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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 6

There came the subsonic scream as a bright red Storm Eagle raced over the open ground followed by two Fire Raptors. The gunships poured their fire power into the traitors shredding those caught out in the open. The rear hatch of the Storm Eagle then opened revealing a host of Blood Angel assault Marines who dove into the fray. They were lead by another Marine clad in pitch black plates of ceramite armor brandishing a long sword. The Blood Angels bound over rock and stubble smashing into the rear of the traitor horde. Driving the tip of his fractal edged sword down into the helm of an Emperor's Children the blade ignited upon contact splitting the traitor in twain. The heavy form of a Leviathan detached itself from the rear grapple of the Storm Eagle launching itself into the fray. It leveled its claws pumping hot burning plasma into the enemy then the metal behemoth strode into the melee pulverizing the closest traitors.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part V

The double moons were crossing over the zenith seemingly nixing each other, one a bright green and the other a dull red. The air stank of the rot and Death Guard lingered over the small space left upon the landing field. The third moon shone like a sapphire high above the broken plains. Night Lords wrestled with each other vying for placement towards the front rank. Traitor veterans from Ivstann filled the open ground waiting in anticipation of the few remaining Templars.

"We shall tear them from limb to limb." shouted a Son of Horus.

From the tunneled earth emerged a yellow brethren of loyalist creed. Every gun swung towards the new target in focus. Plasma, Volkite and bolter rounds fired together in unison eradicating the terminator. Together they howled as one. Arwent then emerged followed closely by his cadre. Their storm shields locked together as they stepped into waiting death. There was an inhuman cry from the swollen ranks of traitors as they all surged forward. The Huscarls kneeled down together then Arwent thumbed the beacon sending an electromagnetic pulse up into the dark sky. Almost simultaneously in answer the Phalanx fired the first bombardment.

Livid fire bright red reined down imploding upon the traitors. The super heated mega blast melted rock and stone alike vanquishing a third of the traitors in one fell swoop.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 4

Captain Arwent lead his small team through a maze of giant rock interweaving the inner overlapping corridors hidden within the inky black shadow. "We have been here together before my brothers. The enemy is just around the bend waiting. What was to be a massed assault is now down to just us. We can give our lives to the glory of mankind, Rogal Dorn and the Emperor. Death is but an open gate to new a new beginning... an unknown and I will greet it gladly. Our spirit is incorruptible and eternal unlike the traitor amongst our rank who sold his sold for the sorry cost of pride. Like the great Phoenix that rose from the burning ash we also will rise again. We are bound together throughout the endless cycle of life and death.'' The Captain paused for a moment to adjust his auto senses. ''Each traitor we kill here is one less that will assault our beloved Terra. This our dearest task. I love you all. This is our utter destiny.''

As they came to end of the hidden path there rose the braying sound of endless night. Ice cold wind sharp as a fresh hewn razor cut through the void flowing around their thick armor. The Huscarls and Xiphon clutched their weapons tight ready to embrace the trap.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Vengeance - a tale of the Joy Division - Part 2

Catching the hidden serpent...

"So many brothers lost in the blink of an eye." said Captain Arwent. "The explosion was an act of sabotage. "Xiphon and I both were monitoring the comm link to our pilot and the servitors... there was no ranged anti-air attacks targeting the Storm Eagle when the cockpit was destroyed.

"Xiphon check the status of our battle suits." Arwent growled. "I believe there is a traitor amongst us."

Artur immediately broke from the group activating his thunderhammer and raising his shield.

"Lock Artur's suit now." commanded Arwent. The Techmarine spoke a disarming sequence into his vox. Artur came to a grinding halt now trapped within his terminator armor. His arm carrying the thunderhammer slowly fell to his side and his shield lowered.

Arwent reached out grabbing Artur's helm violently wrenching it away. The fingers of his armored gauntlets pried upon Artur's mouth then he reached inside grasping at the traitor' tongue. "The serpent must be silenced." said the Captain of the Huscarls as he ripped out the tongue flinging the torn flesh to the ground. Frothing blood and bile gushed up from the traitor's mouth spilling out down his chin coating the bright yellow gorget. "This serpent is an Alpha Legionnaire." Arwent informed the rest of his Cadre. "You can and still will serve our division."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Black Vengeance - A Tale of the Joy Division - Part 1

The Storm Eagle screamed as it tore through the thin layer of the upper atmosphere. It dipped then rolled as the enemy anti-air missiles slipped by missing their auto-locked target. The gunship tipped its nose straight down falling toward the planet at terminal velocity. There was a sudden explosion rocking the entire craft as the cockpit blew apart.

Captain Arwent unbuckled his maglock falling from the wall like a rock. The Huscarl hit the doorway hard dazing him for a moment. Black spots opened before his eyes and his ears rung like the tolling of iron bells. The atmosphere was growing thicker and wailed as it rushed through the wide rent just ahead. Arwent carefully righted himself knowing one wrong move and he would be jettisoned into the closing void. Nothing was left of the pilot or servitors. All that remained of the cockpit was a control stick and flashing warning runes.

Maglocking his boots to the cracked flooring the Captain slowly crept forward careful to always maintain contact with at least one boot sole. He reached out with one gauntlet grasping at the stick. He could now see the rocky ground below as the falling ship plunged downwards in a lost spiral towards its imminent destruction. Electronically driven flame erupted from one of the destroyed consoles. His gauntlet locked tight around the thick head of the stick and he pushed it forward with all the force he could muster. Hidden servos strained inside his terminator armor in response.

The Storm Eagle righted itself just prior to impact, the bottom shredded apart as the rocky stone surface penetrated the ceramite outer layer. Captain Arwent was thrown from the wreck at fantastic speed crashing against a huge boulder. The gunship broke apart and then exploded unleashing rolling gouts of burning black Promethium.

Slowly one by one each of the remaining survivors crawled from the burning wreck pulling themselves from the raging conflagration. "Joy Division report in for duty." spoke Arwent over the hashed vox link while rising to a knee.

"Andromeda." said the first Huscarl.

"Artur." spoke the second.

"Arjüwentìüs." replied the third.

There was a moment of silence as static crackled over the vox then came one last reply "Brother Xiphon." spoke the mechanized voice of the Techmarine.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How I really feel about Alpha Legion

Somebody asked me how I feel about Alpha Legion. I will say right now they have no redeeming values and should have been purged along with the II and XI legions. I have found people who play Alpha Legion are the biggest cry babies... you know the ones who still feel entitled to a 3.5 edition codex.

A new novel was recently released by Black Library for Imperial Fists and Alpha Legion players had to ruin it for everyone else immediately releasing spoilers about the end. It's a long book and I can't think of a more douche bag maneuver but this level of lowness is what I have come to expect of this sort of player... fuck them.

Alpha Legion is actually the most hated legion ever. It was the last legion and probably the worst ever conceived. Both Alpharius and Omegan were both slain by loyalist Primarchs and rightly so. The Bolter and Chainsword forums will now automatically delete any thread with cloning conspiracy theories about Alpharius. This is the way it should be... bitter trolls have no place in 30k.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Custodes stats

WS6 - BS4 - S5 - T5 - W2 - I5 - A3 - Ld 10 - Sv 2+/4++
Hatred - Furious Charge - Rampage - Bulky

Sunday, October 09, 2016

By the Blood of Sanguinius !

Mechanicum Ordo Reductor & Imperial Fists Army List [HH] (3k)

+++ Ordo Reductor 3k (3007) +++

++ Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List (Allied Detachment) (1580) ++

Legio [Ordo Reductor]

+ HQ (290) +

Magos Reductor (290)
+ Archmagos Reductor
Augury Scanner - Cortex Controller - Cyber-Familiar - Djinn-Skein - Graviton Gun - Graviton Imploder - Master-Crafted Power Fist - Phosphex Bombs

+ Troops (575) +

Thallax Cohort (345)
6x Thallax - 6x Heavy Chainblade (30pts), Melta Bombs - 2x Multi-Melta

Thallax Cohort (230)
4x Thallax
4x Heavy Chainblade - Melta Bombs - Multi-Melta

+ Fast Attack (255) +

Crusade Fleet Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter (255)
Battle Servitor Control - Ground-Tracking Auguries - Phosphex Bomb Cluster - Ramjet Diffraction Grid
2x Two Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles

+ Heavy Support (460) +

2x Ordo Reductor Minotaur Battery (460)
Ordo Reductor Minotaur - Armoured Ceramite - Dozer Blade - Heavy Bolter

++ Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (Age of Darkness) (1427) ++

+ HQ (165) +

Alexis Polux (165) /Warlord
Master of the Legion : RoW - Pride of the Legion

+ Troops (542) +

Legion Terminator Squad (340) /Cataphractii Terminator Armour
5x Legion Terminator - 3x Chainfist - Plasma Blaster - Power Fist - Teleportation Transponder - Thunderhammer - 4x Vigil Pattern Storm Shield
Legion Terminator Sergeant - Thunderhammer - Vigil Pattern Storm Shield

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (202) /Marksmen
5x Legion Veteran Space Marines - Nuncio-Vox - Plasma Gun - 3x Power Weapon

+ Heavy Support (720) +

Achilles-Alpha Pattern Land Raider (300)
Two Sponson-Mounted Twin-Linked Volkite Culverin - Hull Mounted Quad Launcher [Shatter Shell]

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Talon (420)
Leviathan Siege Dreadnought - Armoured Ceramite - Leviathan Siege Drill - Phosphex Discharger - 2x Twin-Linked Volkite Caliver
Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod

+ Legion +

Legion Astartes [Loyalist, VII: Imperial Fists]

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Justice and Punishment; a tale of the Joy Division

Captain Arwent of the Huscarls watched in silence from the bunker as the fighting continued outside. Some of the renegades fired their auto guns into innocent civilians while others began to unlimber their chainblades revving the teeth. Crying out in agony those innocent still alive deplored to the members of the Joy Division, tears, sweat and blood pouring down their thin grimy faces.

"We are not to engage as per orders of the Lord Militant." said the human advisor attached to the Huscarls. His voice was whiny and he spoke with an air of authority. "Once our task has been decided we can then follow his orders."

"Does it not bother you to watch loyal citizens of the Emperor slain in cold blood?" asked Arwent.

"It is not for us to question the command of the Lord Militant." replied the advisor. "For he knows how we can best serve the Imperium." The human snorted as he ran his broken fingernails through his greasy hair then pulled his cap back on tight.

Arwent turned to face him directly staring down at the advisor. "Brothers I smell the taint of a coward in our midst." His eyes were dark with anger and flashed. "Brother Artor open the hatch."

The advisor squealed "No!"

Arwent opened his left gauntlet then slapped him across the face breaking teeth. "I have seen enough. This is an act of high treason." His gauntlet shot out catching the advisor by the jacket collar and threw him out into the street. A group of renegades immediately fell upon the prone body.

"Help me!" cried the advisor as the enemy descended upon him.

The terminators slowly emerged from the bunker spreading out into the street heading towards where the fight was most fierce. Artor primed his plasma blaster leveling it at another cluster of renegades. Slowly his armored trigger finger activated the firing rune. Blue sparks emitted from the plasma coils as a wave of searing energy erupted from the twin muzzles engulfing the traitors. Their screams were quickly muted by the implosion. Captain Arwent lifted his stormshield as he stepped in front of a group of nearby civilians. He heard the cries of the advisor. A mass of projectiles from auto guns harmlessly pattered off the bonded ceramite. "Into the bunker." he said steering away the innocent.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Fire in the Hole

Dense ropey black tendrils unfurled from the raging fire rolling up the hard rocky flank of the gigantic hill. An electronic horn blared from within the conflagration hidden within the deep black fog. Along the crest of the hill pale spotted genestealers scuttled along the stone ridge, their numbers continually swelling then the massive horde broke quickly descending towards the approaching darkness. Bolter fire erupted from within the wall of flame separating the two forces bursting apart the first line of xenos... for every genestealer splayed two more would fill the ever shrinking gap.

Stepping out from the burning flame the black chassis of a Leviathan emerged. The metal monstrosity unleashed its storm cannon exploding a genestealer with each and every shot. Trickles of super heated fire traced along the edges of the behemoth as it strode into a sprint up the steep incline. Smashing into the horde it's iron clad boots stomped down hard crushing the spiney enemy into pulp. It's wrecker claw then opened like the petals of a flower revealing a Nova flamer. The tip burned bright blue then an elongated loping tongue of burning Promethium erupted instantaneously scalding to death the closest ranks crumbling to black burnt ash.

A pair of twin Broodlords emerged from the horde leaping straight up at the dreadnaught. It caught the first one in midair snipping it in twain with the razor sharp edges of the wrecker claw. The second Broodlord managed to land upon the hull standing upright in open defiance. Flipping upon the ground the Leviathan rolled about catching it between its hull and the rocky ground instantly pulverizing it as well. It then righted itself brushing aside the swarming horde. Its electronic horn blared again to contest the Hive Mind as it strode unimpeded further up. An eerie alien scream answered back as the Leviathan crested the top of the rocky hill. The pilot looked about from right to left... everywhere open ground was covered by xenos spore. Drop pods rained down from the sky above smashing the enemy like a steeled gloved fist.

The Leviathan was impervious to the genestealer horde wading through their vast teeming numbers unleashing another burning gout of super heated flame. Hissing sounds wheezed out from the scalded carapaces as their innards boiled inside. Bristling with hate a large Tyranid monstrity came forward up the back side of the hill. Rocket missiles came swirling down targeting the behemoth in acid rain. The horde leapt into their path intercepting sure death. Arming its Volkite Culverins the dreadnaught fired into an unimpeded path carefully picking exposed gaps in the ever surging alien line. The Tyranid monstrity screamed in pain swinging its gigantic bone swords striking unintendedly into the surrrounding genestealers. Limbering its storm cannon again the dreadnaught fired in closing range.

The ground quaked as the two giants crashed into each other. Catching a pair of limbs the Wrecker claw closed hard sheering them from the xenos beast. The bone swords clacked upon the ground as the detached claws spasmed open then closed again. Nova fired snaked out coating the alien behemoth in searing flame. Striking back in vain the two remaining bone swords flailed against the void hardened armor. Again the electronic horn boomed in reply. Stepping over the burnt husk of the dying giant the Leviathan continued its path of death down the hill.