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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Part III. Cavalcade • A Fresh Look on Tactics & Strategies for 40k 5th Edition

So now onto new tactics & strategies! The first two parts of this series of articles I wanted to focus on the following:

• Elements of the game that are often disputed as making the game not competitive.

• Typical players we run across and how they can adversely affect your game.

We need to be aware of these issues so we can deal with them in a positive light, otherwise these issues can take us out of a winning mindset. If you are aware of these issues then you can properly deal with them and win. This series of articles is about how to improve your game, not focusing negatively on certain aspects and falling into the trap of believing the game where it stands now is not competitive. The game is in fact very competitive now and possibly moreso than ever before. I honestly don't believe there was ever a golden age of competitive play. You can't travel back in time and play the game as it was one year ago, two years ago or any further back. I'll just leave it at that for now.

Let's take a look at the new 5th edition codices and missions from the rulebook. Here is a list of pure 5th armies:

Chaos Daemons (CD)
Chaos Space Marines (CSM)
Imperial Guard (IG)
Orks (Boyz)
Space Marines (SM)
Space Wolves (SW)
Tyranids (Nidz)

Blood Angels are soon to be rereleased and from the rumors I have read they sound like they will be top tier again. In my mind mech IG is the most powerful army presently in the game. Mech IG can field lots of transports and tanks plus they have lots of great units to choose from when designing an army. It's scary how much dakka (shooting) IG can muster. The chimera is possibly the best transport for the points plus veterans (BS4) can pack a lot of heat (melta & plasma).


The_King_Elessar said...

Sorry GBF, but no. You can'rt say CSM and Orks are 5th Armies, and Eldar aren't.

Believe they are if that makes you happy (I strongly disagree) but they aren't 'more' 5th Ed than Eldar...or Dark Angels.

Green Blow Fly said...

I have talked to and corresponded with some developers. Take the previous CSM codex, it was the first 4th edition codex. This new CSM codex is more of a 4.5th edition codex. The Orks codex was released just prior to 5th edition and became even better after the new ruleset was released. Orks was written with 5th edition in mind. It's not like they all one day say they will write new codices based on one edition.