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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Thoughts on 6th edition after my 1st game

I'm planning to start 6th edition playing my Draigowing since they are a forgiving army. As I gain more experience then I'll venture out more. I also plan to play my Necrons as well. I think that Blood Angels and Nurgle may see a resurgence as competitive armies again.

— MSU and mech are out. Vehicles and walkers with light armor (AV11 or lower) are toast. You can easily focus on one transport and nuke it. Fliers are better due to their in-built protection but have some weaknesses as well.

— The game seems to be more balanced now. For example while I think Grey Knights are still really good I can see they were more designed as an army for 6th edition and are not quite as powerful. Imperial Guard and Space Wolves are still pretty awesome too but not quite as much so. I see IG shifting towards blob with less reliance on chimeras.

— Large units are in... They can soak up a lot of damage and they are a lot harder to destroy at any one point in the game. I see armies such as horde orks doing very well - at least in the beginning as we enter 6th edition. There is a lot of protection in the game for infantry... Regrouping is much easier to do with none of the old limitations.

— Shooting is more powerful than assault due to all the many limitations put on melee. I love the assault phase the most and am planning to use it as more of a special situation. Units that excel at both shooting and melee are the best. Lots of the tricks you could use to launch an assault can now be used to shoot the enemy. For example a unit arriving from reserve cannot launch an assault the same turn (CSM lesser daemons, Vanguard Veterans and Yrmgarl genestealers are all exceptions due to their special rules) but you can use reserves for drive by shooting attacks instead.

— Only one of the rulebook missions uses kill points - the game will be a lot more strategic now which I like a lot!

— Necrons are the top army right now. They were obviously designed for 6th and got a lot of perks with their new FAQ.

Some things I've noted:

• All force weapons are Nemesis... Mephiston and Typhus are really bad news.

• You can take special characters as allies... It's possible to run Typhus and Epidemius in the same list - really sick when the 3++ FNP kicks in plus T5 for MoN stops instant death up to S9 now.

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