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Monday, March 15, 2010

Karnac the Killer IV (short fiction)

Karnac paused and listened. He could now here the footsteps of someone approaching from the far end of the room. The skull champion lifted his plasma pistol killing the laser sight with the press of a button. Focusing his night vision aided by the auto senses from his helmet he could just make out the lithe form a tall humanoid shape stepping in through the back portal. His sight sharpened as he saw that the stranger was clad in pointed black carapace armor with a tight suit of dark chainmail underneath. The warrior carried a long chainsabre held low and a pistol was strapped across his slim waist. The stranger wore a tall helmet of black ore with two narrow slits as the eyepieces. A strong concoction of oily phermones came off it's body in waves. The smell was putrid and stank, even moreso than that of the banished daemon. Karnac shut off his olfactory system to further avoid the rich stank.

"Dark eldar." thought Karnac as the xenos warrior entered the room.

"I see you there hiding in the shadows." said the Dark Eldar. The warrior lowered his chainsabre and stepped underneath the pale light from a glowglobe attached to the ceiling. The creature lifted his free hand removing his ornate helm. It was a young male with fair skin, bright green eyes and a long mane of lustrious black hair braided with many miniature silver skulls. He smiled then frowned. "Youve got the drop on me. I can't possibly reach you from here but I think there is a good chance I can dodge your shot." The dark eldar's voice was deep and unlike any he heard before from this tainted race. "I'm just passing through now. If you'll be so kind as to step aside I won't becany bother at all." The warrior spoke perfect high Gothic pronouncing each word with precise articulation.

Karnac kept his plasma pistol trained on the warrior and slowly drew his sword from the sheath. "Throw down your weapons and kneel before me black druchii."

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