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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Turn 7 Wargaming - awesome Tyranid blog

I've just added this site to my blog roll along with another one run by a fellow Tyrsnid player from my neck of the woods which I'll introduce in a separate article. There is a lot of great ideas for Tyranids in 40k6 over on Turn 7 and if you are into the Bugz I highly recommend you check it out. Here is an army he took to a recent tournament:

Hive Tyrant -
Wings, 2x twin-linked devourer; Hive Commander

Tervigon -
Onslaught & Catalyst, Cluster Spines

Tervigon -
Catalyst; Cluster Spines

10x Termagant

2x Carnifex -
2x twin-linked devourer ea.

Trygon -
Toxin Sacs

Trygon -
Toxin Sacs

I really like this list a lot and it's got me thinking about Tyranids again. I'm not sure how it would fare against IG but I think it could give most other armies a run for the money. It's only 1500 points so there is plenty of room to add more units. This type of list really makes me believe Tyranids are a lot stronger now in 40k6... Time to stop the bitching and start kicking some ass with Tyranids again.

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