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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Assassin - Part 5 - Black Sword

Squadrons of Iron Warriors marched side by side closing rank and lifting their bolters. There came the click of action sliding as a new bolt shell slipped into the chambers. Overhead the sky was dark cloaked in a broad drape of black clouds and lightning bolts played across the swollen channels. Two Warsmiths lead the company striding side by side. Automata lurched behind the traitor legionnaires mindlessly drawn into the hunt. They slowly converged around a spiraling hill. A staircase crafted from deep marbled stone twisted up the sides all the way to the very top.

As one the Iron Warriors inhaled gene lock scented to the spoor of the assassin. The stench was overpowering. "We have you surrounded." said one of the Warsmiths overcharging his speech through the iron vox clamped to his chest. "Show yourself." A crack of thunder split the sky as a lightning bolt crashed down on top of the hill electrifying the stone. Sparks shots off etching into their armor. The smell of fresh ozone cleared away the spoor scent.

"Up here." came a solitary husked voice. As they all looked up there came a crack in the clouds and a sliver of blinding bright light crashed through illuminating the top of the hill. The Iron Warriors looked up to see a single figure silhouetted against the blackness. His hands were free grasping at the long hilt of a black sword struck deep into the hard stone.

"Open fire." came the command from the other Warsmith. In perfect unison they squeezed the bolter triggers to rapid fire. The caps exploded incorrectly tapped, one by one each bolter exploded ripping arms apart and disfiguring the Iron Warriors.

Slowly the black blade slid free from the stone and the assassin lifted the weapon over his unmasked face taunting the enemy. He then crouched into a run sprinting through the spiral crashing into the enemy tank. The black sword cut like a razor through flesh as it shredded the Iron Warriors.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Why Games Workshop Should Ban All Allies and What You Can Do

Black Blow Fly here swinging through your neighborhood again to spread more mischief and rot. I just moved across the country so I haven't had much hobby time which is troubling me a bit but I'm looking forward to getting back again into it again soon as they say.

Today I want to talk about allies and why I've decided I think they need to be totally banned. This interwebz quote sums it all up perfectly for me ...

Now I used to be a big fan of allies and in truth they have been around a long long time, going way back before sixth and seventh edition. It could be a good thing but in reality it's just another tool to power game. The final nail in the coffin for me was looking at army lists that made it into the top sixteen at Adepticon and I of all people should know because once I was a very competitive tournament player and even played Grey Knights with Necron allies.... I know I might come across as a hypocrite but in truth I've finally rehabilitated myself. It wasn't easy but diligence paid off. I really learned my lesson.

The game will better off without allies and it would present an opportunity for competitive players to get rid of that crutch and sharpen their skills. If you really want this to happen the best thing to do is write a polite email to GeeDub requesting that they ban all allies and there's never been a better time with a new edition right around the proverbial corner. Here is their email address:


That's right send it their CEO, Mr. Kevin Rountree... I'm absolutely positive he wants to know your opinion. This is the man who has revitalized the company and brought them to speed with the 21st century. So here is your chance to do something good for the hobby ! Bitching and moaning is a favorite past time for gamers but it rarely ever changes anything.

If you do decide to send an email make sure it's positive and well written... that's how to effectively get your point across to other people. If enough people send an email I promise you something good will happen. All you need is one to two paragraphs - it's just that easy too.

Remember that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are people, just like us. They'll respond to an email depending on its tone and content, so think about what you want to say carefully before you click the SEND button. Here are some tips to help you get the response you're looking for:

* Be polite !!!
* If you are able to say something good about the company before you express your disappointment, do it. It's a great way to get your reader on side.
* Stick to the facts.
* Try not to let any emotion or judgment spill out.
* Don't use threats.
* Shorter is better. Keep the information concise and to the point.
* Include a brief history of the issue if it's helpful.
* Explain clearly what you want.

That's that really that needs to be said and I hope you will respond.

Escalation Campaign in South Hampton UK

I know it's been quite here... in the middle of a move from shitty Florida to beautiful Cali.

This weekend I'll be attending the highly antipicated Escalation campaign in South Hampton UK. I'm bringing my Sons of Horus lead by their Warmaster. Be expecting lots o pix over the weekend. 🖤 Many pints will be consumed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Assassin - Part 4 - Origin

+++ LEVEL: ALPHA +++


-- Project Ark Angel (PAA) --

01. PAA was developed by an unnamed Temple commanded by the High Lords of Terra as a counter measure to the xenos race Eldar. The special assassin combines abilities from various temples to create the ultimate tool for xenocide.

02. PAA was to be secretly transported by a Templar envoy and deposited within the Eldar Bieltan craftworld during an arranged meeting between the Rogue Trader ++NAME STRICKEN FROM RECORDS++ and their seer council. En route to the craftworld the Templar battle barge Vain Glory was lost during the warp translation back to real space. Several decades past until a homing beacon was detected from Vain Glory originating from the ++NAME STRICKEN FROM RECORDS++ sector.

03. A half company of White Scars were dispatched to locate the Templar battle barge which was found to have crashed upon an isolated barren crone world. There were no survivors found and the pod containing PAA had been ruptured. Investigation indicates many of the original party were slain in melee. The bodies of the dead were destroyed on site and the returning White Scars all died due to an unfortunate cataclysmic rupture of their ship main reactor.

04. Recently a trace measure of the PAA Objectiva Securum has been detected in the ++ NAME STRICKEN FROM RECORDS ++ sector. As ordered by Malcador a newly formed Errant team has been dispatched to investigate the trace and locate PAA if possible.

05. If PAA is still living at this time it will have become highly unstable and uncontrollable. The Errant team has been ordered to terminate the assassin upon first contact.


Sunday, March 05, 2017

1st Crack at Horus Heresy Space Wolves Army List (3500)

New list for Space Wolves... not sure if it's 100% street legal...

+++ Space Wolves (Warhammer 30,000 - The Horus Heresy v61) (3499) +++

+ HQ (1441) +

Legion Centurion (120) /Vigilator
Artificer Armour - Charnabal Sabre - Melta Bombs - Refractor Field

Legion Praetor (601)
Cataphractii Terminator Armour - Digital Lasers - Master-crafted Paragon Blade -Volkite Charger

Legion Terminator Command Squad
3x Legion Space Marine Chosen + Legion Standard Bearer
Cataphractii Terminator Armour - 2x Chainfist - 2x Combi-Melta - Plasma Blaster - Power Fist

Land Raider Phobos
Armoured Ceramite - Auxiliary Drive - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour

Priest of Fenris (720) /Speaker of the Dead
Aether-Rune Armour - Power Fist

Deathsworn Pack
9x Deathsworn - Rad Grenades - Great Frost Blade

Land Raider Proteus
Armoured Ceramite - Auxiliary Drive - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour - Twin-Linked Lascannon

+ Troops (378) +

Grey Slayer Pack (198)
9x Grey Slayer - 5x Combat Shield - Heavy Chainsword - Legion Vexilla - Power Fist - 2x Power Axe
Huscarl - Artificer Armour - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Grey Slayer Pack (180)
9x Grey Slayers - 5x Combat Shield - Legion Vexilla - 2x Power Axe
Huscarl -Artificer Armour - Power Fist

+ Fast Attack (150) +

Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron (150)
2x Legion Javelin Attack Speeder - 2x Hunter-killer Missile - Multi-Melta - Twin-Linked Cyclone Missile Launcher

+ Heavy Support (875) +

Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron (875)
Squadron Command Tank
3x Land Raider Phobos - Armoured Ceramite - Auxiliary Drive - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour - Multi-Melta

+ Legion +

········Legiones Astartes [ VI: Space Wolves - Loyalists ]

Rite of War [The Bloodied Claws]

+ Lords of War (555) +

Leman Russ (555)

Legion Terminator Command Squad (100)
Legion Space Marine Chosen and Legion Standard Bearer
Tartaros Terminator Armour - Chainfist - Thunder Hammer

+ No Force Org (100) +

The Wolf-kin of Russ (100)
Freki the Swift and Geri the Cunning