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Sunday, March 29, 2015

BATREP - White Scars & Space Wolves (w. Thunderwolfs) vs. Eldar & Dark Eldar

Here's a mini Batrep from my first round at a local rtt versus a really good eldar-dark eldar player. Sorry but no pictures. :(

My list...

- White Scars
Chapter Master - bike - artificer armor - shield eternal - power fist - auspex

Librarian - Level 2 (telepathy) - bike - force axe - meltabombs

Command squad - bikes - chapter banner - power fist - 4x stormshield - 4x grav gun

4x SM biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - meltabombs
Attack bike - multi-melta

4x SM biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - meltabombs
Attack bike - multi-melta

- Space Wolves (CoF)
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf - runic armor - stormshield - thunderhammer

Rune Priest Level 2 (divination) - bike - runic armor - force axe - meltabombs

Iron Priest - Thumderwolf - Cyberwolf

Iron Priest - bike - Cyberwolf

9x Grey Hunter - 2x meltagun - power axe
Wolf Guard - stormshield - frost axe
Drop pod

My opponent's list:

Spiritseer - Level 2

5x Wraithguard
Wave Serpent - holofield - scatter laser - shuriken cannon

5x Wraithguard
Wave Serpent - same as above



5x Talos (Corpsethief formation)

I roll up Invisibility and Perfect Timing... :D

I got Master of Ambush for my warlord trait but decided not to use it.

Deployment is Dawn of War and I go first. Mission is kill points with FB, StWL and LB. Opponent fails to seize.

Deathstar is all the characters attached to the command squad. I deploy 12" up in the middle and hide my two biker squads behind LoS blocking terrain.

Opponent deploys both WK and the Talos all hugging terrain.

First turn drop pod comes and I place it back in my deployment zone... They'll have a picnic this game... :D

Deathstar moves up 12" towards closest WK. Biker squads chill behind terrain.

Psychic phase I successfully cast Invisibility and Perfect Timing. Command squad grav guns unload into WK and smoke it for FB.

Talos move up to attempt a charge but fail by a couple inches... :D Remaining WK shoots the drop pod stripping one hull point.

2nd turn deathstar backs away from Talos just inside of grav gun range. Biker squads continue to chill. I successfully cast Perfect Timimg again but not Invisibility. Command squad unloads grav guns into Talos dropping two.

Serpent with the Spiritseer arrives from reserve. Wraithgusrd disembark to shoot their cannons at my deathstar. Chapter Master tanks all the wounds. Talos try to charge again but fall short by an inch this time... :D Remaining WK wrecks the drop pod.

3rd turn deathstar lines up to multi chsrge Wraithguard and serpent. Biker squads come out from hiding turbo boosting up to midfield. I successfully cast Invisibility then try to shriek tue Wraithguard but it's denied. I fire tue bolters into the Wraithguard dropping a couple then charge in and wipe them all out picking up StWL.

Second serpent fails to arrive. Talos are about 18" away from my deathstar... Opponent decides not to go for the assault. Remaining WK picks off one Grey Hunter.

4th turn bikers and deathstar all converge on Talos. Again I successfully cast Invisibility and Perfect Timing. Grav guns followed by the assault finish off the Talos.

Second serpent auto arrives and makes a move across the table for LB (turbo boosting). WK picks off another Grey Hunter.

Fifth turn my opponent concedes after taking out tue Grey Hunters with combined shooting from serpent, Wraithguard and WK.

So I end up winning 8-2. The Wolf Lord and Iron Priest on Thunderwolves did awesome - the S10 was huge versus both the WK and Talos in assault. I'm really digging this list.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Codex Review

So I have read most of the codex, had some time to think about it and discuss it with another fellow World Eater. Keep in mind nothing I say here is meant to be negative and I am planning to play Khorne again. Here are the salient points:

It looks like overall GW doesn't want to redesign Chaos. All of the units in the codex are the same as existing and there are no new units. This codex is a way for GW to repackage what they already have to increase sales. There are some new rules which can be useful though.

If you like to play Khorne this is as good as it's going to get for awhile.

I see potential using this codex to select a small combined arms detachment to work with one to two more detachments outside of Daemonkin - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) and Chaos Daemons. You can design a well themed army that is competitive.

I don't think Daemonkin got the points breaks like other new codices released for both sixth and seventh edition but oh well by selecting the right units you'll be okay.

My vision of a competitive Khorne army is one that can quickly and reliably get stuck into mėlee. You can do it which is what you really want - Khorne is all about mėlee... Blood for the Blood God and some big skulls mounted on the wall !!!

I want to field an army that revolves around heavy cavalry supported by the Greater Brass Scorpion for fire support. Daemonkin are fearless therefore you can do the following:

— Attach a CSM independent character to a squad of Daemonkin; e.g., Chaos Lord mounted on a Juggernaught attached to Bloodcrushers

— Attach a Daemonkin Herald to a CSM squad; e.g., Herald attached to a squad of Berserkers

This point is the strongest thing going for Daemonkin and no other Chaos power can do it. It's truly something new and can be utilized to design a competitive army that can go head to head with the likes of eldar spamming wave serpents and Wraightknights. If you can't efficiently handle either you've got a problem from a tournament perspective. I'm not looking to exploit the codex such as running eight Maulerfiends but I want to be able to run with the big boys too.

If you can see where I'm going with this we see eye to eye. I will post a sample army list once the codex is officially released. The special detachments and formations aren't doing much for me because of the tax involved - that is I don't want to run Possessed or even cultists. If all this seems a bit hazy I think once I post a list it will all become quite clear. Pure Khorne is very simple.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Daemonkin FOC


NEW INFO (including Artefacts) - Khorne Daemonkin Army Rules


Blood For the Blood God
Blood Tithe Points are generated each time the following occurs:

– A unit with Blood for the Blood God is completely destroyed, or destroys and enemy unit.

– A character with Blood for the Blood God is killed, or kills an enemy character in a challenge.

Maximum number of points is 8, and are spent for rewards off the table below at the start of the Daemonkin player turn. Blood Tithe Points may be rebuilt up to the maximum during the battle.

Blood Tithe Chart:
1: Infernal Contempt: Friendly units with Blood for the Blood God have Adamantium Will this turn.

2: Insatiable Bloodlust: Friendly units with Blood for the Blood God have Furious Charge, Rage this turn.

3: Unstoppable Ferocity: Friendly units with Blood for the Blood God have Feel No Pain this turn.

4: Apocalyptic Fury: Friendly units with Blood for the Blood God have +1A this turn.

5: Daemontide: 5 Fleshhounds or 8 Bloodletters are summoned within 12″ of any friendly Blood for the Blood God unit.

6: Harbingers of Blood and Brass: 1 Skullcannon or 3 Bloodcrushers are summoned within 12″ of any friendly Blood for the Blood God unit.

7: Dark Apotheosis: Pick a non daemon friendly character with Blood for the Blood God and make a Ld test.

– passed: replace model with DAemon Prince w/ Warpforged armor, retaining all artefacts & Warlord trait (if model was Warlord).

– failed: replace model with spawn

8: Fury Unbound: Pick a non daemon friendly character with Blood for the Blood God and make a Ld test.

– passed: replace model with Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury, retaining Warlord trait (if model was Warlord).

– failed: model is killed

Khorne Daemons:

Daemon, Furious Charge, Hatred (daemons of Slaanesh)

Chariots have S7 Hammer of Wrath hits

Mark of Khorne:
Rage, Counter-Attack

Skulls for the Skull Throne:
Must always issue and accept challenges if possible. You may choose the order if multiple models have the option to challenge.

1 – Warlord and friendlies within 12″ with the Blood for the Blood God rules reroll failed charges.

2 – Warlord has Zealot

3 – Warlord has +1A

4 – Warlord gains a bonus Blood Tithe point when he kills enemy characters in a challenge.

5 – Warlord has Preferred Enemy

6 – Warlord auto passes Leadership if he uses Fury Unbound, or Dark Apotheosis on the Blood tithe chart.

Battle Brothers: CSM, Chaos Daemons

Allies of Convenience: Necrons, Orks

Desperate Allies: Tau, Dark Eldar

Come the Apoc: Everyone else

More information...

Similar to the Necron Decurion the Daemonkin Blood Host Detachment consists of unique formations.

Rules for all three new Bloodthirsters are in this book.

The Lord of Skulls is available as a Lord of War choice.

Juggernauts are available as wargear.

Some Daemons saw a drop in points and various squads are fielded eight per unit (the infernal number of Khorne).

Daemons included in this book are not subject to instability and instead are fearless (HUGE).

There is a axe (Artefact) that when its user dies in battle a Bloodthirster appears for free.

There is another Artefact that makes psykers peril on any doubles within 24″ of the bearer.

And finally here are the new artefacts !!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More rumors about the new Khorne Daemonkin codex

No daemonic instability for daemons which means the following:

• Chaos Space Marine characters can attach to Daemonic units
• Daemonic characters can attach to Daemonic units

If true this is huge - just imagine a couple of Juggernaught Lords attached to either Fleshhounds or Bloodcrushers... Or some Heralds could attach to a squad of Chaos terminators.

Oh and daemons supposedly can embark in CSM transports now.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The new Bloodthirsters

Note they can all take up to 50 points of Daemonic Rewards.

1) Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury
250 points - the cheapest of the three. This is the standard Bloodthirster as is currently printed in the Daemon book.

2) Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage
275 points - comes with a Great Axe of Khorne, which is Strength D but strikes at I1. He also has Rage.

3) Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
300 points - comes a Bloodflail and has a Hellfire Daemonic Gift. The former is S7 AP2 Assault D3 at 12"range and is a specialist weapon as well. The Hellfire gift is a S5 AP4 Soul Blaze flamer. This Bloodthirster also gets Hatred (Characters) and Adamantium Will.

You may have to summons these bad boys using points from your Blood Tithe.

Will they make Khorne more competitive ? I'm going to step out on a ledge and say yes but it depends if you can reliably run at least two of them.

Chart for creating battle forged armies

This chart is from Adam over on the The Dice Abide:

It's a very helpful tool ! Thanks Adam.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New rules for Khorne Daemonkin codex

Rules for New Khorne Daemonkin codex... What follows are some of the army wide rules, detachments, and formations.

Kharn is NOT in the codex but Bezerkers are. Not a big deal - take a detachment or formation and field it with a Khorne theme combined arms detachment from the Chaos Space Marine codex !

The main rule of the codex is Blood for the Blood God...

You generate blood points for every unit you destroy and for every unit of yours that is destroyed. Characters slained in challenges generate blood points as well.

At the beginning of your turn you can spend these blood points (effects lasts until the beginning of your next turn) for the following:

1 Adamantium will
2 Rage + Furious Charge
3 Feel no pain
4 +1A
5 Summon 8 Bloodletters or 5 Flesh hounds
6 Summon 3 Bloodcrushers or one Skull Cannon
7 One character becomes a Demon Prince (Ld test, if failed becomes a Spawn instead)
8 One character becomes a Bloodthirster (Same as above)

Once you spend some of your blood points you loose the remainder. For example if you have 5 and spend 4 for Feel No Pain, the leftover point is lost.

Special axe - count the wounds inflicted with it:
1-2 +1S
3-4 Rampage
5-7 Sx2
8+ Instant Death

Effects are cumulative !

Special armour that gives you 3+ armor save, Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior

Special rune that gives bearer Adamantium Will with area of effect rule - 24" bubble if activated - all psychic tests peril with any doubles until your next turn

Special sword that gives you a blood point for every wound inflicted

Special helmet that gives you fear and any 6 to hit generates an additional attack

Axe - when bearer dies it becomes a Bloodthirster but and the end your turn loses D3 wounds (only invulnerable saves and FNP allowed)

The Blood Host -
Slaughter cult (1 HQ, 2-8 Bezerkers, Bloodletters or Chaos Space Marines in any combination)
1-4 Possessed units, 0-2 Spawn units, 0-2 Cultist units

Reroll Warlord trait and generates 1 blood point every turn.
When spending blood points you can for free get another bonus with less value than the first one.

Lord of Slaughter: 1 Bloodthirster

Brazen Onslaught: 1-4 units of Chaos terminators, 2-4 units of Bloodcrushers (+1A if opponent has more models in that combat)

Khorne Bloodstorm: 2-4 units of Raptors, 1-4 units of Warp Talons, 0-1 Helldrake (+1S for HoW attacks)

Gorepack: 2-4 Chaos Bikers, 1-4 Fleshhounds (Fleshhouds get HoW, and Bikers reroll to wound their HoW attacks

Charnel Cohort: 1 HQ (not a BT), 2-8 Bloodletters, 1-4 Fleshhounds, 1-4 Bloodcrushers, 0-4 Skull Cannon (Fear tests with -2Ld), if HQ is in reserves may reroll to arrive

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Using multiple detachments

I had a fun game this past weekend versus Astra Militarum and ran the following 1850 point list:

- White Scars CAD -
Chapter Master - bike - artificer armor - shield eternal - power fist - auspex

Librarian - bike - armor Indomitus - force axe - meltabombs - level 2 (telepathy)

Command Squad - bikes - chapter banner - 4x Stormshield - 4x Grav gun - 4x meltabombs - power fist

5x Biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - combi grav - meltabombs
Attack Bike - multi-melta

5x Biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - combi grav - meltabombs
Attack Bike - multi-melta

- Space Wolves Champions of Fenris Detachment -
Wolf Lord - runic armor - stormshield - power fist

Rune Priest - bike - runic armor - force axe - meltabombs - level 2 (divination)

Iron Priest - bike

Iron Priest - bike

5x Grey Hunter - meltagun - power axe
Wolf Guard - Stormshield - frost axe
Drop Pod

It was a really fun list to play and as you can see I fielded more Space Wolves. This is just one of endless examples showing what you can do with more than one detachment. I enjoyed playing the army and might test it again. I ran three mini stars attaching the two Psykers to one bike squad, Chapter Master to the command squad and the two Iron Priests to the other biker squad. The Psyker biker squad was my MVP... Which had good old Invisibility plus I got Master of Ambush for my warlord trait.

Monday, March 16, 2015

March is the month of Khorne !!! (Finally)

A new codex is coming this weekend... codex Khorne Daemonkin !!!

Codex: Khorne Daemonkin
120 page hardback Codex. It has rules for fielding a combined force of Khornate Chaos Space Marines with Daemons of Khorne.

Warhammer 40,000 Datacards: Khorne Daemonkin
45 reference cards - 36 tactical objective cards and 9 large-format ‘Blood for the Blood God’ cards.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

WAAC Posse

If you are in Saint Pete on March 28 there is an 1850 point RTT at Critical Hit Hobbies. Some of my old friends are coming in from out of town to roll the dice. We are logging the hours on Vassal to prepare. It's going to be a good time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Death Jesters Beware - It's time to break out the Chaplains and Wolf Priests !

So Phil Kelly done did it again - the new rules for Harlequins Death Jester cause a break check at -4 leadership and the eldar player can choose what direction they fall back. This sounds like the bane of any non fearless biker army... Non fearless being the caveat. If the new Harlequins make a big splash then it's time to break out your Chaplains and Wolf Priests again... Hello Ulric ! Besides making your BikeStar fearless these characters have other really cool abilities such as preferred enemy for the Wolf Priest which is really good for all those grav guns in your command squad. Chaplains and Wolf Priests basically do the same things but in different ways.

I always take a company banner in my command which lets all friendly units within 12" re roll failed leadership tests. So it's not a big deal with some simple adjustments and bikers are actually the bane of Harlequins. If Harlequins get a bad rep on the Internet who cares? They are expensive for what you get with mostly subpar units in terms of what they can do.

Chaplains and Wolf Priests are spiritual leaders in a game that plays heavily on psychic powers. If the Death Jester does become popular you'll see a shift towards these types of characters and the rules may have been driven solely to increase sales while divesting the meta. In a way it could be a deflowering of the current meta which happens from time to time for whatever reason. Maybe it's a good time to completely divest from psychic powers as a cleansing of the game which would be a backfire for Games Workshop and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Spirituality opens doors. It is all about picking the right ones.

Monday, March 09, 2015

30k rumors for 40k

Rumored contents of the horus heresy plastic starter set:

20x Marines
5x Cataphracti terminators
Contemptor dreadnought

Both sides are supposed to be equipped identically, so double the number.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Wolf Lord mounted on Thunderwolf (WIP)

My first Thunderwolf - overall really like how he turned out. Base is from Dragon Forge.

Still have to choose a name for him and his wolfkin.

Last two games at Crucible GT

So day 2 I'm 1-2 going into the fourth game... Not good but like I said the tables were extremely sparse on terrain and the two armies I lost to had plenty of ignore cover high strength armor ignoring ranged shooting. The fourth game is versus eldar with allied Tau so again I'll be facing another army with ignore cover and again the table is light on terrain. I get Stealth in Ruins for my Warlord Trait - there are two pieces of terrain that look like ruins to me but my opponent disagrees... Whatever. It turned out to be a very close game - I was winning the secondary objective which was Maelström, ahead on kill points and it all comes down to my BikeStsr versus his Wraithknight and Riptide which are both down to 1-2 wounds each. BikeStar is depleted though and the Chapter Master whiffs versus the Wraithknight. Another loss but could have easily gone the other way.

So now I'm 1-3 with my favorite army. The final match is versus Tau with Tau allies featuring two big sniper drone teams. Again another table with no line of sight blocking terrain. I get three breaks this game though:

My Warlord Trait is Master of Ambush

My Librarian rolls Invisibility

My opponent deploys the bulk of his army on one side of the only line of sight blocking terrain on the table (DoW deployment)

I deploy one bike squad far back in table quarter away from the Tau gun line. I attach the Rune Priest and Iron Priest to another biker squad to use as bait. The other bike squad I deploy centrally. I attach the Chapter Master and Librarian to the command squad and infiltrate them beside the Tau gun line with the intervening line of sight blocking terrain so he can't see them.

First turn the drop pod lands in the line of sight blocking terrain - Grey Hunters disembark behind the terrain as well. Over the first half of the game I lose two bike squads to the sniper drones - wow it takes like ten minutes at least each turn for these squads to shoot... Roll to hit, re roll missed hits, set aside the precision hits, roll to wound then pick out the precision shots that wounded. It's brutal. Over the second half of the game BikeStar gets stuck into the Tau gun line and quickly dismantles everything including a Riptide then they hunt down whatever else is left. So I end up winning the last game by a massacre.

So I finish 2-3 but taking into account the terrain on the table and my match ups it's really no big surprise. Of the the three GTs I attended in February this was the least fun and usually I enjoy playing at Crucible. Oh well this is not the last time I'll take my BikeStar to a GT this year - there will be some redemption for sure ! I have contacted two of my opponents I lost to for the rematch so expect some awesome Batreps next month!

Saturday, March 07, 2015


This is a big year here in Florida for 40k. BeakyCon will allow unlimited detachments, formations and Lords of War. I ran a survey and this is what most people want to play that responded. I will not be attending any more major events that cap combined arms detachments at 0-1 with the one exception of the ATC. Locally I will be able to attend a neighborhood RTT this month that is allowing multiple CADs, formations and Lords of War. I am so excited about it !

Some people fear multiple CADs due to spamming but on the other hand it opens the door to some very exciting well themed armies. I would love to eventually build an Ork army featuring the mega armored Nobz and five scouting battlewagons. As the new Necron codex has shown this is the way of the future. Old school tournament organizers be warned - you will go the way of the dinosaurs unless you can adapt. I'm not joking either and for me this is my number one big thing about 40k. The poll I ran for BeakyCon showed that the vast majority who responded want access to Lords of War including non codex.

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. Everything changes.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A death in my family - Anthem Games

I was a tournament organizer at Anthem Games for over a period of five years. It was my most favorite place to hang out and play 40k my most favorite game ever. Anthem Games was deeply embedded in 40k culture. It's so sad to see them go and so are many people in the Tampa area.

The good news is there are still many places to play:

Aramada Games - Tampa
Critical Hits Games - Saint Petersburg (awesome)
Emerald City Comics - Largo
Hobbytown - Tampa
Serenity Games - Saint Petersburg (awesome)

Support your stores - they are the life blood of the hobby. Stores come and go unfortunately - it can creep up and catch you off guard. I purchase most everything from shops to support them excluding puppetswar and good old Forge World.

A personal note about Serenity Gamez - I was at the point of quitting the game then played some games there... The good fellowship there brought me back into the fold.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Crucible 4 GT Report • GT Review • 1st 3 games

This past weekend was the third GT I attended in the month of February - Crucible 4. This was the third time I've attended in a row. I don't think there was as many people attending this year as last for 40k but there was plenty of good players. Here is my overall review of the GT:

• Excellent missions with multiple objectives and no wacky rule — thumbs up

• The rules for creating your army list were very restrictive with only one CAD and one formation allowed. Also character Lords of War from codices weren't allowed. These are pet peeves of mine since this gives an unfair advantage to sixth edition codices such as Tau and eldar since they don't have any - thumbs down

• Tables were sparse on terrain with little line of sight blocking - I overheard one Tau player stating this is how he thinks terrain should be since it really helps him target enemy units — thumbs down

• Overall the GT ran according to schedule with sufficient time in-between rounds — thumbs up

• I didn't like the hotel they chose this year for multiple reasons but the gaming room was spacious and it was easy to get around — thumbs down

• For the most part no major rules arguments with any of my opponents, everyone overall was pleasant — thumbs up

• I didn't pay close attention to how much prize support was handed out, they did have a raffle awarding door prizes in-between each round which was a nice touch. The trophies and medals given out to the top players were nice — thumbs up

Being a tournament organizer myself I know much time and effort goes into running a GT so overall I give the event a thumbs up but feel there is some for improvement.

So now onto a synopsis of my games. There were five rounds with three on Saturday and two on Sunday with 2.5 hours per round. The GT was 1850 points. I brought my BikeStar with White Scars as my CAD and Space Wolves as my ally. If multiple detachments had been allowed I would have used the Champions of Fenris detachment with a Wolf Lord, Rune Priest and two Iron Priests all mounted on bikes.

White Scars primary detachment

Chapter Master - bike - artificer armor - auspex - shield eternal - power fist

Librarian (Level 2-Telepathy) - bike - armor indomitus - force axe - meltabombs

Command Squad - bikes - company standard - 4x stormshield - 4x grav gun - 4x meltabombs - thunderhammer

4x Biker - 2x grav gun
Attack Bike - multi-melta
Sergeant - combi-grav - meltabombs

4x Biker - 2x grav gun
Attack Bike - multi-melta
Sergeant - combi-grav - meltabombs

4x Biker - 2x grav gun
Attack Bike - multi-melta
Sergeant - combi-grav - meltabombs

Space Wolf allied detachment

Rune Priest (Level 2-Divination) - bike - runic armor - force axe - meltabombs

Iron Priest - bike

9x Grey Hunter - 2x meltagun - 7x chainsword
Wolf Guard - stormshield - power fist - meltabombs
Drop Pod

Overall I didn't roll the best psychic powers and had to rely heavily upon the Primaris powers for Divination and Telepathy. I didn't roll well for warlord traits either (Strategic) except for the last game versus Tau. Three out of the five armies I played against had lots of Ignore Cover with high strength ranged weapons that ignore armor saves - this is obviously the bane of any biker heavy armor which meant I was often forced to mostly rely upon BikeStar (Chapter Master, Librarian, Rune Priest and Iron Priest all attached to the command squad) to do the heavy lifting. I think only one or two of my games had night fight which didn't help either.

The first game was versus Tau. The primary objective was Crusade. The secondary objective was Purge the Alien and the tertiary objective was table quarters (treat them like objectives). Bonus points were First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker and Last Blood (in effect each game) and every game had a fixed six turns.

I have played against this army before at another GT in Florida and didn't do too well. This game was very close with my opponent winning the primary and we drew on the secondary and tertiary plus an equal number of points on the bonuses. I could have tried to win the primary towards the end but BikeStar had been whittled down quite a bit - I wasn't confident they could survive the shooting from a buffed up Tau command squad and two commanders plus another Crisis team. I decided to take the safe bet and score around half the total points rather than risk it all. BikeStar destroyed most of the enemy units and the Grey Hunters were champs taking down one of the two Riptides... You can't go wrong with Space Wolves in drop pods ! My opponent did roll poorly on average for his Riptides' nova charges which helped me a lot.

The second game was versus the new Necrons against my room mate. He had plenty of Wraiths, Scarabs and Spyders but practically no shooting to speak of besides a squad of Warriors. The mission was very similar to the first round except that the tertiary you picked an enemy unit you had to destroy (Marked for Death). I felt confident going into this game since my army is faster with turbo boost and the lack of enemy shooting. Deployment was Vanguard Strike which I felt was to my advantage. I chose a squad of Wraiths not in the Canoptek Harvest formation for my Marked for Death enemy unit and as I was hoping my oponent kept them back at a safe reach from my army which took them out of contributing to the game. The game went fast with no shooting from the Necrons and I focus fired on his Scarabs plus would Hit and Run out of combat with them. It all came down to the last turn and I went second. None of my squads had been destroyed while I had taken out several of his over the course of the game. I turbo boosted a biker squad (objective secured) to steal the primary from his Wraiths for a big win. Sorry but no pictures this game - it was intense ! Objective secured units are very important - I'd never build an army without at least three units.

The third game was versus Space Wolves with allied Astra Militarum. I had a look at the army list prior to the game and knew it was going to be a tough match - two Sicaran tanks (bike killers), a Fire Raptor and AM Miliarum melta-plasma heavy squads with Iron Priests attached in Space Wolf drop pods. There was a command squad of course so they could ignore cover. I really played this game wrong. I should have reserved most of my army and go second so I could see where my opponent's drop pods landed. He also had Arjac leading a squad of Wolf Guard terminators that deep struck. Arjac was on fire with his stormshield saves and tanked a bunch of wounds over several rounds of close combat plus he shrugged off all the grav guns from my command squad as well... Uggggh. I also made a big mistake early in the game shooting one unit of guardsmen I thought they were the closest to my bikes but it turned out one guardsmen from another squad was in front of them - I should have asked before I shot them - oh well. My Chapter Master suffered two wounds from lasgun Overwatch too... It couldn't have gone much worse with the dice and my tactical blunders. My opponent won the award for best Space Marine player handily and also placed very high in the final standings. I'd love to get in a rematch knowing what I know now.

I will finish the last two game summaries later this week.