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Monday, July 09, 2012

More thoughts on Grey Knights 6th edition illest

I have been thinking about my current Draigowing list and I have to say it seems pretty tight so far. I am really liking using the Librarian again as I've always been a big fan of psychic powers. That said I think I'll try switching him out for a generic Grand Master - master crafted psycannon, warding stave, rad grenades, psykotropic grenades and blind grenades... Blind grenades now confer Stealth (edit - only out to 8") to any unit that has them plus they count as defensive grenades which is always nice. It'll just be a test to see which one I like better plus it offers more flexibility since it is just as practical for old Draigo to ride in the Stormraven instead of the Land Raider Crusader

I know the general consensus on GK grenades - they are rightly hated on by a lot of people and for good reason. The thing is where I play locally a lot of the people I play bring the SUPER CHEESE and the grenades are an equalizer of sorts plus there is a new psychic power even sicker than rad grenades (-1S & -1T) so there is a wee bit of leveling the playing field going on now... Fight fire with firemen... Heh !!

I really like the idea of a third (BS6) psycannon in one squad - they can really put the hurt on just about anything... That would be three characters with big guns redirecting their S7 AP4 rending shots. The psycannon can easily torrent down IG blobs and is just sick as S7 IDs heavy weapon teams and as the blob gets thinned down I can redirect shots onto sergeants sporting power axes and commissars... Lots of fun - I'm not a big fan of IG in case you hadn't already figured that out by now. In many ways their shooting is more often beneficial than their melee. Psycannons are also decent as anti flier due to its range and the high number of S7 shots.

I also think the Orbital Strike is more viable now if you plan to stay in one place and shoot a lot which obviously can work quite well for Paladins. The Orbital Strike is rather pricy though weighing in at 50 points so I'll have to think about do I really need it. It's going to be very good versus any armor now since the blast template just has to touch a vehicle in order to inflict full damage.

My Tyranids are still sitting on the shelf for now after bringing them back home from Texas... I'm currently in the process of acquiring the new units I'm planning to add to the army plus it will probably take at least a month just build it all. I am very much so looking forward to breaking out my Tyranids again for 6th edition and I'm planning to write more articles about them though at first obviously it will just be about conceptual ideas since I have no real 6th edition experience with them. That will all change soon enough though.

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