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Blood Vow

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Sunday, July 09, 2023

10th Edition Black Templars


10th Edition has been kind to the Black Templars, the Emperor’s own Holy Bearzerkers. I’m here to highlight some of the top tips and combos for playing this faction in the new edition.

The first subject to discuss is their inherent resiliency. While we have lost faction wide 5++ invulnerable save and mini-Transhuman Pyshiology, the vow Uphold the Honor of the Emperor (UtHoftE) now provides an army wide 6+++ Feel No Pain (FNP) and a leadership characteristic of 5+. 5+ is about as good as it gets, on the same level as the Primarchs. It’s important to note that the previous version of this vow had a big negative aspect, that is, no cover saves were allowed. Now there is an abundance of cover, and it’s no longer limited to just infantry… this is a big deal. We also have access to the 1 CP stratagem Armor of Contempt, which worsens the AP of enemy attacks by -1 for the chosen phase. Stacked with a cover save, that’s -2. Yesterday versus Astra Militarum I did not lose one model in my 20 man Primaris Crusader Squad (PCS) with Grimaldus and his Cenobite Servitors attached for a sweet 5+++ FNP, shrugging off over 20 wounds taken from two Basilisks. The new version of Tännhauser’s Bones, which is an Enhancements, also grants a 5+++ FNP to the unit to which the character is attached if you select the vow UtHotE. So, it’s possible to run two units with the 5+++!

The 20 man PCS is back with a vengeance and better than ever… models with chainswords have five base attacks and models with powerfists have three base attacks, and now hit on 3+. Grimaldus always grants reroll hits. It’s possible to boost the chainswords to AP3 and the powerfists to AP4, select the Temple Relic Scepter of the Anointing coupled with the Crusader’s Wrath 1 CP stratagem. If you really want to turn the blob into a real blender use the 1 CP stratagem Fervent Acclamation so the you can switch the squad over to the vow Suffer Not the Unclean to Live for lethal hits (that is, a 6 to hit automatically wounds). You can fish for 6s rerolling hits due to Grimaldus’ Litany of the Devout. You should easily be able to drop a Knight on the charge.

The Primaris Sword Brethren Squad (PSB) is another big winner as well. Each Sword Brother now sports three wounds and the Castellan (squad sergeant equivalent) can field a master-crafted power sword hitting on 2+. Their vow sworn Bladesmen ability allows them to add +1 damage to their melee attacks, which translates over to an attached character as well. The Helbrecht Bomb features our epic Marshal leading the squad, whom grants unmodified rolls of 5+ confer Critical Hits… again use the 1 CP stratagem Fervent Acclamation so the you can switch the squad over to the vow Suffer Not the Unclean to Live for lethal hits (that is, a 5 to hit automatically wounds). This squad is another murder ball as well.

That’s all for now to get our brothers started off in the right foot. My next tactica will cover best choices for serious tank hunting ranged firepower.