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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some people asked me how I feel about the Iron Warriors...

The confines of the holding bay was filled with dark shadows splayed about the surrounding area. Dim light arced from the lighting panels above not strong enough to erase the inky darkness. Slowly stepping over the random littered floor the Iron Warriors watched with sole intent upon the eerie silence. Subcommander Mortaggè energized his servo arm lifting a fallen column from their immediate path. Just ahead they spied silvery cocooned canisters glowing with a low steady pulsation. "From where did these come? I do not remember this loot as being registered."

"More ill gotten sir." replied Anders. "This vessel is ours now and it's more for the taking." The Techmarine flashed his strobe beam across the bounty revealing a hidden insignia baring a crude black armored fist stenciled over a harsh yellow background.

"Take care." said Mortaggè. "There could still be a few survivors left."

A dull buzzing drone began to fill the vicinity then a shimmering wrinkled space several meters ahead. One by one large hulking Amber shapes materialized. The drone quickly grew to a shrill. "Take cover!" commanded Mortaggè. A thin gaseous vapor leeched from the top of the canisters filling the air with an oily mist. "Phosphex." said the Subcommander in a hushed voice over the vox channel. Those not wearing their helmets keeled over immediately as the radioactive isotope contaminated their lungs turning internal organs into thick soupy sludge. The rest of the remaining Iron Warriors immediately backed away keeping their ranged weapons trained straight ahead.

The Joy Division hung between the immaterial and corporeal states carefully controlled by the unseen operator of the remote teleporter station. They watched in silence as the deadly gas slowly dissolved their enemies' silvered armor. Mortaggè fired his bolter into them but the miniature rockets passed harmlessly through their intermediate state. Warning klaxons screamed inside his helmet as he watched one bright red rune after another light up.

To his right and left more of his brothers fell succumbing to the toxic gas. His armor held though due to perfection of its hermetic seals and the innate stubbornness of his finely tuned refractor field. One of his brothers screamed in abject pain exposed to the raw toxins eating away their exposed nerves. Mortaggè fired a single round through Anders' skull plate to silence him. Only he was left now with his pair of Castellex thralls.

"We were waiting for you." said Androcles, first sergeant of the Imperial Fists terminator command squad. Grimly he smiled from within his bright yellow helmet baring his teeth. "Attack!" Like a lightning bolt cast down from the heavens above the terminators charged through the deadly mist bringing their hammers and fists to bare.

Mortaggè tossed aside his bolter in exchange for his oversized power axe. His robotic thralls covered either side in immediate defense. A plasma blaster barked blowing two big holes through the torso of the thrall to his left. It toppled over and lay flat squirming in its final death throes. The Imperial Fists then engaged them striking quickly. Mortaggè reeled back as the blunt face of a Thunderhammer clipped his helmet smashing one of its ruby eye lenses. Immediately the Phosphex vapor leeched inside through the rent burning his exposed face. Androcles stepped up to his right catching him in a vise grip of bear hug.

The rest of the Joy Division quickly dispatched the remaining thrall raining down one blow after another. Mortaggè fought the urge to cry out then his throat collapsed as he bit through his swollen tongue spitting out the bloody tip.

"Die traitor! I want to watch you die in unbearable pain." Mortaggè's skull began to fold upon itself as his vision grew pitch black.

First new Chaos Space Marine Psychic Power

Friday, August 26, 2016

High Chaplain Hector Auroras _ Knights Templar ~ Imperial Fists

Getting Started with Horus Heresy

Often I get way caught up in this fantastic game while working on my second army and forget that a lot of people are looking to simply start their first army. It's easy to do if you start off simple and you really only need two books if you want to build a Space Marine legion - one book has the rules for the current legions available now and the other book has the rules for all the various units such as tactical Marines and the various veteran units. Note that a new rulebook was recently released for all the generic units - many units got a nice buff and nothing really got nerfed.

It's very important to select a legion you'll really like a lot and not lose interest. My first army is a Sons of Horus first company (i.e., all terminators)... I got into 30k when it was first released. I always have wanted to play Imperial Fists and they are my second army slowly coming along now. There's a lot more depth to a 30k legion compared to a 40k chapter - it's seemingly endless what you can do with any legion and of course each is can also be highly specialized if that's what you're into doing with your army.

So here is my advice how to get started if you're really interested and want to play. Some people are simply collectors and that's okay too.

Getting Started
If you are just starting out I recommend building a 1000 point army first to get your feet wet. Start off with one HQ and two troops... Later on down the road you can invest in more exotic units such as the new Mastadon. Start simple at first to learn the rules and your legion. You can flesh out your 1000 point army with support and veteran units. I have provided a 1000 point sample army at the end of this article you can use as an example.

You will need to decide which legion you want to field and they are all good. Units particular to a specific legion give an army character and help to specialize. For example Iron Hands have an infantry unit referred to as Medusan Immortals. Immortals are an infantry unit designed for boarding actions that typically take place in spaceships... They have hardened armor and boarding shields for better protection to fulfill this unique role. They also have a 6+ Feel No Pain and can swap their bolters for Volkite chargers amongst other things. Immortals are a very interesting unit that exude what it is to be a True Iron Hands which is a big plus over playing a 40k Iron Hands army. Volkite weapons are the new hotness since they can generate additional wounds and have higher strength than the bolter equivalents. Iron Hands also have access to an Iron Father special character (Autek Mor) that is S5 T5 with 2+ armor and a 3++ invulnerable save. How often have I heard 40k Iron Hands players stating they wish they had their own special character... Too many times to count !!! There are also other special units including their Primarch Ferrus Manus who is a true beat stick.

I chose Iron Hands as an example because I wanted to show that every legion is good... Too often players look on longingly wanting to play some brand new legion such as I'm sure will be the case with Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. It's amazing the level of detail put into the Horus Heresy rules and we can already start to see the crossovers to 40k because of its growing popularity. The release of the box set Betrayal at Calth has really helped to boost its appeal.

Force Organization Chart (FOC)
There are several FOCs to choose from and I recommend you start with the Age of Darkness (AoD) which is very similar to a combined arms detachment (CAD) for 40k.

Rites of War
HQ that have the Master of the Legion (MotL) special rule have access to choosing a Rite of War (RoW) which is similar to a specialized 40k detachment and there are many to choose from to help build a unique army to your own liking. Praetors are the 30k equivalent of a 40k Chapter Master and have the MotL special rule. Some of the special characters such Primarchs also have this rule. There is also a Consul (Delegatus) which has the rule and requires the least amount of points to field a RoW.

One of the most popular RoW is Pride of the Legion (PotL) which allows you to field Legion terminators and veteran squads as compulsory troop choices. This is a great starting point for a new player just getting their feet wet to build their first army. Terminators are much better in 30k compared to 40k and the ability to field them as a compulsory troop choice is awesome. Veteran squads harken back to Space Marines prior to the advent of Sternguard and Vanguard veterans... 30k veteran squads can field a mix of melee and ranged weapons plus they have access to veteran skills to better boost their overall abilities on the battlefield.

Putting It All Together
30k is more about having a good time as opposed to fielding the most competitive beat stick army that breaks all the rules. Sure you probably want a competitive army which is fine too. While some will say it's only for those that like Space Marines all the time you also have access to other armies such as Chaos Daemons, Mechanicus and a 30k equivalent to Astra Militarum plus there are even more. I often play against 40k armies and it can still be a good time. Obviously some xenos races such as Eldar and Orks were in existence back during the Heresy... While there are no 30k equivalent rules for any xenos you can put together some fun historical games - probably best to just steer clear of formations if you catch my drift.

998 point Iron Hands Sample Army List
Here is a sample list using the AoD FOC and PotL RoW for Iron Hands...

Remember that this is a starter list designed to develop the core of your army - as you add more units it can flush out to something special for you. :D

+++ Sample Space Marine Legion Army +++

++ Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List ++

+ HQ (240) +

Iron-Father Autek Mor (240)
Cortex Controller - Cyber-Familiar

+ Troops (553pts) +

Legion Terminator Squad (278) /Tartaros Terminator Armour
4x Legion Terminator
2x Chainfist - Plasma Blaster - Power Fist - Thunderhammer - 3x Volkite Charger
Legion Terminator Sergeant - Chainfist - Combi-Weapon - Cyber-Familiar

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (275)
9x Legion Veteran Space Marine
2x Combi-Weapon - Heavy Bolter and Suspensor Web - Plasma Gun
Legion Veteran Sergeant - Power Weapon
Legion Rhino - Extra Armour - Dozer Blade - Combi-Bolter (Pintle Mounted)
Rules: Outflank - Sniper

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment (45)
Legion Apothecary - Narthecium

+ Heavy Support +

Legion Heavy Support Squad (160)
4x Legion Space Marines
4x Missile Launcher
Legion Sergeant - Missile Launcher

+ Legion +

Legion Astartes [Loyalist, X: Iron Hands]

Monday, August 22, 2016

30k Batrep: Imperial Fists vs. Ultramarines - Zone Mortalis • Void Strike (1000 points)

I played a 1000 point game of Zone Mortalis this afternoon with my Imperial Fists versus Ultramarines. The mission was Void Strike from the Horus Heresy Blood in the Void rules. Note these missions are a series of boarding actions that take place inside a spaceship... Pretty cool and you roll to see what effects take place inside the ship at the beginning of each turn !

Both Legions want to be the first to launch a surprise assault versus the hated Word Bearers on a nearby undisclosed planet but cannot reach an agreement who'll get the honor. The two Praetors meet and decide that both will select a small war party to battle each other... the victor wins the right to first strike versus the traitors.

I wanted to field an army with no special characters and also use a unique unit that you don't see often (i.e., Destroyers led by a Moritat).

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Coming Soon - Deathwatch 1st Review

Hi all !

The new Deathwatch codex is just what we need to end the domain of Tau and Eldar ! GW hit it out of the park with this new codex... It's going to be very popular for competitive 40k. I'll have an initial review up this week.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What Rogal Dorn ++ Praetorian of Terra ++ means to me

---------------------------- Going for the Kill versus Omegon

A lot of people don't realize that Terrans made up many of the veterans for the original legions and the vast majority were never swayed by Horus or his dark cohorts to turn against the Emperor. Sure there are some such as Astelan of the Dark Angels that are a mar against everything right in the world but fortunately they are an exception.

To me that says a lot and it's something to be remembered. Imperial Fists' home world is Terra so in a big way they are all veterans. People like Graham McNeil who is no longer an author for the Black Library liberally took a dump on Imperial Fists to promote his favorite renegade legion the Iron Warriors. In truth if you ever would take the time to explore the official records you'll find that the Imperial Fists won the majority of their fights versus the Iron Warriors. It's also important to note that Pertarabo the Primarch of the Iron Warriors always chose not to engage Rogal Dorn in a challenge.

The Imperial Fists are an epitome example of a loyalist legion by simple virtue alone. As noted above Imperial Fists are often depicted as bumbling buffoons but nothing could be farther from the truth. It was Rogal Dorn that slaved the Emperor to the Golden Throne so enraged by the actions of his father during the final battle on Horus' battle barge.

If you follow the stories from the Black Library in regards to the Heresy the villians win every major battle right until the very end which doesn't sit right with me. This is one of the major thematic problems with how the grand story unfolds as a whole. Just think about it... Who ever won an epic fight with one blow delivered right at the very end? It doesn't work like that in real life so why should we buy into something so fantastic ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

30k Unit Analysis: The Malcador

For those of you unfamiliar with the Malcador it's a super heavy tank that can fielded as heavy support and in squadrons... This is very powerful since its both a great unit and it doesn't require you use your Lord of War slot. Super Heavies have the Invincible Behemoth rule which makes them very reliable since they can still shoot normally the next turn even after suffering a penetrating hit plus this is a fast vehicle as well so you can move 12" and still fire most of your weapons.

I think the optimal build is as follows:

Battle Cannon
Demolisher Cannon
Lascannon sponsons
Ceramite Armor
Flare Shield
Space Marine Crew (+1 BS)

That's a lot of firepower, each of which can target a separate enemy unit plus it's very survivable with the ceramite armor which nerfs ranged melta weapons and the flare shield which reduces the strength of enemy ranged weapons versus the front arc. Total points for this build clock in around 420 points which is a really good deal for what you get. I'm planning to add one for my Templars to use in big games (3000+ points).

I think the Malcador with this build is one of the most versatile tanks since its a super heavy and can fire each weapon at a different unit. The battle cannon and demolisher cannon are excellent anti infantry while the lascannons are solid anti armor. The Malcador is also a beautiful model as well... Definitely one of my favorites !

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Someone asked me how I feel about Eldar ...

Sergeant Artemis of the Imperial Fists terminator squad dubbed the Joy Division looked up at the ceiling of the hangar inside the barge. Suspended upside down row upon row hung the still live bodies of the captured Eldar, their limbs bound cruelly tight cutting off circulation. They all hung from sharp hooks and some had been punctured through their ankles thin blood running down dripping into their nostrils causing some to gag. The dangling bodies listed slowly to the left as the barge entered an intertial gravity field. Artemis walked underneath them slowly row by row. Finally he came to a stop beneath a male with spiral tattoos across its face. He looked it in the eye and spat up into its face. "This one."

The servitors following behind their master and lifted their long hooked pikes. Carefully they disengaged a lock and the Eldar fell into the plated arms of Artemis. "Do you feel pain?" he asked speaking with a perfect Eldar pitch. The xenos gagged coughing up phlegm and blood simultaneously. "You were a Seer... I can feel it now." His armored gauntlets cradled the Farseer's skull lifting up his shoulders for a moment so he could breathe unimpeded then his fingers all locked together. Like a vise they slowly crushed its skull. Bits of brain matter and bone seeped out between the joints.

Artemis spoke to the rest amplifying his voice "This was an act of mercy. Crucify the rest."

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Team USA finish 10th Place at ETC

It's time to hang up the boots and give some other people a chance.

Androcles (finished) and Artemis (WIP) - Templars 30k

30k Narrative Batrep - Rogal Dorn vs. Lorgar @ Calth

Imperial Fists vs. Word Bearers

The battle took place in an alternate time line... In this universe the Emperor sends Rogal Dorn with a secret strike force of elite Imperial Fists to drive out the Word Bearers on Calth. Sigismund is selected to lead a kill team of Templar Knights to aassinste Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers.

The Ultramarines are scattered, driven into small pockets of resistance fighting for their very survival. So intent upon finishing off their hated foe the Word Bearers are caught in an ambush by the newly arrived Imperial force... The trap is sprung.

"I have word that Guilliman is located on the surface with a small party of his Suzerain." said the lone Sorcerer. The psyker handed over a small augury scanner to Erebus. "See for yourself... I think Lorgar would be most interested to know."

The Chaplain studied the display carefully scrolling through the immediate coordinates. "I will let him know. You can go now."

Quickly the crimson sorcerer mounted his skyboard and was gone.

"Do you trust him?" asked Kryläng, a Word Bearers terminator assigned to the dark Chaplain.

"It's not a matter of trust now. This new information must be exploited."

-Dawn Assault-
Lorgar stalked the open ground surrounded by a large party of Gal Vorbak and an ancient Mhara Gal. Sensor arrays from a deep space probe had detected a cluster of Ultramarines just up ahead in a battered ruin. The remnants of a bright standard baring a golden Aquila fluttered in the wind.

Suddenly the ground began to quake as a deadly barrage of burning flame erupted from a huge Kyhbardis assault claw bearing down upon the traitors. Lorgar looked up just in time to see the angry yellow behemoth descend. A squad of Imperial Seekers broke from the ruins firing their bolters at full auto. The miniature rockets tore into the daemonic traitors exploding upon contact. Confusion reigned supreme for a moment then Lorgar gave the order to charge. Gal Vorbak broke into a blinding sprint beside him as they quickly closed the open ground. A few of the possessed were overcome by their fresh wounds falling to the side.

Mhara Gal the ancient clambered behind them giving cover fire with its plasma cannon then a swirling rocket appeared from the horizon tracing a short path towards the rear side of the daemonic dreadnaught. The missile struck true piercing the heavy armor. An explosion sounded as the ancient detonated spraying the surroundings with deadly burning shrapnel. An Imperial Xiphon Interceptor zoomed overhead then disappeared as it cut back up into the burning skies above.

The Seekers broke just as Lorgar and his daemonic retinue reached the ruin. Stepping back in unison they unleashed their plasma barrels at close range. Lorgar felt the burning plasma as it etched through his armor. Two more of the possessed were consumed by the super heated energies uncoiling around them. A howling came from behind and it sound like an angry Banshee... Rogal Dorn and a large squad of Templars clad in black Tartaros terminator armor sprang forth from the bowels of the Kyhbardis.

Lorgar surged ahead finally reaching the Seekers. They were slain in the blink of an eye as Gal Vorbak finished off the rest. Lorgar turned then just in time to see Dorn entering the ruins surrounded by his Templars baring huge black storm shields. Two of the terminators on either side of the phalanx unleashed their plasma blasters. Again Lorgar felt burning pain as the plasma washed over his armor.

Dorn issued his challenge and Lorgar immediately sent in the Dark Martyr. Dorn laughed as Sigismund emerged from behind the row of black shields. The black sword shone like ice as the edge of the blade chopped the possessed in twain. The champion was frenzied finishing off the attack shredding the last of the Gal Vorbak.

Pummeling blows descended upon Lorgar from all sides, suddenly surrounded.

"Take him alive!" ordered Dorn. "Lorgar shall not escape so easily with a quick death before atoning for his sins and atrocies against the Imperium."

Sigismund remembered the order given by the Emperor to slay the Word Bearers' Primarch but remained silent. Shackles were brought forth after Lorgar's armor had been stripped away from the traitor. The terminators then gagged him and fit a psychic dampener to his skull. All the while Dorn watched their work.

- Retreat -
Just as Dorn's party finished securing Lorgar inside their assault claw tracer rounds began to fill the sky. Several assault squads of Word Bearers and a host of Ashen Circle descended upon the drop site.

"They will not give up their Primarch without a fight." said Sigismund.

Mortar fire rained from afar blasting apart one the traitor assault squads in a cloud of blood. A black landraider broke into sight heading straight towards the fight. "Take him back to the battle barge." ordered Dorn. "Sigismund and I will remain here to hold them off until the reinforcements arrive." The assault claw began to hover then shot up into the red skies above. Side by side Dorn and his first Captain charged another Word Bearers assault squad quickly dispatching them. The Ashen Circle descended upon the two blazing them with their hand flamers.

As the landraider drew nearer a gigantic lumbering behemoth broke the horizon firing its ranged weapons. Energy beams and missiles glanced off the facing side of the tank as it reached full throttle racing towards the fight. Mortar fire rained again devasting another squad of traitor assault Marines. Dorn and Sigismund fought back to back slashing at the Ashen Circle. For each traitor struck down another took its place and the fight continued. Dorn grunted then spun about sweeping his huge chainsword in a circle cutting through one traitor after another. There was the slightest break in the line then the two leapt through running towards the landraider. One last salvo of mortar fire covered them incinerating the closest remaining traitor squad.

The front hatch of the landraider dropped open as the tank skid to a halt. Wasting no time Dorn and Sigismund scrambled inside and the landraider shot away. Stepping quickly over burning debris upon the battlefield the traitor Titan chased after the tank but it was not to be... The landraider crested over a steep hill then veered away into the deep valley below.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Androcles - 2nd Captain of the Imperial Fist Knights Templar...

Preview - Alternate Historical Narrative 30k Battle Report: Templars vs. Word Bearers

This was an amazing game ! Dorn versus Lorgar !!!

Dorn is called upon to support his number one son Sigismund in a call to help finally rid Calth of the red menace once and for all !I will be posting the narrative report tomorrow.

Eighth Edition

40K 8th edition rumors are swirling, but the big question is how much change should the next version have.