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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Assassin - Part 12 - Transformation

McGregor lead the way. They first passed by the remains of the dead Avatar torn apart limb from limb by the Templar. Most of the ship looked intact but there was no eldar anywhere to be seen. The hallway came to an end and split into a junction of three paths. McGregor chose the middle way. Glow globes embedded in the walls lit their way. Quickly the pair made their way forward cautiously moving at half march. McGregor had reactivated both his combi weapon and power fist. A double headed Aquila had been etched into the outer surface of the power fist and one of the heads had been chipped off showing bare adamantium armor underneath the voided symbol. Paragon carried both his needle pistol and power sword at his sides. The assassin had replaced his skull mask with the oblique lenses in place. The body glove still shimmered under the dim light devoid of any Imperial marks or means of identification.

The path finally came to an abrupt end leading into a bridge. The bodies of dead eldar lay about, some still sitting while others were strewn prone across the floor. "The psychic backlash following the destruction of their Infinity Circuit must have been too much for their feeble minds. I felt it too while fighting their daemon. No pity." said McGregor as he flattened an eldar skull with his left boot defiling their dead. "It gave me an edge versus that ancient monstrosity for even it too was momentarily adversely affected."

An alien beacon began to chirp. "The White Scars have made translation into the sector. I reckon they'll begin boarding actions soon enough." said the Perpetual.

"Where's the webway portal?" asked Paragon.

"It is close by but seems to be locked." replied McGregor. "You can see its etheric shrouding over there." He pointed to a dark spot over in a corner of the bridge. "We will just have to make the best of it if we can't access ingress to the portal. I reckon we have no more than 10 minutes before they launch their assault pods. The best course of action is to remain hidden and try to counter board their battle barge.

"I've been thinking about this possibility and our alternatives. As a Perpetual I can transfer this state of being to mortals... a transformation if you will."

Ńü Gręætęr Dæmøńš øf Khœrńę

Sunday, May 28, 2017

RIP Alan Bligh

Safe travels to the other side brother... thank you so much what you did for us. You will be sorely missed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Assassin - Part 11 - Genocide

Paragon stared at the smoky remains of the mainframe for a moment as he finished absorbing the last bytes from the new dataset. His mind felt bloated and his vision blurred. Slowly his zealous hatred culled while he rested mentally ingesting the sampled data.

"You have accomplished your goal." came the voice of McGregor from behind. The assassin quickly turned to see the last Templar entering the inner sect. His armor was scorched and cracked in places and he had removed his helm revealing a face that looked as young as his own. A vibrant tattoo of the triple cross was etched into his forehead. His icy blue eyes seemed kind and shown with an inner light.

"You must be wondering what's next and I will tell you." McGregor looked grim as he deactivated his power fist and sealed his combi weapon. "Your name should be etched in stone within the Emperor's throne room in honor of you and what you've accomplished here but unfortunately that is not to be. You are a great weapon, too great to be trusted by the small the minds of those who created you. So... they have sent another company of Imperial Marines to silence you. They are of the Legion known as the White Scars... falsely informed that you are the product of a violent experiment gone wrong in league with a rogue sect of Templars. They will shoot on sight and no questions are to be asked. We cannot bargain with them."

"How do you know this to be?" asked Paragon.

"I am derived from a clandestine species known by a very few as the Perpetuals. Our kind is immortal for I have lived just as long as the holy Emperor." confided McGregor. "You know me by my true name too. Unfortunately those of my kind are often drawn to the dark side because simply absolute power corrupts. I have spent the last millennium of my life as a Templar and was one so very long ago before the coming of the age of technology. We live by a simple code to serve mankind, it is a duty we freely choose. Surround yourself with a beacon of good faith, it will serve you well.

"So to answer your question indirectly I was able to ascertain the true meaning behind your creation, your task and your final culmination. I have access to secrets highly guarded by those who formulated this plan. To you it does not matter how I came to find out but to heed my advice. There is not much time left before the arrival of the White Scars. If you want to survive then follow me." McGregor held out an open gauntlet. "Do I have your trust?"

Paragon looked down upon the open gauntlet. Dried blood and bits of fleshy gore clung to the finger tips. "I trust you." He gripped the gauntlet feeling the crushing power of the servo enhanced grip. Paragon squeezed tightly forming a symbolic bond with the Templar.

"Some where within the confines of this ship is a portal we can access to escape."

Monday, May 22, 2017

Assassin - Part 10 - Children of Asyuran

Paragon slid against the wall and activated his camofield. His eyes were two points of jet black staring into the void ahead. McGregor knelt down taking the last melta bomb and set the timer to a short count then he hurled it around the bend. There came the flash from the explosion and bright light filled the hallway. They heard hard steps clanking against Wraithbone. A tall silhouette appeared framed by the burning air. The gigantic figure carried a spear which it held out menacingly stabbing into the dark ether. McGregor broke into a charge firing his combi weapon at point blank range. The Avatar smashed a closed fist into the Huscarl knocking him into the wall. "Attack!" shouted the last Templar as he righted himself and struck back with his power fist.

The assassin slipped past the tussle unseen entering the final parameter. There before him lay the Infinity Circuit unguarded. "Who approaches?" came a voice of alien tongue. Paragon ignored the question as he approached the waiting console. Quickly he slipped his finger tips into the runic panel. "Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat!" came the unseen voice again. "May the blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination." said Paragon mentally translating the alien phrase. His black body glove shimmered as the nanobytes broke free streaming down his arms racing into the tiny hidden apertures. The panel began to trimmer as the nanobytes sluiced into the circuit. Paragon felt sudden elation as he stood over the circuit bare now that the glove had taken its true form. A symbiotic link grabbed at his mind filling his ears with the tortured screams of thousand souls consumed by the man made virus... soon it would be millions.

Long black tentacles erupted from the mainframe grasping him by the arms. They quickly slid around his forearms cruelly twisting about as the alien suckers bit at his exposed bare flesh. It burned like fire, the pain was intense. He could feel the tentacles drawing him into the living circuit. His bones began to crack from the extreme force exerted upon his arms. Slowly more tentacles unfolded from the mainframe reaching down to grasp at his legs. Paragon went rigid driving the pain from his mind as he continued to listen to the many screams and hopeless wailing emanating from the Infinity Circuit. Some of the voices cried out begging for mercy as they were consumed. "Nil ann ach cleasai, agus tá an iomad measa aige air féin." he said to no one in particular. "It is done now." He could not help but laugh as he continued to listen until there was nothing but utter silence.

His left hand broke free clutching the long hilt of a hidden dagger girded to his chest. Quickly he cut across the thick ropey tentacles grasping his other arm. Poisonous black ichor spilled from the deep wounds filling the air with a putrid toxic miasma. More tentacles erupted from the circuit lashing out at his face. Again he drove the dagger down hard sawing at its monstrous clinging grasp.

The nanobytes returned rushing back out again sated from their immediate task. Slipping through the tight grip of the many tentacles the nanobytes reattached to his body bringing renewed vigor. Paragon felt the energy seeping back into his body as he tore away the last of the long slimy boneless limbs. The mainframe collapsed falling apart in a steaming wreck.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nü Marine

Assassin - Part 9 - McGregor

McGregor first thought of Ares as his corporeal form took solid shape within the sole intact eldar vessel. The Librarian had sholed the Templar expedition force into the very heart of the xenos system and delivered them into the living vessel. He looked to his left spying the shimmering young assassin standing beside him. "Here we stand in the center of the canker. Tell me what is your name son ?"

The assassin turned to look upon the Huscarl. "Paragon." His voice was strange yet strong, the syllables flowing smoothly from his hidden tongue. Paragon wore a skull mask with open orbs to show his blazing eyes. McGregor took care not to look him straight in the eyes.

"Every Eldar Craftworld contains an Infinity Circuit, which is essentially the Wraithbone skeleton of the Craftworld itself. Within this matrix, the souls of all the Craftworld's dead reside in a form of group consciousness, providing both a well of psychic power for the ship and a massive ancestral mind to advise and guide the living." replied the Huscarl. "You were created to poison it by the virtue of your very being." McGregor spat black bile acid from his vox grille involuntarily feeling the twisted hate consuming him like a cancer. Arming his combi weapon he looked upon the interior the eldar vessel. "These eldar are a disease that must be curbed once and for all."

Paragon drew his sword and armed his needle pistol. "I have no wish to die. Life is eternal."

"Only so for so very few. You must corrupt their Infinity Circuit." said the last of the Huscarls. "The Infinity Circuit is the closest thing that the eldar have to an afterlife; if their souls are not caught and integrated into it, they will be lost into the warp and devoured by some unknown entity. For this reason alone the eldar will defend their Craftworlds with a fury and tenacity almost unrivaled; they risk losing not only their home but the souls of their ancestors as well. Their seers could sense you from afar and scry your purpose. You must crack the portal onboard this ship, gain entry to their Infinity Circuit and taint it." McGregor smiled briefly behind his black helm.

"Where are they now?" asked Paragon as he primed his needle pistol.

"The battle was fierce. The enemy underestimated our vast numbers and have suffered great losses... and yet they were unable to stop you. They stand on the brink of utter destruction and ruin. My guess is what remains of their fighting forces have dropped back to defend their Infinity Circuit. Surely they held their most mighty warriors in reserve to make a final stand."

"Their Solitaires proved to be unworthy. What else might they still have?"

"Access your data banks and see for yourself." said McGregor. "You have been programmed with superior battle stratagems to counter whatever they have left to throw your way."

There was a moment of silence as the assassin uploaded the proper melee protocols. "I am ready now."

"Good." said the Huscarl. "I will lend you whatever support I can, even if only serving as a momentary distraction at best."

"You fought well within the Imperial barge." Paragon answered as he made his way forward again. They stopped at regular intervals to plant melta bombs at key points. Each bomb was fixed with an automatic timer. The path they followed was dark and empty. It seemed to slowly spiral inwards to the very heart of the xenos ship. Soon they lost track of time but continued ever forward.

"I sense something ahead, just around the next bend." Paragon said.

"Who wants to live forever?" McGregor answered as he activated his power fist.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nü Marine - What is It ?

The Primaris Space Marine has quickly gained some serious attention. Stats are given below for the first squad to be introduced. The main advantages tactically are 2 wounds per Marine, the extra attack and the Bolter Rifle which has 30" range and is AP -1. Model wise the Nü Marine is true scale (refer to the first figure below).

For now I am ignoring their background - it could be for any reason to introduce the first in a new wave of Space Marine.

The Primaris Space Marine redefines what is a Space Marine at the very core. The new unit is best compared versus the existing tactical squad. The tactical squad has been around for a long long time and is a staple unit for Space Marines. There was a rumor at one time that the tactical squad would be revamped to have 2 attacks base but never came to fruition.

The existing tactical squad is fundamental being very much a jack of all trades but master of none. The Intercessor squad is much the same but much more survivable with the extra wound better able to survive small arms fire and a decent melee unit, closer in relation to Grey Hunters from the Space Wolves due to the extra attack.

I think they will make a big splash and become quite popular for Space Marine players. Some will say this is a bold move but in truth is just what Space Marines need the most providing a more robust trooper. The changes are at the core level and something totally new.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Assassin - Part 8 - Journey


The Vain Glory ever so slowly spiraled out of control in dead space bleeding off massive plasma plumes erupting from the voided core. Some sections of the barge had already broken off from the main hull. All ammunitions were spent, several nova cannons still on automatic bleating off blunt nulled rounds. Many fragmented hulls of eldar ships littered the immediate area surrounding the drifting Imperial barge. Only one eldar ship remained intact circling in steady silence.

Ares lead the last of his company and the assassin through the wreckage towards the bridge. One arm missing he lifted up his stave spreading an ethereal glow to light their path. His face was pale and blooded. Only the Huscarl named McGregor had survived along with Uraxes. The assassin said nothing maintaining a set distance between himself and the last of the Templars. The atmosphere was thin and very cold. Dead bodies from both sides littered everywhere randomly strewn about and in some places built up in high spilling mounds where the fighting had been most intense.

"There is the fluctuating remnant of a webway portal close by." said the Librarian as he came to a stop. He mouthed the words to one of the first spells he had learnt. The thin air began to crackle like static as the warp charge grew. "Go." he said looking towards McGregor. The portal began to open expanding from a pinpoint. "Follow him." Ares said to the assassin.

McGregor looked at the assassin. "You go first. This is your destiny." Suddenly the assassin dove through the portal just as the bulkhead split apart opening up the immediate area to the freezing void of real space. "There is only duty." McGregor said to the dying Ares as he stepped into the webway. Immediately he felt his body begin to sift apart bit by bit down to the molecular level. There was a blinding flash and the sound of a huge explosion then all went pitch black.

New S vs T tables for 8th edition WH40k

Monday, May 08, 2017

Assassin - Part 7 - Solitaires

The pitched battle was long and hard fought on both sides. Wave after wave of fresh Templars pressed forward joining the fight from hidden corridors. A pair of towering Wraithlords had coalesced via another webway portal fighting back to back in the center of the holding bay. Their shoulder mounted scatter lasers stitched into the Veteran Templars as they pressed forward against the weight of enemy bolter fire. Bits of Wraithbone flacked off leaving rents in the thick bands of psycoplastic armor. The taller construct leveled its wrist mounted flamers scouring an isolated squad of Veterans. Several of the Marines burst into flame, those closest taking the full brunt of the attack. The Sergeant ignited his power fist and vaulting over the gun wall driving the fist like a pneumatic piston smashing into the Wraithlord's exposed torso. As it toppled over the creature caught him squarely with both fists ripping him apart. Blood and guts sprayed across the killing ground coating the walls with slick crimson. And ropey gore. Uraxes met the last Wraithlord charging straight at him. The dreadnaught melee wrecker weapon unfolded like a blossom as the Ancient caught the huge construct by the neck violently severing its head then crumpled before the unrestrained might of the Leviathan. Battle hymns sounded from the vox attached to the top of the dreadnaught playing back old forgotten pieces from the Unification war.

Ares had single handedly dispatched several of the eldar seers swinging his stave with hard sharp strikes cutting through the weakened xenos kineshield. Many of the Huscarls lay dead upon the ground. The leader of the Seer Council had finally made its bloody way to the pod. A pair of shadowy forms on either side attended to him. Both wore the old colors of the eldar Harlequin Solitaire. "Not one but two." said the Farseer speaking to Ares through the warp. "It will die a most unpleasant death."

"You were warned, you fool." Ares mind blasted his message back telecasting an image of the double headed Aquila. The Farseer involuntarily grimaced then blocked the image.

The Harlequins pried at the hatch exerting their all their force. There came the sudden sound of decompression then one by one the bolts shot out releasing the hatch from inside. One of the bolts struck the Farseer square against the forehead instantaneously pulverizing its skull. A sense of dread foreboding split from the dark opening of the pod shrouding it in a midis of gloom.

One of the Solitaires peered inside arming the monofilament weapon bonded to its arm. A bare hand reached out grabbing a horn and twisted. Silvery black nanites quickly flowed along the arm coating it in a tight body glove extending up to the grasping hand. The Solitaire fought back but could not break the assassin's steely grasp. Another hand snaked out from the gloom catching the other horn as well. Emerging from the hatch the assassin twisted his grip violently snapping the Harlequin's neck. The bound Harlequin's body went slack then the assassin ripped its head off from the shoulders whipping the broken vertebrae around like rope before tossing it aside.

The remaining Solitaire immediately attacked. Catching it by the throat as well the assassin hurled the Harlequin against the pod smashing bone. He kicked it hard several times before it could get up then dropped on it driving his elbows into its face. The Harlequin mask ruptured from the force of the blows revealing its bruised face. With his knees pinning either arm the assassin reached down grasping the Solitaire by its neck and began to choke it. Its tongue swoll up sticking out from the gasping mouth. Pressing his thumbs into its eyes the assassin squeezed hard. Tears of blood dripped down the sides of its face as the assassin crushed its eyes.

Rolling away from the prone body of the Harlequin the assassin stood again facing towards the xenos and waited. Slowly the Solitaire lifted itself up to stand as well. One arm hung limp with a piece of broken bone extruding from its skin. It lashed out blindly with its monofilament weapon as the assassin silently circled around maintaining a safe distance.

"Finish it." said Ares.

Friday, May 05, 2017


In the darkest hole, you'd be well advised
Not to plan my funeral 'fore the body dies, yeah
Come the morning light, it's a see through show
What you may have heard and what you think you know, yeah

Let the sun never blind your eyes
Let me sleep so my teeth won't grind
Hear a sound from a voice inside

Sure to play a part, so you love the game
And in truth your lies become one and same, yeah
I could set you free, rather hear the sound
Of your body breaking as I take you down, yeah

Let the sun never blind your eyes
Let me sleep so my teeth won't grind
Hear a sound from a voice inside

In the darkest hole, you'd be well advised
Not to plan my funeral 'fore the body dies, yeah

Monday, May 01, 2017

Why 6th and 7th edition are EPIC FAIL

think ponder games workshop girl 40k

Black Blow Fly swinging through your neighborhood again... this time around I am here to spread the truth about a game many of us have played and let's be honest there's some hate out there. Yes I'm talking about Warhammer 40k. So let's get down to business.