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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BoLScon & NOVAcon up to bat

The two big summer events are just around the corner... Literally ! It is very exciting being able to attend both and I am very much looking forward to both. My plan is Blood Angels for BoLScon and Khornate daemons for NOVAcon. These are my top two armies. Lots of fellow 40k Wrecking Crew members will be in attendance with me this weekend so it will be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them.

So here is how I typically prepare for big events:

1) Army design - I always want to bring an army that is unique, looks awesome and is fun to play. I always try my best to bring an army that kicks butt on the table but I value uniqueness and theme over a game crushing net list. Sometimes you can roll them all into one but I have found that is rarely the case. I like to win but my armies typically don't crank out massacre after massacre. It's fun to play those games that come down to the last dice roll and to me that is a big part of why I will travel to play. That said my Khornate daemons is an army that can do it all and I'm very interested to see how they will fare at NOVAcon. My Blood Angels look awesome and are always a lot of fun to play. I have found that game crusher armies tend to get boring very fast and I dread the moment when you finally realize that it's all become mechanical, move the models, roll the dice and move on.

2) Playtesting - This is a very important aspect for me and I will play literally hundreds of games tweaking my army lists to get the best synergy. Currently I have been playing my Blood Angels versus the toughest SW & IG lists I can find. I want to know my rules inside out and hone all my tactics. This can make the difference between winning and losing the big games. I encourage tournament gamers to playtest as much as possible. My Khorne army is one of those rare cases where my first attempt at the list was pretty much right on the money with only minor tweaks needed while my Blood Angels army has really taken me to the task to come up with a solid build... There are lots of great units to chose from but they all tend to be expensive so you have to work very hard to come up with all the right choices. I'm sure that BoLScon will be more of a learning experience for me more than anything else - I have little to no experience versus armies such as orks, nidz and eldar. That's a problem but then again it's also a challenge.

3) Understanding how the tournament system works - You spend all your free time assembling the army and painting it right up until it's time to go. I always try my best to avoid this situation as a lack of solid preparation usually leads to a bad showing. It's just as important to know all the rules in affect at a tournament as it is to bring a beautiful game crusher army. I've so often seen people show up and have to spend the evening before the first day slaving away into the wee hours of the morning painting those last few units. They are really tried and can't think straight plus there will be plenty of surprises in the form of rules and gaming conventions they did not take the time to properly study beforehand. I always print out all the tournament documentation and read it all front to back at least twice, most often thrice. If I have any questions then there's plenty of time to contact the TOs for clarifications. Studying the rules well ahead of time ensures everything will run smoothly plus you'll have some time to kick back and drink a few brews with your wargaming buddies.

4) Making new friends - Every game is an opportunity to make a new friend. Relax and enjoy your games. It's not the end of the world if you lose a game and it's going to happen to everyone... Some less than others but that's just the way it is. Many of closest wargaming buddies I met at tournaments during a game and that's just cool. The worst thing that can happen is you spend lots of time and money then get all pissed because you lost a game you felt you should have won then you end up looking back thinking it was another bad experience. Inevitably you'll end up playing other gamers at your level. Bad dice gone cold happens... Don't let it ruin what could be the time of your life.

5) Avoid akward situations !!! This is a big one and ties into my last point. If you find yourself across the table from the proverbial TFG keep your cool, don't lose your temper. It's just one game that you have to get through. Often I won't speak much when playing a TFG and keep the rules close by, you're going to need them. Make sure you know where the judges are so you can grab one when a dispute occurs. You will get more calls in your favor if remain calm and have all the relevant rules at hand. Present your case clearly bringing out all the important bits then move on after a decision is reached. There have been games where I have literally had a judge parked at my table and this is by choice. It can really cut down on the arguments and keep the game moving in a timely manner. This should be the exception to the case but if you find yourself in this type of situation you'll be glad you did and that's the purpose of having the judges. Finally you need to know all the rules inside out if you want to be a real competitive player. Luckily the TFGs out there make up a small percentage of the total players and it should be a rare day if you ever have to face two of them. Remember - Keep calm and don't get all flustered... The TFGs are banking on their antics driving you up the wall and taking your mind off the game. This is why I am against tournies pitting people that don't like each on the same table -.it's an equation for disaster and one person will definitely walk away bitter. The less drama the better, especially for the TOs as these kind of situations will draw bad press like white on rice.

So that is it for now.



1st tactical squad (Orion)

Check out the Marine who took a plasma round to the face... Feel No Pain baby !!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crucify (Ozzy Osbourne)

Give me your money,
I'll sell you my vote,
I promise I'll save you,
While I'm cutting your throat

You want to feel pleasure,
Look into my eyes,
I'm gonna swear on the bible
While I'm feeding you lies

My touch thickens your blood,
I know the things that you love,
My voice swallows the purest heartbeat

I'm your counterfeit friend,
I'll still be here 'til I crucify you,
I crucify you again

Give me your heroes,
Your sinners and saints,
A little temptation
Is all that it takes

I've been here forever,
I'm your oldest friend,
Until I pull on the trigger,
The fun never ends

My touch thickens your blood,
I know the things that you love,
My voice swallows the purest heartbeat

I'm your counterfeit friend,
I'll still be here 'til I crucify you,
I crucify you again

I've been around here for a long, long time,
I'll be around until your soul is mine,
Until your soul is mine

My touch thickens your blood,
I know the things that you love,
My voice swallows the purest heartbeat

I'm your counterfeit friend,
I'll still be here 'til I crucify you,
I crucify you again

Fearless (by Ozzy)

No prayers left for heroes,
The dead won't see the ending,
War started by rich men
Won't stop the poor from dying

I'll grant you your death wish,
It's not just time I'm killing,
Blood's thicker than water,
It's too late to surrender

This will be your last stand,
I wash the blood from my hands

I am warrior,
I'm fearless

No Pain,
No mercy,
No weakness,
I, I, I'm fearless

I answer no questions,
You will obey my order,
I'll punish all sinners,
This battle has no borders

No saving salvation,
Your soul is stained and rusted,
I follow no leader,
My vigilante justice

I'd rather die on my feet
Than live a life on my knees

I am warrior,
I'm fearless

No Pain,
No mercy,
No weakness,
I, I, I'm fearless

My skin and bones drip off of me,
I'm more than man, more than machine

This will be your last stand,
I wash the blood from my hands

I am warrior,
I'm fearless

No Pain,
No mercy,
No weakness,
I, I...

I am warrior,
I'm fearless

No Pain,
No mercy,
No weakness,
I, I, I'm fearless

Some more veterans

Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Chaplain

- Old School Chaplain -

Blood Saint pictures

Army built by BBF, painted by GMM.

- Black Sanguinor -

- Astorath -

- Vanguard Veterans -

- Death Company dreadnaught -

- Recluisarch -

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blood Saints are finished

Here are some pix:


Brandon did a fantastic job ! :D


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tale of the grey wolf • Part 2

The warrior's eyes grew even harder as his lips peeled back to reveal a long pair of sharp fangs. The skin on his skull was tight like a mask pulled back and his veins throbbed pulsating with dark energies. He slowly released a long deep growl that sounded like thunder. The warrior charged hard straight at his enemy driving his rune sword straight at the daemon. The daemon parried the savage blow deflecting the sharpened blade with the bronzed haft of his war axe. In the blink of an eye the warrior head butted the daemon knocking the creature down. The rune sword followed chopping down into the blood red armor. It's blade parted the thick metal revealing a quick silvered hide behind the rended armor. Up came the great axe with a blinding rush catching the warrior dead center upon his own grey chestplate. There was terrible pain from the hard blow but the warrior didn't notice as the great beast that had laid dormant within him suddenly came to life. The daemon spun about upon the icy snow shifting onto his knees driving his own sword up towards the berserker. The daemon sneered spitting boiling bile that frothed against the edges of his face mask.

Tale of the grey wolf

A cold gale howled outside the temple. Thick veins of blue ice ran down the brass walls. Only a small flame burning in a bronzed dish set atop a tonsered skull offered any vestige of heat. The lone warrior stalked into the temple sniffing at the frigid air. His two wolves kept by either side, one black and the other silvered through and through. The warrior was bareheaded with a stiff mane of bright red hair that descended into a pair of long sideburns. His eyes blazed the brightest green like a pair of highly polished emeralds. He held his long sword tightly to his grey armored chestplate breathing in the freezing air. His armor was deeply scratched with battle damage taken across the universe. Suddenly the sick smell of burning sulphur filled the air as the ice began to drip. The warrior could feel the presence of another. Turning quickly he spun about holding his long sword out en garde. There was no one to be seen. The wind blew again and the onerous odor was lost to the cold. The ice grew harder.

"So you come my way finally..." said a deep voice resonating with power. "To test yourself." A crimson shadow fell across the entrance of the temple as the daemon crossed over the crevasse leading to the opening. The two wolves growled then the black one sprang out baring it's sharp fangs. A steel gauntlet shot out in return as the daemon caught the wolf by it's neck snapping it like a rotten twig. The daemon flung the dead beast to the fresh snow watching it's hot blood gush from it's broken neck. The silver wolf drew back drawing it's tail between it's hind legs and whimpered. The daemon laughed then snarled. "Run free whilst you can." The silver wolf ran off leaving it's master behind. "As I thought, there is no loyalty amongst your kind when it comes to time to save your own necks." The daemon flexed his gauntlet snapping the tips of his armored fingers together as bright blue sparks shot off. Then he drew his axe and sword. "It's time for you to pay back now for all you have wronged."

Why slotta bases suck

Have you noticed that GW is now providing slotted bases? I hate them as I glue nickels into the bottom of my bases so the models always stand up. I never liked the slotted bases and it's a pain to clip out the trim so I can glue in the nickels. I've always said my armies are always worth at least the nickels they are standing on.

Just bought the Second Coming series of comics from Marvel. Features Cable & Hope. If you are a fan of X Men you will like these books. I'm also reading the Horus Heresy novel on Thousand Sons by McNeill. I always thought the Space Wolves did them wrong. Many say it's the best book in the series... The first part of the novel is slow & boring then it really picks up the pace & delivers. Both Magnus the Red & Ahriman are really well portrayed. Apparently the Emperor was a dick.

Finally Ozzie Osbourne has a new CD out now and it is AWESOME !!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

3rd round batrep • team tourney • Darkside Comics • Sarasota, FL

So going into the final round Yuri & I find ourselves paired up versus another CSM/Daemon team with a pure Nurgle theme. Here are their lists to the best of my memory:

- Chaos Space Marines -
Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings & Warptime
Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings & Warptime

10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino

5x Havoc/3x missile launcher & lascannon

- Chaos Daemons -
Great Unclean One

20x Plague Bearer
12x Plague Bearer
12x Plague Bearer

Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Iron Hide & Cloud of Flies

Deployment is Spearhead. This mission the primary is victory points and you must have more than 200 points over the opponents. Secondary there are two objectives, one each placed in the neutral table quarters. Tertiary is have the most HQ at the end of the game. We win the roll and opt to go second. Here was Yuri & I pre game analysis:

* Victory points for primary is going to be tough as with the Tallyman & an all Nurgle force the tally will grow quickly. I am counting on the higher initiative of my Khorne daemons & all close combat attacks ignoring armor saves (no FNP) to give us the edge. Our lash prince should be able to place enemy units where we want them to be so we can get the assaults off outside of cover, making sure my Khorne daemons always hit first.

* Since there are only two objectives for the secondary again the lash prince will help us to pull enemy units off of an objective late game.

* Since I have four HQ the tertiary should be easy to win.

Deployment - Our opponents get their preferred wave (Epidemius + 20x Plague Bearer, Great Unclean One & daemon prince). Havocs take a rear position on the top of a building. The three rhinos full of Plague Marines start off side by side right up as close as possible with the two CSM Nurgle Princes behind them. Great Unclean One drops down into the neutral table quarter beside ours, Tallyman with 20 Plague Bearers drop deep in their table quarter along with the other Nurgle prince. We deploy our two rhinos & landraider back in our own table quarter such that the Plague Marines cannot roll up and melta them 1st turn. Our Chosen start in reserve. We do not attempt to seize the initiative.

- 1st Turn, Nurgle -
The three rhinos roll up 12" and pop smoke. The two CSM Nurgle princes fly up behind them. Great Unclean One shuffles over into our deployment zone using the run. The other Nurgle prince hangs back to protect the Havocs. Tallyman & friends hang back as well. Havocs target one of our rhinos but only manage to stun it.

- 1st Turn, CSM/Khorne -
I roll and get my preferred wave again attaching the Skulltaker & Heralds to the Blood Crushers. They drop in deep in our table quarter... Opponents laugh at that. Our Nurgle Prince drops in behind our landraider. The mobile rhino pulls up beside the Great Unclean One and disembark to rapid fire. Landraider pulls back to keep outside of melta range from Plague Marines. Lash prince is positioned to lash GUO towards our CSM. CSM inside stunned rhino hop out & move over towards the GUO. I run my deathstar towards the GUO. 1st squad of Chaos Space Marines rapid fire & melta the GUO for zero wounds in return. 2nd squad bolt pistols & meltas GUO then charges it for zero wounds as well, GUO kills three CSM... the tally has started. Also Landraider immobilizes one of the Plague Marine rhinos.

- 2nd Turn, Nurgle -
Neither squad of Plague Bearers arrive. Two mobile rhinos pull up 12" again. One squad dismounts. Squad of Plague Marines inside immobilized rhino also dismounts. The pair of CSM Nurgle princes play it safe hanging back behind their rhinos. Their backfield remains static. Havocs target the landraider and whiff. GUO kills three more CSM in close combat and they pass their morale test.

- 2nd Turn, CSM/Khorne -
Heralds detach from Crushers and head towards the Plague Marines. Crushers head toward the GUO and will be in range to charge. Neither squad of Bloodletters arrive. Chosen come in on the far table edge, dismounting to melta the third Nurgle Prince. My Nurgle Prince moves up behind my Heralds ready to lend support the next turn. Lash prince flies up and lashes one of the CSM Nurgle Princes towards it. Landraider sits still firing all weapons into a CSM Nurgle Prince and drops 3 wounds... Ouch !! Crushers charge into GUO and drop 2  wounds... Not that great. GUO directs all attacks into the last of the CSM squad finishing them off. Lash prince assaults lashed CSM Nurgle Prince dishing out 2 wounds and receives none in return... Nurgle Prince drops another wound due to No Retreat failed armor save.

- 3rd Turn, Nurgle -
I can tell by the pace of the game we will probably only be able to get in one more turn after this one. No one is slow playing though, it just takes some time to work through the rounds. 

Both squads of 12 Plague Bearers arrive from reserve dropping into our table quarter to hold/contest the objective in the neutral table quarter beside ours. Nurgle Prince beside our Chosen moves up to assault them. The wounded CSM Nurgle Prince drops back from the fight looking for some cover to hide behind. This is a decent round of close combat for Nurgle and they get their tally up to the max, which will make them much more scary in close combat. The Chosen are eaten by the Nurgle prince... That is pretty much it.

- 3rd Turn, CSM/Khorne -
My last unit of Bloodletters arrive so I can move off the 1st unit to charge into combat. Pretty much all my army is in position to charge and it's very bloody. Unfortunately I am unable to wipe out a couple of squads that just hang on by their short hairs. One more turn and we would have massacred but the game is called due to time. Our opponents have a really hard time calculating the victory points we earned and Yuri finally has to take their army lists to get it all sorted. It's a draw on the primary for victory points but we score all the rest of the points to win soundly.

My friends we played in the first round end up winning the event by one battle point !! I congratulate them while they are picking up their loot then head outside to hang out with some other friends. It was a great day for our allied Chaos with three wins... A couple more turns and I think we could have taken the top spot. It was really nice though to see my buddies pull out the win for best overall so I'm happy and that's all.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Black Hole Sun

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back

I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a new born baby it just happens every day

I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see the red door, I must have it painted black

Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee this thing happening to you

If I look hard enough into the settin' sun
My love will laugh with me before the mornin' comes

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I wanna see your face, painted black
Black as night, black as coal

I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Banned again...

So another suspension at Dakka for speaking my mind about who are some of the best gamers in the country & why Florida is competitive.


Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd batrep • Team Tourney @ Darkside Comics

Second game was objectives again for the primary with killpoints for the secondary... Can't remember what was the tertiary or tactical bonuses. Deployment was Pitched Battle. This time Yuri and I were paired up against a couple of new players to the game, they were running Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. This game turned out to be an easy win due to our opponents not having that much experience, plus Khornate daemons are bad news for power armor. The first turn it wasn't looking so good for us though as every gun in our opponent's battle line focus fired on my uber Crusher unit and my rolls for saves ended up taking two wounds apiece off two of the Heralds plus two Blood Crushers went poof. After that though the remainder hit hard with the Nurgle Prince lending a helping hand... They quickly ate up an entire flank of the Chaos Space Marines over the course of the next two turns (again I got my preferred wave in first though this time I started off with the Skulktaker and his three Heralds all joined to the Blood Crushers for the primary drop). The lash prince was a fiend doing everything he needed to do plus some more like destroying the Ironclad before it could reach my deathstar. So we ended up with full points tabling our opponents. This put us in a good position to win 1st place dependent upon the third round, which was one heck of a match versus another CSM/deamons team (Nurgle themed).

More to come soon !!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st team töurnàmęnt batrep • Darkside Comics • Sarasota, FL

Sorry for the BBC code, did not have time to strip it out yet.

Got to play in a TT yesterday with my good buddy Yuri. Each player takes a 1250 point list... Standard FOC with the following caveats:

- Units which do not fill a slot in the FOC do; for example a summoned greater daemon counts as one of your HQ choices for CSM
- Can only take up to one each of the following:
Elites, heavy support & fast attack

I was running my notorious Khorne daemons:

Herald/juggernaught, Unholy Might, Fury of Khorne
Herald/ - same as above -
Herald/ - same as above -

4x Blood Crusher/ - fully complex -

8x Bloodletter
7x Bloodletter

Nurgle Daemon Prince/wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies

Here is Yuri's list:

Winged lash prince
Summoned greater daemon

5x Chosen/4x meltagun, IoCG - rhino

10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino
10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino
10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino


We were using the 2009 Adepticon missions which included command tokens and head hunting.

- 1st Mission -
This game was versus a couple good friends of mine from Clearwater. They were running SW & IG. Very strong combination. I don't exactly remember their lists so here goes to the best of my memory:

Rune Priest/JotWW, Living Lightning
Wolf Lord/thunderwolf mount, stormshield, thunder hammer, wolftooth necklace, runic armor

3x Thunderwolf/stormshields, meltabombs, thunder hammer

10x Grey Hunter/meltagun, plasmagun, MotW, power fist - rhino
10x Grey Hunter/ - same as above -
10x Grey Hunter/ - same as above -

5x Long Fangs/2x lascannon, 2x missile launcher

CCS/astropath, apothecary, 3x plasmagun - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
CCS/apothecary, 3x meltagun - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer

Sly Marbo

10x Vets/3x meltagun & lascannon - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
10x Vets/3x flamer - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
10x Vets/3x plasmagun, lascannon - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer

Punisher/Pask, lascannon

3x Sentinels/multi lasers

The first mission was DoW deployment (each player can start off by deploying one HQ & two troops). Primary was objectives (4), can't remember the secondary or tertiary nor tactical bonuses. My team opted not to use the command tokens as it was not advantageous to our armies. You scored 8 battlepoints for each objective you held. The objectives were placed in a square around the center of the table (killing ground basically). Opponents won the roll and decided to go first deploying two squads of Grey Hunters, two veteran squads and the CCS... All placed on their back line. We deployed next with two CSM rhino squads right up at the middle of the table and the lash prince behind them. I then rolled to steal the initiative and up popped a 6 !! Very nice that. I broke my two waves as follows:

(1)  Skulltaker + 3 Heralds, Blood Crushers, Nurgle Prince
(2) Bloodletters, Bloodletters

[u]1st Turn - Chaos[/u]
Fortunately my preferred wave came in dropping behind the two rhinos. I use the Blood Crushers as a shield for the Herald unit. If the Wolf Lord & his posse are able to charge then they will only be able to hit the Blood Crushers and my Heralds will then be able to counter charge the next turn. Yuri brings the rest of his army (except for the Chosen) onto the table and the two forward rhinos move up the full 12" with both squads hopping out to rapid fire and rain death into the Imperial forces. One chimera full of vets is destroyed and half the guardsmen die, the rest decide to call it a day and flee from the table. The CCS chimera is also destroyed, two guardsmen die in the explosion. The landraider fires the heavy bolter into the CCS, killing them all except for the officer who has gone to ground. Note that we remembered to roll for night fight. My Blood Crushers runs up 6 inches using the rhinos for LOS blocking with the Heralds behind them and the Nurgle Prince runs 4 inches into a crater for cover.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]1st Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
Our opponents bring in everything except for Sly Marbo who is held in reserve. The Wolf Lord and his posse move in 6 inches then later will fleet another inch towards my Blood Crushers. All the IG vehicles move on sticking to their back line, classic parking lot tactic. The Rune Priest is joined to the Long Fangs and they hop onto a rocky hill. The last Grey Hunter rhino comes onto the table in the middle. The first two squads of Grey Hunters disembark ready to rapid fire into the Chaos Space Marines. The Rune Priest passes his psychic test for Jaws but fails to spot my Heralds (night fight). Next a chimera is able to spotlight my Heralds and the shooting phase begins in earnest. Everything that can shoot them does but I only lose three wounds allocating them evenly between the three Heralds, the Skulltaker is untouched. The two squads of Grey Hunters rapid fire, one squad each firing at one of the two forward CSM squads. Each squad of CSM loses three to four Chaos Marines and they pass their morale checks. The Wolf Lord and his posse then multi charge my Blood Crushers and the lash prince. The Wolf Lord moves into base contact with the prince while the three Thunderwolves charge the Blood Crushers. The prince swings first and fails to wound the Wolf Lord. My Blood Crushers then attack taking one wound from two of the Thunderwolves. The Thunderwolves then take one wound from two of the Blood Crushers. Finally the Wolf Lord swings but only manages to inflict one wound on the prince. The prince flails against the Wolf Lord. Both of our units make their armor saves for No Retreat.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]2nd Turn - Chaos[/u]
Looks like it's really going to get interesting now as my Heralds will be able to charge as well as my Nurgle Prince. Neither of the Bloodletter units arrive from reserve. My Nurgle Prince moves up to assault a chimera full of guardsmen while the two CSM squads move up to assault the Grey Hunters. Skulltaker and the Heralds move into position to charge the Thunderwolves as I'll let the lash prince continue to fisticuffs with the Wolf Lord for another turn. The landraider sits still and the summoned greater daemon arrives falling out of the tank right in front of the Wolf Lord! The landraider fires both lascannons at the Punisher and stuns it. The two CSM squads fire pistols and meltas into the Grey Hunters killing a few. Skulltaker and the Heralds charge the Thunderwolves and destroy them all in one fell swoop. Combined attacks from the greater daemon and lash prince only manage to drop one wound on the Wolf Lord who takes another wound off the lash prince. The Wolf Lord then heroically passes his morale test. Two of my Heralds cannot pile into combat so they split off moving toward the Imperial line. The Skulltaker and the other Herald are able to pile into the Wolf Lord. The two CSM squads then charge the Grey Hunters rolling well and bring both squads down to below half strength. One squad of Grey Hunters break from combat and flee off the table.  The one squad of CSM then consolidate towards the Rune Priest and the Long Fangs using some intervening terrain as cover. The Nurgle Prince then assaults a chimera automatically hitting, pens it four times but all I manage to do is stun it and break off the heavy flamer. Oh well.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]2nd Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
Marbo is a no show. Again the chimera walls fires most of it's shots into the two solo Heralds and they both lose another wound. The Rune Priest and the Long Fangs decide to target my Nurgle Prince even though that squad of Chaos Marines are close by. Psychic test for JAWS goes off but my Nurgle Prince passes his initiative test. Combined fire from the  Long Fangs drop two wounds. Back into close combat again the Skulltaker insta gibs the Wolf Lord... Everything consolidates towards the enemy.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]3rd Turn - Chaos[/u]
In comes one squad of Bloodletters that drop onto an objective using the Blood Crushers' icon for a pinpoint landing. The Chosen also arrive outflanking in behind the three sentinels and dismount training their meltas on their backsides. Skulltaker and the lone Herald join up and move towards the enemy line but will be out of assault range this turn. The two Heralds that broke off from melée with the Wolf Lord earlier move into position to assault Grey Hunters fighting CSM in close combat. Nurgle Prince lands beside the Rune Priest and Long Fangs. Unengaged CSM move away to fire meltas at a chimera, but only shake it. Greater daemon and lash prince also move towards the Imperial line. Lash prince lashes the lond CCS officer out of a crater and he eat him. Yummy !! Landraider fires into Punisher again and shakes it. Chosen destroy the three Sentinels. Heralds charge into Grey Hunters and finish them off. Nurgle Prince kills all the Long Fangs, Rune Priest breaks and flees off the table.

At this point the forces of Chaos are holding one objective now and the Imperial allies have none. Unfortunately this will be the last turn so winning the primary will depend on if the last vestiges of the Imperial allies can grab some objectives and possibly contest the one we hold with my Bloodletters.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]3rd Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
The remaining two chimeras filled full of vets move towards two uncontested objectives. They reach one without having to disembark but the other they have to dismount and run towards just falling short. One of the SW rhinos is able to move forward towards the Bloodletters' objective but also just falls short. So in the end both teams hold one objective, we get both of the head hunter points and both teams get the command token points. When everything is added up we just barely win by a margin of 2 battlepoints. This is one of those games that if it had gone an extra turn we would have tabled our opponents but 2500 points in 2 hours it just seems really hard to ever get past the 4th turn. So we end up with a very minor victory while actually having pounded our opponents.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Commander Dante, classic conversion


Here is my converted Dante using the Sanguinary Guard kit. I went with the classic look, so no wings. My next project is the Sanguinor and I decided to go with a heresy era look since I like the theory that the Sanguinor is Azkellion, 1st captain of the Sanguinary Guard, who took over the reign of the Blood Angels immediately following the death of his primarch Sanguinius. As you can see I opted to forgo wings on the Commander but the Sanguinor has a pair which is befitting of his image... an Angel of Death.



Friday afternoon pr0n

Monday, July 12, 2010

Running with hte Devil • How to beat mech IG with jump BA

First I would like to credit thunderchicken over on the Bolter & Chainsword Blood Angels forum for this type of Blood Angels build, that is where I saw it first. Basically you want to run three full assault squads with two meltaguns and infernus pistol/power fist (sergeants). This forms the core of your army. You can then add a squad or two of Sanguinary Guard (2x infernus pistol & power fist). Take a Sanguinary Priest with an infernus pistol and join him to the Sanguinary Guard. Some people are also suggesting a squad of Honorguard with three meltaguns... More on that later. Combat squad your assault Marines as follows:

• sergeant/infernus pistol & meltagun
• meltagun

You now have six deepstriking units - three with two melta weapons and three with one meltagun. So you should be able to wreck some treads starting on the second turn. You also have the Sanguinary Guard/Priest for a seventh unit with three infernus pistols. Sanguinary Guard with FNP are impervious to lasguns and will make those guardsmen cry in utter frustration.

There are still plenty of points leftover for other units and of course you will want an HQ that buffs this army. I have a good number of games under my belt now versus other top tier armies such as Space Wolves. I have found that Dante is in my opinion the best choice for jump BA as his unit does not scatter and he has a BS5 infernus pistol. If you join Jim with another squad that has a couple of melta weapons they are bound to blow something up when they arrive. Hit & Run can also be extremely useful versus other armies that have a strong assault element. The Librarian with Blood Lance and Sword is also a great choice for your HQ and is not expensive. Many prefer Shield over Sword but in my opinion a 5+ cover save is not that great while the Sword will wreck vehicles in assault and is also awesome versus walkers and Thunderwolves. Blood Lance is an obvious choice versus mech in general.

Now about that squad of Honor Guard flying around with three meltaguns... Expensive for what you get in my opinion when compared to the combat squad with the meltagun and infernus pistol. Sure you have the built in Priest but five Marines are still quite vulnerable and they have no real punch in assaults. Now if you were to toss in some power swords and a power fist they would be better but I would rather use these points towards another squad of Sanguinary Guard. If you do take Dante then another added benefit is that your Sanguinary Guard become scoring units.

So there you have it.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Secret Shadow

secret shadow

This article is about the Sanguinor and theories regarding who he might be. He is a mystery and quite interesting at that if you like 40k background. Personally I think 40k background is one of those things that really draws people into the hobby. There is an army for most everyone that you can identify with on some personal level. I have always loved Blood Angels since they are perfectionists & excel in close combat. As a group they are not an organization you want on your bad side. Blood Angels are willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals as evidenced by the death of their primarch Sanguinius.

As I alluded to above there are plenty of interesting theories about the identify of Sanguinor. One of the most interesting ones I have come across is that he is actually the C'tan star god, the Deceiver. This theory fits in perfectly with the background behind this star god as he will often assume a false appearance to work his guile, much like Tzneetch... Which is also another interesting correlation but one I won't delve into here. Personally I don't buy into this theory but it is plausible to a certain degree.

There is also another theory that the Sanguinor is Azkellion (sp?), the first captain of the Sanguinary Guard, who took over the role of chapter master immediately following the death of Sanguinius. This would make the first captain somewhat akin to Chaos Space Marines as if he survived this long he would be an ancient and very powerful as evidenced by his rules and background. The Sanguinor was created as an ultimate assassin to kill enemy HQ and he does this very well in terms of game play.

There is also the theory that the Sanguinor is the prodigal archetype of the Blood Angels, a psychic manifestation brought into reality by the absolute devotion of the chapter to their ideals as originally set forth by Sanguinius. The name Sanguinor can be found on the internet if you search for a definition. One I found that has no ties to 40k is an individual that ingests blood & leads a vampiric lifestyle. It's quite fitting & interesting.

Probably GW will never divulge the actual identity of this character. If you like him then play him as he has an awesome ruleset and could easily disappear whenever the next codex is released... Which probably won't occur for another decade.


2k batrep - BA vs IG

Had a game versus IG this afternoon. 2000 points. Here is my list:

The Sanguinor

Priest/jump pack, power sword, infernus pistol
Priest/jump pack, power sword
Chaplain/jump pack, infernus pistol

5x DC (jump packs) + Lemartes/power fist, 3x power sword, infernus pistol
DC dread/heavy flamer & pair of Blood Talons
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

Stormraven/extra armor, TL lascannon & TL multi-

DC & dread ride in the Stormraven. Dante, Priest with melta pistol & Chaplain join one assault squad. The other Priest joins the second assault squad. Everything starts in reserve with Stormraven flying in from my table edge. All other units deepstrike.

Here is the IG list:

2x Platoon/lascannon, flamer ea.
• 3x heavy weapon team/heavy bolters
• Platoon command squad/grenade launcher, flamer
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser

Valkyries/rockets & lascannon

2x Leman Russ/lascannon
Executioner/plasma cannon sponsons
Leman Russ Demolisher/lascannon

5x Ogyrn - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser

Not the most hard core IG list, my friend is still acquiring new units and will be adding units like PSB, etc. Still it was a good test for the way I want to play my air force list. My approach to beating IG is systemically destroy all the major threats then pick apart the rest.

Neither assault squad succumb to the Red Thirst & sergeant in assault squad with Priest receives Sanguinor's blessing.

Mission - Killpoints, Deployment - Pitched Battle

I got to go second holding everything in reserve.

IG start with a castle... Executioner-Ogyrn-Vets on one flank...  Leman Russes-Demolisher-Vets on other flank. Platoons blob up in the middle with two squads of Vets in rear as support. Valkyrie sits in the back corner to snipe.

1st Turn - IG
Tanks spread out a bit.

1st Turn - BA

IG - 0, BA - 0
2nd Turn - IG
Valkyrie moves flat-out coming in behind the two Russes.

2nd Turn - BA
Dante & his squad arrive plus the Sanguinor. Dante drops in behind the two Russes, meltas wreck both for cover. Sanguinor lands deep in IG corner directly behind blob.

IG - 0, BA - 1

3rd Turn - IG
One squad of Vets pull up and disembark to shoot the Sanguinor. Demolisher can just see one assault Marine behind wrecked Russes. Lots of shooting into the Sanguinor but due to his deployment is kept to a minimum and he loses one wound. Demolisher targets Dante's squad, they have hard cover. Two Marines die along with Dante & the Priest.

3rd Turn - BA
Stormraven & 2nd assault squad arrives. Stormraven moves onto table 6" well away from ranged weapons, lights up Executioner on side armor with 4 Bloodstrike missiles & lascannon. Executioner is stunned & immobilized. Second assault squads land far away from the action safely tucked behind a building in an empty quadrant. First assault squad with Chaplain jump over to Demolisher, shoot then assault, immobilizing the tank & stunning it. Chaplain splits off to pop empty Chimera with melta pistol. Sanguinor leaps over the Vets to charge Commissar & blob. Commissar dies along with three guardsmen. Guardsmen swing back into Sanguinor but cannot wound him then pass leadership test.

IG - 2, BA - 3
4th Turn - IG
Valkyrie stays put as does the three full Chimeras. All the big guns are out of action now for at least one turn. Disembarked Vets move around to fire on first assault squad (they are hidden from rest of army by the Demolisher). Valkyrie targets the Chaplain & kills him. Vets light up the 1st assault squad but due to cover only one dies & they just pass their leadership test. Sanguinor kills 3 more guardsmen & takes another wound - down to his last wound now !! Again the blob just pass their leadership test. 

4th Turn - BA
2nd assault squad moves full speed towards the action and run another 6"; will be in position to assault the next turn. 1st assault squads flies into position to assist the Sanguinor versus the blob. Stormraven moves flat-out landing behind the Executioner... Multi-melta pops the Executioner. 1st assault squad charges into the blob. Combined attacks with Sanguinor wins combat then sweeps the blob.

IG-3, BA-5
5th Turn - IG
Things are starting to look a bit bleak for the guard but both the Sanguinor & 1st assault squad are out with their pants down. Combined shooting kills both the Sanguinor & the rest of the 1st assault squad.

5th Turn - BA
DC dread decouples from the Stormraven beside the chimera full of Ogyrn. Stormraven moves up 12" and DC disembark beside two Chimera full of Vets. 2nd assault squad flies up in position to shoot and assault one of the Vet chimeras. Stormraven targets the Valkyrie immobilizing it. Dread pops Chimera with Oygrn (melta) then charges the boneheads, killing three of five. 2nd assault squad destroys Chimera full of Vets, charges them & destroys them as well. DC assault the other Chimera & immobilized Demolisher, destroying both.

At this point the BA have the game in hand.

Post Game Analysis:
• The Sanginor fulfilled his role assassinating the Commissar and helping to eventually sweep the blob. The blob needed to roll 5+ to hit & 5+ to wound so he was fairly safe fighting them all by his lonesome until finally assisted by the 1st assault squad.
• Dante went down fast but the pinpoint deepstrike landed his squad in position to wreck both Russes for excellent cover. Worth the points for that alone.
•Chaplain soaked a wound and capped a Chimera. Worth the points for another flying melta pistol versus mech. Also nice to have a flying IC that could split off & go solo.
•DC were held back then came in the endgame to mop up. Destroyed everything they touched.
DC dread was fairly impervious to shooting by the time he disembarked making short work of the Ogyrn & their transport.
• Stormraven did excellent as a mobile weapons system and successfully delivered it's payload.
• The 1st assault squad was a work horse. The 2nd squad was a finisher. Jump packs enabled them to quickly get to where they needed to be so they could get the job done.

Use of cover was critical to suppressing enemy firepower. Big guns were quickly eliminated to remove the threat of the big templates.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

2 games (Let's get it on you mangy furries!!)

Got to play a couple of games yesterday returning to my air force concept for BA:

2000 points

The Sanguinor

Chaplain/jump pack & infernus pistol
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, power sword & infernus pistol
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, power sword

5x DC (jump packs) + Lemartes/3x power sword, power fist, infernus pistol
Death Company dreadnaught/heavy flames + Blood Talons
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer&stormshiekd
7x assault Marine/same as above

Stormraven/extra armor, TL LC, TL MM

Dante joins one squad of assault Marines plus Chaplain & Priest. Second Priest runs with the second assault squad. DC & dread ride in the gunship.

Both games were against the same SW army:

Wolf Lord on TW/power fist, SotB, runic armor, WTN, stormshield
Wolf Lord on TW/power fist, SotW...
Rune Priest/CotS, Jaws (ho hum), Living Lightning

3x TWC/stormshields, power fist, MotW, meltabombs
3x TWC/same as above

10x Grey Hunter/2x meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW - rhino
10x Grey Hunter/same as above
5x Grey Hunter/meltagun, MotW, Wolf Standard - rhino

5x Long Fangs/4x ML
5x Long Fangs/4x ML

Well you couldn't ask for a better matchup... Team Jacob versus Team Edward !! Heh.

First game was 4 objectives with DoW deployment. We both opted to hold everything in reserve & my opponent won the roll opting to go 2nd. I know going 1st is perceived as a huge advantage now but I still prefer to go second. It was a real fist fight starting around the third turn. The Sanguinor was an ace and lasted through until the final turn killing lots of furries including one of the Wolf Lords plus a squad of Grey Hunters. The DC & dread were also awesome taking out one squad of TWC and putting two wounds on the 2nd Wolf Lord. The biggest problem with this style of DC is against heavy hitters in close combat like SW they will kill whatever they touch but if they are charged or shot up they go down really quick. Still I will probably stick with this bundled unit, my BBF patterned DC. Dante was able to charge in with his unit then use Hit & Run to charge again... That's really powerful if you can pull it off. The second game he was broken in combat and fled off the table. Dante can be a punk like that but his powers are extremely useful so I'll keep him for now as well. The combination of Dante & the Sanguinor is awesome if you use the death mask & avenging angel on the same enemy HQ... it would really hurt something like Abbadon.

I made some silly mistakes the first game which cost me the win, most of them were forgetting abilities of some characters since I am proxying lots of my army while GMM Studios paints my new army for me. I forgot that my sergeants had thunderhammers & stormshields plus that one also had Sanguinor's blessing, which is kind of huge. I also forgot that Blood Talons count lightning claws... Rerolling wounds while you have a pair. All those little mistakes added up and I lost a close one. I think if I had remembered all the little things I would have won. Well that's why we playtest! 

Second game was killpoints with pitched battle. Again I had to go first. Again I held my entire army in reserve. Dante's squad got charged by 1" with one Wolf Lord & TWC running through difficult terrain. Then like I said he broke and I rolled box cars needing only an 8 to stick. Oh well shit like that does happen. Sanguinor again was a beast as was the dread. I remembered all his rules this time and the dreadnought basically helped Sanguinor kill both TWC squads plus one of the Wolf Lords. The other Wolf Lord survived on his last wound passing an incredible number of 3++ saves. He then ran off and hid... Pretty much a pussy at that. Anyways I lost this one as well. The first game I actually did much better even with all the mistakes.

I have another game scheduled versus the furries tomorrow and will be looking to up my game.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Holland versus Brazil • World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals Upset

Today Holland beat Brazil 2-1 in the quarter final match. Holland was the underdog going into the match, many said they stood no chance at all. How can we as competitive 40k players learn from this great game to improve our own game?

(1) Holland is always underrated. Sometimes Brazil is overrated. Brazil is a great team and I hope they do not fire their coach as a result. Every game in a single elimanation situation is just one game. Holland was well prepared for the match and played extremely well. Some will try to say that Brazil had a bad day but it's not why they lost. The Dutch were very aggressive and won most of the loose balls. The Dutch simply outplayed their opponent.

In terms of 40k it might be like foot slogging orks beating mech IG. Most everyone will tell you that mech IG is an auto win versus orks. You can believe the hype or you can play your game.

(2) The officiating was superb. The last time Holland played Brazil was two World Cups back... In the semi finals. The score was tied late into the second half. Holland is not one of those teams that plays dirty. A midfielder for Brazil named Branca ran around fouling everyone he could until finally a Dutchman retaliated and pushed off the Brazilian. Brazil was awarded a free kick and scored winning the game in the final minutes. Very poor officiating at it's worst which is often a trademark of hte World Cup. Two things here...

First I'm sure Holland remembered that game and it helped to excite them. Holland was ready to payback Brazil & they did. Second good officiating takes a cheating team out of the equation. This Brazilian team is not as nasty as others I have witnessed in the past but then again they did draw a red card for spiking an opponent after Holland went ahead. Basically Brazil is a young team not used to playing from behind and they lost their cool.

(2) Holland did not drop back into defense after going ahead. They continued to play aggressive and kept the pressure on playing strong offense. Often offense is the best defense.

Like I said each game now is only one game and good officiating is very important. These are the things we can take away from this game to strengthen our own in 40k. It's just that simple really.



We've taken too much for granted
And all the time it had grown
From techno seeds we first planted

Evolved a mind of its own
Marching in the streets
Dragging iron feet
Laser beaming hearts
Ripping men apart

From off I've seen my perfection
Where we could do as we please
In secrecy this infection
Was spreading like a disease

Hiding underground
Knowing we'd be found
Fearing for our lives
Reaped by robot's scythes

Metal Gods
Metal Gods
Metal Gods
Metal Gods

Machines are taking all over
With mankind in their command
In time they'd like to discover
How they can make their demand

Better be the slaves
To their wicked ways
But meeting with our death
Engulfed in molten breath


I was waiting for something
Maybe flying machines
That's when I found Lily
The best I've ever seen

Put her on the ceiling
Try to make her my own
People line up to see
but there never seems to be enough space