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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Karnac the Killer Part VI

Karnac grabbed Abraxas by his collar. The dark eldar reached up clasping the skull champion's gauntlet and ripped it free. Karnac felt a sting through his armor and winced. The combatants threw down their weapons and grappled each other like a pair of wrestlers. Karnac dropped to his knees and threw Abraxas over his shoulder but the warrior landed on his feet maintaining his grip counterpoised against the Berzerker. They both strained with all their might focused upon the battle. Karnac bellowed in utter rage punching Abraxas in the jaw with his free hand. The blow knocked back the warrior's head and blood flowed freely soaking his teeth. Abraxas smiled then frowned looking much older than his age.

"I can take whatever you throw at me!" shouted Abraxas.

"I will crush you!" roar Karnac. "Khorne is my God!"

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