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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks to the people who follow my little blog. I really appreciate it and it's always very nice when someone takes the time to post a comment. Feel free to introduce yourself here! I am currently working on completing my daemon prince for Adepticon and finishing the forums for the upcoming Bolter Beach Indy GT.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State of hte art fiascos

Do you think it is okay for the NFL to reverse a decision a week after a game has been played based upon replay? I don't. That's all I will say.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Deathwing versus Fateweaver Crusher Spam, 2k Batrep

I decided to break out my Deathwing for a local tournament over in Kissimmee yesterday. It was a 2000 point RTT which I prefer for this type of list. Here is my army list:

Belial, Master of the Deathwing/thunderhammer & stormshield
Grey Knight Grand Master/psycannon + assorted wargear to combat daemons
- 3x Grey Knight terminators/psycannon

5x terminator/Standard, apothecary, lightning claws, lightning claws & cyclone missile launcher
5x terminator/pair of lightning claws, pair of lightning claws & cyclone missile launcher
5x terminator/assault cannon

[b]Heavy Support[/b]
Landraider/extra armor
Landraider/extra armor
Landraider Crusader/extra armor

Belial and the Grey Knights ride in the landraider Crusader while the two squads with lightning claws and cyclone missile launcher ride in the landraiders. The squad with the assault cannon use Deathwing assault to deepstrike onto an objective and blast away from range. I really like my squads with lightning claws and the cyclone missile launcher as they can shoot well versus transports and have a good number of attacks striking at I4 plus the powerfists to finish off. These squads need a chainfist though but due to an oversight were not included.

My first game was versus Chaos Space Marines that featured a winged Nurgle Prince, summoned greater daemon and lots of Oblits. The army also had lots of scoring units in rhinos. This game you had to hold multiple objectives to win and by the time it was over I managed to hold two which secured a few battlepoints for me. In general all of the missions were tough to max out on battlepoints and while Deathwing can win it's hard to pull a massacre with them. My second round was versus a hard Space Wolf list that featured Logan with a squad of Wolfguard terminators in a redeemer, Njal in power armor, three big squads of Grey Hunters kitted out in rhinos plus a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf joined with a squad of Thunderwolf Calvary (all with stormshields, thunderhammer and powerfist). I was easily able to destroy the rhinos early on thus negating Njal and to be honest I wasn't too worried about Logan and his terminators but I knew for certain the Thunderwolves would be a problem. I kept my lead tank behind cover to slow down the approach of the Thunderwolves and eventually we ended up in a big brawl with the bulk of my terminators including the Grey Knights mixing it up with Logan, his Wolfguard and the Thunderwolves. It was pretty much suicide on both sides of the drawn line. The Grand Master outright killed Logan while dying in return while my Grey Knight terminators took out all the Wolfguard, also dying in the process. Belial was a beast taking down a Thunderwolf and my Deathwing terminators managed to stay in the fight with the last of the Thunderwolves and the mounted Wolf Lord. My squad of termies with the assault cannon held one objective and another squad broke Njal and a squad of Grey Hunters off of another objective. It ended up as a draw due to the bonus points but I considered this game to be a moral victory since I held two objectives to zero. If it had gone another turn my landraiders would have probably finished off the Thunderwolves as they were all down to their last wounds. It was really a very exciting match!

The last game was Capture & Control versus my best friend who wound the Ard Boyz in 2008 with his patented Fateweaver/Crusher spam. I was very excited about this game going into the final round and knew I would pretty much have to play a perfect game to manage just a draw. Here is his list:

Kairos the Fateweaver
Khornate Herald/Juggernaught, Unholy Might, Fury of Khorne

5x Plague Bearer
5x Plague Bearer
5x Plague Bearer
5x Plague Bearer

4x Blood Crusher/Icon, Fury, Instrument
4x Blood Crusher/Icon, Fury, Instrument
4x Blood Crusher/Icon, Fury, Instrument

[b]Heavy Support[/b]
Soul Grinder/Phleghm
Nurgle Prince/Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies
Nurgle Prince/Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies

[b]1st Turn[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
Deployment was pitched battle and I won the roll choosing to go second. I setup my objective in one table corner and my opponent setup his in the furthest opposing table corner. I setup with my three landraiders side by side close to my objective but spread out far enough that they wouldn't get in the way of each other if I decided to move them.

My opponent got his preferred wave to come in on the initial drop:


As I expected all the initial daemonic units dropped in close to my three tanks with none of them coming in to guard his objective. The Fateweaver fired bolt and the walker dropped it's pieplate but neither did any damage.

[b]1st Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
First I used Deathwing assault to drop my terminator squad with the assault cannon close to the enemy objective. Next all three landraiders popped smoke and moved flat out towards the enemy objective. I was banking on high armor and the daemons only being able to hit on 6s in close combat to my landraider train trundling across the table towards the enemy objective. I also had a few tricks up my sleeve that I hoped to be able to pull off as the game proceeded. You have to take a few risks against daemons and my #1 tactic versus them is to use mobility to counter their melée prowess.

[b]2nd Turn[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
The only unit to come in from reserve was the third squad of Blood Crushers. My opponent placed them about 12" away from my assault cannon squad and luckily for me they drifted another 11" back. It would take at least a couple turns of movement and running before they would be in range to assault. The rest of the daemon army moved up to shoot and assault my train of landraiders. As I was hoping the daemons split their attacks versus my three tanks and only managed to shake one, which didn't really matter to me since I was planning to move them all flat out again.

[b]2nd Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
My opponent had left Kairos standing outside of cover with no units surrounding it for cover saves. My Grey Knights disembarked from the crusader with Belial remaining inside. The three landraiders then tank shocked any daemons in their path out of the way and cut a diagonal move towards the far table corner heading straight towards the enemy objective. My assault cannon squad moved back towards the enemy objective firing at the lone squad of Blood Crushers dropping a couple wounds in the process. Next my Grand Master and the Grey Knight terminator with a psycannon both opened up on Kairos and popped him off the table! Belial and the Deathwing terminators all gave a round of applause.

[b]3rd Turn[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
In came three squads of Plague Bearers. Two landed beside my objective and the other landed off towards his objective but outside of a charge from my assault cannon squad. As I expected the daemons clustered around my Grand Master and his Grey Knights, ignoring my landraiders. The lone squad of Blood Crushers moved toward my assault cannon squad. Needless to say my Grand Master and his Grey Knights paid the ultimate price for having bagged the Fateweaver but that was one turn that my three tanks were free from any potential damage.

[b]3rd Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
It was time now to spring my second trick. The crusader moved back 6" towards my objective while my two landraiders plowed 6" towards the enemy objective. If I could destroy or immobilize the daemonic walker with shooting then I would remove the fastest enemy unit from hurting my tanks. The gamble paid off as I was able to immobilize the Grinder with a shot from the crusader. My assault cannon squad moved back taking the enemy objective and dropped another wound on the lone squad of Blood Crushers. It was a great turn and so far everything was going according to the plan.

[b]4th Turn[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
The fourth squad of Plague Bearers failed to arrive. The big clump of daemons minus Kairos now had to decide whether to stick together and chase my two lanraiders or split up so they could also go after my crusader. They decided to throw everything at the two landraiders. Again all they managed to do was shake one. The lone squad of Crushers moved towards my assault cannon squad but would just be outside of charge range. The two squads of Plague Bearers over by my objective ambler closer but would still need at least another turn to reach it.

[b]4th Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
The crusader moved flat out back towards my objective while my two landraiders continued the split moving flat out towards the enemy objective. I disembarked the two squads so they could both shoot and combi charge the lone squad of Blood Crushers. I shot them then charged in, losing four terminators combined but destroying the unit of Blood Crushers. I could see that the crusader would need the game to go to turn six so it could make it back to my objective. Things were getting exciting now!

[b]Turn 5[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
The fourth unit of Plague Bearers automatically came in from reserve landing behind the blob of daemons heading towards my landraiders and Deathwing terminators. One of the princes rolled a couple of 6s to hit one of the landraiders and wrecked it... It had to happen sooner or later. One squad of Blood Crushers lead by the Herald charged my two squads of terminators that had killed the lone squad of Crushers and killed them all but one, who managed to pass all his armor saves due to No Retreat. That would keep them held up for another turn. The one squad of Plague Bearers now had to start moving in earnest towards his objective hoping that the daemonic blob could reach my assault cannon squad in time.

[b]5th Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
The crusader moved flat out towards my objective with Belial embarked. I would need one more turn to reach it. My second landraider moved to within 3" of the enemy objective tank shocking the Plague Bearers out of the way, but unfortunately threw a track immobilizing itself moving into difficult terrain... Shit happens! My assault cannon squad shot and assaulted the Plague Bearers, destroying them. The daemonic blob finished off the lone Deathwing terminator and consolidated towards his objective.

At this point we both held one objective and the game would end in a tie if it did not go into the sixth turn. I rolled to see if it would go into another turn and up popped a 6. Oh well!

[b]6th Turn[/b] [i]Daemons[/i]
The daemonic blob piled in around my immobilized landraider and also close enough to charge my assault cannon squad, but the Plague Bearers were not going to reach his objective. The tank was destroyed and my terminators were all pulverized. Now my opponent was still ahead holding my objective with two squads of Plague Bearers.

[b]6th Turn[/b] [color=green]Deathwing[/color]
The crusader moved the full 12" pulling up to within 3" of my objective. Belial came thundering out and killed one squad of Plague Bearers in close combat. Now neither of us held an objective so it was back to a draw again. So it would all possibly come down to a final seventh turn to see if the one squad of Plague Bearers could reach his objective. Again I rolled a dice and up popped a four. The Plague Bearers got a low Slow & Purposeful roll then a low roll for the run keep them more than 3" away from his objective. The other squad of Plague Bearers charged Belial and he killed a couple. My turn Belial killed two more daemons and the game was over ending in a draw... [b]BUT[/b]... we took another look at the mission rules while tallying up the final scores and it turned out the objectives were for bonus points while victory points were the primary, so I lost but it sure had been a very fun and exciting game to say the least! It was a great way to end the day. The daemon player ended up taking best overall.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Genestealer Shock III

I have been thinking about this army some more. I saw someone post elsewhere that the lack of the 4+ armor save makes this army not viable in 5th edition. I am really having a hard time with it. A possible counter is to put all your units in reserve but then the genestealers coukd infiltrate and spread across the opponent's long table edge... Seems like a dickhead manuever though. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this style of army. While it certainly comes across as a one trick pony I think there could possibly be more to it.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Genestealer Shock II

Here is my new and improved list:

Alpha Warrior (95)
- pair of bone swords
- death spitter
- adrenal glands

3x Warriors (175)
- rending claws
- adrenal glands
- mycetic spore

Broodlord/implant attack+ 15x genestealers/toxin sacs (247)
10x genestealers/toxin sacs (170)
10x genestealers/toxin sacs (170)
10x genestealers/toxin sacs (170)
10x genestealers/toxin sacs (170)

Trygon/adrenal glands (210)
Trygon/adrenal glands (210)

I think this list is more robust and I still have a few points to play around with if I were to bump it up to 2000 points. This list would be rough on my daemon army but it would do poorly versus lists you don't see often such as Tzneetch daemons, mech eldar and Ravenwing. I'm not too worried about the rare armies though.


Genestealer Shock

Here is a list I have been working on:

= Troops =
Genestealer Brood (x20) w. Broodlord {517}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}
Genestealer Brood (x15) {330}

= Elites =
Yrmygal Genestealer Brood (x10) {230}

The genestealer units all have adrenal glands and toxin sacs plus the Broodlord has implant attack and sycthing talons. This comes up just over 1700 points and you'll need an HQ. I think it would alright to drop adrenal glands and that would save you right around 200 points. So you would have points left over for a naked Trygon and an Alpha Warrior with a small brood of Warriors dropping in a mycetic spore.

Is this army viable? I think possibly yes since the genestealer broods can infiltrate or outflank. It's very dependent on who goes first though which tells me this list could be a one trick pony. If they hit first they will indeed hit very hard.

I am very intrigued with this type of list. Bill Kim won the Chicago GT back in 2007 with his genestealer shock army. He had a perfect score for battlepoints and was awarded both best overall & best general, a feat no one else has ever done since or before.

The main problem with the list I have presented above is that it will get shot to death versus certain armies unless the bulk of the squads can quickly get into close combat. I like the large broods since they can survive shooting better. Remember that the genestealer broods can either inflitrate or outflank and the elite genestealers can assault immediatey upon the turn they arrive from reserve. I think this list still needs to be tinkered with a bit but I find it both very intriguing and a quick start to playing Tyranids.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bolter Beach is Open for Registration!!!

Bolter Beach is Open for Reservations!

Bolter Beach is a three day event in Sarasota, Florida that features the following:

June 4
• Club Royale 40k Team Tournament
Teams will consist of three members each. Each member brings their own 1500 point army. You will play four one-on-one games versus other teams over the course of the day. The team that accumulates the most battle points at the end of the day will we be rewarded with lots of loot!

• Lord of the Rings
We will have up to 10 tables (20 players) open and the top two finishers will earn their spots at Vegas in 2011.

• Blood Bowl
There will be a big Blood Tournament so bring your favorite team and show us what you’ve got.

June 5 & 6
• 40k GT, 2000 points
There will be up to fifty tables (100 players) open and the top two finishers will earn their spots at Vegas in 2011. All current 40k Codices are legal.

• 40k GT, 2250 points
There will be up to fifty tables (100 players) open and the top two finishers will earn their spots at Vegas in 2011.

Convention Center
2383 Industrial Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida 34234
The center is right by the local airport and there are hotels in walking distance. Sarasota is located on the west coast of Florida and is home to the likes of Stephen King and other well known celebrities. This is a great place to bring your family for an extended vacation… you are less than two hours from Disney World!

Hosted by Steve Turner and Yuri the Devil of 40k Wrecking Crew and the Skul N Bonz Club!

• 40k Club Royale - $75 per team
• LoTR - $25 per player
• Blood Bowl - $25 per player
• 40k GT - $50 per player
• WHFB GT - $50 per player

There is no additional registration fee.

Send your payment via check or money order to:

Steve Turner
2717 Seville Boulevard
Apartment 5304
Clearwater, FL 33764

Make sure to indicate your name, which events and what armies you will bring plus your email address. We must have your email address so we can keep you up to date with our e-news letters!

Closeby Hotels
Sleep Inn Hotel Sarasota / Bradenton Airport Hotel
900 University Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34234
Tel. (941) 359-8558
Residence Inn Sarasota Bradenton
1040 University Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34234
Tel. (941) 358-1468

Hyatt Place Hotel
950 University Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34234
Tel. (941) 554-5800

National Tournament Invitations
The top two overall players from the LoTR, 40k GT and Fantasy GT will receive invites from Games Workshop for the Nationals in 2011 in addition to our other prizes. If one of those players cannot attend, the player with the next highest overall score will receive the invite. If a player has already received an invite from another event, then his invitation will be passed on to the next person as well. The National tournament will be held in Las Vegas in 2011, at the end of the first Indy GT season. The only way to attend this tournament is two earn an invitation by taking one of the top two spots at one of the independently run tournaments.

Contact Steve Turner at moodhoney@yahoo.com.

We are very strict about the rules and want everyone to have a great time. There are no exceptions to any of the rules listed below:
• All models in your army must be painted and have finished bases. Models that do not make the minimum standards may not be used. Bringing an unpainted army doesn't just mean a zero in painting. It also means you don't play.
• All models must be WYSIWYG, or pretty darn close to it. A clever conversion that skirts the line, but draws applause from your opponent is cool. "My red bolt pistol is a plasma pistol" is not.
• Part of WYSIWYG is using the correct models: "I'm using Bloodletters on big rocks for my Blood Crushers because I don't want to shell out the cash." isn't acceptable. "I hand sculpted all my models" is probably is fine, assuming some minimum sculpting skill and they look like what they should represent. If you have a question email with pictures.
• It's a GW sponsored tournament. A preponderance of your army should be GW models, or converted using GW bitz.
• Base size: Models should be on the proper size base, compared to newer models of the same type. All terminators should be on 40mm, all blood Crushers should be on 60mm round, etc.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More thoughts on the new Tyranids

Well the codex has been out for almost a week now. I have been following a lot of the discussions over on Dakka Dakka and there is a lot of very good information over there. I am hoping to get in a game with my 2k point Khorne daemon army versus a new Tyranid army this Friday versus the winner of the 2008 Ard Boyz championship. We have been discussing the new Nids quite a bit over the past month and we are both very excited about the new codex.

To me it looks like Tyranids will be a powerful army but it might take a good tactician to do well with them. It's hard to say for sure yet as the codex is still very new. A lot of people are saying there is nothing in the codex that jumps out as being over the top. Some people have gone so far as to say that the new Tyranids are weak... fragile and all the good units are expensive for what you get. Here is my list of the units I think are the most powerful and best choices:

= HQ =
•Alpha Warrior
Very cheap for what you get plus a beast in close combat. He is a synapse creature as well. A lot of people are mistakenly under the impression that the Deathleaper is your only psychic defense. It's not true though as every synapse creature has Shadows in the Warp (SitW) which forces enemy psykers within 12" to take their psychic tests on 3d6 versus 2d6. With the plethora of synapse creatures available and the option to deepstrike/infiltrate/outflank your entire army it's going to be easy to cloak the enemy with SitW. I am planning to deepstrike my Alpha Warrior with a Warrior brood in a mycetic spore. They are a shock troop - that is, the unit drops in and disrupts the enemy line. Arm the Warriors with death spitters (S5) to shoot on the side armor of chimeras. You can also take one venom cannon... Why not, it's S6 AP4 blast, also good for shooting at side armor and great versus a cluster of guardsmen. It's all about busting open as many enemy transports the first turn you arrive from reserve so you can then juice them the following turn in close combat. My Alpha Warrior will have a bone sword and lash whip. Everyone has adrenal glands (furious charge) and toxin sacs (poison weapons). The Warriors also have rending claws. It's a fairly small unit and they will take a beating from melta and plasma but if the Alpha Warrior can survive the first round of enemy shooting then he will do some serious damage when he charges! The lash whip lowers all enemy models in base contact to I1 so at worst charging into cover he's going to hit simultaneously. The single bone sword can potentially instant death enemy models while a pair has a much better chance but I prefer to just take one with the lash whip since the latter works so well if you do have to charge into cover. The Alpha Warrior also confers his WS(6) and BS(4) to any unit he joins so he's a real buff to the Warriors, especially their shooting.

•Hive Tyrant
He is expensive no matter how you kit him but he is vital to the army. At first I was seriously considering taking two Alpha Warriors and joining them both to the deepstriking Warrior brood since the Warrior Prime is such great value for the points BUT upon further reflection I realized that a flyrant has a lot going for it. Sure the flyrant is going to die fast but he really buffs an all reserve army... You can outflank one unit (hormagaunts) and he adds +1 to your reserve rolls as long as he is alive. Suppose you decide to field an all reserve army with nine units, +1 to your reserve rolls means that statistically 6 units should arrive the second turn. 50 percent of the time you'll be able to go second so in those cases your opponent loses two turns shooting at your army. You come in on top of them and many of the opponent's units are only get to shoot you one time before you engage them in close combat. It's all about saturating the table and overwhelming the enemy. A lot of people are still thinking in terms of 4th edition - they are designing lists with the majority of their army starting on the table waking towards the enemy line... These types of lists you'll see lots of units like the Tyrannofex. I have never had a problem with walking hordes, invariably you'll get in a lot more shooting versus a walking horde and you can focus fire in the best units bringing them down before they can assault. The flyrant can be equipped as a killer in close combat and if he manages to get into assault he is a sure character killer... bone sword + lash whip + implant attack + paroxsym is death on wings. Paroxsym is a psychic power that has 12" range lowering one enemy unit to both WS1 and BS1... this alone could keep him alive long enough to charge. I'm also kitting my flyrant with brainleech devourers - six S6 shots great for cracking open transports, again especially chimeras if you can shoot at side armor. Tyrants can take another psychic power to leech back lost wounds plus regeneration. Remember that the Tyrant is also a synapse creature and has SitW!

= Troops =
•Genestealer Brood with Broodlord
I am planning to take a squad of 20 genestealers with a Broodlord. They can infiltrate or outflank and fleet. If you go first then infilitrate this horde and assault the first turn. 20 genestealers with a Broodlord can flip transports and will survive a charge into cover. This is an ubèr assault unit plus a delivery system for the Broodlord. My Broodlord will have implant attack so he is another character killer. This is one unit that is going to wreck a lot of armies for sure! They have game winner status written all over them. This unit will also have adrenal glands and toxin sacs... Anything they hit in close combat except for possibly a landraider or monolith is dead dead dead... And don't forget the Broodlord is another synapse creature as well(SitW).

Take a squad of 20 and equip them with adrenal glands plus toxin sacs. You can outflank them because of the Tyrant. This is another shock troop like Alpha Warrior joined to the Warrior Brood. They come in and smack something really hard or you use them as a screen for another unit. They have fleet. Furious charge plus poisoned attacks means they are rerolling to wound versus T4 or less. Outflanking means you don't have to use more points to put them in a mycetic spore.

= Elites =
Most people are saying he's not worth the points and competing with Hive Guard and Zoanthropes. Zoies are a must have and I'll talk about them in length below. To me Hive Guard aren't a good choice. You can put them in a mycetic spore so they'll land in range to blast armor, sure... but to me Zoies are so much better with the S10 AP1 lance plus Zoies are also synapse creatures as well. The Deathleaper has a lot of synergy going on with the Zoies as it can potentially shutdown enemy psykers' psychic hoods. The Deathleaper also has the most special rules and can pretty much make it impossible for enemy units to shoot it unless they roll up very close in a transport. The Deathleaper is also not bad in close combat with a high initiative, flesh hooks that shoot (S6 rending), high weapon skill and rends on 5+. This lictor can also hit and run plus leave the table then reappear... He's a living yoyo for sure. Like I said most players think these points are better spent elsewhere but he is extremely strategic and very psychological. Infortunately he's not a synapse creature... Hee!

Put 2-3 in a spore and light up a landraider, it's gone. Zoies are also tall enough to provide a 4+ cover save to your monstrous creatures as well. Their shooting is phenomanal, they can destroy any armour out there. Remember like I said above they are also synapse creatures so if you can possibly combine their SitW with the -d3 to enemy psyker leadership from the Deathleaper they should be able get off their shots when they arrive from reserve.

= Heavy Support =
This is another close combat monster that can tunnel and has fleet plus 6 wounds. I've equipped mine with regeneration. You can upgrade him to be a synapse creature as well and it doubles the number of his shooting attacks but at a stiff 40 points I don't think it's really worth it.

So there are my top choices. More thoughts on the new Nidz later this week... I'll cover some of the units that are popular but not really all that great.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Generation Prime - Hive Fleet Mordis

So here is my first crack at Nidz using the codex to develop the list. As I have said elsewhere the theme is based upon heavy assault with some shooting thrown in for good measure. Most of the units below can fulfill duel roles but a few are dedicated to one task. I wanted to create a list that can fully start in reserve.

•HQ1 - Hive Tyrant (350)
Wings, Devourer {Brainleech}, Hive Commander, Old Adversary, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Implant Attack, Regeneration

•HQ2 - Alpha Warrior (125)
Bone Sword & Lash Whip, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Regeneration

•Troop1 - 5x Warrior Brood (265)
Rending Claws, Barbed Strangler, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Mycetic Spore/Barbed Strangler

•Troop2 - 10x Genestealer (297)
Sycthing Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
•Broodlord attached
Sycthing Talons, Implant Attack

•Troop3 - 10x Genestealer (220)
Sycthing Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs

•Troop4 - 20x Hormogaunt (255)
Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Mycetic Spore/Barbed Strangler

•Heavy Support - Trygon (300)
Prime, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Regeneration

•Elite1 - Death Leaper

•Elite2 - Zoanthrope 2x
Mycetic Spore/Barbed Strangler

This all adds up to around 1987 points. I'd love to be able to field another Zoanthope Brood. There is a lot of upgrades throughout the list so I were to skim the fat I think there would be just enough room for one more unit of Zoanthropes.

The army has a low model count (i.e., 50+) but I am quite used to that now. The only unit that does not have synaspe is the gaunts but seeing they are surrounded by other units with synapse I don't ever see that being much of a problem. I threw in some barbed stranglers for the spores to add a much needed bit of midranged shooting.

I played a test game versus my Khornate Daemons (killpoints with DoW for deployment) to see how my bugs would fare against a really heavy hitting close combat army... The Skulltaker with his other Herald and Blood Crushers were just plain nasty. The Skulltaker is one of those tough units to bangle with his rending to instant death on a 4+ to wound. It really hurt. The Tyrant, Alpha Warrior, Trygon Prime and the Broodlord were all awesome. I was able to handle the Soul Grinders well. The Bloodthirster was a beast to deal with though and I could have played it better in regard to engaging the beast



Thoughts on the new Blood Angels and Tyranids

Well I got my new bug codex yesterday and had the opportunity to read it absorbing the written word. From what I have ensconced it's very good and I am really looking for to playing bugz. I think having read the tactical threads on some of the big 40k forums that there is a certain element in the hobby that are currently quite frustrated with the codex because they can't figure out how to game the new bugz... They are looking to create a meta list that will match up well with their local metas. One example of this that really sticks out in my mind is when they say it's better to field three genestealers versus taking a Broodlord. Three genestealers have more attacks than a Broodlord... Whoopy! I see it as exactly the reverse... Genestealers are a delivery system for Broodlords. I can roll with a squad of IG veterans in a chimera and they will smoke a squad of genestealers. On the other hand if you pay the points for a Broodlord he will survive the shooting and eat the veterans. Certain people are also saying Hive Guard suck because they can't drop in a spod BUT on the other hand they can certainly pop up behind a Trygon. It's too bad that Ymrgal genestealers, Hive Guard and Zoies are all elites. It's going to be hard to fit the Ymrgal genestealers in any list right now with mech being so strong... You really need the Death Leaper and two squads of Zoies in spods to vaporize mech. The Death Leaper and spodding Zoies are a no brainer combo in my opinion.

Now on to the subject of my favorite army ever... Blood Angels. First let me say that a personal pet peeve of mine is when someone spells Angels as Angles. I know I make my fair share of spelling errors here but come on for goodness sake, what the Hell is a Blood Angle??? Is that some trignometric harvester of doom? "I'm gonna poke you in the eye with my Iscoleles triangle!!!"

Anyways the Blood Angels rumors are quite rampant and there is no way to discern fact from fiction at this point. Some people have stated there will be skimmer landraiders... Hee. Remember when people were saying that Dark Angels would be broken because they could field a landspeeder with AV14? Take a moment to think about it.

Personally I am wondering how complex of a codex the New Blood Angels book will be. Have you noticed yet that no one has a clue how Death Company will work? Have you noticed there isn't much information regarding Moriar the Chosen other than he'll supposedly be back again? Three chapter masters??? Come on now let's be real. It's not like Blood Angels will be able to field as many viable armies as Ultramarines. Well I just hope that GW has lots of red pots of paint because they will need them.

Me... I just hope that the new Blood Angels will be better than the current incarnation.


Let's Party @ Adepticon 2010 likes it's 1999!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What we know about the new Blood Angels

GW sent out an email blast last night trumpeting the release of the new codex this coming April. Hopefully it will be better than what we have now. I am very curious to see who wrote it.

All we know at this point is from the release:

Blood Angels are a close combat army and wil be deadlier than before due to the following:

•Specialist wargear
•Ability to take assault squads as troops
•More dreadnaughts than any other chapter, which includes the Death Company dreadnaught and the Furisio

Well we can already take assault squads as troops and I prefer tactical Marines so hopefully GW will boost them. The option to only take plasma pistols really stinks. They need access to flamers and meltaguns.

Specialist wargear - We can boost the entire army now with both furious charge and preferred enemy, that's about as good as it gets in my opinion.

Dreadnaughts - we already have access to the Death Company dreadnaught and Furisio plus we can mix the two and make them venerable. Maybe GW means that we will be able to field seven or more. Currently SM can field up to six. To be honest I don't see a host of dreadnaughts being that great unless they get some really awesome rules to boost them such as assaulting out of drop pods.

Right now the Internet is rift with people wishlisting. I will post here whenever I hear anything of value. Unsubstantiated rumors are about as good as soft tactics in my book.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Style over Content... Thoughts on the new Nidz

I have seen a lot of rambling on the Internet concerning the new Nidz. There have even been some batreps posted using the rumours. I am not sold on much of what I have read and am waiting to get my hands on the codex until I make any comments as to how I think they should be played. The Nidz look like they are going to get a major rework going by the rumours. Obviously they are going to have to be able to bust armor at range to be a potent threat to the current metagame. I think they will be able to tank bust at range. My main concern is that a lot of the best choices are vying for your three available slots in the FOC as Elites. I really like the deathleaper since his presence can effectively shutdown psykers. -3 to Ld for psychic tests is huge and you can't get around that plus he will nerf psychic hoods trying to shutdown your Zoies. While Hive Guard are nice and I like the new minis I think from what I have read Zoies plus the deathleaper are the way to go versus armor. There are those people who will inevitably always say if your list can't take down a landraider then it's no good. I think that is a fallacy as more often than not you don't see any landraiders BUT a S10 AP1 lance in the face is pretty darn good. Basically you have S10 versus AV12 with +1 to the AP table. If the shot goes off you have a 67% chance of scoring a pen with a 67% chance of either immobilizing or blasting the landraider... That's why you need 2x 2 Zoies. You can bring them in behind the Trygons so you should definitely be in range. An immobilized landraider is chump change versus monstrous creatures in close combat. More importantly the Zoies can take out guard armor very well.

There must be a reason why Nidz lost universal fleet across the army. I reckon this is due to their now being able to enter a huge portion of their force via deep strike and outflank... So I think you will be able to design a list that can deploy in a variety of ways optimizing how you face off against other builds. It could be a beautiful thing and deployment is going to be very important for the new Nidz.

Currently I am thinking that genestealers are still the best troop choice with outflank and fleet. I also think the Alpha Warrior podding in with a a Warrior crew will be an excellent choice... They are a shock troop and some armies won't have the dedicated firepower to take them out before they can charge. They will be awesome in assault.

I am still trying to figure out what is the best choice for the primary HQ. Obviously a Tyrant is going to be popular so it's a matter of deciding whether to take wings or walk him on with Tyrant Guard. Hive Guard sound like they will be very situational and as I have said I am sold on Zoies. If the Hive Guard could ignore cover saves then I think they would be a no brainer but going by the rumors that's not the case.

So in conclusion the good units based upon the rumors are as follows:

Alpha Warrior with Warriors - spore
Genestealers (maybe one squad with a Broodlord)
Alpha Trygons

I'm not sure about the rest but the squads above could easily build your core. If you have a good core then your other choices don't have to necessarily be great choices as well, you are looking for synergy and keeping your synapse online. The new rules for basic instincts are better now for sure BUT you certainly won't want to have to rely upon them versus a good gamer... It's like handing the keys to your car over to your worst enemy. I happened to see a comical post on another blog in which the poster stated you only have to apply basic instincts if your models are facing in the direction of visible enemy units... Like I said I think it was meant to be a comical post but on the other hand that person lost all credibility with me for posting it as a tactical article.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

KDA vs IG (2k)

Got in a game versus IG yesterday:

Primaris Psyker
Psyker Battle Squadron - chimera

10x Vets/3x meltagun (Valkyrie)
10x Vets/3x meltagun (Valkyrie)

2x Punisher/Pask
2x Medusa/hard top
2x Leman Russ/hull mounted lascannon

Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

Both objectives are placed closed together (heh!). I win the roll and choose to go second. I also get my waves in how I want them:

1st Drop - Bloodthirster, Heralds + Crushers, Daemon Prince

1st Turn/IG
My opponent brings in both Valkyries with the vets tagging along. They come in at opposite ends of the table.

1st Turn/Daemons
First I drop my Crushers on the IG objective knowing he won't be able to move them off. They'll stay put all game. Next my greater daemon comes in beside a Valkyrie. The daemon prince lands on top of my objective. The Bloodthirster fires his deathstrike but misses.

2nd Turn/IG
In comes punisher squadron and PSB. Punishers both line up for shots on my Crushers and score three wounds (40 shots total). PSB target daemon prince and drop a wound. Valks both move 12" and target Crushers for no wounds.

2nd Turn/Daemons
In comes both Grinders and both packs of Bloodletters. Grinders using the Crusher icon to walk up blocking enemy LOS to lesser daemons. Greater daemon flys up to closest Valkyrie, shots and assaults but does no damage. Grinders target punishers and pops one. Daemon Prince flies toward second Valk but is outside charge range.

3rd Turn/IG
In comes Medusas. IG is playing the keep away game but I control both objectives. Daemon Prince is shot off the board and I lose a few lesser daemons to focused fire.

3rd Turn/Daemons
One Grinder goes after second punisher and destroys it in close combat. Bloodthirster shoots and assaults one Valkyrie taking off a missile pod. Grinders spread and miss shots at Valkyries. Lesser Daemons spread covering both objectives.

4th Turn/IG
In comes the Medusas. One Valk moves up to forward Grinder, vets disembark firing meltas into walker but only manage to immobilize it. PSB target one pack of lesser daemons (GtG) and kill a couple. Medusas target a walker but pie plates drift off. The other Valk moves 24".

4th Turn/IG
Immobilized walker nukes vets that disembarked. Other walker wrecks the PSB chimerooh. Greater Daemon flies back towards my objective screening one pack of lesser daemons.

5th Turn/IG
Both Valks move up to my objective. Shooting in uneventful.

5th Turn/Daemons
Walkers target one Valk (empty) and destroy it. Bloodthirster assaults the other Valk and destroys it with deathstrike. Bloodletters assault second squad of vets and destroy them.

Game ends and daemons control both objectives.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Random thoughts on 40k

I have been enjoying the last week while on vacation. It's always good to get away awhile from the march of life and spend some time with those you love. I went up to visit my mom and brother, bringing my army along to get in a few games with old friends.

So anyways on with the thread. I think that to be a competitive gamer it's very important to roll with the changes. For instance there are always some people that let themselves get stuck in the past and won't budge while the rest of the world continues to move along. Often you see this when some powerful army has a new codex released and some of the more popular errrrm... broken units) are nerfed. For instance if you go over to Warseer there are some people crying about the loss of their cherished dakkafexes. It's silly to me as the new Nids are going to be very powerful plus you'll still be able to play Godzilla Nidz but now you'll be able to field a vaster assortment of monstrous creatures. The alpha Tyrgon looks like a real winner, this monster is pure beast. You can field Broodlords as upgrades to your genestealers, Warriors are available as a troop choice, and there is the new Alpha Warrior. Take an Alpha Warrior, join him with a squad of Warriors and drop them in a spore... these evil bastards can cut down thunder wolves no problem, they are just that good in close combat plus they can shoot. I see this unit as a penultimate shock troop - as an opponent you can't ignore them and you are going to really have to focus fire to bring them down with shooting. Some armies won't be able to blast them off the table and if you do then that frees up other units to get right up in your proverbial grille. They will hurt you one way or another. There's lots of ways to get synapse into your army which is very important as while instinctive behaviour is not as bad this time around it's not like you want your opponent to dictate how your units move. The movement phase is the most important phase of the game and handing over the keys to your car to your adversary is an equation for disaster. I love the new Deathleaper... He is the perfect answer to your psychic adversaries, -3 leadership to old Eldrad is going to ruffle the eldar feathers, librarians are pretty much screwed. What I want in terms of a new Nidz army is one where the entire army comes in from reserve right in your face with +2 to +3 for your reserve rolls. Zoies and Hiveguard blasting away into side armor of mech armies, swarms of gaunts and genestealers owning you in close combat. It's all for real too. IG has finally met their match plus some. Nidz will not have to rely upon gimmicks to win big, they have all the tools necessary to eat you alive. It's kind of scary if you are on the other side of the fence.

I am hoping that GW brings back Blood Angels to their former glory. There couldn't be a better time than this year. So by the middle of 2010 I would like to have three uber armies - my Khornate daemonic horde, Tyranids and a brand new Blood Angels army. I hate having to play the same army all the time and looking back I wasted two years playing Blood Angels unconditionally. Blood Angels will always be my most favorite army but I think it's a big mistake to constantly play the same army game after game and I won't fall into that trap again.

One thing i really enjoy about this blog is that you don't see any flamebaiting going on. I think blogs should be that way. The owner should control the tempo and set the standard. It's kind of sad when you go on the internet and see people acting like little children taunting each other with venomous posts.

So happy new year to everyone hear and thanks for stopping by to visit.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Addition of the Daemon Prince to my KDA • 2000 points

I was able to play a few friendly matches this past week while on vacation bumping my 1850 point KDA up to 2000 points. I had to drop three Bloodletters from my two troop choices so I could afford all the goodies/upgrades I wanted. Here is the build:

Daemon Prince (Codex Daemons)
Mark of Nurgle*
Unholy Might
Noxious Touch
Iron Hide
Cloud of Flies

*Those of you that know me understand that I have a great love for all things Nurgle! So this is my first non Khorne unit so the army is no longer truly KDA with it's inclusion but I really like the Nurgle daemon prince a lot better than his Khornate counterpart and have modeled the prince as a 'counts as' Khorne daemon prince. To me the Nurgle prince is the best choice and I didn't give him any psychic powers in an attempt to stick as closely possible to the original theme. T6, always wounding on 2+ plus Cloud of Flies are both of great value in terms of performance. My prince got into close combat with a Nurgle Prince from the CSM codex and beat the living snot out of it, the CSM prince had warp time too.

Versus meched up armies it's great to have another flying monstrous creature to tank hunt besides the greater daemon (Bloodthirster). Once you start popping a few transports it certainly makes it a lot easier to swing the battle in your favor. I will always use mygreater daemon to destroy landraiders, it's almost a sure thing unless he is hitting on sixes, so even if he dies the next turn it's worth the trade. The daemon prince is great for taking out chimeras and rhinos. Using the flying monsters to take out tanks means I can focus the two Soul Grinders on dropping pieplates of death. It's a strong combination.