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Saturday, July 07, 2012

6th edition 2k Draigowing army list

Here is my current 2k list:


Librarian - Master crafted warding stave
Might of Titans, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Rift

5x Paladin
2x psycannon & daemonhammer
Warding stave
2x pair of falchions

5x Paladin
Psycannon & daemonhammer
Psycannon & halberd
Warding stave

Vindicare assassin

Nemesis Dreadknight - Heavy incinerator & Personal teleporter

Landraider Crusader

Stormraven - Extra armor

Draigo and one squad of Paladins ride in the LRC. Librarian and other squad of Paladins ride in the Stormraven (awesome flier now). Vindicare infiltrates into a strategic position while NDK outflanks most of the time.

Very small army but extremely powerful !!! All Paladins are characters so they can use Look Out Sir! and direct their hits on a roll of 6 (shooting and melee)... Same thing for Draigo and Librarian of course. The warding staves really help soak up the armor ignoring wounds in melee! The Dreadknight is a jump monstrous creature now and is a lot better.

Yesterday versus SW-Tau (allied) the Dreadknight took out four units - Rune Priest, Long Fangs and two squads of Fire Warriors... He can use the Nemesis Doomfists now so he is S10 AP2 in melee and doesn't have to halve his number of attacks like other monstrous creatures (Smash).

It's a lot of fun to play such a small elite army. In fifth edition this army wouldn't have worked nearly as well as it does now.

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