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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Karnac the Killer Part V (short fiction)

"Kneel??" said the dark eldar as he began to laugh. "Seriously now that is not going to happen." His laughter abruptly stopped and again the lithe warrior resumed his grim demeanor. "I am far too fast for you to hit me with that crude weapon. Your base technology has to build up a charge first. Now step aside or prepare for battle."

"This pistol has a fast charge filter built in." growled Karnac as he reignited the laser sight aiming the spectral red beam right between the eyes of the young warrior. "Make your move."

"My name is Abraxas by the way." said the dark eldar. "I'll carve my signature across your skull!" With that the warrior bounded off to the side just as Karnac squeezed the trigger. A burning beam of hot searing plasma curled out from the clipped muzzle striking the warrior square across his broad chest. Abraxas stumbled as the tendrils of killing energies coiled tightly around his armor. Pitch black smoke began to pour off from the warrior's armor as the red hot plasma began to consume him. Flipping about through the air the nimble warrior landed beside Karnac raising his long pointed chainsabre to slash at the skull champion. Karnac could not help but feel amazement that the dead on shot had not destroyed the warrior. Quickly Karnac parried with his sword blocking aside the quick blow. Karnac rammed the hilt of his sword into the bare face of the dark eldar smashing his nose. Blood began to spurt in gouts pouring out from Abraxas' nostrils. Flicking the chainsabre in a reversed stabbing motion Abraxas cleared out some distance between himself and the Berzerker. The plasma had already started to fade away as the smoke cleared. His polished laquered armor was deeply etched with long strafing scars from the plasma fire. Pockets of skorched mail peeked put from the open rends.

"That hurt." said Abraxas as he grimaced. His long black mane of hair had been burnt at the ends and the sickly sweet small of skorched hair filled the air. Karnac kicked out with his left armored boot knocking aside the chainsabre and hitting his foe dead straight in one shin. Abraxas crumpled up for a brief moment then relaunched his attack much more savagely. The warrior now fought like a daemon just released from the cold warp. The skull champion continued to parry each blow one after another with a flourish of simple grace. As hard as Abraxas fought back, Karnac avoided each and every blow weaving in and out just missing each cruel cut from the flying chainsabre. Abraxas was confounded pooring in all the last of his animal like strengthh. A quicky series of lightning fast blows fron the chainsabre finally managed to get past the skull chsmpion's defense gouging out long tracks of shredded armor. Karnac howled in utter rage

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