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Friday, August 31, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018


The Emperor and Horus engaged one another in the throne room of the massive battle barge, a battle that was both physical and psychic in nature. Though the Emperor's psychic gifts and martial skills were unequalled, he found himself unwilling to summon his full strength against his beloved son. The Emperor suffered grievous wounds at Horus' hands, and after a score of thrusts, parries and counter-thrusts between the Emperor's Runesword and his own Lightning Claw, Horus sliced open the Emperor's chest armour, then opened his jugular and severed the tendons in his right wrist, disarming the Emperor. A psychic blast seared the flesh from the Emperor's face, destroying one of the Master of Mankind's eyes. After tearing the Emperor's right arm from its socket, Horus raised his father high over his head, and broke his back over his knee.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

2k Batrep - Imperium vs Imperium

Had a game yesterday versus Blood Angels-Guard-Salamanders; I was running Blood Angels-Deathwatch-Custodes. My opponent has three battalions and I have two ballations (BA & DW) and a Vanguard (Custodians). We were playing one of the ITC Missions with five objectives - one in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the table. Deployment was diaganol table quarters and you couldn’t deploy with 9" of the table center.

Here’s my abbreviated list:

Captain - Angel’s Wings (relic) Stormshield - Thunderhammer /WLT Artisan of War /Death Visions of Sanguinius
Captain - Jump Pack - Stormshield - Hammer of Baal (relic)

5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades
5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades
5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades

Watch Master - Tome of Ectolclades (relic)
Watch Captain - Jump Pack - Thunderhammer - Storm Bolter - Bane Bolts (relic)

4x Intercessor - Bolt Rifles & Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Intercessor Sergeant - Bolt Rifle & Power Sword
2x Plasma Inceptor

2x Veteran - Storm Bolters & Chainswords
Black Shield - Storm Shield & Power Sword
Watch Sergeant - Storm Bolter & Power Axe
Veteran - Deathwatch Frag Cannon
Veteran - Infernus Heavy Bolter

2x Veteran - Storm Bolters & Chainswords
Black Shield - Storm Shield & Power Sword
Watch Sergeant - Storm Bolter & Power Axe
Veteran - Deathwatch Frag Cannon

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle - Auric Aquilas (relic)

4x Allarus Custodian - Castellan Axes

4x Warden - 3x Castellan Axe & Guardian Spear

Vexilla Praetor - Guardian Spear - Vexilla Magnifica

My opponent had the following (best guess from memory):

Captain - Angel’s Wings (relic) Stormshield - Thunderhammer /WLT Gift of Foresight /Death Visions of Sanguinius

5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades
5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades
5x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades

9x Death Company Marine - Jump Packs - 4x Chainsword - 5x Power Sword
15x Death Company Marine - Jump Packs - Chainswords & Thunderhammers


9x Guardsman & Mortar Team
9x Guardsman & Mortar Team
9x Guardsman & Mortar Team


Captain - Bike - Thunderhammer
Librarian - Force Stave

4x Tactical Marine - Lascannon
Sergeant - Bolter

4x Tactical Marine - Lascannon
Sergeant - Bolter

4x Tactical Marine - Lascannon
Sergeant - Bolter

4x Devastator - 2x Missile Launcher - 2x Lascannon - Armored Cherub
Sergeant - Bolter - Signum

I finished deploying first, won the roll off and chose to go second. There was a big piece of line of sight blocking terrain right in the middle of the table so I wasn’t too worried about the lascannons and rockets deploying everything out of line of sight; I held the following units in deep strike reserve:

BA Captain - Hammer of Baal
Watch Captain
Fortis Killteam (Primaris)
Allarus Custodians

I knew I had to get rid of those two Death Company squads... my opponent held the Thunderhammer squad in reserve along with his Captain and deployed the Power Sword squad as close as possible. I deployed my scouts to Wall off my Deathwatch units from a first turn charge. Deathwatch Vets and Watch Master were inside a building and the Praetor was behind them. My opponent deployed his Devs on top of a building in the rear of his deployment zone with the Wyvern behind a building, sprinkling the guardsmen and Marines all around to block out deep strikes. Mephiston deployed up front too. His Salamander characters deployed back to the rear.

I did not attempt to seize. My opponent used a strategem to scout move the Death Company moving past the big building in the middle of the table.

-1st Turn Opponent
Death Company moved up surrounding my Scouts. Mephiston first cast Wings and moved up on top of the building then attempted to cast a psychic power on the Death Company for +1 attack but failed. Mortars and Wyverns fired killing a few scouts opening up a couple holes so his Death Company could assault into the building with my Deathwatch inside. His charge was around 6-7" so he couldn’t get into base contact with much of my Vets. He didn’t roll that well to hit and wound... a few scouts survived and he only killed a couple Vets. My counter assault was much better taking out 7 Death Company then the last two fled the battle due to morale. One down and one to go.

-1st Turn Me
I moved up my Vets to shoot Mephiston and the Shield-Captain flew up behind the building so he could shoot some guardsmen. I brought in the Fortis Killteam and Watch Captain to lend some more fire power into Mephiston. I positioned my surviving scouts to screen and block off deep strikes as best as possible for the next turn. My Praetor ran into the little building in the back moving up to the second level. Mephiston got blown out of his boots but it took the Fortis Killteam to finally finish him off. The Shield-Captain killed 5-6 guardsmen.

I was up on points at the end of the turn having killed more units and scored two secondaries.

-2nd Turn Opponent
The guard that got shot up moved back and the other units held still. In came the big Death Company plus his Captain... ouch. There was some more artillery barrage from the mortars and Wyvern... they may have killed a couple scouts collectively. Note my Vets and Fortis Killteam were in cover for the sweet 2+ save. :)

So onto the big assault phase... the Captain failed his charge and took a couple wounds for his troubles lol - my Vets were able to drop around five to six Death Company on overwatch... gotta love those frag cannons !!! The Fortis Killteam was slaughtered to the last Marine but again I only lost a couple Vets thanks to the storm shields and my Watch Captain also got smashed to death. My Watch Master was able to heroically intervene and overall follow up attacks from the survivors accounted for several more Death Company. My opponent’s dice were pretty bad again but he finally did some damage. The last of Death Company lost a couple more to morale only leaving two to three left.

-2nd Turn Me
My Shield-Captain and Warlord both moved to tangle with my opponent’s Captain while my Praetor moved in to finish off the last of the Death Company. Vets fell back so I could shoot them with other units. I opted to keep the rest of my reserves off the table. I wiped out both the Captain and Death Company increasing my lead on points. I really felt like I was in a good position now having eliminated all the major threats.

Summary of remaining turns:
The third turn I brought in my reserves over on my opponent’s left flank and they pretty much rolled right up it by the end of the game for a commanding win.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Second Smash Captain - Started Painting

I’ve just started painting my second Smash Captain and still have a way to go. No washes as yet for example.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Assassin - Part 48 - Nęò Tęrrá (Rebirth)

The Battle Barge hung close to the edge of the strongest outer gravity well emanating from the singularity of the black hole. Space debris sped past it falling from every direction into the well dematerializing. The launch bays opened releasing two waves of steel coffins into the void. Some were etched with Gothic text telling of minor and major deeds. Others had noble crests attached. Each one was unique.

One by one each was pulled into the heart of the massive well. "Let them always be remembered." said Orpheus. "They willingly gave their lives in service to our Chapter with no question. May you all be reborn to a new life. You will never be forgotten." A single tear rolled down his cheek cutting through the dark grime. "Reverse engines." The warp drive lumbered into life as a team of tech adepts brought it online again. A thrum of energy strum ripped into space in sync with the closing of the launch bays sealing the barge. The space hulk imploded as it was ripped apart by the immense overlapping gravity fields just as the Templar Battle Barge made its warp jump.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018