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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Karnac the Killer II (short fiction)

Karnac hit the ground hard rolling off of the broken tile. He lifted his helmet staring down the Emperor's Children. The Noise Marines spoke back and forth shouting out high pitched screams. Karnac watched the amazement on their bare faces as he lifted himself up and began to charge. The closest Noise Marine leveled it's blaster and fired. Throbbing waves of sonic power poured out from the clipped muzzle striking the skull champion square against his deep bronzed chestplate. Pulling a combat knife from a sheath attached to his utility belt Karnac flicked the blade through the air stabbing the foe right between it's bulging eyes. The Noise Marine gurgled bright red blood pouring out from it's fanged mouth then slumped against the wall dead. Leaping over a fresh pile of dead Berzerkers Karnac landed on his boots thudding hard against the tiled floor. He reversed his sword grip driving the fractaled point deep into the sternum of the next Noise Marine cleanly severing the spinal column in twain. Karnac dropped his sword and reached out grabbing the last two of the Emperor's Children by their exposed throats and squeezed hard snapping their necks. Their heads rolled towards each other as the skull champion released his grip and let them slide down against the barren wall. Each left a hard signature of blood and gore flowing down to the ground.

"Alpha sector secured." whispered Karnac into his comm bead as he reached down to pick up the sword. He could feel the daemon slaved to the blade twisting about trapped within the iron core. Fresh blood flowed up from the newly killed soaking into the sharp edges. Karnac resisted the urge to howl and sheathed his weapon. "Bring down the reserves."

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