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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Character assassination

I've talked about this before and I'll talk about it again now. I think it's important because the game should be as fair as possible. So what am I getting at...

Why should Lord of War characters such as Dante be banned?

It's an advantage to every sixth edition codex since they have no Lords of War - for example eldar can put Eldraddy on the table no questions asked but Ghaz is stuck sitting on the shelf. Tau have no Lords of War. If you like the Stormlord oh well and he has been nerfed hard.

If you ask me I'll tell you it's totally lame as an approach to running a big event. If you allow Imperial Knights why should LoW characters be banned? Will Dante or Draigo single handedly win a tournament ? I don't think so.

My advice is if you feel the same then vote with your wallet... Just say no. I did and I feel a lot better for it. My time and money will go to events that truly support 7th edition... TempleCon, LVO and Killadeplhia thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From TempleCon:

Character Lords of War WILL be allowed at this event. All other Lords of War are NOT permitted. This means you may include character lords of war from codices (Logan, Draigo, Ghazgul, etc.), but you cannot take any Lords of War from Escalation or other Super Heavy or Gargantuan LoW.

The new direction

Hello everyone ! It's your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly here to discuss our favorite hobby Warhammer 40k.

First I want to mention the new iOS game Drop Assault just released by Games Workshop. It's free and fun. You might want to check it out. The game is based on the Drop Site Massacre or Battle of Isstvan V which was the opening engagement between the loyalist and traitor legions during the Horus Heresy. Like I said it's free... You can't go wrong.

There's a lot of neat things going on now in the hobby with the new Necron codex right around the corner to be shortly followed by eldar Harlequins. There's only one codex left to go - Sisters of Battle. Do you think Games Workshop will finally release it and do them the justice they truly deserve? It's not something I'd bet on but it'd be awesome if they do. You never know and to be honest I was skeptical about the Harlequins but we've all seen the pictures so there's no denying it.

I think this will be great year for the game. Last year this time we were all trying to wrap our heads around Escalation and Stronghold Assault which I often refer to as Black December... Dark times indeed. Games Workshop didn't do a good job letting us know what to expect in advance and pretty much just threw it over the fence for us to sort out amongst ourselves... Not a good game plan.

I can say for me personally I didn't really know what was going on and felt some anxiety. I know it was a real nightmare for tournament organizers and the nuts were coming out of the woodworks trying to tell us how we should play the game... Ban this, ban that... The mantra of those dark times.

Seventh edition eventually followed which got things back on track collectively. I like seventh edition because it fixed a lot of the things I didn't like about sixth edition such as challenges and focus fire. The new rulebook is more of a user's guide and is much better organized. I think the psychic phase still needs some work but for me it's a big step in the right direction.

Looking all the way back to third edition I see 40k back then as a beer and pretzels game. The game is much more complex now and I don't see it going back to a more simplistic system any time soon. Games Workshop is much too heavily invested in their new direction. Supposedly they will release more supplements in the future to further flesh out all the races. Maybe this year we will eventually see a real Legion codex for Chaos Space Marines such as Death Guard or World Eaters as opposed to the current trend for renegades (yucko).

In regards to the tournament scene it's exciting to see many of the top national tournament organizers finally embracing the game from a seventh edition point of view rather than try to impose the antiquated past. I know it's a tough job but moving forward is the right direction as opposed to rolling out stale formats that harken back to pre sixth edition. Lords of War are here to stay and a lot of people want to be able to field their favorite characters such as Dante, Draigo and Ghaz. Formations are what make new codices work such as Orks.

I have been very busy painting new models and preparing my current armies so I'll be ready to attend large events such as the LVO and TempleCon. Like I said I think it's going to be a great year for Warhammer 40k and I'm very excited. I think everyone has something to look forward to in 2015.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

32-30 Blues

I sent for my baby, and she don't come
I sent for my baby, man, and she don't come

All the doctors in Hot Springs sure can't help her none
And if she gets unruly, thinks she don't want do
If she gets unruly, and thinks she don't want do
Take my 32-20, and cut her half in two

She got a thirty-eight special, but I believe it's most too light
She got a thirty-eight special, but I believe it's most too light

I got a 32-20, got to make the camps alright

If I send for my baby, man, and she don't come
If I send for my baby, man, and she don't come

All the doctors in Hot Springs sure can't help her none
I'm gonna shoot my pistol, gonna shoot my Gatlin' gun
I'm gonna shoot my pistol, gonna shoot my Gatlin' gun

You made me love you, now your man have come

Aw baby, where you stay last night?
Ah baby, where you stay last night?

You got your hair all tangled, and you ain't talkin' right

Got a thirty-eight special, boys, it do very well
Got a thirty-eight special, boys, it do very well
I Got a 32-20 now, and it's a burnin

If I send for my baby, man and she don't come
If I send for my baby, man and she don't come

All the doctors in West Memphis sure can't help her none

Hey hey baby, where you stay last night
Hey hey baby, where you stayed last night

You didn't come home until the sun was shinin bright

Ah boys, I just can't take my rest
Ah boys, I just can't take my rest

With this 32-20 layin up and down my breast

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Mindshackle Scarabs Rule

"Mindshackle Scarabs: During a challenge, model with the scarabs causes Fear tests take on 3d6."

LOL !!!

DraigoStar vs. Green Tide Part 2

1st Turn - Green Tide
Basically the Tide moves up to get as many shootaz and rokkits in range. Artillery moves up as well.

I manage to deny the Witch when the Weird Boy attempts to cast the beam of Orky death.

After all the shooting is done Draigo has one wound left and a couple of Cents take a wound too. Could have been a lot worse.

1st Turn - DraigoStar
The star backs away from the Tide. Draigo goes to the back with all the Cents lined up to fire on the flanking Loota squad.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Invisibility, Shrouding and Perfect Timing. Also Severin Loth burns a warp charge for the 2++ save.

Shooting Phase - DevCents destroy the Lootaz for First Blood and one kill point.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 1 KP

2nd Turn - Green Tide
The Tide moves up again as well as the Ork artillery. The Tide shifts so some of the mob are flanking around on the other side of the LoS blocking terrain to cut off the star.

No psychic powers are attempted by the Weird Boy.

This time the shooting phase for the Orks is not nearly as effective due to the psychic buffs. Severin Loth takes a wound and I lose one DevCent.

2nd Turn - DraigoStar
The scouts arrive from reserve via outflank coming in on the far side from the Tide close to the two squads of Gretchin and my opponent's Emperor's Will objective marker. I position the Storm right inside the table corner. Stormraven (full squad of Grey Knights embarked inside) and deep strking Strike squad both fail to show.

The star moves around behind the LoS blocking terrain deeper into my table corner moving out to draw line of sight on the remaining Loota squad. This drastically reduces overall line of sight for the Tide and Ork artillery can no longer target the star. Hopefully the Tide is too far off to be able to launch an assault next turn.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Shrouding, Perfect Timing and Prescience but Invisibility is denied.

Shooting Phase - DevCents blast the Lootaz with frag and the lascannon wiping out the unit for another kill point.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 2 KP

3rd Turn - Green Tide
This could be a pivotal turn if the Tide can make the charge into the star. The Tide moves towards the star again drawn further into my table corner. Only some shootaz and a couple of rokkits are in range. Shooting sees no wounds inflicted into the star and my opponent comes up short on the charge.

3rd Turn - DraigoStar
The five man Strike squad arrives from reserve but not the Stormraven. I place the Strike squad over by the Gretchin and they scatter on top of one squad. I roll a 2 for the mishap and my opponent places them beside the Tide.

The Storm moves up to heavy flamer one squad of Gretchin. The star moves out from behind the LoS blocking terrain to target the Tide in case I fail to cast Gate of Infinity... If I kill enough maybe it'll keep them from being able to assault next turn.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Gate and Prescience. The star deep strikes over to the other side of the table beside the Gretchin leaving the Tide stranded.

Shooting Phase - Storm heavy flamers one Gretchin squad roasting them all alive and the Star shoots down the other squad. I now control my opponent's Emperor's Will objective marker having abandoned Crusade.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 4 KP

We play out the next two turns but there's not much the Orks can do now as the Tide and Ork artillery are way out of position.

I win on Purge the Alien, draw on Emperor's Will and lose on Crusade. I have First Blood and Line Breaker while my opponent only has Line Breaker. So the final result is I end up winning by First Blood... Very close game !

Post Game Analysis
This is a good example how to win the ATC mission with DraigoStar or any multi objective mission versus an army that greatly outnumbers yours... Go for First Blood and Line Breaker then split the primary objectives. Purge the Alien should be easy to win. Don't focus too much on Slay the Warlord if it'll interfere with claiming the other objectives. I only needed to use Gate once and drawing the bulk of the Ork army deep into my table corner was key.

Did I mention I hate getting seized on ?

New Heresy models from Forgeworld

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rules for the new Transcendent C'Tan

Has a 4++ save.

DraigoStar vs. Green Tide (1850)

I'm still trying to decide whether to run BikeStar or DraigoStar for TempleCon. Today was a test match versus Green Tide and I was running Severin Loth.

Here's my list:

Draigo (LoW & Warlord)
Level 3 Librarian - stormbolter - nemesis daemonhammer - liber daemonica (HQ)

9x Grey Knight - 2x psycannon (troop)
Justicar - nemesis daemonhammer

4x Grey Knight - psycannon (troop)
Justicar - nemesis daemonhammer

Stormraven - hurricane sponsons - twin linked multi-melta - twin linked assault cannon - locator beacon

-Red Scorpions-
Severian Loth (HQ)

Techmarine - combi-plasma (HQ)

4x Devastator Centurion - Grav cannons & missiles
Sergeant - twin linked lascannon - missile - omniscope

5x Scout - bolt pistols & chain blades (troop)
Landspeeder Storm - heavy flamer

Psychic Powers:
Draigo - Gate of Infinity - Hammerhand
GK Librarian - Hammerhand - Prescience - Perfect Timing - Precognition - Foreboding
Loth - Psychic Shriek - Shrouding - Invisibility - Hallucinate

Here is my opponent's list to the best I can remember:

Warboss - da fink'n cap - 'eavy armor - power klaw

Warboss - super boss pole - 'eavy armor- power klaw


Big Mekk - megarmor - kill saw

Green Tide formation - shootaz & rokkits - power klaws

5x Artillery (S5 + d6 AP1) - grot riggers

Gretchin w. Runt Herder

Gretchin w. Runt Herder

7x Loota

7x Loota

Weirdboy psychic powers were S10 AP1 18" nova & +1 attack

My opponent got Master of Ambush for his WLT.

We played the ATC mission with Dawn of War deployment:

Primary 1 - Crusade (4 objective markers)
Primary 2 - Emperor's Will
Primary 3 - Purge the Alien

Secondaries - First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker

My opponent won the roll to choose his deployment zone. I got the side with a nice piece of line of sight blocking terrain to hide DraigoStar. I then won the roll to deploy and go first... I deployed only the star:

Draigo - Librarian - Loth - DevCents - Techmarine

I placed them behind the LoS blocking terrain which was in the left hand comer of my table edge.

My opponent infiltrated the Green Tide 18" away from the star with the artillery behind them. One Loota squad also infiltrated within range to shoot the star. Gretchin deployed on his EW objective marker and the other Loota squad deployed on his right flank also able to see a couple of my DevCents.

Note my EW objective marker was behind the LoS blocking terrain with my star on top. Crusade objective markers were spread evenly across the table all outside of either deployment zone.

My opponent then rolls to seize and up pops a 6. Wow this is like the third or fourth time I've been seized on in a row. It really makes you stop and wonder for a moment.

More to follow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet Candy

Here she comes
Doing that thing
Make the boys go wild, yeah
Sweet child

She do a dance, slides down the pole
She turn up and flip, make your eyes roll
Caught in a spotlight, crawls across the floor
Calls for attention, the boys yell out for more

Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Oh, hot Candy

She splits the night, towns
She glide around the pole, all right and wrongs
She leave all the guys panting their weight
She know just what she done and she did it all in sin

Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
I say oh, hot Candy

There she goes, yeah

Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Sweet Candy (Candy)
Oh, hot Candy

Sweet, sweet Candy
Sweet, sweet, Candy
Sweet, sweet Candy
Oh, hot Candy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do we really need a Harlequin codex ?

Face the fact - eldar are currently the most competitive codex hands down. I know a lot of people are excited about the rumors circulating the past few weeks and I cannot blame them BUT is this something we collectively need? If the rumors are true and the codex is anywhere near the level I imagine it would be that's really scary for non eldar players. I remember the experimental rules in the old Citadel journal - they were disgusting ! Here are some of the rules:

Harlequin models in a unit have 4" coherency as opposed to 2".

Assault weapon for the basic troop is basically a neural shredder - very powerful !!!

Basic mėlee weapon inflicts instant death if any save is failed.

Solitaire has a longer assault range (2x) gaining an extra attack for every inch of the distance to charge (remember they are fleet and ignore terrain due to flip belts). The Solitaire could easily wipe out an entire tactical Marine squad before they could even swing back against it.

Wraithlord has an invulnerable save and can be armed with a powerful barrage weapon (think D cannon).

If you played during fourth edition you'll remember how potent were Harlequins when they were re introduced in the eldar codex... You really had to design your army to handle Harlequins as one squad could easily wipe out an entire enemy flank (could consolidate into a fresh combat back then).

I'd like to see the new models if it's true but I have some trepidation too. So far the rumors I've seen don't seem to carry much weight to be honest so it could all be a tempest in a tea cup... We will just have to wait and see.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A fix for Chaos Space Marines

There's a good chance Chaos Marines could get a new book this year. Here's the design studio needs to put in there:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sigismund vs. Abbadon

Another day... Another duel...

There came a shrieking sound that throbbed at the apex of the hidden temple. It pulsated growing in frequency until it seemed to moan like a wailing banshee. Slowly came the form of five gigantic beings shivering into material form until fully solid. They were clad in the blackest armor with thin ribbons of gleaming gold. In the center stood the tallest warrior, his hair pulled up tight in a long mane of dark hair. His eyes blazed like pieces of gold as he scanned the immediate area quickly taking in his surroundings. One arm terminated into into a huge metal claw with twin bolters bolted onto the outer side. In his gauntlet he carried a long sword that screamed his name twisting it like an angry serpent. Overhead the clouds momentarily broke revealing a pair of silvered moons. "This is the place." said Abbadon. The four Justaerin spread out like a shield as they broke from the teleportation beam then it vanished.

The temple was small with its walls built low to the ground. Its doors were open and hallow light shone from within the barrier. Abbadon stepped up to the doorway with a terminator on either side and peered into the sanctuary. The light felt like cold fire as it touched his face but he blocked out the pain. Inside a single servo skull floated. "Intruders..." its metallic voice emitted then was silenced by a bolter round blasting it into a spray of fragments. Abbadon stepped across the boundary meeting with an unseen resistance that pushed him back. Gathering his strength he broke through the invisible barrier. He looked back to see the doorway was sealed off now.

"What brings you here?" came a hidden voice from a high throne in the back of the sanctuary. Sigismund rose up towering above the throne. He was covered from head to toe in pitch black plates of void hardened armor with only a stark white Templar cross etched upon one of his shoulderpads. His weapons were chained to his wrists with thick silver cables that gleamed in the soft light. In one gauntlet he held a long black doubled edged sword and in the other was a buckler thrown back against his arm.

"We must fight." said Abbadon.

"To see who is the best?" replied the champion. "I'll hand your head on a platter."

Abbadon frowned.

"You are truly so arrogant, just like your father. Once we were both captains so long ago. Did you tire of your dark conquests, seeking a true challenge?"

"This is according to prophecy." said the Despoiler. "I need your weapons and armor. They are of no use to a dead man."

Sigismund laughed briefly then spoke again as he donned his black helm. "Surely you know this is holy ground upon which you stand. You're presence can't soil it."

Abbadon heard a sudden clicking sound as his sixth sense began to warn him. An array of automated lasers dropped down from their hidden mountings sighting upon him. One after another they fired scóring his black armor. Sigismund laughed again as he charged. "Let us see how good you are without the aid of your fell warp powers." The black sword sang as it sliced through the air carving a path to the enemy. Its sharp tip cut through his scalp detaching the top knot. Sigismund seemed to dance between the lasers strking blow after blow upon Abbadon then the brunt of his shield caught the Despoiler square upon the chin causing him to bite his own tongue clipping off the forked tip.


Slowly the doors parted open from the temple and Abbadon stumbled out, his armor cracked in many places and one of the claws broken off the Talos. The Justaerin said nothing knowing better than to speak. "We must teleport back to the ship. There'so nothing here for us."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DraigoStar ver. 2.0 (1850)

Time to switch out good old Tigurius for Severin Loth...

Grey Knights Primary Detachment

Kaldor Draigo (Lord of War)

 Librarian (HQ)
 Mastery Level 3 - Storm Bolter 5 - Nemesis Daemonhammer - Domina Liber Daemonica

Strike Squad (Troop)
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer
2x Grey Knight - Psycannon
7x Grey Knight

Strike Squad (Troop)
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer
Grey Knight - Psycannon
3x Grey Knight

Stormraven Gunship (Heavy Support)
Locator Beacon - Twin Linked Assault Cannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta - Hurricane Bolters

Red Scorpions Allied Detachment

Magister Sevrin Loth (HQ)

Centurion Devastator Squad (Heavy Support)
4x Centurion Devastator - 4x Missile Launcher - 4x Grav-Cannon|Grav Amp
Centurion Sergeant - Missile Launcher - Twin-Linked Lascannon - Omniscope

Scout Squad (Troop)
4x Scout - Camo Cloaks - Bolt Pistols & Combat Blades
Sergeant - Camo Cloak - Bolt Pistol & Combat Blade
Land Speeder Storm - Heavy Flamer

Scout Squad (Troop)
4x Scout Squad - 4x Bolter & Bolt Pistol
Sergeant - Bolter & Bolt Pistol

I like DraigoStar for several reasons:

I played Draigowing back in 5th edition. It's great to be able to play Draigo again in a competitive list and he is the obvious choice along with Loth for Devastator Centurions. Some say he is just there now for teleporting and tanking wounds which is untrue. Draigo can easily roll an Imperial Knight or Wraithknight in mėlee... That's huge. There's a good reason why he's a Lord of War.

I like to play deathstars and I'm a competitive tournament player.

It can still be challenging to play even though the list kicks a mule.

The army is perfectly suited for multi objective missions.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Space Marine Scouts

As has been pointed out by Reecius this is the age of the Space Marine Scout. They have an excellent transport, Landspeeder Storm, and can be kitted for either shooting or mėlee. I prefer to keep them cheap points wise with either bolters and bolt pistols or bolt pistols and combat blades. They are alright in close combat versus most eldar and Tau troops such as Dire Avengers and Fire Warriors. Scouts can also infiltrate or outflank. They are also objective secured. Camo cloaks mean they can go to ground in a ruin for a 2++ cover save.

You can't go wrong. My preference is five man squads so I can field more units and spread them out around the table. Keep them off the table as long as possible. They are the perfect compliment to many armies.

While fragile the Landspeeder Storm offers some protection, is highly mobile and is an assault vehicle. If you arm your scouts with shotguns they can disembark after the skimmer moves, shoot then launch an assault. My favorite weapon for the Storm is the heavy flamer which is a free upgrade and is perfect for roasting eldar and Tau troops, wounding on a 2+, ignoring cover and bypasses 4+ armor saves. To me it's the perfect counter to enemy units such as those I've already mentioned plus others such eldar jetbikes.

Not much else to say - if you play Space Marinez consider giving them a try and see what you think.

New Model for Horus Heresy from FORGEWORLD

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Angron versus Leman Russ - the lost records (Part 1)

This is my interpretation how the fight went down between the two Primarchs.

Angron gazed across the open chamber. Leman Russ was all he could see as his vision began to turn deep crimson. His words came hard but he focused his intent not letting the nails take his mind. "Action not words. You aren't welcome here." Angron turned his back to Russ looking upon the wall at the various mėlee weapons mounted upon the gleaming bronze nacelles. One after another he took off his gauntlets and threw them to the floor. "I'll fight you with my bare hands. If you're man enough then do the same." he challenged. The World Eater began to stride throwing aside all that stood in his immediate path.

Leman Russ watched intently as Angron quickly closed the gap. "Only a fool or mad man would fight bare handed." he said as he raised his Frost sword. The long chain teeth taken from an ancient Kraken began to whir.

"Coward." said Angron, his voice booming like a great drum. The World Eater lowered his left shoulder disappearing as he charged. The impact was like a tidal wave crashing upon a forgotten beach. Leman Russ staggered but kept his boots underneath him as swung the Frost sword from right to left. Angron materialized for a brief moment catching the sword under his left arm like a vice. He tensed his body snapping the weapon apart like a brittle piece of twig. His forehead drove into Russ' like a siege hammer. The Space Wolf's vision blurred for a moment and his eyes teared from the stinging blow. One of Angron's mailed fist cut up squarely catching Russ' jaw. Teeth broke and blood began to pour from his nostrils then Angron caught him with his other open arm throwing him over his hip with a lightning quick move. Russ looked up from the floor as the World Eater stamped a boot down upon him stomping into his chestplate. The armor whined as servos snapped and a crack appeared. Reaching down Angron clutched Russ by his long red mane twisting it hard. The hair ripped loose with a piece of the frayed scalp coming with it. Hot blood spilled into Russ' eyes blinding him. "Stand up and fight like a man." Angron goaded the Space Wolf as he backed away.

Russ rose to his feet still strong and drew a short doubled edged gladius from the sheath. The edges had been honed into fractal lines, they could cut through admantium armor with the monomolecular edges. He drove the point deep into Angron's torso puncturing the bronzed armor straight through the rear side. The World Eater took the blow cupping his hands into fists smashing them into Russ' temples jogging the brain. One hand opened as he gripped Russ by the wrist twisting it back and forth with savage fury breaking his grip on the short hilt of the gladius. Angron pulled the blade free then tossed it aside. It crashed against the cobbled stone floor and bounced away. He still held Russ by the wrist and twisted it again tearing a tendon loose. The Space Wolf howled in pain bearing his long sharp fangs snapping at the World Eater. Angron flashed his grinding metal teeth spitting acid at Russ' face. The blood boiled pitting the skin as the pink meat sizzled. "What is it like to know such pain?" asked Angron.

Russ lunged forward sinking his teeth into Angron's neck biting into a pulsing artery. Blood spurted out spraying like a deep fountain. Angron caught his breath as he clamped one hand to his neck staunching the deep wound. "Well done you cur, I didn't think you had it in you." His bloody hand came free and drove two fingers into Russ' exposed eyes jabbing them hard. Angron laughed as he caught his breath. He slapped the Space Wolf across the face forcing his head to turn aside then he drove up an armored knee catching Russ in the groin.

They looked upon each other for a moment sizing each other up. Russ looked worse for the wear but copious amounts of blood still gushed from the torn wound in Angron's exposed neck. The two Primarchs cautiously shuffled from side to side both ready for the next attack. Russ pulled forth a poisoned blade coated with a deadly venom taken from a Catachan Devil.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Deredeo dreadnaught from Forgeworld

Can't wait to see the rules - sure hope it has Skyfire !

Check this out - picture from dinodoc...

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How to kill DraigoStar • Part 2

The first article in this series focused on the strengths of the deathstar so you'll know what you're up against. DraigoStar is currently hailed as one of the top Deathstars in competitive 40k. Here is an 1850 point list I designed we can use as a general reference:

- Grey Knights - (Primary CAD)

Lord Khaldor Draigo /Warlord /Level 2 Psyker

Grey Knight Librarian /Level 3 Psyker
Storm Bolter • Nemesis Daemonhammer • Liber Daemonica

9x Grey Knight
2x Psycannon
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer /Level 1 Psyker

4x Grey Knight
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer/ Level 1 Psyker

Twin Linked Assault Cannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta - Hurricane Bolters /Level 1 Psyker

- Ultramarines - (Allied Detachment)

Tigurius /Level 3 Psyker

4x Scout
2x Shotgun - 2x Close Combat Weapon - Camo Cloaks
Sergeant - Combi-Melta - Teleport Homer - Camo Cloak
Landspeeder Storm - Heavy Flamer

4x Devastator Centurion (DevCent)
4x Grav Cannon - 4x Grav Amp - 4x Missile Launcher
Sergeant - Twin Linked Lascannon - Missile Launcher - Omniscope

There are 11 total warp charges. This might not be the best list for DraigoStar... It's based upon my limited experience playing the army.

As you can see the support units are rather limited. I opted for two squads of Grey Knights since they are more resilient than scouts in general and generate warp charges plus I like the daemonhammers as a deterrent to monstrous creatures. You can break the 10 man Grey Knight squad into two combat squads for a total of 12 warp charges.

DraigoStar is composed of Draigo, Tigurius, and the Grey Knight Librarian all attached to the DevCents. Assuming it's got Prescience and Perfect Timing up it can very reliably eliminate one enemy unit per turn. The 10 man Grey Knight squad can start in reserve embarked in the Stormraven and the scouts can outflank. Tigurius allows you to re roll reserves to help keep the bulk of your objective secured units units off the table as long as possible if need be. Also DraigoStar can Gate out of close combat. It can be very frustrating versus a lot of armies. So how do you beat it ?

The Orks' Greentide is an excellent counter and I've been told by more than one Ork player they had no problem versus this army. If you're really worried about it and play an Imperial army then take a Cullexus assassin - you can either infiltrate her close to the deathstar or embark the assassin in a Stormraven to shut down their psychic phase. Obviously not everyone can do these things though.

Tau can use their markerlights and interceptor to make it easier to hit the deathstar in the shooting phase and eliminate units coming in from reserve. Serpent spam can focus fire on the deathstar hoping the dice go their way. There's no doubt though most conventional armies are going to be hard pressed so you must play to the mission objectives, or maybe even just ignore the deathstar. If the primary objective is Purge the Alien well good luck with that but most often it's not the case so don't sweat it.

If you play an assault heavy army and can manage to assault the deathstar in one turn with several meleecentric units it should do some damage but that won't be easy to pull off unless you can somehow bait the deathstar. I think BikeStar could possibly do it if commandeered by a top player... Shoot it with everything hoping for some 6s with your grav and melta weapon then charge them with everything that can reach it.

Sometimes heavily psychic laden armies will have a poor psychic phase - if the deathstar should fail to successfully cast Invisibility then be ready to hit them with everything you've got available ! It will happen from time to time too so you must be opportunistic in your overall approach to beating DraigoStar. Save all your dispel dice every turn to deny Invisibility... You might get lucky and this is the power you really want to shut down.

How to kill DraigoStar

DraigoStar is composed of the following units:

- Grey Knights -
Lord Khaldor Draigo: Gate of Infinity (Santic)
Grey Knight Librarian: Level 3 Psyker • Liber Daemonica • Divination Lore

- Space Marines (Ultramarines) -
Chief Librarian Tigerius: Level 3 Psyker • Telepathy Lore

Devastator Centurions (DevCents): Grav Cannons • Grav Amps • Missile Launchers
Sergeant: Twin Linked Lascannon • Omniscope

Tigerius is there for Invisibility, Shrouded and Psychic Shriek plus he allows you to re roll your reserves so it's just like having a comms relay for free.

Grey Knighy
The Grey Knight Librarian is there for Perfect Timing and Prescience plus the Liber Daemonica allows him to roll once on the Santic Lore hoping for Sanctuary so Draigo will have a 2++ invulnerable save. If you roll Forewarning on the Divination Lore then DraigoStar has access to a 3++ overall invulnerable save.

Grey Knights must be your primary force so you can field Draigo (Lord of War) - therefore you can take a second Grey Knight Librsrian as a backup for the Divination and Telepathy lores should you fail to roll Invisibility for Tigerius or Perfect Timing for the first Grey Knight Librarian but like I said above don't want to invest too many points into DraigoStar. The GK Librarian can also potentially be a backup for Gate of Infinity if you take the Liber Daemonica to roll on the Santic lore.

DraigoStar with Invisibility, Perfect Timing and Prescience can reliably drop one enemy unit per turn and potentially even two since the DevCent sergeant can split fire his lascannon. Versus transport heavy armiez such as Serpent Spam once you've immobilized a transport move onto the next target. Shrouding is an excellent backup to Invisibility for this Deathstar. DraigoStar is the definition of overkill - it's so good at what it does.

Missile launchers are well worth the points for the DevCents. They provide the following major advantages versus their stock hurricane bolters:

- Better range (assuming you don't Gate any particular turn)
- S8 is an excellent deterrent versus Imperial Knights
- Dropping twin linked blast is potentially better versus infantry

Severian Loth vs. Tigerius
If you use Forgeworld you can field the special character Librarian Severian Loth from the Red Scorpions Chapter. He has access to a 2++ invulnerable save should you need it plus can automatically choose his psychic lores which is a huge advantage as it eliminates the chance you might not roll Invisibility. Personally I'm not a big fan of Forgeworld chapter tactics since most everyone always chooses the Red Scorpions so they can take Loth... It's a quirk of mine and lots of people are of the opinion if you're going so far as to field DraigoStar then why wouldn't you take Loth.

Support Units
The number of DevCents is typically three to five... Four being a good number since you'll need to have enough points left over to field solid support units so you can score objectives. If you dedicate too many points to DraigoStar the army will suffer as a whole and you can't count on it to win games all by its lonesome. These units will either make or break you... DraigoStar is the ultimate eraser but not every game is going to be Purge the Alien so it definitely needs the support to take objectives. Don't max out on the DevCents and you really don't need a second GK Librarian to be quite honest.

You'll need a good number of objective secured units (four I think is optimal) to make sure you have at least two left by the end of the game. Keep them in reserve as long as possible to keep them alive - this is where the Stormraven can play a vital role. While fragile objective secured transports such as drop pods and rhinos help you put more of these units on the table when you need them. Remember that Tigerius lets re roll successful reserves so you can keep them off the table longer.

Your Space Marine troop choices (tactical and scout squads) should have teleport homers which become vital towards the end game when you teleport DraigoStar via Gate to lock down objectives. I also think a Stormraven is an excellent choice with a locator beacon which is very helpful to prevent scatters during the midgame plus it can transport a troop hopefully keeping them safe inside until you need it to grab an objective. If you run a full Strike squad both combat squads can paratroop from the Stormraven independent of the other which is very powerful for late game objectivd grabbing.

Next article I'll follow up with this Deathstar's weaknesses.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

40k Batrep • DraigoStar vs. Serpent Spam

Had a game last night using the ATC (American Team Championship) mission:

Primary 1 - Crusade (4 objective markers)
Primary 2 - Emperor's Will
Primary 3 - Purge the Alien

Each primary objective is worth 8 victory points.

Secondaries - First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker

Each secondary is worth 2 victory points.

Deployment - Vanguard Strike

Night Fight - 1st Turn

Here's my army list (DraigoStar):

- Ultramarines - (Primary Detachment)

Tigerius (Warlord - Storm of Fire)

Librarian - Level 2 Psyker - Force Axe - Bolt Pistol

4x Tactical Marine
Sergeant - Combi-Plasma - Meltabombs
Drop Pod

4x Tactical Marine
Sergeant - Combi-Plasma - Meltabombs
Drop Pod

5x Centurion Devastator (DevCents)
5x Grav Cannon-Grav Amp-Missile Launcher
Sergeant - Twin Linked Lascannon - Missile Launcher - Omniscope

- Grey Knight - (Allied Detachment)

Lord Draigo

Librarian - Level 3 Psyker - Nemesis Daemonhammer - Stormbolter - Liber Daemonica

Dreadknight - Heavy Psycannon - Heavy Incinerator

4x Grey Knight
Justicar - Nemesis Daemonhammer

Here are my psychic powers:

Tigerius (Level 3)
Psychic Shriek - Invisibility - Shrouding - Hallucinate (Telepathy)

Librarian (Level 2)
Smite - Iron Arm - Warp Speed (Biomancy) /Note I was hoping to roll Endurance.

Draigo (Level 2)
Gate of Infinity - Hammerhand - Banishment - Purge Soul (Santic)

GK Librarian (Level 3)
Gate of Infinity (Santic)
Prescience - Perfect Timing - Forewarning (Divination)

Dreadknight (Level 1)
Banishment - Sanctuary (Santic)

Grey Knights (Level 1)
Banishment- Hammerhand

So a pool of 12 warp charges total when all psykers are on the table.

Here is my opponent's army list:

Autarch (Warlord - Stealth in Ruins)

5x Dire Avenger
Wave Serpent - Scatter Laser - Shuriken Cannon - Holofield - Ghostwalk Matrix - Star Engines

5x Dire Avenger
Wave Serpent - Scatter Laser - Shuriken Cannon - Holofield - Ghostwalk Matrix

5x Dire Avenger
Wave Serpent - Scatter Laser - Shuriken Cannon - Holofield - Ghostwalk Matrix

5x Dire Avenger
Wave Serpent - Scatter Laser - Shuriken Cannon - Holofield - Ghostwalk Matrix

5x Fire Dragon
Wave Serpent - Scatter Laser - Shuriken Cannon - Holofield - Ghostwalk Matrix

Night Spinner

Wraithknight (stock)

Wraithknight (stock)

Gun Emplacement - 2x Twin Linked Icarus Lascannon (Skyfire - Intercept - BS2)

Friday, January 02, 2015


Being a daemon weapon, Drach'nyen could be considered a living being and its appearance can change dramatically. The weapon normally appears to be something akin to a two-handed sword, except that Abaddon wields the weapon with a single hand in conjunction with the Talon of Horus. The guard of the weapon tends to be golden in colour, with a leering face of a demon just above the handle. The ricasso of the weapon has spikes protruding from the sides as well as outward from the blade, and the blade itself is blue with red, tormented faces writhing across its surface. It is unknown if these faces belong to daemons or the souls of those the blade has killed over the millennia.

A monstrous, golden-skinned stranger led Abaddon to the weapon under the Tower of Silence on Uralan. To take the weapon from its crypt, Abaddon had to pass several tests given to him by the Chaos Gods in order for him to be proven worthy, as the gift is only given to those who were worthy of their dark powers.

The mighty daemon weapon draws its prodigious power from the bound essence of a writhing warp entity that can rend reality apart, named Drach'nyen. The Warmaster uses this weapon as a symbol of his authority, and with it has led his infamous Black Crusades, as well as using it to effect in battle.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

My friend Michael

Being the first day of a new year with some free time I decided to look back and remember a fellow player that had a big impact on me as a gamer and friend. I remember Michael - when I first met him he was just starting the game and wanted to show me some of his eldar he had painted. I thought it was cool to see the enthusiasm so we played a game and I won as he was so new to the game. I think within a couple months or less we ended up playing each other again at an RTT and he won. I realized he was a very fast learner and also had a competitive nature as well. He won the first WHFB RTT he attended which I thought was pretty amazing. We fast became good friends and played all the time. Occassionally we had arguments about the rules and would get miffed but at most a couple weeks later we'd be playing again and having a great time.

I am big into Space Marines and Chaos - Michael eventually got rid of his eldar and started a Word Bearers army which quickly turned into the notorious Daemonbomb. I was running Emperor's Children at the time. We had some really intense games that typically went down to the last roll of the dice. We both won a lot of tournaments with those armies and eventually I had to move away for a new job. A lot of people copied Mike's army and Word Bearers became very popular at the competitive level. The next year we formed a team to go to Adepticon with everyone running Emperor's Children. It was our first year at Adepticon and we did okay. The last game of the team tournament saw us paired up versus a team from a popular gaming club - they were running Chaos Space Marines and eldar somehow winning an award for best theme. Mike and I had some really lucky breaks such as a summoned squad of Daemonettes appearing at just the right moment to assault a huge Chaos biker squad, win the combat and break them off the table - and a squad of Havocs managing to immobilize a holo-Falcon with a squad of Harlequins inside... It was pretty crazy. The next year we came back again with two new team mates and almost won it with a Dawn of War theme featuring Space Marines and Bieltan eldar. The last round we had a close loss to the team that won it. Those were some amazing games.

I'd go back to visit Mike each year around the holiday season and eventually he started his own gaming store. Wow how fast time flies - especially as you grow older. It seems like the next holiday season is right around the corner. This year Mike closed his store and I was unable to go back home. I sure look forward to the next time I see my old buddy !