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Monday, July 30, 2012

BeakyCon2 Mission Rules Complete

Hello everyone !!

Before you know it we will be rolling dice again in Tampa. This year is the first for 6th edition and you will be playing in one of the first national GTs to usher in the new edition. Of course this means there will be some changes from last year as we want to embrace the new rules.

I want to let everyone know that your army lists are due by September 1st. We prefer to have you send them to us in the Army Builder format. If you don't have Army Builder that's okay - send us a text file instead - everything should be clearly spelled out with a full breakdown including points, options and wargear for each and every unit. Remember that this year the total points value per army is 1999 points. No Forgeworld this year.

You should email your army list to me at moodhoney@yahoo.com. Make sure to include your name !

We will be publishing a complete set of rules for the GT in August so keep an eye out. Note also that we have decided to include Warlord Traits now for the missions.

We have been plugging away playing plenty of 40k6 games to work out what we think will provide for a competitive tournament and be within the brand new spirit of 6th edition. We won't be using everything from the new rule book though due to the desire to cut down on the overall complexity/randomness and keep the time required to play at least five turns per game at a reasonable length.

So here we go (note there are some important changes)...

— Most of the missions will feature holding objective markers as the primary objective. Each objective marker is worth 3 battle points. The number of objective markers per mission can vary from three to five. Placing the objective markers will be pre-determined and laid out in the rules for each mission.

— Each enemy unit you destroy or is broken and falling back at the end of the game is worth 1 battle point.

— Bonus battle points are awarded as follows (1 battle point each):
• First Blood
• Slay the Warlord
• Linebreaker

If at the end of a game both players are tied on objective markers then the first tie breaker is determined by total battle points.

If at the end of a game both players are also tied on battle points then the second tie breaker is decided by pure victory points.

— Deployment zones will be chosen from the rulebook.

— Terrain will be preplaced on all tables by the TOs.

— Night Fight as per the new rulebook is in.

— Allies are in.

— Double FOC is out.

— New psychic powers are in.

— Special/mysterious terrain effects are out.

— You can take a fortification except for the Fortress of Redemption and Skyshield Landing Pad (due to their large size).

— Warlord traits are in.

— Mysterious objective effects are out.

— Random game length is in but modified as per last year-> six turns then a seventh final turn on a roll of 4+ on 1d6.

— Seize the Initiative is in.

Each round is 2.5 hours long. The TOs will announce when there is one hour left per round, 1/2 hour left per round and 15 minutes left round. Do not start another turn if you don't think both players can finish their turn. We highly encourage everyone to play at least five turns per round and will monitor players for slow play (refer to the corresponding note below). Dice down immediately when time is called!

The first round will have random pairings, after that Swiss style pairings will be used for the rest of the remaining rounds. At the end of the sixth round there will be one undefeated player who will be crowned the Warmaster (best general). The player with the second best record will be crowned the Emperor's Champion (2nd best general). There will be an award for Best Army (appearance and theme - chosen by the TOs) and an award for Players' Choice.

Each game you will record how many turns you played. If a player is found to have only played four turns or less over the course of several games they may have points deducted from their final total battle points score. You will also be required to mark down if you enjoyed your game along with answering some pertinent questions such as "Was your opponent at the table prior to the start of the game?" So good sportsmanship is very important as always - Don't be that person no one enjoys playing!

All armies must be painted (three color minimum plus flocked bases). If you bring an army that isn't fully painted you'll have some points deducted from from your final total battle points.

WYSIWYG is required for every model in your army.

Counts As... Don't bring dark eldar and plan to play them as eldar... Don't bring a Wraithlord and plan to use it as a Talos. Your opponents should be able to easily recognize what every model in your army counts as.

We will use only GW official material for rules - rulebook, codices and FAQs/Errata. A codex must be released to the public for at least one month ahead of the event.

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