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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ard Boyz style Nidz list

Okay so I needed to challenge myself and come up with a solid list to use in Ard Boyz this year. I decided I don't want to field any of the following popular Nid units you see proliferated across the Internet:


So here is what I came up with based upon lots of playtesting:

Flyrant/2x TL Dev, Hive Commander, adrenal glands
Prime/2x bone sword, deathspitter, adrenal glands, regen

15x genestealer w. Broodlord
15x genestealer w. Broodlord
10x genestealer
3x Warrior/all w. 2x bone sword & deathspitter, adrenal glands - Mycetic Spore/Cluster Spines
(Prime runs w. Warriors)

10x Yrmygal genestealer
10x Yrmygal genestealer
3x Zoanthrope - Mycetic Spore/Cluster Spines

_Heavy Support_
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands, regen

- Why This Army Can Win Big...

•In your Grill!
The entire army can outflank/deepstrike/inflitrate. Genestealers outflank & Yrmygal genestealers come in from the middle of the table; this combination amazing things. It really puts a hurt to mech armies that castle up. Basically there is nowhere to hide. The other units come behind the genestealer wave and destroy. Flyrant & Zoies pop transports. Trygons can also pop side armor and then charge into melée. Regen works very well with the Trygons & is definitely worth the points at 2500 points. No other army can beat this in close combat.

•All Synapse & No Instinctive Behaviour Tests
Basically you have Shadow in the Warp running from one end of the table to the other so you are shutting down enemy psykers. Who cares about psychic hoods?? This list gets around Instinctive Behaviour Tests (IBT). This is a huge advantage in the end game for the Tyranids.

•Speed Kills!
This is an extremely fast army and can shutdown mech eldar. I've done it consistently too. You can start wherever you want on the table and take it from there. This army can do what daemonic assault does but even better.

•Anti Tyranid Factor
Take this list and play any other Tyranid list. Stealers own gaunts & Tervies! You quickly cut through the gaunt wall and destroy the Tervigons; that's huge. The only issue is the Swarmlord but you still have a huge edge since you have so many more assault units. Hit the Swarmlord & his Tyrant Guard with two blocks of genestealers and watch them go poof! The Swarmlord & his Tyrant Guard can't put out enough attacks to counter the dual charge plus this army outmatches them with speed.

I think there will be lots of Tyranid armies at the Ard Boyz this year so being able to trounce them is a huge advantage. This is a Win Big/Win Big army for sure.



Aldonis said...

I really like this army - it's very similar to what I was playing around with if I was going to do a bug army (I'm not btw). If they don't kill the big bugs - they will eat 'em up. If they take the time to kill the big bugs - the stealers get em.

As a suggestion - I think you can ditch the Flyrant and replace with a Broodlord or three in the Stealer squads. He's a bad dude - and basically lets you put up to 6 IC level models in the army. You could even drop the warriors and just let the prime soak up some firepower and use the points on Stealers.....they and the 'Gons are the keys to victory I think with this type list.

Green Blow Fly said...

The reason why I mainly included the flyrant is for the following reasons:

• +1 reserve
• mobile firepower
• mobile synapse & SitW

12 twin linked S6 shots (BS4) is hard to pass up! The flyrant is great at popping chimeras & rhinos at range. Add in the 12 S5 shots from each Trygon Prime and I think you have a big part of the answer to countering mech. These guys can also mow down infantry as well.

The +1 for reserves is also huge as this army is designed to completely outflank, infiltrate and deepstrike onto the table. If done right your opponent should only be able to get in one full round of shooting tops. I've playtested the list versus mech IG & mech eldar with great results so far.

I love the Alpha Warrior and he is a steal for the points. With a lot of wounds, T5 and regen he is suprisingly resilient. So for now I'll keep him.

The Yrmygals are just plain nasty and they have been the key to beating down mech IG. They are very good at the multicharge and present a lot of psychological pressure on mech IG players.

Like I said the army has also done very well versus mech eldar since I can effectively match their speed by spreading out. These are the two armies I see as presently the biggest threat... Although the latest round of Blood Angel rumors makes it sound like they will be a prime threat as well.