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Thursday, May 31, 2018

McBane - Deathwatch Captain

Super Killy right up there with Slammaguinius!!!

He was an Imperial Fist Siege Breaker from the heresy and died in the ensuing explosion immediately following him destroying a traitor Titan... however his engrams were recorded during the battle to monitor his unique combat techniques. These were then digitized and saved. During times of need they are downloaded into a clone that has been heavily cyberized. The latest version (Mark XXIV) has been called upon by the Deathwatch to aid them versus the Necrons.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Status Update

On deck to paint:

Complete Hellblasters squad

On deck to build:
Deathwatch Battalion (still waiting for some mail orders)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Spoiler Alert

++ Orpheus has received a cyphered void cast message just prior to warp jump that a space hulk is in their vicinity and very likely contains an ancient relic of the Imperial Fists dating back to prior the Heresy. Unfortunately the derelict is host to a massive brood of genestealers. A war council is held and the decision made is to board the space hulk in search of the relic.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Apothecary Teclis (Work-in-Progress) Part 2

Coming along - was out of town last week but back on it now.

Assassin - Part 43 - NeôTęrra (M51)

From the darkest depths within the black gunship a behemoth began its descent down the adamantium studded armored gangplank. The dreadnaught stooped over to fit through the opening and towered high as the gigantic machine emerged into the brilliant sunlight. It’s black armored plates were stark and utterly devoid of any heraldry except for the insignia of a red double armed cross fashioned from rubies encrusted into the left chest plate and the ancient Terran script "Iounus" forged across the top of its massive helm. One arm terminated into a cyclonic melta lance while the other a dreadnaught melee fist clutching a massive double edged black sword. The sword was so dark it seemed to absorb the light around it distorting close range spacial recognition. Both blades had monocular fractal edges so very very sharp they cut the air. A pair of twin linked assault cannons were mounted on top of the left shoulder. Its boots thundered against the gangplank and clouds of dust erupted from the cobbled stone as the Imperial dreadnaught took its first step back on Terra again. Holding the black sword high the dreadnaught cut the sign of the Aquila then stood still waiting.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Assassin - Part 42 - NeôTęrræ (M51)

Assassin - Part 42 - NeôTęrra (M51)

The black Thunderhawk slowly descended on VTOL. There was no insignia or any markings on the exterior of the gunship. It spun around as it sank down, all weapon systems armed and tracking on full auto. The jets screamed like angered banshees as the landing gear dropped in place just prior to contact with the primordial surface. It was dawn and the crimson sun crested above the soft cerulean sky like a burning orb spat from some ancient forgotten Titan. Here lay the last remains of the palace of Terra. A side hatch of the Thunderhawk spilled open falling hard against the cracked stone beneath it. Statues cut from basalt of gigantic anthropomorphic beasts laid toppled and utterly ruined. The air was crisp and fresh. Dense wild green foliage sprang up in the cracks snaking deep into the ruins. Only the cornerstone of the palace remained having been hewed from a heavy metal ore taken from a meteorite found at one of the frozen poles. The deeply chiseled original Gothic script was unreadable having been totally defaced and in turn the traitorous runes stamped over the venerable script had simply faded away.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Escalation League 2nd Mission Batrep (500 pts) - Ultramarines vs. Necrons

An apothecary (Teclis) has been dispatched to Captain Tieko’s kill team to replace their Lieutenant whom was recently recalled by the Deathwatch. Accolades from their Primarch were received for achieving their last mission goal slaying a Tzneetch Daemon Prince but now they must once again fight in the name of the Emperor. A new objective has been issued. Their bolt rifles are all primed and ready.

Tieko’s kill team has been retrieved from the Eye and redeployed, sent to a secret new location. Tieko has been informed his team will be fighting one of their most hated foes the Necrons.

Warlord - Captain Tieko
+Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire

Relics -
Santic Halo (Captain Tieko)
Teeth of Terra (Apothecary Teclis)

Psychic Powers (Librarian Thoth) -
Might of Heroes - Null Zone - Smite

Army List (Battalion, 8 CP):

Primaris Captain (Tieko)
+Plasma Pistol - Power Fist

Librarian (Thoth)
+Bolt Pistol - Force Stave

Apothecary (Teclis)
+Teeth of Terra

4x Intercessor - Bolt Rifles - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Sergeant - Bolt Rifle

4x Intercessor - Bolt Rifles - Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Sergeant - Bolt Rifle

4x Scout - Bolt Pistols - Combat Blades
Sergeant - Chainsword

NECRONS (Patrol, 3 CP)
Dynasty - Sautekh

+The Abyssal Staff (Relic) /Warlord
Warlord Trait - Enduring Will

5x Immortals
+Gauss Blaster

12x Necron Warrior

Triarch Stalker
+Heat Ray

Ultramarines are the attackers and Necrons are the defenders. Ultramarines score a victory point for each enemy unit destroyed and Slay The Warlord. Necrons score a victory point for each unit wholly within the Ultramarines’ deployment zone and Slay the Warlord.

Area is 4’ x 4’.

Ultramarines can deploy up to midway (24") while Necrons can deploy up to 12" from their table edge.

Necrons deploy everything up to the edge of their deployment zone in cover in the middle. I deploy everything except the scouts in a crater just outside of rapid fire range of the Immortals and Warriors. The scouts deploy beside a building away from the Necrons on the right to flank them.

Necrons go first and I fail to seize.

Turn 1:

The xenos all move towards the Ultramarine line.

Necrons elect to focus fire on one squad of Intercessors and Kill three.

The scouts move and run (6") forward behind another building and remain out of sight from the xenos. The rest of the Kill team moves up into rapid fire range. Teclis revives one of the fallen Intercessors.

Thoth generates a super Smite and strips 6 wounds from the Triarch Stalker, then successfully casts Might of Heroes on Tieko.

The Ultramarines focus fire on the warriors and drop five of them.

Turn 2:

The Triarch Stalker regenerates one wound. Again the xenos move towards the Ultramarine line inside rapid fire range.

Focused fire destroys the wounded Intercessor squad.

The scouts pop out from behind the building in position to shoot and charge the Immortals. The remaining Intercessor squad moves up to rapid fire and charge the Immortals. Thoth moves to the left so that the Triarch Stalker is the closest enemy unit. Tieko moves next to the Triarch Stalker so he can shoot and charge it. Teclis moves behind the Intercessors to support them.

Thoth casts Smite for two mortal wounds and casts Might of Heroes on Tieko.

Tieko supercharges his plasma pistol and strips two wounds from the Triarch Stalker. The rest of the shooting is focused on the Warriors dropping three more.

Tieko charges the Stalker and destroys it. All other charges go into the Immortals, bringing them down to just two remaining. The Immortal losses are pulled such that they are out of combat then the Intercessors consolidate back into them.

Turn 3:

None of the Immortals are reanimated but three Warriors repair. The two Immortals fall back towards my deployment zone while the Overlord and Warriors converge upon Tieko.

Focused fire kills Captain Tieko (Slay the Warlord).

All units except Teclis move back towards the Warriors.

Thoth casts Smite and drops two more Warriors. He then casts Might of Heroes on Teclis.

Shooting is focused on the Warriors and drops two more.

Teclis charges the Immortals and destroys them. All remaining units charge the Warriors and kill two more.

Turn 4:

Five Warriors are reanimated then they fall back reaching my deployment zone. The Overlord moves into position to shoot and charge Teclis.

Teclis takes one wound from the Overlord’s staff.

The Overlord charges into Teclis but whiffs and the apothecary inflicts two wounds with the Teeth of Terra.

Thoth, the Intercessors and scouts chase after the Warriors. Teclis elects to remain in combat and heals himself back to full health.

Shooting drops three Warriors.

Thoth, the Intercessors and scouts all charge the remaining Warriors bringing them down to five remaining. Teclis then destroys the Necron Overlord for Slay the Warlord and consolidates towards the Warriors.

Turn 5:

Three Warriors are reanimated and they fall back deeper into my deployment zone.

All units move towards the last of the Warriors to shoot and engage them. Only two are left standing at the end of the turn.

We roll for a Turn 6 and the game ends.

Game Summary:
I scored one victory point for Slay the Warlord and three more for destroying the Overlord, Triarch Stalker and Immortals. My opponent scored one victory point for Slay the Warlord and another for the Warriors inside my deployment zone. We both also score victory points for having at least 40 percent troops and bringing fully painted armies. I also scored another victory point for lore.

It hurt to lose my Captain but he was my best option to deal with the Triarch Stalker... I failed a bunch of 3++ saves during the next Necron shooting phase after Tieko destroyed the Stalker, even one reroll using a command point. The Apothecary really picked up the slack though destroying two Necron units in melee - Teeth of Terra is legit. Being able to revive wounds was very helpful as well - I’ll keep him for sure.