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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

40k Wrecking Crew news

Kenny inducted two new members into the WC this past weekend at Adepticon:

Paul Murphy of Atlanta, past GT winner and long time fellow Blood Angels player
Paul Minglini from the northeast, placed in top three for gladiator and was chosen as the first alternate on the American team for the upcoming European championship.

On other news fronts Gareth Hunt was the first choice for the American team. Brandon Palmer won both players choice and best appearance in the blue side 40k championship RTT for his second year in a row.



Aldonis said...

Congrats to Paul and Paul - great bunch of guys to be a part of in the 40K world.

Terminus Est said...

Thanks Al! That's quite big of you brother.

As you are aware Norgoth played on my team this weekend and I have to tell he represented the BnB very well. Norgoth's personal record in the team tourney was 2W-1L-1T. That's better than I did my first year at Adepticon... Very impressive to say the least! Norgoth also brought a beautiful army courtesy of Keith. I am very grateful for the excellent support from BnB, my other favorite club.

: )