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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 3, Retribution

This section provides background to the story and was intentionally left out for until now.

Streaking through the red skies the Storm Eagle plunged from the clouds dropping over a traitor landing site. Missiles stitched the ground instantaneously exploding huge tracks of space decimating the suddenly exposed enemy. Inside the Chaplain unclasped his straps and stepped into the landing bay. "Hurry." he voxed to his assault squad. The apothecary was the first to follow suit checking his needle pistol and clasping the long hilt of his heavy chain sword. The air craft was so low to the ground the sudden explosions rocked it. Chunks of broken rock crashed against the outer ceramite plates scratching deep grooves into the bright crimson enamel.

Spilling out the Blood Angels leapt from the rear of the hurling craft swooping down towards the landing site. They fell like stone igniting their jump packs at the very last moment. The jets screamed to break then they were bounding over the broken ground. Each Marine drew their melee weapons ready to strike. Gliding into a horizontal position the Chaplain used the blinding speed of his descent to drive his sword through a line of traitors splitting them all in twain. The enemy separated like chaff as the assault squad hit them. Immediately breaking the Alpha Legionnaires started to run but could not evade the surprise attack.


"As you now know this planet was chosen as a staging ground for the traitors' initial attack on Terra. It is vital to the longevity of the Imperium that we resist their efforts here and destroy them." said Chaplain Xerxes as he sheathed his blade. Piles of dead traitors were strewn upon the ground, blood and black viserca flowed like churning water from their rent armor. "Move out." said Xerxes as he re ignited his jump pack.

Blood Angels Precognition

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shepherd of Fire

Lets take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known
See I pity in watching you suffer
I know the feeling of feeling of being damned alone
I got a storybook of my own
Don't you see I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs
And you know it's right
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire
Well I can promise you paradise
No need to serve on your knees
And when you're lost in the darkest of hours
Take a moment and tell me who you see
Won't tell ya who not to be
Now you know I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs
And you know it's right
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire
Disciple of the cross and champion in suffering
Immerse yourself…

Stats for Magnus

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blood Angels 30k Wu Tang style - Day of Revelation

Here is the core of command I'm designing for a Horus Heresy (30k) Blood Angels army. You can add assault squads for your troops. This is a throw back to the 3rd edition rules for Legion IX and is very hard hitting in melee.

+++ BA Command (Warhammer 30,000 - The Horus Heresy v41) (715) +++

++ The Age of Darkness (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List v202) ++

+ HQ (645) +

Legion Centurion (165) /Chaplain
Artificer Armour - Blade of Perdition - Inferno Pistol - Jump Pack - Melta Bombs - Refractor Field

Fear - Zealot

Legion Praetor (480)
Artificer Armour - Blade of Perdition - Paragon Blade - Digital Lasers - Iron Halo - Jump Pack - Melta Bombs

Master of the Legion:
Day of Revelation

Legion Command Squad
Legion Standard Bearer
3x Legion Space Marine Chosen
4x Combat Shield - Jump Packs - Melta Bombs - Power Fist - 3x Power Weapon

+ Elites (70) +

Apothecarion Detachment (70)
Legion Apothecary
Jump Pack - Power Sword - Narthecium

+ Legion +

Legiones Astartes [ IX: Blood Angels, Loyalist]

Legiones Astartes, The Blood Angels

Blade of Perdition:
Every wound caused by this weapon is doubled to two wounds. Roll to save against each wound separately.

Encarmine Fury:
When fighting in an assault and using a Melee type weapon, any model with the Legiones Astartes (Blood Angels) special rule requires one lower result To Wound than they would normally, to a minimum of 2+. This effect applies regardless of the weapon they are using (for example, if using a Str 4 Melee weapon and attacking a target with a Toughness of 4, the Blood Angel will require a 3+ To Wound rather than the usual 4+).

Rite of War - Day of Revelation
- All jump infantry units, must be held in reserves, and must deep strike in on turn one, no rolls needed.
- All deep striking units (not just jump infantry) gain a +5 cover save on the game turn they arrive, and all shooting attacks from deep striking infantry and jump infantry units gain pinning on the turn they deep strike in.
- All Bood Angels gain +1 initiative on the charge.
- characters must always accept challenges if issued.

As of now I'm using an allied detachment while I build the army so I can gain some experience with the army. So far it's been no disappointment and very exciting to play. If you love Blood Angels this could be what you're looking for again.

New Tzeentch Psy Powers

There are 10 formations within the book and inside the detachment.

There are 6 Chaos Space Marine formations and 4 Daemon Formations.

There are Updates to Daemonic Loci as well as Icons of Chaos. The Aspiring Sorcerer and Scarab Occult Sorcerer have multiple wargear options.

The Tzeentch Discipline is added. there are also all 4 Traitor Marine Psychic Disciplines inside.

Magnus, Ahriman, Exalted Sorcerers, Scarab Occult Sorcerers as well as Aspiring Sorcerers all have acces to 11 Disciplines (all 6 BRB Disciplines, all 4 Traitor Marine Disciplines aswell as the updated new Tzeentch one)
finally Ahriman is able to Cast powers of his Corvidae Cult as well as many, many more.

Psychic Powers from War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus:

Primaris: Blessing: +1 additional bonus to Mark of Tzeentch & Daemons of Tzeentch invulnerable saves. Passed saves reflect S3 AP3 Blind hits back.
1: Blessing: Target unit Re-rolls all to hit rolls
2: Blessing: Pick the result of one dice in your turn
3: Blessing: Target unit weapons gain Force special rule
4: Witchfire: Range: 3d6″ S: D6 AP: D6 Assault D6
5: Focused Witchfire: D6 roll off adding any number of Warp Charges you want to spend, for each point the opponent loses by take a Perils of the Warp test.
6: Beam Witchfire: Range: 12″ S: D AP-, Warpcharge 1: -2 to D table Warpcharge 2: -1 to D table Warpcharge 3: normal D table

Magnus the Red Rubric power: Nova Witchfire 12″ that works like Mind War and transforms things it kills into new Thousand Sons or Spawn.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Next Blood Angels assault Marine (WIP)

This is the next Marine I'm finishing up. Eventually he will be a Praetor when I build some more Marines.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chaplain Xerxes * Blood Angels (Heresy Era)

Chaplain Xerxes amassed one of the highest kill ratios amongst all loyalist Legions during the Heresy and was present during the Siege on Terra. Xerxes lead a valiant counter attack repelling a late traitor incursion while his Primarch was onboard Horus' battle barge. He was later entombed within a Contemptor dreadnaught chsssis and is still called upon from time to time present Era.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Magnus and his Rubric Marines are finally coming

Potentially exciting times... will the old die hard CSM veterans finally get what they want - a stand alone codex as good as eldar. Well that's not really my focus. I'm excited to see Thousand Sons finally get some love from Games Workshop and to me it shows they are really focusing on the right things now. Playing both 30k and 40k my prediction is Thousand Sons are going to be competitive. I'm very interested to see the rules for Magnus - he is the first Daemon Primarch to receive rules and according to the background he was always one of the most powerful.

Maybe it's just me but the puppies seem cast as the villains for once. There will probably be some plot changes but nothing too crazy. Why is everyone picking on Space Wolves now... heh ! Space Wolves are one of the most loved Space Marine chapters so I'm sure they'll be okay. It's an ancient grudge that goes all the way back to the Horus Heresy. What a lot of people don't know is Horus was heavily involved which totally makes sense if you stop a moment to think about it. I still remember when Thousand Sons were cast as the villains and now is their time to shine !

Thousand Sons need to be competitive to have a chance versus Custodes, Sisters of Silence and Space Wolves. It will be interesting to see how powerful is Magnus and his beloved Rubric Marines. I can easily see Magnus as a level 4 psyker with access to the majority of the generic psychic lores as well as some new ones for his chapter. It will also be very interesting to see the rules for Rubric Marines and terminators... maybe both will be multi wound units. In terms of 30k I can see every Marine being psychic along the lines of 5th edition Grey Knights. It's exciting to see them being released at relatively the same time for both 30k and 40k. The 30k time line is finally starting to progress again - will we see end times for 40k ? I doubt it but I think we are all in store for some major changes which could be a good thing.

Thousand Sons are an army that could potentially draw me back to 40k... we will just have to wait a little longer and see.

Black Vengeance - Part 13 - Enter the Daemon

There came a shrill cry from the warp. Hoarfrost appeared covering the ground, freezing blood and loose visceral strewn across the battle field. Shimmering blue electric sparks shot down from an intermittent image fading in and out as warp energy poured out from the crack in time and space. The smell of burnt blood was overpowering. Hard bony flesh covered in brass armor took corporeal form bending back the light of day. Large brass hooves scraped upon the stone. The daemon towered above Promenthius. It looked down to see a giant pentagram had been cut deep into the rock below. Runes fashioned from bright gem stone filled the ward pulsing with an energy of its own. At each of the five points stood a Custodes and it was in the very center. Lifting up it's axe the Bloodthirster roared.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 12, Exorcism

"My armor is from an age of ancient technology that rivals your gods." said Promenthius. "Sometimes alone faith is not enough."

Arghul Tul felt a pair of eyes watching him. He turned to see a woman watching him only a few meters away. Her eyes burned into his own forcing him to involuntarily flinch and turn away. The Custodes immediately took advantage of the distraction plunging his sword into the possessed' exposed armored thigh. Promenthius twisted the blade severing tendons and splintered the thigh bone. The pain was intense and overpowering. All was silent across the battlefield, everyone was watching. Tul wanted to shout out for help but knew it would be seen as a sign of weakness.

"Your warmaster divided the Imperium for his own interest, not out of any altruistic endeavor." said the Custodes through gritted teeth. "The Emperor implicitly trusted him and you murdered my brothers." The daemon within was suddenly silent no longer present and Tul felt his great strength ebbing away. No longer did the wound automatically repair itself.

Promenthius withdrew his long sword. "The daemon has been exercised. Soon enough you will be simply transhuman again."

Arghul Tul tried to limp away. Cold sweat ran down his back. The Custodes punched him in the face shattering his helmet. Bits and pieces flaked away. The alien sun burned as its dark rays touched the exposed skin. He felt it start to smolder and crisp. The Gladius felt very heavy in his hands and the hilt stung back at him like the bite of a vyper through his gauntlets. It fell from his open hands tumbling to the ground. "You will be made an example to every traitor."

Friday, November 11, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 11, Mirrors

"We are not mirrors of each other." replied Promenthius. "You are a rotten husk for a daemon and you shall be cleansed." The Custodes began to chant a secret prayer taught by the Emperor as he entered a heightened state. "Use your sword you took from my dead brother. If you can beat me with our weapons you truly are better." goaded Promenthius.

Arghul Tul snarled as he retracted his living claws and drew forth the Gladius strapped to his back. "You shall see! You shall see!" Drool and black bile spilled from his maw. He whipped the weapon around quickly. The Custodes raised his shield absorbing the mad blow.

"Use both hands to grip the hilt." said Promenthius. "Even with your strength that is its fundamental design." The golden shield slipped aside suddenly and the Custodes let loose a savage kick catching the possessed square in the chest. The daemonic armor buckled and squealed in misery from the pain. Promenthius brought down his own sword twisting to catch the flat of the blade across Arghul Tul's helmet. In less than the blink of an eye the possessed Marine struck back driving his sword into the Custodes' chest plate. His laugh was cut short by intense stabbing pain cutting into his own chest. "Mirror armor." the Custodes smiled within his helm.

Arghul Tul shouted a black curse as he staggered back, at first not realizing what had just happened. His wound instantly knit itself back closed but a gapping scar marred his crimson chest plate. He still felt the burning pain searing inside his chest. Circling him with his shield raised again the Custodes seemed to taunt him. Tul gripped the Gladius tightly with both gauntlets and spun about smashing the double edged blade into the Custodes drawing all his strength into the hard blow. Promenthius stumbled then lowered his shield again. Without any hesitation Tul struck at the Custodes' neck to sever his head. Just as he began to grin the possessed felt a deep cut across his own neck gouging straight through the veterbrae. His head fell to the side involuntarily as he screamed out in utter frustration. Again the daemon within mended the wound but the bone remained fractured. "What are you?" howled Arghul Tul.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 10 - Enter a Custodes

The battle had reached a crescendo... both sides completely engaged and fully committed. The dead and wounded lay upon the soiled ground in piles. Squads of Blood Angels grouped up firing their bolters on full auto stitching shots into the traitors. The ancient Leviathan fought on in a killing rampage seemingly impervious to its many foes. Captain Arwent of the Imperial Fists Huscarls fought along side his remaining brothers dead center in the thickest pitch. Limbs were shorn off and fresh blood coated the killing ground.

Arwent detected the scent of heavy burning ozone turning just in time to catch a glimpse of a towering golden giant clad in tactical dreadnaught armor appear in a thick shroud of smoldering brimstone. The giant carried a large sword and shield striding into the fray. His blade swept back and forth with a surge of fresh vigor as he chopped one traitor after another apart. A bright red plume peaked on top of his helm as he stopped for the briefest moment to survey the battle around him. "Where is Arghul Tul, last of the Gal Vorbak? Come forth and accept my challenge cur. I have been tracking you across the void seeking my blackest vengeance."

The battle line seemed to freeze for a moment then parted towards the center as another giant clad in red armor emerged. It's huge arms terminated in a pair bony claws sharper than razor. Spikes of nob bone erupted along the center of its helmet. It's grill open revealing row upon row of jagged fangs. It's long forked purple tongue licked at the tips of the fangs then Arghul Tul spat a wad of black burning bile scorching the ground. "We answer your call Custodes." It spoke in a garbled mess. Drops of sticky saliva rolled off its tongue as the forked tips darted out tasting the air. "Prepare yourself for death."

The Custodes fired the built-in bolter sub component fitted towards the front of his sword's long haft. Bolter fire pinged off the deep crimson armor of the possessed driving the Gal Vorbak into a frenzy then the two combatants were on top of each other. "You shall see your fall and that you are tainted... you shall see yourself for what you truly are and feel shame." replied the Custodes. Arghul Tul laughed cackling like a fiend from the warp.

"We are mirror opposite, you and we." screamed the traitor. "Your skull will hang from my belt besides those from others of your kind."

Angels and a Wolf ...

Some of my new Blood Angels for the 30k combat patrol event in ATL next evening.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 9

The Chaplain was much quicker than the Justaerin sergeant but the traitor possessed excellent defensive skill parrying every blow so far. Just one cut from the Blade of Perdition was sudden death. Firing his jump pack thrusters the Blood Angel dropped his helm down tight smashing straight into the Justaerin's mask grille. The helmets clanged as they knocked together. More of his side were charging into the pitched scrum to bolster the Blood Angels' savage attack. The traitor stumbled back visually shaken. Driving the tip of his sword like a long spear the Chaplain went for the sure kill but at the last second the Justaerin brought up his two swords in a cross catching the long sword at the haft. The Chaplain grunted in anger firing his jump pack again. Slowly but surely his blade drove true, the tip finally piercing the black plate. Sparks shot from the fractal edge as the power weapon cut into the chest plate. Clutching the hilt tightly with both gauntlets the Chaplain screamed in rage as he punched through the traitor's primary heart the challenge won. He looked about as he withdrew the blade. The Justaerin slumped to the ground either sword dropping from his dead hands. "For Sanguinius!" shouted the Chaplain as he soared back up into the crimson sky like a bird of prey.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 8

The Chaplain spoke through his vox on an open channel. His voice was stiff and amplified. "You are all traitors to the Imperium of mankind. To put it simply I see before me a group of back stabbers without any dignity. You have no redeeming values and would even turn on one another if it suited your needs. We are gathered here seeking vengeance for your betrayal at Ivstann. Not one of you will make it to Terra."

The sky above had turned dark umber red and drop pods began to fill the sky. "Who are you to stop us?" said the Justaerin wielding twin power swords. "We follow the creed of our Warmaster." He raised his swords in unison giving the signal to charge. The Chaplain leapt down moving at a blinding clip as he issued a challenge. His long sword seemed to move like a snake blocking enemy blows and cutting into the black armor. The rest of the Blood Angels descended upon the Sons of Horus also moving with prenatural speed.

Captain Arwent watched the two sides trade blows. A drop pod crashed down suddenly blocking sight. It's doors exploded out and more Blood Angels entered the fray firing their bolters as they emerged.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 7

The Blood Angels Chaplain wore a golden skull mask embedded into his ancient helm. Silver fangs erupted from the snub grill covering his mouth. He bound up high onto a stony rock formation grasping at a clutch of fragmentation grenades clipped to his utility belt. He tossed the grenades down upon the traitors and they exploded showering the enemy with a cloud of burning shrapnel. The rest of his assault squad leapt upon them like a pack of wolves carrying massive chain swords and power axes. Limbs were shorn off and helmets fell to the ground. The traitors broke and were swept aside as the Blood Angels chased them down.

Charging into another large cluster of the enemy the Leviathan rained down massive blows with its drill and claw pulverizing one traitor after another. Gore and blood sprayed from its weapons of mass destruction. A set of large vox amplifiers fitted to the top of the dreadnaught's upper chassis began to resonate filling the air with an eerie blood curdling war cry. Again the traitors broke then were run down as the metal behemoth stomped them into a bloody paste. The war engine frenzied seeking a new target to destroy.

Just beyond the clutch of Blood Angels emerged a towering group of terminators clad in thick plates of black admantium armor. Their armor was covered in ancient runes, some depicting large crimson orbs cut in the shape of burning eyes. The Justaerins were armed with mostly power fist and claws. One of them had a pair on long power swords glowing with electrical energy. The swords splat large blue sparks that cut into the stony ground. Some carried combi weapons fitted with under slung melta and plasma barrels. They bristled with an inner hate that seeped out from their dark armor in waves.