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Sunday, July 15, 2012

hyv3mynd's 1500 point Tyranid army list

I just finished reading a batrep over on the synaps3 blog. I really like Aaron's army list he posted:

Tyranid Prime:
- lashwhip & bonesword, toxin sacs, regeneration

Hive Tyrant:
- wings, devourers, Old Adversary, regeneration

3x Hive Guard

3x Zoanthropes x3 (Biomancy)

30x Termagant

- crushing claws, toxin sacs, cluster spines (Biomancy)

6x Raveners:
- rending claws

3x Shrikes
- lashwhip & bonesword, toxin sacs

I think this a great core to start an army for 6th edition. I would probably drop the Raveners in exchange for Yrmgsrl genestealers and drop the Zoanthropes for another brood of Hive Guard... And probably cut back on the number of termagants in exchange for devourers. There's still 500 points to play with at 2k so plenty of room for some more units in bigger games. I'd like to run a brood of five Shrikes so they have more staying power.

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