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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Tyranids didn't get in 40k6

This article is not so much a rant as a logical look at where Tyranids now stand in 6th edition. The major benefits that have been widely recognized are no more taking No Retreat armor saves due to being fearless and AP2 in close combat via rending, boneswords and monstrous creatures. The rules for flying monstrous creatures applied to the Tyrant also look pretty good. Finally psychic powers are pretty good for us.

We did get boned yet again by GW - no allies and a big nerf on fortifications as well. To me there just seems to be some hate directed at Tyranids from the design studio. Double FOC has been received with a big fat zero from just about every TO in the US so that is another kick in the balls from GW. Just think if we could have allied with Necrons... It makes total sense to me from a background point of view but no it was not to be. Take a long look at the allies chart in the new rulebook - it is not going to change any time soon. Jervis Johnson is the man who said at Adepticon one year that Deathwing is not meant to be fielded as a separate and complete army... O Rly ? The Emperor now sees Tau as a pure and benign race... Hahaha !!! -1 for the retcon.

I recently read an interview from the design studio and Phil Kelly said he wants to write the next codex for Tyranids which left me feeling quite cold. To be completely honest I'd much rather see Mat Ward write the next codex as he did a stellar job with Necrons and now I think a lot of people see Grey Knights as a more balanced army with the release of 40k6. I hate codices that have a few no brainer auto include units like Ghaz and nob bikers then lots of useless units like Tank Bustaz and Flash Gitz. Dark eldar are in my opinion no stronger in 6th edition even with eldar as an ally. It would have only taken a few changes to fix dark eldar like making Vect T4 so he doesn't get insta gibbed by an autocannon and their independent characters should have access to jetbikes in my opinion... Or is this something special just for power armor armies?

My hope is that GW does not release another over the top broken codex again like Space Wolves or Imperial Guard in 5th edition. I hope that the soon to be released CSM codex is balanced. Remember how 40k5 started off with FateCrusher and Lash spam? Broken over the top armies are only fun for WAAC gamers.

How many years out is the next Tyranid codex? Probably at least two which is fine by me and I hope GW gets their sh*t together when they write the next one. Prove me wrong please !!! So like I said this isn't so much a rant as a logical look at the game. I really like 40k6 and seriously hope GW doesn't screw up the game again with another broken over the top codex.

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