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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Karnac the Killer (short fiction)

Karnac laid still behind the body of his dead fellow World Eater listening to the eerie siren song of the Slaaneshi master. His brothers had fallen to the influence of the sensous lyric plunging headlong into death. Only Karnac had resisted the urge, wearing the psychically shielded helm gifted to him from his warmaster Kharn the Betrayer. Karnac could sense the Slaaneshi daemon floating above the blood soaked ground passing over the dead bodies one by one. The daemon was intent, counting each fallen Berzerker to ensure that every member of the warband had died a brutal death. Karnac could hear the footfall of the Emperor's Children walking behind the greater daemon. The Berzerker could imagine their sonic blasters raised and cocked, ready to lay waste to any possible survivors. It was only a small matter of time before the Slaanesh master reached his still warm body, then it would be the end.

Karnac pushed his last energy clip deep into the dark chasm of his plasma pistol feeling the burning heat within pulsing through the razored tips of his gauntlet. The Berzerker bit down on his tongue and let the blood trickle down his throat. Karnac harversted his rage focusing his will. He slipped the guard from his sorceror sword gripping the bone hilt tight. The daemon was intangible but his blade cut through it's warped fiber with ease. Deep rich smell of ripe lust suddenly filled Karnac's helmet and brought a tear to his eye. The odor was pugnent and made the skull champion want to gag but he fought down the urge laying utterly still.

Etheric tendrils began to ghost over his armor sizzling with raw warp power. The greater daemon now towered above him and flipped him over. His lenses were darkened as the master stared into his eyes. Karnac lifted his pistol firing point blank into the daemon. Screaming with love for the pain the master reared up lifting Karnac from the floor. Karnac continued to squeeze the trigger of his pistol until the plasma cell was spent then the Khorne champion gripped his sword sticking the double edged fractal blade deep into the warp beast. It's tendrils clawed at his armor squeezing the life from him. Karnac pulled back his sword and chopped at the daemon's head. The daemon began to shimmer fading in and out as the sword cut deeper. It's tendrils then opened releasing their tight grip. Karnac hit the bloody floor bouncing off a piece of broken tile. And then the master vanished.

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