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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adepticon 40k Championship RTT

I got up with 4 hours of sleep (again) and threw together a lash spam 1850 point list. You probably know the drill:

2x lash prince/wings
3x 6x Plague Marine/power fist, 2x meltagun - rhino/Havoc missile launcher
5x Berzerker/power fist
landraider/Havoc missile launcher
2x 3x Obliterators

I have not played lash spam before today. I was a bit rusty with the mech tactics the first game. My opponent played really slow and got several rules wrong with his nid army which I didn't catch until after the game. Anyways I just wrote that one off, not worth getting upset about the game. Second game was against a really cool guy with mech IG, we tied but I think if it had gone one more turn I could have massacred. That one ended in a draw, really a great game. Last game was versus swarm Nidz. Lash plus Oblits came together. Very strong finish.

Some good news for my club 40k Wrecking Crew tomorrow.


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