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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why TOs are Skewing the Tournaments in Favor of Mech Armies

I just saw this on Dakka Dakka (posted by Warmaster in the Tournament Discussions forum) this afternoon and thought I would post it here:

I don't play in as many tournaments as I used to. However, I'm going to one this weekend and looking over their scenario's I realized that it's been a long time since I've seen a straight up kill point mission at a tournament. Recently I've seen the following different modifications to kill points.

Pick 5 of your units, each of them is worth a kill point.
Pick 5 of your opponents units, each of them is worth a kill point.
Percentage based (ie if I have 10 units you kill 5 you get a 50%).
Total what you have left and add what you kill.
And probably a few more that I can't think of.

All of the above make the kp given up by a mech list a lot more palatable. I'm starting to wonder if putting a straight up kp mission back in would alter the meta and reduce the high kp mech lists currently in use?

Have you been seeing the same lately or have my results just been skewed by the region I play in.


Here is a quote from a local TO where I play:

I have stated many times that I believe Kill Points to be a stupid illogical scoring system. Although I understand some of the points KP supports have made, none of them have convinced me that Kill Points is superior to Victory Points as a scoring system.

I am still unconvinced that a modified Kill Points works better than Victory Points as well.

With all that said, there will always be missions that benefit some armies more than others, for example, Duel (Both players must move their Generals towards each other for a climactic battle). IG will always get boned in this type of scenario because they do not have options to deal with a Terminator HQ for example.

And there will be army builds that exploit Victory Point conditions over other type victory conditions. That is why Victory Points will not be a victory condition in all missions during a RTT I run.

Anyway, I have gone way off topic here but I feel strongly about this since 5th edition was released.


This kind of attitude really helps mech armies like IG and SM. Killpoints are their one weakness. Let's discuss.


1 comment:

Jwolf said...

I think the book objectives work fine, and think they should all be used in tournament scenarios. Modifying the number of KP available artificially does favor the army with the most units.