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Monday, July 23, 2012

Is this list kosher for GTs ?

Check out this army list and tell me what you think...

Epidemius 110
Herald of Nurgle, Aura of Decay 85

15x Plaguebearers, Chaos Icon 250
15x Plaguebearers, Chaos Icon 250
10x Plaguebearers 150
10x Plaguebearers 150
7x Plaguebearers 105
6x Plaguebearers 90

12x Screamers 192
12x Screamers 192
12x Screamers 192

Ork Allies
Big Mek - bosspole 40
30x Grots - 4x Runtherd 120

Aegis Defence line - Comms relay 70

The total comes to 1996.

Here is how the shenanigans work...

First split your waves like this:

Epi+Herald of Nurgle+1x15 PB, 2x10 PB, 2x Screamers
1x15 PB, 1x7 PB, 1x6 PB, 1x Screamers

Next deploy your grots around the Aegis defence line for cover saves and hope for the right wave. If you get the wrong one you've still got a rerollable 3+ for Epi next turn.

Proceed as follows when Epi comes in:

Deepstrike his squad near the grots. Move the grots into a clump near him and the Herald, try to get them all within 6" of both of them (they should be on the edge of the PB unit). Activate Aura of Decay on both Epi and the Herald, causing str2 hits on every enemy model within 6". Yes, the grots count as enemy models since they are allies of convenience.

You will kill around 25 grots on average. You now have maximum Tally, so your PBs wound on 2+ in melee, ignore armor saves and have a 3+ FnP against EVERYTHING except S10.

Charge forward and profit.

The Screamers are there to break vehicles. You PBs will murder anything else.

Sure, fliers are hard to deal with, just camp objectives and roll saves.

You are essentially running 63 TH-SS terminators... (T5 5++ 3+ FNP is just as effective as T4 2+ against torrents.. against high str/low AP the PBs are far better. They wound on 2+ in CC at ap2, but get to strike at I2).

So, what do you guys think?

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