardian Spear [12pts], Vexilla Magnifica [30pts]

+ Fast Attack [20 PL, 360pts] +

Vertus Praetors [20 PL, 360pts]
. Vertus Praetor [5 PL, 90pts]: Hurricane Bolter [10pts]
. Vertus Praetor [5 PL, 90pts]: Hurricane Bolter [10pts]
. Vertus Praetor [5 PL, 90pts]: Hurricane Bolter [10pts]
. Vertus Praetor [5 PL, 90pts]: Hurricane Bolter [10pts]

+ Heavy Support [13 PL, 277pts] +

Telemon Heavy Dreadnought (Beta) [13 PL, 277pts]: Arachnus Storm Cannon [40pts], Spiculus Bolt Launcher [12pts]
. Telemon Caestus [45pts]: Twin Plasma Projector [15pts]

++ Total: [107 PL, 7CP, 1999pts] ++

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

M’Shen - Part 2 - Blind Spot

Conrad Curze sat upon his throne in the command dome of the Night Lords’ flagship Argent. His helm rested upon the deck as the Primarch took in his surroundings. There was silent tension in the bridge. No one spoke as his black eyes looked upon each and every entity. He sensed their fear of him, all except for one. Talos stood nearby looking him straight in the eyes.

"My Lord I have news for you." spoke the Lieutenant. Talos continued before Curze could reply. "Fresh graffiti has been found on a bulwark in Sector Six... Blood is Thicker than Water it says painted in blood."

The Primarch stirred. "Blasphemy." he hissed. "Who would dare and what does it mean?"

"All video logs have been transcribed at length but there’s no trace of the vandal." Talos replied.

"Download the logs to my portent. I’ll watch them myself."

"Your will be done my Lord." Talos ran his tongue over the smooth crowns of his teeth. "I have studied the message and deciphered its meaning."

"Go on." said Curze his fists balled tight.

"Blood represents the survivors at Ivstann. Water represents the traitors." Talos smiled.

"How did you come to that conclusion?" snarled Curze. "Are you telling me there’s a spy within our ship?" The Primarch stood up towering over his Lieutenant. "Come clean with me now."

"Come clean?" Talos repeated. "Maybe there is some discontent. I’ve told you exactly what I know. No one else here had the courage." His eyes shone bright, his face set like stone. "Word has it the Emperor has sent an assassin to take your life. This we all know."

Curze stepped forward toward Talos. "I want to see it for myself."

"I’ll take you there now." said the Lieutenant calmly.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Warhammer 40k Video Batreps

Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here again to discuss the subject of Video Battle Reports. I think it takes a lot of work to produce real quality and often we just take it for granted. Some of my favorite channels are from the United Kingdom:

Grim Resolve
Hellstorm Gaming
Striking Scorpion 82
Tabletop Tactics
Twisted Dice
Winters SEO

These guys understand what makes for an enjoyable game to watch. I like to see a narrative element along with an exciting game featuring interesting armies matched up against each other with some banter.

Now I’d like to make a brief public service announcement regarding Grim Resolve and they are by far one of my favorites. Sadly their studio was recently broken into and all their recording equipment was stolen. They have created a Go Fund Me site so you can help them get back on their feet again:


Here’s one of their many excellent video Battle reports featuring Harlequins versus Renegades, see if you can guess what the comet brings:


All of their reports are free, no paywalls for content. Check them out... I think you’ll enjoy them.

Now I’ll cover what I think makes for a good VBR and what doesn’t.

1. Beautiful armies and great terrain.
2. Interesting armies and scenarios versus overly competitive.
3. It’s very important to get the rules right as much as possible... lots of mistakes just ruins it. The channels I’ve listed above are all very knowledgeable regarding rules and when they do make a mistake often they own up to it and correct them.
4. One of my biggest pet peeves are people that have the choice to use a command point for a reroll and instead of just rolling the dice they spend five or more minutes discussing all the reasons why they shouldn’t but then finally they do. It’s annoying at best and really puts a damper on games.
5. My next biggest issue is when people continuously apologize to their opponent throughout the game when their dice are literally on fire or continually draw great cards for Maelstrom games. Lopsided games are not fun to watch.
6. Another peeve is when one player turn takes more than half the length of the entire battle report. There’s a reason why the good channels don’t waste your time showing every dice roll. Good battle reports split the time evenly between both players.
7. My last gripe is when a player wants to go back a turn or more to do some action they forgot such as shooting with a unit of theirs... that’s just poor sportsmanship plain and simple. The channels I’ve listed above play on and just let it go - good sportsmanship on both sides of the table is everything.

What are things you like and what are your peeves ?

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Another Ultramarines Honor Guard

Assassin work in progress

M’Shen Part 1 - Muse

Copper urns filled with sticky black incense burned slowly filling the chamber with a sickly sweet smell, the burnt residue coating the white marble columns and sculpts of Ancient Drukhari Warriors. Lounging upon the soft red velvet of the large oak framed bed the Archon intently watched the muse dancing before him. Her pale flesh was coated with the fresh slicked blood of innocents recently slaughtered in the fighting pits of Commoragh. The enchantress wore a soft black leather mask covering her face, the bright blue eyes shone like polished gem stone burning with hidden emotion. She danced around the chamber in perfect rhythm to the lilted music coming from the slaves. Her hands snaked back and forth like serpents hiding her masked face. The Archon smiled and slowly clapped his gloved hands. Her skin shone under the glistening blood drenching her muscled limbs. "Look upon me." she whispered above the din of music.

Frowning the Archon began to rise up in anger. "Do not speak again." She clapped her bloody hands mocking him. Her body then shimmered taking on a new form. Hard muscles rippled under the tight black body glove. M’Shen drew the saber from the ivory carved sheath resting upon her tiny waist. The fractal edged razor sharp blade struck out with blindly speed cutting at the very real-space, freezing Warp energies split through the void coating the immediate area with hoar frost. She lunged at the Archon knocking the heavy bed aside. He rolled away as she pressed the assault driving the blade at his face. The tip punctured a limb serrating it from the joint. Blood spurted from the fresh wound coating the wall.

The slaves has fled at the first sign of violence. The Assassin and Archon both stood still for a brief moment taking in the abject silence surrounding them. M’Shen lifted her mask revealing a beautiful young face wreathed in curled locks of golden blonde hair then she struck the killing blow splitting the Archon in twain with one stroke. His body split in half one side falling upon the bed, the other half toppling upon the stone cobbled floor.

Quickly she dragged the two halves over into a dark corner of the chamber pouring a vial of black acid over the dead body. Each side dissolved as the acid deconstructed the flesh and bone at the molecular level. The stench was absorbed by the sickly incense.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Extermantius - Part 10 - Executioner’s Song

Wreaths of coiling burning Promethium split into the bottom chamber igniting the purestrains just before they could charge. Tyrion stepped into the conflagration and looked upon the very last of the enemy. They were corrupted and twisted by the alien strain... their bony heads bloated and throbbing. The Ancient could feel their collectively repressed psychic power bleating in abject anger denied by the Pariah geneseed within him. Thick gouts of black blood dripped steadily from their nostrils as he watched the swollen pulsating veins engulfing their tiny skulls. His veterans began to fill the chamber stepping across the ashes and cinders left in remains of the razed genestealers. One by one each of the Magos were brought to their knees and chained to the rock beneath them. Arghus silently poured vials of oil on everyone of them then the Deathwatch Kill Team stepped back away from the mutants.

"You have been found guilty of the utmost treason. Punishment is death by cleansing flame." said Tyrion as he ignited a torch. He then stepped forward and brought it down upon the hulking figure of the Patriarch. It screamed in intense pain as the flame engulfed the villain. One by one each of the magos were incinerated, the remaining ones forces to watch as each of their compatriots was burnt alive.

Finally there was only one left remaining. Argonaut grasped his limbs within his power fist and began to slowly grind the very bones against each other, snapping every limb one by one. "Please have mercy." gasped the last magos as his black bloated tongue rasped and saliva drooled down his wrinkled face. The Salamander laughed as he began to tear off its arms. The magos screamed again.

Ultramarines Honor Guard