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Friday, July 27, 2012

CLASSIC NERD RAGE - From a BoLS commenter...

I want to take this one step farther. Ive played you a few times in tournements and in other settings. You sir are a cheating, minipulating, whining, son of a biscute. Between you absolute need to creat these cheese @#%K lists and the fact you have no ability to actually play with startagy irritates the hell out of me. You trully are the reason why i began to hate 5th addition. Part of this game is becomming a better general and bosting your stratagy, so that when any situation arises you can meet the challange and defeat your apponant. Between your dreigo list, tyrinid crap( nothing against bugs i love them) , and now this... i think you should be banned from all tournements and should have your web paged removed.( oh one more thing, your an old man, dress like it...sick and tired if seeing you dress like a 1990's gangster wanna-bee).

This was in response to my article on the Daemons Allied Orks army list. It is interesting to note that the ranter can't spell words correctly and has an issue with my gaming attire which I find quite hilarious. Also he didn't have the balls to identify himself either.

Let us argue the rules, the strategy and the tactics and not make ad hominem attacks anonymously over the interwebz.  What a big coward!

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