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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Forge World Beta Rules Review for Adeptus Custodes

Hello everyone it’s me, Black Blow Fly, here to discuss the current state of Warhammer 40k. This week Forge World released a new set of beta rules for their Adeptus Custodes... wow !!! They really hit the ball out of the park this time and that’s saying a lot knowing what a debacle they have been so far throughout this Edition. It just seems like Forge World is finally getting back on track again.

These new rules are truly a game changer. If you play Custodes (pronounced KUS TOAD EEZ) you know that they had certain hard limitations such as a distinct lack of ranged weapons that could effectively deal with enemy armor such as Knights. Now finally we will start to see some competitive mono faction lists that don’t solely revolve around their Dawneagle jetbikes - they have an answer to all of the current top tiers armies. The first set of beta rules were simply teribad... it was impossible for me to ever figure out how to ever decode them and everything was way over-costed.

There are lots of really awesome units to choose from and I’m going to cover the ones that caught my eye. I can’t cover them all and if I don’t include a unit you like it doesn’t mean I don’t think they are competitive or fun to play now. I looked at every unit and want to choose those that provide what was lacking. I will give some honorable mentions at the end of this article. Feel free to discuss any unit you like in the comments for further discussion here.

The first one is the Telemon dreadnaught which is the Custodes version of the Leviathan. My build is the Caestus, Bolt Launcher and Storm Cannon which weighs in under 300 points. The Telemon can do it all and is very resilient - 2+ save, T8, 14 wounds and a 4++ invulnerable save plus the 6+++ feel no pain. It’s also an amazingly beautiful model. The Telemon is a Knight killer and will make an intelligent opponent pause before charging it... its Caestus is a S16 dreadnaught close combat weapon rocking a flat four damage for every wound that goes through plus it has a heavy plasma flamer built into it. The Bolt Launcher is anti horde and can fire twice if it doesn’t move. The Storm Cannon has two modes of fire and is its ranged anti armor weapon. You can use a stratagem so it can deep strike to protect the Telemon from aggressive enemy alpha strikes as well.

My second favorite unit is the Calidius Grav Tank clocking in just over 200 points. This Grav Tank is the equivalent of flying Hive Guard which is simply disgusting. The Calidius is best armed with aAccelerator and Bolt Cannons. It has Power of the Machine Spirit so you can really take advantage of its sweet sweet BS2. The 5++ invulnerable save is really nice as well plus your opponent must subtract 2" from any roll to charge it... combine that with the good old Tanglefoot stratagem and it’s an extremely hard target to pin down and since the Calidius had the keyword Fly it can’t be shut down.

Both of these units above are heavy support filling a big gap that was previously missing for Custodes. As I said there are plenty of other great units to choose from as well such as Sagittarum Custodians which are also another heavy support choice. The Pallas Grav Tank is a fast attack choice and clocks in at an amazing 100 points ! Another unit that caught my eye are the Aquilon Custodians which are an alternative to Allarus and can be armed with a 12" ranged flamer... yep they can deep strike and bake some horde all day long... hahaha !!!

So there you have my initial thoughts on the new beta rules for Adeptus Custodes. Let us know that you think are the best choices and what you’d like to play.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Death Company Tactica Part 1

I have been playing narrative games as of late and use this as an opportunity to break out some of my old Blood Angels units I haven’t used since all the way back to 5th Edition. Blood Angels are by far my favorite faction and I played them exclusively for close to a decade. I have found that a Death Company themed army is stronger than I first imagined.

I think the developers did a fantastic job with this codex and it has a lot of flavor for me. The keyword Fly is a really big deal this edition and Blood Angels have access to some powerful jump infantry units that are very strong in melee. This is one of the best editions for melee as well since it’s very tactical and there aren’t the penalties we used to see such as Disordered Charges in the previous two editions. Melee can be just as strong as shooting now.

There’s a lot of topics I want to discuss in this tactical series but first I’m going to start with the basics. I like to run my Blood Angels as a battalion for the flexibility that comes with this detachment and the 5 CP. Scouts are essential unit for every Space Marine faction that access to them because they can do a number of powerful things for you such as the following:

Board Control - Scouts can infiltrate grabbing objectives early in the game to get some points for progressively scored missions forcing your opponent to react. They can also act as screens versus armies such as Daemon-Bombs and absorbs the mortal wounds from Smite-Bombs keeping your best units intact.

Safeguard Characters - deploying your Scouts in hiding inside buildings and ruins via infiltration allows your characters to move freely about as long as the Scouts are closer to enemy units. This is very powerful granting your characters free reign again forcing your opponent to react. This tactic works in tandem with the next one...

Baiting - If your opponent reacts by going after your hidden Scouts, drawing them in close, it can leave them exposed so you can attack them with your more powerful units. It’s important to deploy your strong units close enough to your Scouts so they can counter charge incoming enemy units.

I always take three five man squads of Scouts armed with bolt pistols and close combat weapons. They rarely do anything other than what I’ve listed above and tend to die, however if scoring objectives is really critical you can use them more conservatively to score later in the game once you have neutered your opponent’s army and it is then safer for them to move about the battlefield. Keep your Scouts cheap... they are not there to wreck face destroying enemy units.

Now I’ll discuss the basic concepts behind using Blood Angels Death Company units such as Death Company squads and Death Company dreadnaughts. Death Company squads are not very resilient but pack a mean punch if they can get get in the charge. Blood Angels have access to some fantastic stratagems such as Forlorn Fury and Upon Wings of Fire which help to ensure they can charge enemy units while still intact. They are great at quickly clearing out enemy chaff such as cultists, grots and guardsmen so that your more powerful units (e.g., Sanguinary Guard and Vanguard Veterans) can make full contact head on with your opponent’s powerful units. Your opponents will definitely have to react to them if they are charged which can pull their units out of position again putting them in an awkward position.

Death Company dreadnaughts on the other hand are surprisingly fast (for example their normal movement is 8" plus they can consolidate up to 6" after destroying an enemy unit in melee) and are fairly resilient. Death Company dreadnaughts armed with Furioso Fists wound enemy T8 units on a 2+ when charging and are an excellent deterrent acting as a counter assault unit versus units such as Gallants. Blood Talons allow the dreadnaught to reroll both hits and wounds in melee. I prefer to Furioso Fists and arm mine with twin heavy flamers.

In conclusion I’ve covered some basics such as using Scouts effectively to protect your characters and some of the strengths of a Death Company themed army. If you like melee this is a fun army to play. I will cover in-depth how to use Death Company squads effectively in the next article.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Exterminatius Part 7 - Vigil Ward

Simon Monforte, The Black Prince and last Deathbringer, removed his pearl white helm revealing his pale face to the Inquisitor. “I have been awokened from my peaceful slumber in stasis to address your wrongful position. You should be aware that I am originally a Celestial Lion." His golden eyes grew dark as a maelstrom and a frown broke across his ever serene face. Simon drew a glimmering blade from his scabbard. “This is the Cathar Blade. I have slain a whole host of Inquisitors with its ephemarl edge. I pity you but your ignorance must end now forever more."

There came a sudden whine as the fractal edge serrated the spacial area opening a frozen Warp rift. The Inquisitor felt the sudden coldness as his bladder voided wetting his silk trunks.

“Your quantum knitted kineshield is rendered useless versus the vacuum you feel sucking at your skin. Atom by atom you will be rendered into the abyss. Your grave will be salted to prevent rebirth into this realm. You shall soon be a creature of what you say you fought.

“So mote it be.”

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Imperium vs Orks - 2000 pt Batrep

I had a game this weekend and decided to take Blood Angels and Custodes leaving the Deathwatch at home. Here’s my army list:

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Blood Angels) [978 pts] ++

+ HQ [284 pts] +

Captain [124 pts]
Jump Pack - The Hammer of Baal - Storm Shield
+Warlord (Gift of Foresight)

Chief Librarian Mephiston [160 pts]
The Quickening, Shield of Sanguinius, Wings of Sanguinius

+ Troops [110 pts] +

Scout Squad [55 pts]
4x Scout - Bolt Pistol - Combat Knife
Scout Sergeant - Bolt Pistol - Chainsword

Scout Squad [55 pts]
4x Scout - Bolt Pistol - Combat Knife
Scout Sergeant - Bolt Pistol - Chainsword

+ Elites [529 pts] +

Death Company [232 pts]
2x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol - Power Fist
2x Death Company Marine - Thunder Hammer
3x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol - Power Sword
3x Death Company Marine - Bolt Pistol - Chainsword

Death Company Dreadnought [148 pts]
Furioso Fist (pair) - Heavy flamer (pair) - Smoke Launchers

Vanguard Veteran Squad [149 pts]
Space Marine Veteran - 2x Lightning Claw
Space Marine Veteran - Lightning Claw - Storm Shield
2x Space Marine Veteran - Power Axe - Storm Shield
Space Marine Veteran - Power sword - Storm Shield
Veteran Sergeant - Melta bombs - Thunder Hammer - Storm Shield

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Adeptus Custodes) [1027 pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Open the Vaults (1 Relic)

+ HQ [345 pts] +

Captain-General Trajann Valoris [185 pts]

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike [160 pts]
Auric Aquilis - Hurricane Bolter

+ Elites [682 pts] +

Allarus Custodians [316 pts]
4x Allarus Custodian - 4x Castellan Axe

Custodian Wardens [242 pts]
3x Warden - 3x Castellan Axe - 3x Misericordia
Warden - Guardian Spear - Misericordia

Vexillus Praetor [124 pts]
Castellan Axe - Vexilla Magnifica

++ Total: [1945 pts] ++

My opponent decided to field his new Ork army... here’s his army list:

++ Brigade Detachment +12CP (Orks) [1999 pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Clan Kultur: Bad Moons

+ HQ [12 PL, 240pts] +

Warboss [90 pts] Kombi-Rokkit - Power Klaw
+Warlord (Ard as Nails)

Big Mek [88 pts]
Kustom Force Field - Power Klaw

Weirdboy [62 pts]
Da Jump, Fists of Gork, Warpath - 2x Warphead (1 CP)

+ Troops [603 pts] +

Boyz [215 pts]
3x Tankbusta Bombs
Boss Nob - Big Choppa - Slugga
29x Ork Boy - Sluggas & Choppas

Boyz [215 pts]
3x Tankbusta Bombs
Boss Nob - Big Choppa - Slugga
29x Ork Boy - Sluggas & Choppas

Boyz [83 pts]
Tankbusta Bombs
Boss Nob - Power Klaw - Slugga
9x Ork Boy W/ Shoota

Gretchin [30pts]
10x Gretchin

Gretchin [30 pts]
10x Gretchin

Gretchin [30 pts]
10x Gretchin

+ Elites [326 pts] +

Nob with Waaagh! Banner [90 pts]
Kustom Shoota - Power Klaw

Painboy [65 pts]
Power Klaw

Tankbustas [171 pts]
2x Bomb Squig
Boss Nob - Rokkit Launcha
7x Tankbusta - 7x Rokkit Launcha
Tankbusta - Tankhammer

+ Fast Attack [388 pts] +

Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy [140 pts]

Shokkjump Dragstas [120 pts]
Rokkit Launcha

Warbikers [128 pts]
Boss Nob - Power Klaw - Slugga - Stikkbombs
4x Warbiker - 4x Stikkbombs

+ Heavy Support [442 pts] +

Battlewagon [157 pts]
'ard Case- 2x Big Shoota - Killkannon - Rokkit Launcha

Deff Dread [115 pts]
4x Dread Klaw

Lootas [170 pts]
10x Loota

++ Total: [1999 pts] ++

We decided the play a custom mission based on one of the new Eternal War missions from CA2018:

There are four objective markers and each player takes turn placing them... they must be at least 12" apart and at least 6" from any board edge. Starting on the second turn each player scores a victory point at the start of their turn for each objective marker they hold. You also can score a victory point for First Strike, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker.

Deployment was Hammer Anvil and I won the rolloff opting to go first and my opponent didn’t seize. The objective markers turned out to be placed roughly in a diamond pattern with one in each deployment zone.

I held my Allarus Custodians, Death Company and Vanguard Veterans in deep strike reserve. I infiltrated one scout squad forward inside of a big ruin in the center of the table and placed the other scout squad at the back of the ruin on the objective marker in my deployment zone. I placed the rest of my units behind the central ruin so they would out of line of sight from the Orks.

My opponent placed his deff dread in deep strike reserve. His lootaz were placed on top of a ruin deep in his deployment zone and spread out the rest of his army across the table with his characters behind all the Boyz.

+ 1st Turn - Imperium
My forward scouts immediately dropped back in the central ruin away from the Boyz. The Custodes moved staying behind the ruin such that they could draw line of sight on the Warbikes. I was able to kill two of the Ork bikers and that was my turn.

+ 1st Turn - Orks
One of the big squad of Boyz spread out to cut off my deep strike zones next turn. The Rukkatruk surged forward jumping on top of one of the central objective markers while the Battlewagon (Tank Bustaz embarked inside) pulled up behind the Warbikes to lend support now sitting on the other central objective marker. The Warphead then buffed the other big squad of Boyz and jumped them over beside my castle. Note our psykers were outside of deny range of each other this turn. The shooting phase saw two Wardens slain along with three of my scouts sitting on my objective marker. He then attempted to charge my castle with the teleporting Boyz; I then promptly burned one of my four command points to toss a tanglefoot grenade subtracting 2" from their charge range which they promptly failed even with the reroll. Overwatch accounted for around five dead Boyz.

Score -> Imperium: 0, Orks: 0

+ 2nd Turn - Imperium
This turn I had three priority goals - eliminate the teleporting Boyz, Warbikes and Rukkatruk. The latter two enemy units had to go in order to prevent my opponent from scoring victory points for holding the central objective markers. My Warlord moved towards the Warbikes, while my Shield-Captain, Praetor and Death Company dreadnaught moved towards the Boyz. Mephiston moved over to charge the Rukkatruk from inside the central ruin. The Wardens moved inside the central ruin. I then ended my movement phase deep striking the Allarus Custodians behind the central ruin. Mephiston first cast Smite dropping two wounds on the Rukkatruk then also successfully cast the Quickening.

My shooting phase was good this turn - the Warlord killed one of the Warbikes with a krak grenade and combined shooting into the Boyz cut them down to a manageable size. Mephiston also dropped another wound on the Rukkatruk not overcharging.

During the assault phase my Warlord cut down the rest of the Ork bikers, Mephiston trashed the Rukkatruk (didn’t explode) and the golden men assisted by the Death Company dreadnaught finished off the Boyz. My Warlord consolidated into the Battlewagon and took no wounds back in return.

+ 2nd Turn - Orks
I knew this could be a painful turn but but so far I had achieved all my goals. My opponent began the turn speeding the Shokkjump Dragsta over to take the place of the wrecked Rukkatruk. The Tank Busta Boyz disembarked from the Battlewagon which then fell back. The remaining big squad of Boyz moved and advanced forward just outside the central ruin. One squad of grots moved over to hold the other central objective marker. Finally the deff dredd teleported in position to charge my Allarus Custodians. Everything else held its ground to the best of my recollection.

The Warphead periled during the psychic phase losing two wounds in the process, teleporting his Lootaz behind my golden men such that the Shield-Captain and Praetor were both the closest targets.

The shooting phase saw my Warlord eliminated by the Tank Bustaz (note the bomb squigs only managed to strip a couple of wounds from my dreadnaught) and I burned another precious command point to make the Shield-Captain my new Warlord; Trajann then used his Moment Shackle to give me back one more command point. The Shokkjump Dragsta dropped a wound on the Lord of the Death then the Lootaz managed to shoot down both my Shield-Captain and Praetor using a stratagem to shoot twice.

The deff dredd just made the charge into my Allarus Custodians with a reroll but whiffed and was cut down in return. The Boyz hurled into my forward scouts obliterating them to the man. Mephiston heroically intervened into the dragsta and destroyed it. Wow that was a painful round on both sides !

We had scored one victory point each for holding an objective (start of player turn respectively), each in our own deployment zones.

Score -> Imperium: 1, Orks: 2 (StWL)

+ 3rd Turn - Imperium
I scored two victory points at the start of my third turn due to Mephiston holding one of the central objective markers and my remaining squad of scouts holding the marker in my deployment zone. Trajann moved straight toward the Lootaz to avenge his fallen brothers. Mephiston moved forward to hopefully assassinate the Warboss, right beside the Boyz in case he wasn’t able to successfully cast Wings. Both the Allarus Custodians and Wardens moved beside the big squad of Boyz in the central ruin to shoot and assault them. The Death Company dreadnaught moved towards the Tank Bustaz. There was just enough space in the back of my opponent’s deployment zone to drop the Death Company while my Vanguard Veterans deep struck on top of one of the central objective markers.

The Lord of Death successful cast Wings of Sanguinius on an 8 but the Warphead just managed to deny it using his last command point for a reroll. He then successfully cast the Quickening.

Everything inside the central ruin that could shot the Boyz doing significant damage. The Death Company dreadnaught flamed to death the Tank Bustaz and Trajann shot down two of the Lootaz.

The Death Company just made the multi-charge into the grots sitting on the other central objective marker and several enemy characters. The golden men along with Mephiston charged the Boyz while Trajann got stuck into the Lootaz taking no damage from overwatch. The Death Company dreadnaught charged the Battlewagon.

The Boyz and Gretchin were both utterly destroyed while Trajann finished off all but two of the remaining Lootaz. My dreadnaught put several huge dents into the Battlewagon. Finally the Ork characters struck back killing several of the Death Company. My opponent conceded then the game at this point.

Game Summary:
This was my first game versus the new codex Orks... they are definitely very good but I felt my opponent made some questionable decisions during the game which cost him such as focusing a lot of his resources on my Shield-Captain. This list of mine was designed primarily to use some old models that have been collecting dust since 5th Edition. The Death Company making the charge was super clutch. I only had four command points and had to use them wisely while my opponent quickly burned though all of his by his final turn.


Monday, January 07, 2019


On that day I took you up
It was now or never
And I savored all you were
On our road to nowhere

I don't want to get out without you now
But you're the same as always

I know you could, but you won't leave them
I know you're cool, but you won't listen

You crucify yourself
Look what's happened baby
Are you still by yourself?
'Cause I can't reach you lately

All you said was not enough
I could not wait forever
If I had stayed to hold you up
It would not make you better

I know you could, but you won't leave them
I know you're cool, but you won't listen

You crucify yourself
Look what's happened baby
Are you still by yourself?
'Cause I can't reach you lately

You said you'd leave this
So run away
You don't need this
So run away
You said you'd leave this

I know you're cool

You crucify yourself
Look what's happened baby
Are you still by yourself?
'Cause I can't reach you lately

You crucify yourself
Look what's happened baby
I know you're cool
I can't reach you lately

Look what's happened baby