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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adepticon 40k Team Tourney

So today we ran with with the strong Chaos theme:

3x Chaos Space Marines & 1x Chaos Daemons

Overall results were 4W - 2L - 2D

Not bad.

First round was versus Tyranids & IG (2 wins)
Second round was versus Witch Hunters & Space Marines (2 draws)
Third round was versus dark eldar & CSM (1 win & 1 loss)
Fourth round was versus IG & Black Templars (1 win & 1 loss)

Our opponents in the second round had very good tactics making good use of their troops. In the third round my Chaos Talon took out all but one enemy transport the first turn with a very strong bombing run (I really enjoy being able to use fliers at Adepticon). The fourth round my partner and I got crushed my the IG/BT team... Had to go second and they pulled off a great alpha strike.

Tomorrow is the 40k championship RTT. I'll be playing something fun.


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